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Newsletter of the Embassy of Italy in Israel

No. 49 March


Italy commemorates the Shoah

Day was H olocaust RemembranceYad Vashem commemorated in Israel at on January 25, at a special service organized by the Embassy of Italy, which was attended by a large crowd of Israelis of Italian origin. In a short and moving ceremony Ambassador Sandro de Bernardin, accompanied by the Military Attaché Brig. Gen. Nicola Gelao and a representative from the Carabinieri, lit the memorial flame and laid a wreath in the Hall of Remembrance. In his remarks the Ambassador recalled that Holocaust Remembrance Day represents "not just an unchangeable historical event but also an occasion to reflect on the `state of health' of the world and of society today, and to understand that the resurgence of racial hatred and anti-Semitism in our day needs to be addressed". "In this regard," continued the Ambassador, "commitments should be articulated in three dimensions. Firstly, focus needs to be put on all incitement of racial hatred by adopting a zero-tolerance policy to such manifestations." The Ambassador also recalled that institutions in Italy have organized a series of ceremonies in commemoration of the Holocaust, including at the Quirinale on January 24 in the presence of President Giorgio Napolitano. Present at the ceremony was the entire staff of the Embassy, including First Councillor Davide La Cecilia, Consul Andrea De Felip, Commercial Attaché Tiziana D'Angelo, Simonetta Della Seta as well as Jerusalem Vice Consul Francesco Santillo. Also present were representatives from all the Italian institutions in Israel including the Dante Alighieri Society, the Italian House in Jaffa, FAIB, the Association of Italian Immigrants, Com.It.Es and I.C.E. <>

Ambassador Sandro De Bernardin at Yad Vashem

knowledge and awareness of historical responsibility. "Our second commitment should be to educate our people, which is the best form of prevention, while the third dimension is to stop

Music from the Holocaust

Enthusiastic applause greeted the public performance of an unpublished prelude for piano composed by Mario Melli, a Jewish musician from Florence who died at Auschwitz in 1944 aged 20. Melli's manuscript, now the property of Yad Vashem, was donated by Prof. Daniel Carpi, a historian of Italian origin, who received it from the composer himself before his deportation. Israeli pianist Eitan Schmeisser performed the prelude at a concert held at the Israeli Opera. Following the performance of the prelude a lecture on how unpublished documents contribute to the transmission of memory was given by Dr. Manuela Consonni (cont. p.2)

IPU President Casini at the Knesset on Memorial Day Ferdinando T he President of the Interparliamentary Union, Pier the Knesset Casini, participated in a special ceremony held at

on January 28 on the occasion of Holocaust Memorial Day. Speaking to Knesset members, President Casini expressed his emotions at having been invited to participate in the ceremony dedicated to Holocaust victims, which he said had indelibly marked the last century and the history of humanity. It is imperative to stay vigilant against any appearance of racial hatred, continued President Casini, who added that it is important to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive and to highlight the contribution of those Italian `Righteous Gentiles' who risked their lives to save others in peril. <>

President of the IPU Pier Ferdinando Casini

Commander General of Guardia di Finanza visits Israel

Italy's T he Commander of (Guardia Revenue Guard Corps di Finanza), General Cosimo D'Arrigo, paid an official visit to Israel on March 10-12. General D'Arrigo, accompanied by delegation of specialists, was invited to Israel by the Israeli Tax Authority as part of a series of periodic consultations in accord with the bilateral agreement for the enforcement of laws against drugs and money laundering. The Italians were hosted in Jerusalem by Arbely Doron, Head of Customs Directorate and Senior Deputy Director General of Investigation, Intelligence & Drugs of the Israel Tax Authority, who explained what measures were being taken by Israel in these areas. The delegation also visited several industrial enterprises, including IAI and Rafael. The aim of the visit was to explore ways of strengthening and intensifying collaboration between the two agencies, possibly with the signing of an MoU, in matters regarding money laundering and the financing of terrorism. To further this objective General D'Arrigo invited his Israeli counterpart to visit Italy. <>

Members of Italy's Guardia di Finanza held discussions with Israel's Tax Authority



of F ranco Frattini, Vice PresidentIsraelthe European Commission, visited on January 21-22 and held meetings with Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, Justice Minister Daniel Friedman, Internal Security Minister Avi Dichter and Minister for Diaspora Affairs and Combating Anti-Semitism, Isaac Herzog. During the course of his stay Mr. Frattini opened a two-day seminar on the fight against racism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism and participated in the annual Herzlia Conference, which examines Israel's "state of health" internally and internationally. Mr. Frattini's talks with Israeli officials concentrated on material relevant to his position as European Commissioner responsible for

March 2008

EU Commissioner Frattini visits Israel

expressed his support for Israel's interest in stronger ties with Europol and undertook to promote an agreement in this regard, starting with the visit of a special EU mission to Israel to examine the situation. A further area of possible cooperation would develop Israel's ties with Eurojust, the EU agency that deals with cross-border and organised crime. In this regard it was decided to organize an EUIsrael seminar on the financing of terrorism that would stress the means of increasing the transparency of financial transactions, and to find ways of cooperation in the fight against human trafficking. Supported by his colleagues the Mr. Frattini added that developing Israel's ties in these spheres could create a critical mass in favor of a security agreement that could serve as a stepping stone for Israel's ambitions to formally raise the level of insitutional cooperation with the EU. In his speech to the annual policy conference of the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Mr. Frattini, who is also a former Italian Foreign Minister, underlined how Israel and the European countries share common values and challenges. <>

Franco Frattini, Vice President of the European Commission, with Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni

justice, freedom and security. The EU official

Italian seminar at Israeli analytical chemistry conference for its T he opening of ISRANALYTICA efforts in

2008, the 11 th Annual Meeting of the Israel Analytical Chemistry Society, took place on January 22 at the David Intercontinental Hotel in Tel Aviv. The two day conference, one of Israel's major scientific events, was attended by over 1500 participants representing most of the major industrialized countries. During the two-day conference a special bilateral Italian-Israeli symposium, "Water and Environmental Analysis", organized by the Italian Embassy, was held for the first time at the event and attracted a large public. Italian and Israeli experts invited to participate included representatives from the National Research Council (CNR), the Universities of Venice and Urbino, the Intra-University Environmental Science Consortium and the National Environment Protection Agency. The importance of the Italian initiative was underlined by the invitation extended to First Councillor Davide La Cecilia to inaugurate the conference, together with Professors Ovadia Lev and Eli Grushka, repectively conference chairman and President of the Israel Analytical Chemistry Society. who thanked the Embassy organizing the bilateral event. The delegation from Italy included Professors Vincenzo First Counsellor Davide La Cecilia Palleschi addressing the Israel analytical chemistry ( C N R ) , conference Ettore Castiglioni (University of Brescia), Marco Benedetti (CINSA), Carlo Barbante and Gabriele Capodoglio (University of Venice), Riccardo Magarini (PerkinElmer, Milan), Maria Belli (National Environment Protection Agency), Achille Cappiello and Palma Pierangela (Urbino University). During the course of the conference the Embassy promoted a series of meetings between members of the Italian delegation and representatives from Israel's scientific research and industrial communities. Significant is this regard was the meeting with Prof. Israel Schechter (Technion, and head of a NATO project on ecoterrorism), Prof. Rafael Semiat (Water Research Institute) and Dr. Yair Amitai (MATIMOP). <>

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Music from the Holocaust

(cont. from p. 1)

of the Hebrew University, who dwelt on the problems in deciphering the "broken language" of the Holocaust. In attendance on the occasion were First Counsellor Davide La Cecilia and Simonetta Della Seta, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute, which organized the event in collaboration with Tel Aviv Municipality, the Israeli Opera and the archives of Yad Vashem. Also present were Mrs. Rachel Barkai of Yad Vashem, Claudia Amati of ComItEs, Blima Stzorchain, honorary Italian Consul in Beersheba, Serena Liuzzi of Beit Wizo Italia, as well as representatives from Yad Vashem, the Tel Aviv Municipality, Hebrew University, Italian institutions in Israel and members of the resident Italian and Libyan communities. <>



March 2008

Lombardy President Formigoni heads large delegation to Israel

information services, telemedicine and the Lombardy Region management of Roberto Formigoni emergency medical concluded a four day services. visit to Israel and the President Palestinian territories. Formigoni also held President Formigoni discussions with was accompanied by a Lombardy Region President Roberto Formigoni (left) with President Shimon d e l e g a t i o n t h a t Ambassador Sandro De Bernardin and Dani Catarivas of Peres and with Israel's included the region's the Israel Manufacturers' Association political leaders on the Health Director Luciano Bresciani, state of relations between Israel and its Arab Undersecretary for Education, Innovation and neighbors. President Peres outlined Israel's Research Adriano De Maio, Undersecretary difficulties following the Annapolis summit and for International Relations Robi Ronza and detailed aspects of his vision of economic Undersecretary for European Relations wellbeing for the Palestinians, referring in Claudio Morpurgo. Also accompanying particular to a series of pilot projects in the President Formigoni was a large delegation industrial parks of Jericho and Jenin. President that participated at a seminar entitled "Support Peres urged Italy and the Lombardy Region to Policy in Research and Technology Transfer", contribute to these initiatives. President organized by the Italian Business Desk, which Formigoni, underlining the commonality of included a substantial number of meetings values between Israel and Europe, expressed with Israeli counterparts Italy's solidarity with Israeli victims of terrorism The principal purpose of the visit was the and repeated Italy's and Europe's unwavering signing of a collaborative agreement with support for Israel's right to live in peace with Israel's Ministry of Health. The agreement is its neighbors, including a Palestinian state. intended to strengthen and expand collaboration President Formigoni also held a meeting with in medical research, biotechnology, medical Israel's Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger. <>

0 n March 18 the President of the

CdO Joins Lombardy Region on Israel visit

A group of Italian entrepreneurs and researchers from CdO Compagnia delle Opere joined the delegation from Lombardy to Israel led by Regional President Roberto Formigoni on March 16-18, 2008. The group's program, which focused on cultural heritage, life sciences and alternative energies, included visits to Israeli R&D centers, and B2B meetings with Israeli companies and institutions. During the meetings, several joint projects and ventures were identified, in which Israeli technologies would be implemented in Italy and Italian expertise in cultural heritage management would be applied in Israel. The B2B meetings were organized by CdO Jerusalem, the CdO branch in Israel. CdO is one of Italy's largest network of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), with over 34,000 associated companies. <>

Italian-Israeli seminar on research and technology transfer

An intense schedule of meetings and seminars was organized for the recent visit to Israel by the delegation of entrepreneurs and academics from the Lombardy Region. Coordinated by Prof. Adriano de Maio, Head of the Lombardy Region's Department of Education, Innovation and Research, the delegation included representatives of Lombardy's major universities, the Parco Tecnologico Padano, the San Raffaele Scientific Institute of Milan as well as a significant number of companies and industries operating in the fields of biomedicine and biotechnology. A seminar on "Support policy in research and technology transfer", organized for delegates by the Embassy's Italian Business Desk, took place on March 16 at the offices of the Israel Manufacturers' Association (MAI) in Tel Aviv. The seminar was attended by a large number of Israeli researchers and academics from the biotechnology sector. In his opening address to the seminar Ambassador Sandro De Bernardin stressed the importance of scientific and technological initiatives in strengthening ties between the two countries. Seminars such as these, said the Ambassador, can generate important cooperative networks between scientific, technological and industrial enterprises in both Israel and Lombardy. In his remarks President Formigoni presented an overview of economic and industrial activity in Lombardy, underlined its importance within the fabric of Italy's economy and outlined the opportunities for collaboration and investment with the huge entrepreneurial base active in the region. This visit in particular, continued President Formigoni, was intended to initiate dialogue between enterprises in Lombardy and the most promising Israeli companies in the fields of design, electronics, robotics, nano- and bio-technologies. The seminar was also addressed by Dani Catarivas, Director of MAI's Division of Foreign Trade and International Relations, Raphael Morav, Director of the European Economic Division of Israel's Foreign Ministry, Roberta Anati, Vice President of the IsraelItaly Chamber of Commerce and the Vice President of Compagnia delle Opere Massimo Ferlini. The seminar was followed by a round table discussion, moderated by the Embassy's Scientific Attaché Stefano Boccaletti, which opened with an outline by Prof. De Maio of the ways in which the Lombardy region intends developing cooperation with its European and, in particular, its Mediterranean partners in specifically identified areas. Prof. De Maio also outlined Lombardy's interest in exploring ways of formalizing a cooperation agreement between the Region and Israel's Ministry of Commerce and Industry. On March 16 the delegation visited the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot, where Prof. Mordechai Sheves, Vice President of the Institute for Technology Transfer, addressed participants on methods used by Israeli institutes to commercialize their research activities. This was followed by a visit to a nearby technology park where local start-ups that originated at the Research Institute are now operating as fully commercial enterprises. A further meeting discussing the details of implementing the Agreement on Scientific, Industrial and Technological Cooperation between Italy and Israel was held with Yair Amitai and Israel Shamai, respectively President and European Relations Directors of Matimop, who proposed that a delegation from Lombardy should participate in the BIOMED 2008 conference to be held in Tel Aviv next May. The delegation ended its visit to Israel on March 17 with a tour of the biomedical facilities at the Technion, where discussions were held on student exchanges and the formation of a joint laboratory with the Politecnico di Milano.<>



strong public U nusuallygreeted critical andEbraica acclaim the Italia exhibition, documenting over 2000 years of Italian Jewish cultural exchange, which closed at the end of February, hosted for 3 months at the Eretz Israel Museum of Tel Aviv. The exhibition, hailed by critics as one of the most important to be held in Israel during the last ten years, was attended by over 50,000 visitors of all ages and from every sector of Israel. Among foreign visitors attending the exhibition were museum directors from the US as well as representatives and officials from European and Italian Jewish communities. The event was also the subject of extensive local and foreign media coverage. Presented by Italy in homage to the State of Israel on the occasion of its 60th anniversary, the exhibition was organized by the Italian Cultural Institute and coordinated by its Director Simonetta Della Seta, under the patronage and support of the Council of Ministers, the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry

March 2008

Resounding success for Italia Ebraica exhibition

for Cultural Heritage and Activities, the Lazio Region, the Union of Italian Jewish Communities, Compagnia San Paolo and Telit Communications. Attending the opening ceremony were Deputy PM and Minister of Culture Franco Rutelli, Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Giovanni Vernetti, Israel's Minister of the Diaspora, Isaac Herzog, Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai, various political and cultural figures from both countries as well as a large crowd of visitors from all over Israel. On display were over 200 objects, from the first to the nineteenth centuries, on loan from Italian and foreign museums and private collections especially for this exhibition, which highlighted 22 centuries of cohabitation between Judaism and Italian culture and the uninterrupted and lively dialogue between the fertility of Italian art and the spiritual vigor of Judaism. An informative catalogue accompanied the exhibition. Even during its preparation, the Italia

Ebraica exhibition aroused considerable interest from foreign insitutions, among which were the Museo di Roma, the Jüdisches Museum in Berlin, the Musée Juif in Brussels, Yeshiva University Museum in New York and the Museo Italo-Americano in San Francisco. In addition, the Italian Cultural Institutes in New York and Berlin are organizing expositions in the US and Germany, while the Lazio Region has undertaken to bring the exhibition to Rome. Material collected during the preparation of the exhibition will remain available to Italian institutions for future initiatives and eventually form part of the collection of the National Museum of Italian Jews, currently being established in the city of Ferrara. <>

Akko conserved and restored

conservation and A two-year the old city of Akko,restoration project in undertaken by the Italian Cultural Institute in close collaboration with the Old Akko Development Company, the Veneto Region and the Venetian Cultural Heritage Institute, concluded last February. The project, financed almost entirely by the Veneto Region with the help of the Italian Cultural Institute of Tel Aviv, was developed in 2006/7 and included two main objectives: technological and historical research on ancient methods of construction during the period between the Crusades and the Ottoman Empire, and the training of specialists with expertise in the conservation and restoration of cultural patrimony. Akko, an exceptional historic town that preserves substantial remains of its ancient past, has for years been on UNESCO's World Heritage site list, and its municipal administration has always readily accepted

RAI salutes Israel

on Jewish A retrospective of Italian filmsShoah and themes, in particular on the the contribution of Italy's `Righteous Gentiles', was presented by state broadcaster RAI, in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of Tel Aviv, as a 60th anniversary tribute to Israel and to the Jewish communities of Italy. A large crowd including Holocaust survivors attended the screenings, over three nights, at the Cinematheque of Jerusalem. These included three important films which were subtitled in Hebrew especially for this occasion by RAI: La fuga degli Innocenti by Leone Pompucci; Perlasca by Alberto Negrin; and Senza Confini by Fabrizio Costa. Attending the event were several visitors from Italy including Guido Paglia, RAI's Director of Communication and International Relations, and Luca Milano, Director of RAI Fiction, who were accompanied by Renzo Gattegna and Claudia De Benedetti, respectively President and Advisor to the Union of Italian Jewish Communities (UCEI), Leone Paserman, President of the Jewish Community of Rome as well as Chief Rabbi Riccardo Di Segni. Also present were Lia Van Leer, founder of Jerusalem's Cinematheque, Luciano Pezzotti, Italy's Consul in Jerusalem, Simonetta Della Seta and Angelo Gioè of the Italian Cultural Institute, Ehud Gol, former Israeli Ambassador in Rome, as well as representatives from Yad Vashem, leaders of Israel's Italian community, academics and members of the press. Following the success of the retrospective it was agreed to screen the films on Israeli television and to distribute them in schools throughout the country. <>

proposals to study and develop the town's social and technological fabric. The project, undertaken in strict collaboration with the Old Akko Development Company, was led by architect Renzo Ravagnan, Director of the Venetian Cultural Heritage Institute, which has long experience in conservation and restoration research and the training of specialists in this area, and has contributed significantly to maintaining Italy's undisputed position as international leader in this field. <>

Israel at 60, Rotary at 75

T hen RotarynClubt iofo nHaifaa is a orga iza th t

represents the special characteristics of the city, a unique example of coexistence between Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze and Baha'i living together. Members of the club include prominent leaders, merchants, attorneys, businessmen, government officials, bankers, teachers, lecturers, physicians and others, men and women, both Jews and Arabs, who are highly involved in community activities and the well-being of Haifa. The club management, led by President Uri Schnabel and Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav, marked the combined 75th and 60th anniversaries of Rotary and the State of Israel in a special event on March 6-9. Many Rotarians from around the globe, among them Ambassador Sandro De Bernardin, were warmly welcomed to celebrate the two anniversaries and to set an example showing how people of different faiths, backgrounds and communities can live together harmoniously in peace and collaboration. <>



March 2008

Italians and Israelis exchange awards

David Grossman receives honorary doctorate

Iraeli author David Grossman was awarded an honorary doctorate in international literature by the University of Florence in a moving awards ceremony, held on January 27 to coincide with European Holocaust Day. Israel's ambassador to Italy Gideon Meir, Italian senators, members of parliament and local representatives attended the ceremony. The honorary degree was presented by Prof. Ida Zatelli, who chairs the Hebrew Language and Literature Department at the University of Florence. Grossman is well known in Italy, where tens of thousands of his books have been sold. Many Italians read his articles on Israel, which are published in major Italian newspapers. At the ceremony, Grossman dedicated his acceptance speech to the Holocaust, "which is like an open wound between the Jews and other peoples, particularly the European peoples." Abbado and composer Giya Kancheli. One of last year's prize winners was Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto.

Aharon Appelfeld receives Italian award

On January 19, 2008, at the Royal Palace of Turin, the Arab poet Adonis and the translator Giorgio Amitrano were designated winners of the 27th edition of the Grinzane Cavour Prize. The jury consisted of Tahar Ben Jalloun, President, and a selection of well known writers and academics. A special prize was awarded to Aharon Appelfield, for his book Badenheim 1939 (Guanda Publishing House). <>

Wolf Prize 2008 to Claudio Abbado

On May 25 in Jerusalem President Shimon Peres will award the prestigious Wo l f P r i z e t o conductor Claudio

Nobel laureate Rita Levi Montalcini visits the Technion

Jewish world's O ne of theProfessor Ritabrightest minds, LeviMontalcini, a neurologist and Senator of the Italian Republic who received the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1986 for her discoveries in the field of nerve growth factors, visited Israel on March 5-6. On this occasion Prof. LeviMontalcini, heading a delegation of top Italian scientists from the universities of Rome and Turin, delivered a lecture at the Technion Insitute of Science in Haifa Technion President Prof. Yitzhak Apeloig said that the visit by Prof. LeviMontalcini, an old friend of the Technion, is the largest show of support on her part, and on the part of Italian academia, for Israeli academia in general and the Technion in particular. Last year, in a festive ceremony held in Rome by the Technion that included the participation of the President of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano, and Nobel laureate in chemistry, Prof. Aaron Ciechanover, Prof. Levi-Montalcini was awarded special recognition for her work from the prestigious Israeli institution. Professor Levi Montalcini is the fourth Nobel Prize winner to come from Italy's small (ca. 50,000) Jewish community, after Emilio Segrè, Salvador Luria (a university colleague and friend) and Franco Modigliani.<>

Rita Levi-Montalcini (center), with Ambassador and Mrs. Sandro De Bernardin (left) and Prof. Yitzhak and Mrs. Zipora Apeloig

Italian day in Daliat El Carmel

Ambassador Sandro De O n March 6 in the presence of Mayor Bernardin, Accram Hasson, opened the Italian Day event in the important Druse city of Daliat El Carmel in the north of Israel. The event, organized by the Haifa section of the Italian Cultural Institute, was presented in three sections: an exhibition of photographs Lo spazio della città - sguardi su Firenze, Roma, Venezia (photos by Yossi Reichman, edited by Rossella Guicciardi); a concert of classical guitar music by Simone Omnis (repeated successfully in Jersualem and Shefamer) followed by a performance given by local musicians featuring an `oud' (arab guitar); and a presentation of Italian language courses offered by the Italian Cultural Institute, which also included the sale of Italian literature translated into Arabic. The event was well attended by local residents and represents a further effort by the Cultural Institute to introduce Italian culture to all the ethnic communities living in the country. <>

Ambassador Sandro De Bernardin (4th from left), with Mayor Accram Hasson of Daliat El Carmel (5th left), Guitarist Simone Omnis (5th right), Edoardo Crisafulli of the Italian Cultural Institute of Haifa (4th right) and Carlo Grosso, Honorary Consul of Italy in Haifa (2nd from right)



T he annual Concert for Life and Peace,

March 2008

Italian Italian Cultural Cultural Institute Institute Tel. Tel. 03-5161361 03-5161361

Concert for Life and Peace

Gabriel, the Palestinian mezzo soprano from this year in its 7 th Nazareth Enas Massalha edition, took place at the and Italian-Argentinian Jerusalem Theater on soprano Paula December 23 and A l c a m a r e s . featured a performance Accompanying the given by `I Solisti Veneti' orchestra from Italy was First Councillor Davide La Cecilia introducing the under its director a delegation led by Concert for Life and Peace Claudio Scimone. Minister of Infrastructure According to Rino Maenza, the organizer Antonio Di Pietro that included around 50 and producer of the event, this initiative is heads of local administration. intended to launch a message of peace and At the conclusion of the concert it was support for a solution to the Israeli Palestinian announced that in 2008 `I Solisti Veneti' would conflict. The concert, featuring works by return to Israel with concerts in Jerusalem, Vivaldi, Mozart and Rossini, included the Bethlehem, Haifa and Akko in celebration of participation of Israeli mezzo soprano Orit the 150th anniversary of Giacomo Puccini. <>

Israel celebrates Puccini's 150th anniversary T he Israeli Opera is commemorating the 150 anniversary of Italian composer Giacomo Puccini's birth with


stagings of some of his most celebrated operas.

`Adoration of the Magi' opens in Haifa

of the exhibition T he inaugurationMagi', consisting of `Adoration of the a group of sculptures in colored clay by the artist and architect Ilario Fioravanti, was inaugurated in Haifa on February 4. Present at the event were the Deputy Mayor of Haifa, Zvi Dahari, who complimented the Italian Cultural Institute for its activities in the city, in particular the `Jewish Brigade' exhibition on Holocaust Memorial Day. Also attending the event were the President and past Governor of the Inter Country Committee of Rotary Israel, Ran Lin; the President and the Secretary of the Italia-Israel Committee, Shaul D'Angeli and Zeev Matar, as well as Edoardo Crisafulli of the Haifa section of the Italian Cultural Institute. The exhibition was mounted in collaboration with Rotary Israel and the Rotary clubs of Emilio Romagna, Tuscany and San Marino (the largest Rotary district in the world), whose governors visited Israel last summer to initialize twinning agreements with their Israeli counterparts. The initiative was supported by Banca di Cesena (owners of the sculptures), which financed the entire project. Ilario Fioravanti, born in Cesena in 1922, has exhibited in numerous solo and collective shows. His work has been reviewed by noted art critic Vittorio Sgarbi, who collaborated on several of the artist's catalogues, and has also worked with Giovanni Testori. <>

Full houses were recorded for the first night and subsequent representations of a spectacular new production of Turandot, mounted by the Israeli Opera on March 9. Italian participation included Director Marco Gandini, set designs by Ezio Frigerio, costumes by Franca Squarciapino, lighting by Vinicio Cheli with singers Piero Giuliacci and Susanna Branchini. As part of the anniversary celebrations the Fondazione Festival Pucciniano and the Italian Foreign Ministry award special prizes to organizations, interpreters and personalities who have contributed significantly to the appreciation of Puccini's works. The Israeli Opera, winners of this year's prize, continues its Puccini celebrations with a production of Madama Butterfly on April 9-21. <>

Italian Culture in Beersheva

Sztorchain, recently gathered a group of friends of Italy to discuss ways of promoting Italian culture in this southern Israeli city. The Major of Beersheva, Yaacov Turner, warmly welcomed the initiative at a meeting with Ambassador Sandro De Bernardin, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute Simonetta Della Seta and Ori Inon, responsible for Art and Culture at the Municipality of Beersheva. Italian books on loan will soon fill the shelves especially offered for this initiative by the Library, which will also host at least two events (lectures, meeting with writers) in 2008, targeted to the city's Italian speaking community. The Library has also offered its Gallery for an additional Italian event and exhibition to be held in October 2008, during the World Week of Italian Language. Ms. Teresa Lorenzi, Cultural Attaché, will assure coordination of future events between the IIC of Tel Aviv and the Municipality of Beersheva. <>

Creative Laboratory for Peace

were S ignificant results work achieved in the first phase of the by the Creative Laboratory for Peace, carried out from September 2007 to February 2008 between schools in Jerusalem and Rome, organized by the Jerusalem Peace Office of the Municipality of Rome with the support of, among other institutions, the Italian Cultural Institute of Tel Aviv, directed by Simonetta Della Seta. Participating in the Lab (EXPLab) were three schools (Experimental High School and Beit Safafa High School, Jerusalem, and Liceo Cavour of Rome) whose students worked together on a screenplay about peace between Israeli and Palestinian youth. The idea is for the screenplay, in a second phase, to eventually materialize into a film or animated cartoon. The creative writing part of the project was held under the supervision and guidance of Israeli author David Grossman, Palestinian writer Suad Amery and Italian author Ugo Riccarelli. The initiative, supported also by the Italian Consolate in Jerusalem, the Italian Ministry of Education, ARCI and Castelli Animati, took place during several meetings in Jerusalem between the Israeli and Palestinian students, followed by an intense week together in Italy with their Roman counterparts. The meetings produced four different working scripts and were conducted in a friendly and cooperative atmosphere that was applauded by all concerned. The second phase of the project, in which one script will be chosen and then made into a film, will be held at the beginning of the next school year, assisted by cinema professionals and other experts. In the meantime the students are continuing to meet and will be hosted at the screening of a feature film at the Italian Cultural Institute. <>

R ecentlyinappointed honorary consul of Italy Beersheva, Mrs Blima



Italian Cultural Institute Tel. 03-5161361

March 2008

Events in Israel

Happy Birthday Israel! May 9, Bus tour Come and sing with us in four languages in celebration of Israel's 60th Independence Day, in collaboration with the Goethe Institut, the Insitut Français and the Instituto Cervantes. La Gioconda May 15-30, Tel Aviv With the participation of mezzosoprano Tiziana Carraro. 20% discount on tickets for friends of the Italian Cultural Institute. tel. 03-5161361 Jazz from Italy May 16, Tel Aviv Trumpeter Enrico Rava and pianist Stefano Bollani perform as part of the Masters of Jazz series. International Conference on Leonardo da Vinci May 12 ­ 15, Ramat Gan Piano and Cello Concert May 14, Ramat Gan Concert with Maurizio Baglini, piano, and Silvia Chiesa, violoncello, of works by Busoni, Corghi, Britten, in the Music Building, Bar Ilan University Campus. Riccardo Muti conducts May 22, Tel Aviv Concert celebrating Israel's 60th anniversary. Riccardo Muti conducts the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, with violinist Vadim Repin, in a program of music by Beethoven. Concert in memory of Ilan Ramon May 25, Tel Aviv Maestro Gianandrea Noseda conducts the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, with violinist Julian Rachlin, in works by Vivaldi and Respighi. Accordone at Israel Festival June 7, Jerusalem The Accordone Ensemble performs Italian vocal music ranging from the Renaissance to the early eighteenth century. Directed by Marco Beasely (voice) and Guido Morini (organ, harpsichord) the Ensemble presents Via Toledo, a program of traditional Sicilian folk music. Jewels and Diamonds June 19, Ramat Gan Conference on `Jewels and Diamonds: future tendencies and ethical questions', organized by the Shenkar Institute, with the participation of Italian jewelry designer Gian Carlo Montebello, sculptor and artist Massimo Fumanti, architect and designer Mario Maioli and James Rivière. Tel. 03-6110000 <>

Madama Butterfly April 9-21, Tel Aviv Puccini's tragic tale returns to the Israel Opera. Renowned Polish d i r e c t o r, Mariuz Trelinsky, presents the story of the young Japanese geisha who kills herself once she grasps that the love of the past has led to a present with no honor. 20% discount on tickets for friends of the Italian Cultural Institute. tel. 03-5161361 Seminar on ceramic decorative techniques April 21-28, Umm El-Fahm Meeting at the Umm El-Fahm Art Gallery between Italian and Israeli ceramic artists. Among the participants Giacomo Alessi, Mario Montaudo, Gaspare Cascio and Angela Gallaro. Some events at the seminar are open to the general public. Tel. 04-6315257 Jerusalem meets Sicily May 5­28, Jerusalem Focusing this year on Sicily, the Dante Alighieri Society's cultural restrospective is held in Jerusalem during almost the entire month of May, under the patronage of the Embassy of Italy with support from the Italian Cultural Institute, in collaboration with the Van Leer Institute and the Italian Consulate in Jerusalem. Tel. 02-6221110 [email protected]

Organized by Bar Ilan University, the Italian Cultural Institute and the Embassy's Scientific Attaché this major event will be addressed by a highly specialized and varied roster of experts. The sessions will be held in English and are open to the public.

Spring at the Museum of Italian Jewish Art April-May, 2008

Purim in Jerusalem March 9 ­ April 6 Exhibit of ancient illuminated Scrolls of Esther from the museum's collection. Baroque Passover April 17 ­ May 17 The exhibit contains rare and impressive Passover objects from the Italian Renaissance and Baroque. Activities for the family 21-24 April at 11am Guided visit, creative activities for children Storm in a wine glass, event with quality wines Concerts, spring music from Italy Independence Day exhibit May 8 A unique custom among Italian Jewish communities is to change the parokhet (curtain) covering the synagogue ark for each event and holiday, in keeping with the event being celebrated. In honor of Independence Day and Jerusalem Day, a modern parokhet designed by the great Italian Jewish artist Emanuele Luzzatti will be on display in the old Conegliano Veneto synagogue. <>

Entrance to the Museum will be free of charge on May 14, International Museums Day, and during the intermediate days of Passover. The Museum is closed on Shabbat and on the first and last day of Passover. 27, Hillel st., Jerusalem Tel: 02-6241610 Fax: 02-6253480 [email protected]



Journey at the end of the Millennium May 8-9, Rome On the occasion of its 60th anniversary the Opera of Israel will perform "Journey at the end of the Millennium", at the Opera House of Rome, from a libretto by A.B. Yehoshua, with music by Joseph Bardanashvili. Turin book fair May 8-12, Turin Israel will be the guest country at the Turin book fair which will be inaugurated, in the presence of celebrated Israeli writers, by President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano. Giacomo Balla - Futuristic Modernity Until 18 May, Milan Following the last retrospective exhibition celebrating this artist 37 years ago, over 200 works are on display to the public for the first time, illustrating the artist's work between 1900 and 1929. Most of the famous works of this great protagonist of Italian and European modern art can be seen, including theatre costumes, sets and clothing fashions, postal art, illustrations and manuscripts.

March 2008

Events in Italy

Ornatissimo Codice, the Library of Federico Until 27 July, Urbino The exhibition, which will be shown in the original library in the Ducal Palace of Urbino, allows the general public to experience the essential and spectacular features of the collection: the illuminated manuscripts, whose consultation is normally only reserved for research purposes. I Macchiaioli, Masterpieces From The Mario Taragoni Collection Until 27 July, Venice T h e ex h i b i t i o n displays for the first time the prestigious Mario Taragoni collection of 19thcentury paintings by the Macchiaioli, which were collected by the well-known Genoese financier, economist and man of culture. Rome and the Barbarians Through July 20, Venice The event focuses on the Roman Empire's most difficult age, when people of profoundly different cultures and traditions from the steppes of Asia and Eastern Europe gradually began to dominate the Western world, leading to the fall of Rome. On show is a vast collection of archeological finds that covers the various phases of coexistence and conflict between the empire and barbarian populations. Opera at La Scala April & May, Milan Giacomo Puccini, Il Trittico. A new production by Teatro alla Scala in co-production with the Teatro Real in Madrid, conducted by Riccardo Chailly and staged by Luca Ronconi. Giuseppe Verdi, Macbeth. Production by Teatro alla Scala, conducted by Kazushi Ono, staged by Graham Vick. Lorin Maazel, 1984 After George Orwell's novel. New production conducted by composer Lorin Maazel, staged by Robert Lepage. Luigi Dallapiccola - Béla Bartók Il prigioniero - Bluebeard's Castle New productions by Teatro alla Scala, conducted by Daniel Harding, staged by Peter Stein. <> April-May, 2008

EXPO FERROVIARIA 20 - 22 May, Turin Rail industry NEXT 20 - 25 May, Turin International car design www.promotorinternational .it VENDITALIA 21 - 24 May, Milan Automatic vending H2O - ACCADUEO 21 - 23 May, Ferrara Water treatment & distribution CHIBIDUE 23 - 26 May, Milan Giftware, perfumery, jewellery KUNSTART 23 - 25 May, Bolzano Art, Antiques, Stamps, Coins <>

Italian Trade Fair Calendar

COSMOPROF 10 - 14 April, Bologna Perfumery & cosmetics EXA 12 - 15 April, Brescia Firearms & weaponry PITTI LIVING 16 - 21 April, Milan Gifts, Houseware, Bric-a-Brac SALONE DEL BAGNO 16 - 21 April, Rho-Pero Furniture, home & office furnishings EUROCUCINA 16 - 21 April, Rho-Pero Kitchen furniture EDIL LEVANTE COSTRUIRE 17 - 20 April, Bari Building exhibition LINEAPELLE 22 - 24 April, Bologna Italian fashion preview SIMAC 22 - 25 April, Bologna Footwear & leather goods SARDINIA TRADE FAIR 24 April - 5 May Cagliari Home & garden, spare time, fine food AGRICULTURAL & ANIMAL FARMING 30 April - 5 May, Foggia Zootechnology, fishing & related MILAN ANTIQUES SHOW 3 - 11 May, Milan Art, Antiques, Stamps, Coins CIBUS 5 - 8 May, Parma Food processing & packaging DOLCE ITALIA 5 - 8 May, Parma Confectionery exhibition HOME & BUILDING 6 - 8 May, Verona Electronics, Information Sciences LOGITEC 8 - 10 May, Rho-Pero Transport intermodal and logistics INTERNATIONAL BOOK FAIR 8 - 12 May, Turin (TO) Book Industry, printing and graphics

COSMOFARMA EXHIBITION 9 - 11 May, Rome Health, wellness & beauty MIDO 9 - 12 May, Rho-Pero Optics, optometry PROPOSTE 14 - 16 May, Cernobbio Furnishing & curtaining textiles LAMIERA 14 - 17 May, Bologna Sheet metal, pipes, wire MEDIEL 16 - 18 May, Naples Electrotechnics, lighting, security VICENZAORO SPRING 17 - 21 May, Vicenza Gold, silver, jewellery, watches



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