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New Transfer Transfer Amount $ Transfer funds from Account Name: Account Number: Checking (9)

Regulation D allows unlimited transfers from Checking accounts. However, this regulation limits the number of automatic transfers to six (6) each month from Share Savings and Money Market Savings accounts. These include transfers made on Web Access, by telephone, fax, prescheduled share to share and preauthorized charges from third parties.

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Transfer Date(s) Monthly on date(s) Bi-weekly Monday starting Bi-weekly Tuesday starting Bi-weekly Wednesday starting Bi-weekly Thursday starting Bi-weekly Friday starting Bi-weekly Saturday starting This day every week --Select Day of the Week-2nd Wednesday of each month 3rd Wednesday of each month 4th Wednesday of each month

Share Savings Suffix # ___________ Money Market Savings Suffix # ___________ Transfer funds to Account Name ____________________________ Account Number___________________________ Checking Account (9) Loan #_____ Savings Suffix # ___________ IRA (0) Money Market Savings Suffix # ______________ Changes to Current Transfer Increase transfer from $ Decrease transfer from $ Change transfer date from Transfer currently coming from Transfer currently going to Additional Comments to $ to $ to

* NOTE: When date selected falls on a Sunday or Holiday,

the transfer will be made on the next business day.

. . . change to now coming from change to now to . .

Transfers are posted before opening of business on designated dates unless date falls on a Sunday or Holiday, then the transfer will be made before opening on next business day. If funds are not available, transfer will not be posted again until next cycle date. Transfers will not take the Share Savings Suffix (1) below $25.00. BI-weekly transfers will be posted 3 times in months where applicable. I authorize America First Federal Credit Union to make transfers from my account as designated, for credit to the account shown.

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