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Bling King

Jack Hartman's Road King Classic

Story and Photos by Buck Lovell

2005 Road King ClassiC

82 - January 2011 -

American Bagger Magazine

American Bagger Magazine - January 2011 - 83

Bling King

Bling King is endowed with a Massive audio aMp, two polK 6 x 9's and two polK 5.25" speaKers.


ack Hartman came all the way to the 2010 Sturgis Rally to cruise through the Black Hills and enjoy the sunshine. When I saw Jack riding around on his "Bling King" Bagger, I chased him down and convinced him to hold still for a little while so I could photograph his bike. What better place to photograph his Harley-Davidson® Road King Classic than the Rapid City, SD Caterpillar dealership? I got permission from the Cat facility manager to use the location and the shooting began.

That custom Candy Red paint was applied by Scott Thomas Designs, then hand overlaid with oldstyle pinstriping and a modern skull graphic. Lots of yellow gold, white gold and silver leaf were used in the graphics, and a bucket load of sparkling Swarovski crystals were used elsewhere. Turkey Creek Cycles performed the fabrication work on Bling King. MGM Fabrication assembled the bike. Bling King not only looks good, it has some beans as well. The Twin Cam motor sports 103" of

displacement and uses a HarleyDavidson forged stroker crankshaft. Dave Mackie Engineering of Ventura, CA supplied the 630 camshafts for use with Screamin' Eagle adjustable pushrods. Pushing the valves open are four super-rev Feuling hydraulic lifters. The stock EFI system has been treated to a Screamin' Eagle Race Tuner for more thunder. Screamin' Eagle cylinder heads with automatic compression releases sit on top of H-D cylinders. Burnt gases exit the motor through a D&D Fat Cat exhaust

84 - January 2011 -

American Bagger Magazine

American Bagger Magazine - January 2011 - 85

Bling King

Tech Specs

Background Info.

Owner: Jack Hartman Bike's Name: Bling King Brand Name: Harley-Davidson® Model: Road King Classic Year: 2005 Fabrication: Turkey Creek Cycles Assembly: MGM Fabrication Build Time: 8 Months Chrome: H-D Paint/Graphics: Scott Thomas Designs Color/Graphics Description: Custom Candy Red/Old School Pinstriping & Skull

Motor Specs

Year: '05 Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson Model: Twin Cam Displacement: 103 cu. in. Rebuilt by: MGM Fabrication Ignition: Screamin' Eagle Race Tuner Cylinder Heads/Pistons: SE Air Cleaner: Pro Force One Exhaust: D&D Fat Cat Cam(s): Dave Mackie 630 Rocker Arms: SE Pushrods: SE Adjustable Lifters: Feuling


Year: '08 Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson Shifting: 6-Speed Sprocket/Pulley: RC Components

system. How many ponies live here? Exactly 114 of them critters and they produce 110 ft.-lbs. of torque. The chassis is equipped with an Arnott Air Suspension system that features 11-way adjustable ride height. The fork is a hydraulic Harley-Davidson unit. Both wheels are RC Components' popular Raven model. Up front is a 120/70-21 Avon tire. In the rear is a 150/80-18 Avon tire. On each axle is a Hawg Halters six-piston brake caliper for maximum stopping power. Making night riding safe is an LED Halo headlight with an adjustable HID kit installed. Steering is accomplished via Burly Brand Beach Bars. Lighting towards the rear is provided by dual Sinister Industries' Jaded Pointed Integrated taillights. Two Custom Dynamics' White LED light kits are also installed. Arlen Ness Four Point mirrors offer Jack a rear view. Those stretched saddlebags are from the folks at Fat Baggers, Inc. as is the front fender and stretched gas tank. The digital

86 - January 2011 -

speedometer is from ThunderMax. What's a Bling King Bagger without a good sound system? Too quiet, that's what. Bling King is endowed with a Massive Audio amp, two Polk 6 x 9's and two Polk 5.25" speakers. Last but not least is a hand-carved set of bag latches from Covingtons Customs. For more information on Turkey Creek Cycles, visit


Year: '05 Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson Model: FLHRC Suspension Type: Arnott Air Motor Mount Type: Rubber


Year: '05 Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson Style/Type: Hydraulic

Wheels & Brakes

Front/Size: 21 x 3.5"

Wheel: RC Components Raven Tire: Avon 120/70-21 Brake Caliper/Rotor: Hawg Halters

Rear/Size: 18 x 5.5" Wheel: RC Components Raven Tire: Avon 150/80-18 Brake Caliper/Rotor: Hawg Halters


Handlebars: Burly Brand Beach Bars Headlight: LED Halo w/ HID Kit Taillight: Sinister Industries Additional Lighting: Custom Dynamics LEDs License Plate Mount: Custom Dynamics Mirrors: Arlen Ness Saddlebags: Fat Baggers, Inc. Seat: Edward's Interiors Gas Tank/Front Fender: FBI Rear Fender: Stretched H-D Gauges: ThunderMax Digital Foot Controls: SoftBrake Sound System: Massive Audio Amp, Polk Speakers Special Features: Custom Hand-Carved Bag Latches from Covingtons Customs

American Bagger Magazine

American Bagger Magazine - January 2011 - 87


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