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Gene Slater's Chrome-Free Bagger

Story by Dave Withrow Photos by Gene Slater


2007 H-D FLH

88 - September 2010 -

American Bagger Magazine

American Bagger Magazine - September 2010 - 89

GP Moto

you've ever been to Strokers Dallas on a Saturday or Sunday and witnessed the mayhem of almost 2,000 bikers partying in the Texas heat; you might have run across Gene Slater and his camera. Despite popular misconception, Gene is not the in-house photographer; he is the general manager of Strokers. Unless Gene is at a rally, you will find him at Strokers literally 24/7. When Gene is not working, he somehow manages to find time to work on his own bikes. Gene found himself the proud owner of two bone-stock '07 Baggers. Instead of selling one of them, he decided to build a ground-up custom with one and keep the other stock. Gene chose to go with a Rolling Thunder frame so he could accommodate a much larger rear tire. The two inch stretch and increased neck rake give the Bagger a more aggressive stance. The plan was to keep all of the relevant parts from the donor Bagger and upgrade with custom parts where needed. The stock motor was rebuilt by Gene and was bumped up to a 103". Head Quarters supplied the new top-end components and Doug at Head Quarters personally


90 - September 2010 -

American Bagger Magazine

American Bagger Magazine - September 2010 - 91

GP Moto

massaged the new heads. With the addition of a Cycle Visions MoFlow air cleaner and Klock Werks exhaust, Gene is now over the 100 mark on both horsepower and torque. Pickard was the choice for wheels, with 17 inchers on the front and rear. A Metzeler 150mm rides up front while a Metzeler 200mm rolls out back. Meclec provided the copper plating for the wheels, the front end and various other components. The handlebars are from CycleSmiths and are equipped with Performance Machine grips. Gene stretched the stock gas tank himself, as well as the saddlebags. Klock Werks provided the front and rear fenders, bag fillers, license plate mount, hidden front turn signals and windshield. The stock stereo was upgraded with Hawg Wired speakers and amp. Dakota Digital provided the gauges, so Gene is forced to stay below the speed limit. The cylinder heads were pineapple cut by Gene's buddy Matt. Our buddy Tex laid down all of that crazy '60s inspired pinstriping, which breaks up the flat-black paint and matches the Meclec copper. Gene named his Bagger GP MOTO, why? We have no idea. Maybe he landed on his head one too many times when he was a flat track racer. If you make it to Strokers, ask him, there is a 90% chance that he will be there with his Bagger.

tech Specs

Background Info.

owner: Gene Slater Bike's Name: GP Moto Brand Name: Harley-Davidson® Model: FLH Year: 2007 Fabrication/Assembly: Gene Slater Build time: 6 Months Paint/Graphics: Gene/tEX Color Description: Flat Black/Copper

Motor Specs

Year: '07 Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson Model: twin Cam Displacement: 103 cu. in. Rebuilt by: Gene Ignition/Pistons: Head Quarters Air Cleaner: Cycle Visions MoFlow Exhaust: Klock Werks Cam(s)/Pushrods: Head Quarters Lifters: Black ops Compression Ratio: 10.5:1 Special Features: Pineapple-Cut Cylinders & Heads


Year: '07 Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson Shifting: 6-Speed Sprocket/Pulley: Pickard USA


Year: '09 Manufacturer: Rolling thunder Motor Mount type: Rubber Style: Bagger Material: Steel


Year: '07 Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson Style/type: Hydraulic

Wheels & Brakes

Front/Size: 17 x 3.5"

Wheel: Pickard tire: Metzeler Brake Caliper/Rotor: Stock H-D

Rear/Size: 17 x 6.5" Wheel: Pickard tire: Metzeler 200mm Brake Caliper/Rotor: Stock H-D Special Features: Copper Plated by Meclec


Handlebars: CycleSmiths Risers/Fairing/Headlight: H-D Grips: Performance Machine Hand Controls/Foot Controls: H-D taillight: Klock Werks Additional Lighting/Fenders: Klock Werks License Plate Mount: Klock Werks Mirrors/Footboards: H-D Saddlebags/Gas tank: Stretched H-D Seat: Danny Gray oil tank/oil Lines: H-D Gauges: Dakota Digital Sound System: Hawg Wired

92 - September 2010 -

American Bagger Magazine

American Bagger Magazine - September 2010 - 93


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