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Paul Yaffe's Bagger Nation

Monkey Bagger Bars

Staff Report ­ Photos by Rachel Adam Paul Yaffe's Bagger Nation generously donated products to the silent auction portion of our charity ride. Included in the winning bid was a free installation and this tech story. Personalizing your Bagger can become very involved with all the bolt-on accessories available to the modern Harley-Davidson® enthusiast. Replacing the handlebars on a motorcycle to suit one's riding style is a labor intensive procedure, especially when replacing them with larger-than-stock bars. The cables required for the new handlebars are longer than stock, and the electrical wires must be extended for the added handlebar height. It's well worth the effort however, if the end result is a comfortable riding position. Follow along as we install Monkey Bagger Bars from Paul Yaffe's Bagger Nation.


Paul Yaffe's Bagger Nation

Monkey Bagger Bars

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Loosen the dash mounting hardware and remove the dash.


Use the ignition key to unlock and dismount the switch assembly.


Unscrew the retainer and pull off the switch position indicator panel.


Here are the Bagger Nation Monkey Bagger Bars and a Supersize Kit that includes everything needed to install them properly.

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We will be replacing the stock bars on this '06 Street Glide with Monkey Bagger Bars.


Carefully lift off the lower dash panel and unplug the switches.


Loosen the handlebar clamp bolts.

Remove the existing handlebars.



Loosen the fairing hardware and remove the outer fairing.


Loosen the screws holding the switch housing and clutch perch in place.


Pull the left grip off of the handlebar.


Go to the right side and remove the switch housing and grip.

94 - September 2010 -

Loosen the hardware holding the lower dash panel in place.

Remove the seat.

Unplug the handlebar signal cable harness.

American Bagger Magazine

Disconnect the existing throttle cables from the throttle grip.

Separate the stock length clutch cable from the clutch lever. - September 2010 - 95

American Bagger Magazine

Monkey Bagger Bars

Monkey Bagger Bars



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Paul Yaffe's Bagger Nation

Monkey Bagger Bars

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Pull the clutch cable out of the fairing.

Disassemble the control cable plug assembly.


Using the color coded wires (included) extend all of the control cable wires on each side of the handlebars.


Reassemble the control cable wires into the plugs (both sides).

28 29

Reassemble the plugs.

Plug the extended control cables into their appropriate locations.



Thread a wire through the handlebars to pull the wire bundles through.


Pull the wire bundles through from the grip to the center of the bars.


Both wire bundles have been inserted through the bars.


Plug in the lower dash signal/power cable.


Tighten the lower dash hardware.

Reinstall the switch indicator plate and hardware.



Solder the wires to their respective posts.

96 - September 2010 -

Install the Yaffe bars into the riser.

Position the handlebars then tighten the clamp bolts.

American Bagger Magazine

Attach the throttle cables to the switch housing and throttle grip.

American Bagger Magazine

Tighten the screws to hold everything in place.

Attach the switch housing and other controls to the left-hand grip. - September 2010 - 97

Monkey Bagger Bars

Monkey Bagger Bars



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Paul Yaffe's Bagger Nation

Monkey Bagger Bars

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Reinstall the ignition switch using the ignition key.

Remove the stock brake lines from the calipers.

Reinstall the trans. end cover using a new gasket.


Route the cable up through the fairing and attach it to the clutch lever.


Attach the clutch lever to the perch and install the snap ring.




Install a new brake fitting in place of the stock fitting on the bottom of the lower triple clamp.


Install the brake line into the fitting. The opposite ends go to the front brake calipers.


Install the dash panel and tighten the hardware.

Install the seat.

Install the fairing and windshield.


Install and tighten the fittings on the calipers.


Install the brake line on the handlebar master cylinder and tighten it.


Fill the master cylinder with brake fluid then bleed the brakes.

98 - September 2010 -

Install the new (longer than stock) clutch cable to accommodate the extra height of the handlebars.

American Bagger Magazine

602.840.4205 The Yaffe Monkey Bars put the rider's hands right where they want them for all day riding comfort.

American Bagger Magazine - September 2010 - 99

Monkey Bagger Bars

PAUL YAFFE'S BAGGER NATION Monkey Bagger Bars ­ Black Part #MBB-B

Monkey Bagger Bars


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