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Excellence In Family Fun

American Banner Amusements, Inc.

Established in 1969 we are a true family business that takes pride in providing events of all sizes; the safest, cleanest, and brightest midway with a level of experience that is second to none.

"Excellence in Family Fun" is our motto and our goal. This has been the foundation of our business since the very beginning. In 1969 our family patriarch, Robert Bryer founded ABA with the idea that a carnival should provide more for an event than just a means to make money. Whether it is a church parish or a local chamber of commerce, a carnival can be a great fundraiser. There is more to ABA than just the "bottom line". First, our rides have been kept at the highest quality and safety. Our rides are constantly updated and renovated to provide a fresh look and the latest safety updates year after year.

Next, our games are filled with great family fun knowing that they are for everyone to play. Unlike a ride you are never too short or too young, and with almost every game being a prize everytime you are sure to take home a memory. Finally, the food provided by American Banner Amusements is the definition of classic carnival treats. From fresh made funnel cakes cooked to order to hand spun cotton candy, ABA knows how to "Sweeten the Fun". These are just a few examples of American Banner Amusements' commitment to provide "Excellence in Family Fun". Tornado! Added to our carnival in 2009, this 32 capacity ride has proven to be favorite with kids and adults alike.


"Big Kid Rides"

Left: The Hurricane provides high flying thrills and a great light show for the midway. Below: The Scrambler symbolizes classic fun for any size family member. Always a favorite at every event.

The rides for the "big" kids.

It doesn't matter how old you are, these are the rides that everybody wants to ride. Most of our major rides are great for the whole family. Rides like the Scrambler, Ferris Wheel, Octopus, and Swinger are great for giving a "kid" of any size a rush with also providing a cherished opportunity to have fun with Mom, Dad, Son, Daughter, Grandpa or Grandma. These chances to interact with the whole family are becoming rare in a time with constant connectivity to untold distractions . It is our promise to give our patrons back that moment. Ready to go wild? American Banner Amusements has the rides for you. The Vortex, Hurricane , Paratrooper, Tornado, and Rock O Plane are but only a few of the rides waiting. The twists and turns provided by these rides will thrill anyone that's bold enough to try them. These "wild" rides mix well with the "mild" ones to provide large capacities of riders and help keep patrons from long lines. Less wait time equals MORE FUN!

Are you still a BiG kid?


We didn't forget the little ones.

For the kids.

At the heart of our operation is the kids. The ability to provide fun is a great part of the carnival industry. The ability to put smiles on the faces of children is the best. Kids are the best at giving their honest opinion. So, we strive to keep them as happy as possible. Many of our rides like the Zoom, Elephants, Swings, and Spin the Apple can also accommodate adults. Kids love the chance to ride with Mom and Dad. Classic rides like the Merry Go Round and Kiddie Cars are a sure hit. Interactive attractions like the Kid Power and Toon Town keep the kids coming back for more.

They're going to love this!

Top Left: The Kiddie Cars

will be ridden again and again with a choice of various cars and motorcycles for the kids. Middle Left: Get in the cartoon and watch all the action from a monitor on the outside. That's Toon Town. Bottom Left: Kid Power will get all of that "extra"

Mom and Dad can ride this one too!

energy out.


Fresh made lemonade the way it use to be.


Test your skill with the Balloon Game. Throw a dart and pop the balloon, you win! Missed it? Thats alright you still go home with a prize.


Old fashioned cotton candy is a staple to ABA's food offerings. Not made with any artificial flavors, our cotton candy is a throw back to the good old days.


Fresh, never frozen. Made to order funnel cakes and hand dipped corn dogs. Our simple idea is to serve our food the way we would want to eat it.


Safety is what we put above everything else.

The brightest lit rides and the most expensive paint is worthless without safety management in place. With St. Louis County inspections done before every event, our rides are some of the most scrutinized in the industry. But is doesn't stop there, our trained employees inspect every ride with a checklist before every opening. Inspections are not the extent of our procedure. Preventative maintenance is essential for safety and to minimize the down time that comes when equipment is out of service. The less down time, the more people are riding rides. Renovation is key to keeping rides in tip top shape safety wise as well as give the ride a fresh bright appearance that everyone likes to see and ride. Every off season we can easily renovate up to four rides. This raises the bar year after year and sets the standard higher.

Maintenance is key.

It might not be pretty, but upkeep is a must.


One Attractive Proposition

With all of the things that we offer, let your event soar with American Banner Amusements.

At the end of the day the better the event is for our company the better it is for your fundraising needs. There are many factors to making an event better. Our managers and ride operators have standards that will be kept. From uniform shirts to smiling faces, these are just the beginning. Our operators have all the necessary background and profile checks to keep our customers confident and relaxed for their day of fun. With American Banner Amusements the professionals are here to do the job.


With over 100 years combined experience, we have learned that a relationship is essential. From the head committee person to the little ones riding the kiddie rides, our company has made strides at building long lasting relationships together. With this relationship we welcome the ideas and knowledge that our committees can give us. When a good working relationship is established it becomes much easier to do whatever it takes to make your event as efficient as possible.

Let us "WOW" your event.


ABA is more than just the rides, food, and games. We also focus on the small details to put it all together. Our clean and attractive ticket boxes allow for multiple ticket sellers. This means shorter lines and a higher volume of customer sales. Ask about our available searchlight to put your advertising abilities "over the top". This vintage equipment produces more light than almost anything available today.


The American Banner family takes every event seriously. There are many people involved to make each event happen and these people get the job done with class. When it comes time to see the financial details you will be given a clear, easy to read sheet that will let you know how each dollar is received.

To Sum it all Up

American Banner Amusements has the equipment and the personnel to make your event a great experience for everyone.

Contact Anytime

· · · · · Robert Walsh, President Mobile: (618) 541-9517 Bill Sparks, General Manager Mobile: (217) 899-9681 Jennifer Walsh, General Manager Mobile: (618) 541-9516 Belva Sparks, Office Manager Mobile: (217) 899-0534 Joe Sutton, Concessions Manager Mobile: (314) 397-3909

American Banner Amusemnts, Inc.

225 S. Vernon St. Marine, IL 62061 [email protected] Fax: (618) 887-4292



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