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Holter Monitor Instructions - 5 Lead

by: Wendy Wallner, DVM

Materials Needed: 9 volt battery 60 minute audio tape White adhesive bandage tape 1" and 2" wide Expandover® surgical tape 4" wide Sticky electrodes (5) Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol and gauze cloth or cotton balls to scrub skin before placing electrode. Clippers with #40 or other close shaving blade Holter activity log sheet Before starting make sure to: 1. Place a new 9 volt battery into Holter unit. Make sure polarity is correct. 2. Identify audiotape. Write YOUR NAME, DOG'S NAME and Date. Insert tape into recorder with SID. 3. Fill in the holter activity log. Provide ALL information requested. If available provide AKC number. 4. Have alcohol and gauze cloth or cotton balls on hand to degrease the skin after shaving. Have the dog standing normally. If the dog can be elevated on a table it will be easier. You will need at least 2 people, including yourself. If the dog is restless 3 people will be necessary.

Dogs Left Side

Now shave both sides of the chest. The shaved area should be located behind the elbow and should be large enough to accommodate 3 electrodes on the left side and 3 electrodes on the right side. Electrodes should be spaced by about 1/2 inch or more from each other.

Dog's Right Side

Now using 1 inch white tape, secure the electrodes by taping around the chest, as illustrated. The metal snap buttons are not covered by tape.

At this time the leads should be connected as follows: (Use one person to hold the Holter monitor above the dogs back). Dogs Left Side Upper electrode - BLACK lead Lower electrode - WHITE lead Dogs Right Side Upper electrode - RED lead Middle electrode - GREEN lead Lower electrode - BROWN lead

Now cover the electrodes and wires with 2 inch white tape (with one person still holding the monitor over the boxers back).

The top of the dog's chest should now look like this.

Dogs Left Side

Dog's Right Side

The next step includes taping over with elastic tape (Expandover®). Make sure to cover the cables as depicted. Make sure not to stretch the elastic tape excessively or the bandage will be too tight and the dog will be uncomfortable.

Insert the monitor inside the protective pouch. First pass a piece of 1 inch white tape through the belt loop of the pouch as depicted. Place the pouch with the unit inside on top of the dog's back. MAKE SURE THE AUDIOTAPE IS RUNNING. NOTE STARTING TIME IN THE HOLTER LOG

Finally, secure the pouch by taping over 2 - 3 times around the chest using 2 inch wide white tape.

Properly applied, this is how the monitor should look. Make sure to fill the Holter log with the major events of the day and include exact times of ANY MEDICATION the dog may be taking.

A few notes about the recording of a Holter:

1. Provide normal activity during the recording. Very heavy play with other dogs should not be allowed because of the potential damage to the monitor. Swimming is not allowed. Keep monitor dry at all times. 2. If during the recording a fainting or syncopal event is detected, press the event button and make an entry in the Holter diary log detailing the event. 3. The monitor has an LCD clock. This clock may not show the correct time of the day. Do not use the time on this clock, use your wristwatch for timing. The clock on the monitor is not needed for the analysis. 4. The recorder goes through an automatic calibration routine during the first 10 minutes after starting. During this time the ECG is not being acquired. 5. The recording time for dogs is 24 hours. If you cannot remove the monitor at the end of the 24 hour period there is no problem in keeping it running. The tape will stop when it reached the end. 6. If you are doing consecutive recordings in several dogs you may use one 9 volt battery for up to 3 recordings when using a Rozinn monitor. Make sure to remove the battery from the monitor between recordings.


Holter Monitor Instructions - 5 Lead

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