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Strauss of England celebrates winning the Ashes with the traditional urn trophy after their fifth Ashes test cricket match against Australia at the Oval in London


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Publisher Letter

t seems like the United States Cricket Association (USACA), the governing body for Cricket, is finally making strides toward promoting International Cricket. Mr. Singh from Broward County Cricket Stadium said that several International matches are scheduled to be played early next year. Mr. Don Lockerbie with the International Cricket Council (ICC) working in conjunction with US Cricket association and the Broward Stadium, are now seeing eye to eye and are working out the differences that delayed International Cricket for years. Poor administration hinder negotiations between USACA and ICC ,thus causing major problems for US Cricket. Furthermore, the stadium administration was also handcuffed by their peers and their demands for the use of the facility waspricedtoosteepandhadnoflexibility. This caused a breakdown in building good relationship . However, I was told they overcame that issue and are now charging basedontheevent.Therewasafixedsum of $2,500 to use the facility, but for local games by the leagues, a lower price was implanted and games for commercial entity will be charged accordingly. Lockerbie was given the authority to bring all parties involved to make this a successful venture and he certainly should be complimented for his hard work. He was able to bring International Cricket for the first time on the only approved ICC wicket in the United States. Slowly


but surely cricket is gaining momentum in the US, but I would venture to say that China will surpass the US in a decade or so in this glorious game. The politics of the land pertaining to Cricket is amazing for everyone struggles for power and once they are in they do not fulfilltheirobligations.Agoodexample of this is the Regional Directors. Just what do they do for Cricket? I think this is a position that a committee should take applications and award the job to the best qualifiedpersonthanwhatwearedoing at the moment. I also believe some of these positions would require a small salary in order to do the job right rather than voting your friend or cousin for the positions. Remember some of these guys can only leave home on cricket days because they have to work. But get some senior experienced, former players in each region and you will then have great Regional Directors. Please note there are a few directors who give their all, but they know as well as I that they do not merit the position for the development of cricket in the United States. Look back to the successes and you will see that the senior players are the greatest contributors to the game. What we need are cricket grounds all over the country and if one of the Regional Directors has one, please let us know so we can congratulate him for his accomplishment. Mo Ally - Publisher [email protected]






Suneer Chowdhary t was never in doubt that if there was one test match series that could permit the talks of an obituary for the format to slumber off for its entire length, it had to be the Ashes. It was also never in doubt that the Australian side that landed in Englandtofeatureinthefivetestmatches was of the rarest coming from that part of

Cover Story

Suneer Chowdhary

Ashes to Ashes...Aussies to dust, England lift the they must!

the world to be so under-rated. Yet, when the English skipper came forward to kiss that urn which ­ at least metaphorically ­ consisted of the ashes of the burnt bails, there was a huge dollop of excitement, goose bumps and a rather unabashed feeling of happiness at having watched the mighty fall, all mixed together and gushing like a torrent of water. The piece gives you a lowdown of the entire series, which saw Ricky Ponting also becoming the only man for almost an eon to lose the Ashes twice as a captain as wellasthehobblingfigureofaonce-ina-generation cricketer in Andrew Flintoff walking away into the shadows after having called it quits from the five day format. Aussie squad ­ Poor selection or symptomatic of deeper malaise? In the hindsight, the difference between the two sides was probably as thin as the waistline of an anorexic model, which could have been easily plugged with some smarter selection strategies. How else would one explain the absence of a backup opener to a someone who has had the experience of not more than three games at international level, and very evidently possesses a technique which, at best can be described as a tad different from the rest of them. continued on page 6


England's Broad celebrates with his team mates after getting the wicket of Australia's Michael Clarke during the fifth Ashes cricket test match at the Oval in London.


continued from page 5 Ifitwasamatterofexpressingconfidence in the youngster, then the selectors need to be questioned about their risk appetite. The situation, in that case, was like investment of all one's savings in housing in an earthquake-prone area. Fortunately for the selectors, they did not have to face a lot of egg, as a middleorder, perennially wounded soldier upped the ante, accepted the opening slot and failed to do what he is so notorious for ­ get injured. Shane Watson was a saviour for the Australian side and the selectors, both rolled in one, so that the team management could then concentrate on the other criticisms meted out to them!

unscathed. Oh and yes, there was this small matter of the number 11, turbaned batsman in Monty Panesar, who found himself on the headlines of every second newspaper in England by blocking out 35 deliveries ­ 22 more than his career average per inning! Rather strangely, Ponting did not go for the jugular by getting in his more potent quicks, and allowed the part-time spinners to bowl at crucial times during the last session ­ presumably to rush up the overs. The move came back to bite him! England 0 Australia 0 Flintoff's last hurrah and Strauss' homecoming at Lord's:

best-captain-of-the-world were piling and how. England 1 Australia 0 Rain, Clarke, North halt English armada: Two games into the series, the pressure was on the Aussies to retain the urn. Nervousness would have turned to pandemonium when minutes after the toss, it was revealed that the wicketkeeper,BradHaddinhadinjuredhisfinger and was unfit to play, but the English skipper played perfect host and allowed his opposition to make a change.

However, in a batting performance that did not inspire too much awe again, the visitors were bowled out for a meagre The other question, though, that could be Having already announced his retirement 263, after having been 163/3 at one stage. asked is, whether the Australian set-up possesses a decent opener at the domestic from the series, Flintoff knew that the There was nothing jelly-like in the pitch level, who could have backed Hughes? chances of him surviving through the rest as claimed by the curator, and the only And hence, if it was more in hope than of the series depended on how heavily his sweets that were being tossed up were anything else that the selectors chose not anatomy held up. So, after James Anderson by the Aussie bowlers, who allowed the to have a third guy, then, it is not the last had scythed through the Australian first English to get away with a lead of 113 of series that Australia have had to endure innings like hot knife through butter, it runs. in the near future; the malaise is much was the turn of Andrew Flintoff to take over the world stage. However, the hosts had very little time more deep-rooted. toforcearesult,asfirstrain,andthenan The target was an improbable 522, yet, excellent rearguard century by Clarke saw The Panesar (batting) versus the it was evident that the Aussie side would the Aussies thwart any perceivable threat Ponting (captaincy) show: It was a situation that Shane Warne and go down ­ if they did ­ all guns blazing. from the English bowlers to take the series Glen McGrath would have relished even Flintoff needed a platform to blaze as well, into the fourth game, down 0-1. on their worst nightmare day. Over 100 andhechosetheperfectoneashefirsthad overs to get a tired opposition out on a both the openers out of his way, and then Johnson's form returned, Marcus North fifth day track; with one to throttle the followed it up with another three in the was providing excellent support to Clarke, throat and tighten the screws, and the end, when it looked like the lower order Kevin Pietersen had been ruled out from other to hammer the nails, and home the had the outside chance of making a game the series with his Achilles Heel problem advantage, would have been as easy and out of it. Every spell that Flintoff bowled and Ponting believed that he had turned a commonplaceasVVSLaxman'sflickof was as venomous as the previous one, and corner.Forthefirst,andprobablytheonly the wrist. And despite Paul Collingwood's the only reason that one could fault him time in the series, he wasn't too far from pyrotechnics with the bat, England was with was his lack of celebrations after he the truth! England 1 Australia 0 nine wickets down and with almost 12 had had the better of the batsmen! overs to bat. Only earlier, Andrew Strauss had Unfortunately for the Aussies, Warne combined the occasion of captaining at The corner turns, as England commit was far away in the USA, trying to keep his own hometown ­ and of the cricketing world ­ and smashing a knock of 161 that hara-kiri: a straight face at the World Series Poker, set a platform for a first English win at The Gods conspired to get the many while McGrath was probably someplace in Australia. An out-of-form leading quick Lord's after 75 years. From the Aussie things right for Australia in this game. bowler, a spin bowler who could hardly perspective, Johnson's mum was making The selectors woke up to the existence of turnthecherryevenonaminefield,and more news than his performance, as the Stuart Clark for starters. Johnson seemed a captain very unimaginative served up a visitors began to feel the adverse effect of to have forgotten his mum for the time deadly enough concoction for the game to an as toothless-as-a-baby bowling attack. being. Peter Siddle realised that his neck was on the line to accommodate Clark. end in a draw and the English to escape The records against a once-perceivedcontinued on page 7


continued from page 6 The batting did all the basics right. The English side were woken up from their snoozethankstoafire-alarmonthenight before the game! And then had had the toss delayed as Matt Prior did a Haddin! The result was a thumping innings and eighty run defeat for the English. It could have been a lot worse but for a century partnership for the eighth wicket in the English second innings, but they couldn't have hoped for a lot better when it had taken the Aussies less than 34 overs to trample over the English line-up that looked so shorn of ideas that even Dilbert's boss PHB would have looked smarter.

Ramprakash given glimmer of hope, Trott the English cap: After being on top for most portion of the series, an innings loss would have been the last thing on the fans and the selectors' minds. Such was the situation on the street, that foreigners landing in the country would have wondered whether the nation was seized by an extremists' attack!

All eyes were on the wicket from the time the teams landed in London. England had to win the game to regain the Ashes, the Aussies needed only a draw, and Oval usually dished out a track that could put the best of insomniacs to sleep. For reasons that were quite inexplicable, Australia decided to go in with the same line-up, thus keeping their specialist spinner out of reckoning. Unfortunately for the side, and more so for their selectors, this was a grave error in judgement that could not be camouflaged like the Hughes-goof-up. The pitch coughed dust onthefirstday,andlikeanuntreatedbout ofinfluenza,deterioratedfurthertoeven put a Wankhede dustbowl to shame! England was lucky to win the toss and bat first,butfortherestofthegame,itwas a combination of good concerted batting, and an excellent spell of bowling from StuartBroadthatsealedfirstinningslead of 162 runs ­ a margin worth its value in gold given the nature of the track! Second time around, Trott allowed a decided judgement on which was a better set of selectors between the two sides, as he slammed a century on debut and helped set a target of 546 runs for an Australian win. Despite Michael Hussey's century, which upheld the habit of left-handed Aussies regaining their form at the Oval, the Aussies were never in hunt. Graeme Swann showed what the tourists had missed in Hauritz's exclusion and the toss-loss, while Flintoff regretted having notpracticedfieldingbetterafterwinning a champagne bottle for running the opposition captain out! England emerged winners by 197 runs and in the aftermath, there was a list of entities who shouldered the blame ­ including a couple of selectors, the captain and the coach. And if there was any doubt about the dwindling Aussie aura, then this series loss put a stamp on it; Australia also tumbling to the number four slot in the test match rankings! England 2 Australia 1

Panic buttons had been pressed and names-dropping for Bopara's began in full earnest. A batsman, who hadn't seen the international whites for seven years was a front-runner, as was another who had chickened out of international cricket on more occasions than one! In fact, one got the sense that had WG Grace been In the final analysis, the game proved alive, he would have probably been in the to be a statistician's delight, what with running as well! the sudden plummeting of the English fortunes, but the one stat that stood out Sanity prevailed in the end, and Jonathon to rub further salts in the wounds was the Trott, a South African born, got the total runs scored by their numbers three, opportunity to debut in a crucial Ashes four and five in both the innings was a decider. And carve out a name for himself mere 16! Heads were to roll, and Bopara's as he did! rather exponential loss of form made him the favourite scapegoat. English curator, Indian pitch, Aussie gloom! England 1 Australia 1

England's Andrew Flintoff celebrates on his knees after dismissing Australia's Peter Siddle for seven runs during the second Ashes test cricket match at the Lord's Cricket ground in London


The Growth of Cricket in New York Schools.

Peter Simunovich While small businesses have been closing their doors and unemployment rising to above nine percent, cricket at school level in New York City is riding the crest of a wave. Consider these figures: When the PSAL introduced=2 0cricket last year there were 12 teams with about 240 players. This year it almost doubled to 23 teams and about 500 players which play in the 20/20 format. Ricky Kissoon, an Assistant Commissioner with the PSAL, was optimistic about the future of the game at school level when he estimated that next year there would be at least 30 schools with around 600 players competing in the league which was won for the second successive time this year by Newcomers High School in Queens. The PSAL five division competition is now played in four of the five boroughs --- Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx --- that make up New York City. But the PSAL is more than hopeful that Staten Island, the fifthborough,willberepresentedassoon as next season. "We are making progress," said Kissoon in an interview with the American Cricketer. "Some of the kids play cricket to have fun while others play to have fun, but are also more ambitious.They want to compete and play at a higher level." Kissoon says the standard of play is improving all the time. He said: 0What continued on page 9

Peter Simunovich f the New York Public Schools Athletic League (PSAL) cricket section was registered with the Dow Jones on Wall St, the financial center of the world, its stocks would be flying through the roof right now. In the past two years cricket at school level in New York City has been a recession buster.


New York Under-19 Trial


continued from page 8 has been happening over a short period of time is a great effort. "Each school gets equipment and the players wear the traditional white uniforms with their school names and a numberontheirbacks."Whenfinancial support increases, he said, the uniforms will be colored like the international players wear in limited over competition. Kissoon also said that sometimes double headers were played on Saturdays during the eight-week season, which ended with thefinalheldonJune14. The double headers were a strong indication just how popular the competition had become with the schools. "Really, we've come a very, very long way in two years". He added that most of the players came from families who had moved to the United States from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, the West Indies and some from Sri Lanka, all cricket playing countries. So far the 20/20 format was the most popular and successful format. The PSAL would like to have a limited over match with each team bowling 40 overs. But Kissoon explained that time, the location of fields and commuting were problems that had to be sorted out. Most of the matches, said Kissoon, were played from 4 PM after a day of school lessons and sometimes there was at least aonehourcommutetogettothefields. "Time is against us," he said. When asked how the PSAL competition could be improved, Kissoon talked about an age old problem for cricket in general as the game tried to make its mark in New York and the rest of the country. He said: "Weneedbetterfieldsthatonlycricketis playedon.Weoftensharefieldswithother sports and there are times when we have had to=2 0wait before we can lay down the matting wickets. "We have developed somefieldsandtherearetwoinBrooklyn that have been made just for cricket." Despite these hurdles, the PSAL competition has groomed some very good players in the two years it introduced cricket to the schools. Two of them have caught the eye of selectors and have made the national Under 15 and Under 19 teams. In a recent junior national tournament held in New York, Amarnauth Persaud was chosen in the Under 15 team and Kavishwar Bridgepaul was named as one of the reserves in the Under 19 team. Kissoon, a high school teacher in Manhattan's Upper East Side, is donating his time and knowledge to see the game grow as much as possible. He moved to the United States from Guyana 20 years ago and says that the 20/20 format had proven very successful so far and "was the way to go if you want to market it in the US." While cricket is catching on with some Americans around the country, Kissoon said less than 10 were playing in the PSAL competition in New York. However, he was confident that eventually more Americans would be attracted to the game in the years to come. Cricket can be compared with the growth of soccer, which was played by the children of South American and European families who had moved to the US. In Europe and South America soccer is the No 1 sport. Soccer also began slowly and now is played everywhere in the US, including schools, and has a professional league. Soccer received a major boost when the World Cup was played in the US in the 1990s. Kissoon said some of the "younger kids were playing cricket because it was a comfort zone for them. It is a connection with their families (who have come from cricket playing countries) ." Asked how long it will take before more Americans begin to play cricket at school level, he said: "It will take time and a lot of dedication. It is a game you have to be comfortable with. "The standard is actually improving. This season it has been much, much better with more kids getting involved. There are more kids competing and the level of playing gets higher with the extra=2 0competition." Kissoon said there were coaching clinics in the tri-State area which takes in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. Players are so keen to improve and learn about the finer points of the game that they are prepared to visit the coaching clinics on free time or weekends.

Christine Cavaliere leads the Queens Newcomers HS squad.

New York Under-19 Trial


Southern California Cricket - Moving In Right Direction!

KCS Rao California cricket made one to stop and take a good look at the developments. Thanks to individuals like, Chandra Roy and Ronnie Mohabir (So.Calif.Winter League); Abidh Hussain (Orange County Cricket Association), Raj Singh Ghai, and Dr. Gangaram Singh (San Diego Cricket Association); and Trevor Roper (Los Angeles Social Cricket Alliance) an healthy competition has been created. One of the positive aspects of these means more than one team can now enter the USACA national tournaments. Hitherto it was only one team from SCCA played in these tournaments. More opportunities are created for youngsters vying to play in the representative games. Southern California is blessed with a weather that permits playing cricket throughout the calendar year. It rains for a total of one or two weeks in a year. Playing cricket throughout the year was a topic discussed every year amongst cricketers at the Pickwick Bowling Alley when the majority of SCCA cricket was playedatGriffithParkgrounds.Noone followed this thought. A few friends, including some members of the Golden Oldies team started practicing at the nets throughout the year except on Christmas Day and New Year. They were called `Die-Hard' cricketers. Almost a decade back, Nilesh Baktha and late Jack Baktha brought a 20-over Baktha Unity Cup tournament to Los Angeles. This tournament is an annual feature for Bathe community from India, living in the North and South America. This was a very successful tournament and was well organized. The offshoot of this tournament was the Los Angeles Open Tournament ­ a 20-over game. Ronnie Mohair of Pioneer Cricket Club and Chandra Roy of South Bay Cricket club put their heads together and started a winter tournament. InSouthernCalifornia,theofficialcricket season is from April to November each year. The gap between November to April was utilized by these two to conduct the winter league. In 2004, four teams played a 35-over league and this continued for two more years. In 2006 this was not only reduced to 30-over each but became a day-night game. In 2007, this league grew bigger and there were two divisions with eight teams in each division. Color uniforms and white balls were introduced. Total prize money distributed was $5,000. This league has become so popular that more and more teams are participating. No game in winter league was washed out and /or delayed due to rains during the pastfiveyears.Thisleaguehelptokeep theplayersfitfortheregularseason. Los Angeles Social Cricket Alliance (LASCA) was started more than a decade ago with goal to play competitive cricket in a social and friendly atmosphere. They arenotcurrentlyaffiliatedtoUSACricket Association but play the game for the love of the game. They prefer to stay away from the politics of the local and national continued on page 11




ear readers, this comes from the writer who once wrote off the chances of cricket growing in this country. Yes, in one of the previous issue of `AMERICAN CRICKETER' magazine, he was not only very skeptical about the growth of cricket in this country but even challenged that cricket will not catch on in USA. This is because, United State Cricket Association, for all its internal politics and mismanagement was suspended twice by the ICC (International Cricket Conference), the governing body for world cricket. Besides the politics in cricket administration at all levels, the lack of a blue print for its growth, hampered the growth of cricket in USA. Then suddenly the developments that took place and is taking place in Southern

continued from page 10 cricket administration. They are growing year by year and more teams love to play their league. They presently have eight teams in their league. Recently, San Diego Cricket Association (SDCA) was formed. Presently they have three teams playing in SCCA and drive over 120 miles one way to play their games. Raj Singh Ghai, former Test Cricketer from India and Dr. Gangaram, a faculty member of the University in San Diego, were instrumental in coming up with the idea of forming a separate association to give opportunities to more cricketers to participate in the national tournaments. They have adequate number of teams in and around San Diego and are affiliated to USACA. When contacted, Raj Singh Ghai said that cricket has done a lot for him and he wants to give back something to the game. It is understood that they are using the local YMCA to enroll youth for teaching cricket. This is a good sign to spread cricket to youth from non-cricket playing countries. Also recently, Orange County Cricket Association (OCCA) was formed. Abidh Hussain who has been very active in promoting youth cricket in Tustin was instrumental in forming OCCA. With the help of the Recreation and Parks Department of Tustin, he was not only able to get the grounds but was able to obtain floodlightstohavecricketplayedinthe night. He has conducted many a youth camp and tournaments, youth parade and exhibition games to popularize cricket locally. The contribution of SCCA, complemented by So. Calif. Winter League (SCWL), LASCA, SDCA, and OCCA should help cricket in Southern California to definitely move in the right direction. Hopefully all these associations will work together for a single cause of promoting cricket amongst their local communities. If properly nurtured, these organization should go a long way in history in not only popularizing cricket amongst the local communities but should help improve the quality of the game in this part of the world.

Test Cricket vs. the other formats, is like Caviar vs. Sardines, no match

Ricardo Inniss be, the game has lost its charm; money rules. The vulgarity of millions for 20 overs is utterly ridiculous. " In summation, Carl said, "The test match is still the most challenging form of cricket. Sometimes it peters out into a doleful draw; at other times it's more heart-stopping than any twenty-twenty parody". As a purist, this writer sees test cricket as the highest level by which class and great players are measured. But, while one must admit that the shorter version of the game has improved cricket's popularity and widening scope all over the world in places that matter, lots of former test players (and others spoken to), call it nothing more than "upping and/or swiping."

Ricardo Inniss ver since the introduction of the first One Day International (ODI 50 overs), World Cup back in 1975,cricket lovers the world over have been fascinated/attracted to the shorter version of test cricket. Today, since it was launched in England County Cricket, in 2002, and then for professional intercounty competition by the England=2 0and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), the proliferation of an even shorter version, the Twenty20, has been attracting much, much bigger crowds and paying out millions to players. All20of which have players, as well fans all over the world asking, can test cricket stay alive?


The Twenty20 can produce exciting, exhilarating and at times dazzling cricket entertainment, there's no denying this. On the other hand, test cricket is a science, and to succeed at it, along with the natural ability to play the game well, one must be Recently, Chris Gayle the flamboyant able to concentrate for long periods, be West Indies captain, raised a lot of very disciplined, have near-perfect shoteyebrows throughout the cricketing selection and the capacity to think like a world, when he indicated that at this trained General. stage, he would rather continue playing When yours truly, looks at the different in the shorter version of the game. formats of the " Great Summer Game," The statement brought varying comments one thing stands out vividly, test cricket from past as well as present, test cricketers, vs. the other formats are like caviar vs. journalist, commentators and fans, all sardines, no match whatsoever. over the world. Looking for some answers to the burning question, as to whether or not test cricket will survive in spite of the current enormous popularity and success of the Twenty20, this writer turned to an old friend back in Barbados, whose name is Carl Moore.

Carl is one of the founders of the very popular Nation Newspaper in Barbados, andwasitsfirsteditor.Heisalsoasocial commentator, who calls the one day ga me "fast food cricket," and goes on to say that, "cricket is morphing into something completely different from what it used to


Get Ready America, Here Comes the U.S. Cricket Open!

Mahammad Quereshi New England T20, Houston T20, New Jersey T20 and Washington T20 with cash prizes of up to $7,000.00 for each tournament Talking about the tournament, Jeff Miller, Vice President of Operations said: "In the spirit of our mission to further the development of T20 cricket in America, Cricket Council USA will invite eight teams with some of the best cricketers in North American to complete in this historical tournament. CCUSA will award the Championship Trophy and a $10,000.00 prize check to the winning team and a $2,000.00 prize check to the runner-up." Mr. Mahammad A. Qureshi, CEO/ President of the Cricket Council USA, exclaimed: "This is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. To play for the Champions Trophy of the First U.S Cricket Open is an honor that the players, coaches and managers will be bragging about for generations to come. We are looking forward to some very exciting and entertaining cricket come December." "The US Cricket Open will be played in colored clothing and white balls that will be provided by Cricket Council USA. The eight teams will be organized in two groups with each team playing against the other teams within their group in a roundrobin format. The top two teams in each groupwilladvancetothesemi-finalswith the winners of the tournament collecting the big prize - $10,000.00," Miller said. Just like the "OPEN" format of major U.S. Golf and Tennis Opens, the U.S. Cricket Open will have eight teams converging in beautiful South Florida to leave their mark in American sports history. The players, coaches and managers will have their names indelibly etched into the record booksforcompetinginthefirsteverU.S. Cricket Open.

Mahammad Quereshi et ready America ­ Cricket Council USA is poised to make cricket history by staging the inaugural U.S. Cricket Open to be held from December 4 - 6, 2009 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Last year in South Florida, CCUSA hosted the MAQ T20 International Cricket Tournament 2008, which made Americansportshistorybybeingthefirst international cricket tournament played in the first and only Cricket Stadium in North America. Cricket Council USA is a professional sports and entertainment management organization who have planned, promoted and sponsored the 2009 Maq Lauderhill International Night Cricket Tournament,


December 4-6, 2009 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

For Further information: Contact: Jeff Miller 561-361-1700 [email protected]

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The 5th World Vintage Cricket Carnival "The Cape Carnival" Cape Town, Western Province, South Africa Sunday 21st March ~ Saturday 27th March 2010 The powerful Western Province Cricket Region, are providing the setting for what will be a memorable and historic carnival.

14th Air New Zealand Golden Oldies World Cricket Festival In the historical Spa Town of Harrogate, Situated in North Yorkshire, England August 8th ~ 15th, 2010

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David Sentance David Beckwith." "The guy Martin was supposed to make the arrangements with." "How do you know?" "I'm psychic remember." Actually I had spoken to the groundskeeper. This exchange continued until we couldn't control our laughter anymore. free whisky, donated by my doting wife. The paralytic guard miraculously got up and walked again as the train pulled into Mombasa.

Originally, the Lunatic Line had been called "the Train to Nowhere," because there were no real cities at either end to Wally was a true cricket tourist. He had justify its' economic existence when it was David Sentance started by smuggling himself out of built. Its' construction had been held up Ceylon on a Sunderland flying boat. He by the Man Eating Lions of Tsavo. Both ouring requires more intense wanted desperately to join the RAF. After Winston Churchill and Teddy Roosevelt organization than league cricket. being discovered on board and returned had used it on their respective hunting Improvisationalleadershipisdefinitelya toColombofromCairo,hefinallymade safaris, well before Earnest Hemingway bonus. When the US Cricket team toured it to England, fought in the RAF during wrote of Leopards frozen in the snows England in 1961, Ford sponsored their the Second World War, then settled in of Kilimanjaro. Before these illuminati, travel. Accommodation was found in local Santa Barbara where he started a Sri David Livingstone had made his name country houses. That's a tour I would like Lankan cricket colony. We all turned fighting Arab slave traders near Ujiji. to have been on. out for Wally's funeral when he died of Livingstone's expeditions started from a heart attack after taking a wicket on a Zanzibar. In 20 the 1970's Tony Verity and Peter Hollywood=2 0Golden Oldies tour of Lomas using their UCLA connections Mexico City. Generously, Atul Rai paid Zanzibar was where two of the cricketers organized regular tours of England, the necessary costs to get Wally back wanted to visit. I arranged a Cessna to Canada and Jamaica. Hard to forget Leo home across the border. We buried Wally fly us from Mombasa for the day.After Magnus cosying up to the bar near Bristol with MCC cap and cricket ball in hand-a a great day on the Island looking at the and smooth talking the local ladies-he true tourist to the end! Anglican Cathedral where the old slave was smooth. Don Weekes I remember market used to be, tasting the spices of inviting all his anti-apartheid friends as The intrepid Martin Vann, the Man the island and viewing the forts along we toured with two South African ladies I we prefer to call Intrepid, decided the west coast, we were late for our trip discovered somewhere on our travels-talk Cricketmanjaro should be our next tour. on the `world famous' Tamarind dhow about education. Conceived in the beery delights of Chuy's that sailed Mtwape Creek. My Zanzibar in Glendale, we finally made it to the friends rested at the hotel while I caught a Honing my tour skills by watching Lunatic Line railway that linked Nairobi dug out canoe to catch up with the dhow Tony Verity in action, I traveled with Mombasa. The Kenya tour was wallowing windless like a hippo in the Vancouver with the Corinthian Casuals timed perfectly for Los Angeles residents creek. Fortunately, I was up a creek with in 1990. Corinthians had been making following the earthquake in January 1994 a good paddler, when I was able to hail the Vancouver trip since Aubrey Smith that brought Los Angeles business to a the dhow. With the moon silhouetting me initiated the route in 1935. Martin Vann standstill. in my safari jacket, excited tour members organized the Vancouver trip while we laughed out loud "Dr Livingstone from had the pleasure of watching George Having grown up in Kenya, I knew not Zanzibar, we presume!" Martin Vann and Charnock ogle ladies in Victoria at the to take the `Land of Waving Palms," for David Waters, whose son now opens the Sticky Wicket. The game on Beacon Hill granted. Taking a quick nap on the train, batting for Kenya, immediately realized turned out at dud. Wally Jaysinghe took I awoke to see the African guards on this moment for its unique bringing control of arrangements. I found a phone the train lying paralytic in the hallways. together of history, timing and cricket. As somewhere else. Then Wally somehow Where could they have got the booze spontaneous laughter rang out across the got=2 0on my line. "Is this Victoria?" to do something like that I wondered? moon dappled waters of the dark, deep "Yes it is Wally", I replied. "How do you Martin educated me to the fact that I had Indian Ocean-a moment frozen in time know my name?" This was too much for left my money bag in the train dining car when friendship, cricket and common the Brit in me to resist. "I am psychic. and the guards had brought it back intact. experience united in life's eternity - I David Beckwith is in the interior." "Who's I had just greased the palms with my duty- knew what cricket was all about.



Legend: Brian Lara

Vali Jamal, PhD

Brian Lara 400 n.o; Cricket Uganda 109 n.o.

side sprawling at 8 wickets for 9 runs. The commotion was so deafening that the Chief Secretary of the Protectorate turned away from watching the Uganda Open Tennis Championships to following the cricket. The match was over by lunchtime, leaving Jinja followers nothing to do till the evening Hindifilmshowscameonatthecinemas.On one occasion the IRC fast bowler Bhanu took five wickets in five balls, all clean-bowled. When the Aga Khan XI marched towards t h e finals Pakistan visited occasionally. After one visit by the Pakistan XI every Ismaili child was named Hanif ( Pakistan 's legendary opener) and the next one Alim. Cricket flourished after the Asian expulsion in 1972 ­ another example of Africanization of the country. By 1998 Uganda had achieved membership status of the ICC on their own rights. John Nagenda, Walusimbi and Co made their mark. The Presidential advisor once told me, watching a Uganda vs MCC match at Kyambogo, that he once scored 300 n.o. at Makerere. Now that is Lara-class for us mortals! Brian Lara ­ what superlatives are still left unsaid? He was the only man to score seven centuries in eight first-class innings, the first being the-thenTest record 375 against England and the last the record 501 not out against Durham. He has scored most runs in a single over (28) than anyone else, third highest number of test centuries (34), jointthird with Sunil Gavaskar, preceded by Ricky Ponting (37) and Sachin Tendulkar (42). He is the fourth all-time catch-taker of non-wicketkeepers, with 164 catches, one of six batsmen to make a century before lunch. He was until last October the all-time leading run scorer in Test cricket, surpassed by Sachin Tendulkar on 17 October 2008. At that time he had scored 11,953 runs at an average of 53! the whole community t u r n e d up at the grounds with their fashionable women ­ cricket's contribution to women's emancipation in Uganda ! Their fast bowler TBK was dubbed Typhoon Tyson after the MCC fast bowler of the times. Urban legend hasitthatoncetheoffbailflewallthewayto the sight screen. Imagine if the video camers had been there! From1952anewfixturewasstarted­InterEast African Tournament, amongst Uganda , Kenya and Tanganyika and later Zambia . The top team for many years was the Kenya side. In one memorable innings in 1970 Noordin Virani scored 218 not out, against Zambia at Kampala , the highest score at that level in East Africa , surpassing the 214 of the Muslim XI player Salaudin. Teams from India and After his retirement match, during the 2007 World Cup, he called out to the fans, "Did I entertain?" to which they roared, "Yes, yes, yes!" Then he went out and did what all great athletes do at such a time ­ the "lap of honour", nationalflagandall. Welcome Brian Charles Lara, Prince of Trinidad ! Your visit will inspire generations of cricketers here to XL in that great Commonwealth game. Thank you for the memories! Dr Vali Jamal has based this account on internet sources and his forthcoming book on Ugandan Asians where cricket is given much space. Ugandan Asians: Then and Now, Here and There, We Contributed, We Contribute (forthcoming). visit [email protected]


hat a thrill to all cricket-lovers here that Brian Lara is coming to Uganda ! The one who scored the record-breaking 400 not out against England , has the highest score in first-classcricketat501notout,andahostof other records.

At this time as we bask in his glory, we also take time out to record the history of cricket in Uganda . It goes all the way to the start of theProtectorate,withthefirstmatchin1900, between quite likely Gentlemen and Players from the colonial administration, with the high-ups of the civil service playing against their drivers, equerries and such. The first competitive match took place in 1914 between British Residents of Uganda XI and their counterparts of Kenya at Nairobi . Uganda wonbyfivewickets. Indians - "coolies" and all ­ came from a cricket-playing nation. Anecdotal accounts show the "gentlemen" among the railway workers (those recruited as station masters) played makeshift cricket among themselves in the evenings, before maneating lions came and rampaged through the camp. Indian traders started arriving as soonastherailwaywascompleted­firstup to Kisumu, with a boat-crossing to Port Bell. By 1910 there were already five thousand Indians in Uganda . They set up the Indian Gymkhana around Nakivubo on what has now come to be known as the New Taxi Park . Teams were composed along communal lines ­ Indian Recreation, Aga Khan, Azad, Muslims. Goans ­ mixed Portuguese/Indian people from the Portuguese colony of Goa ­ were allowed a separate side and in 1936 comprised one of the three teams in the Triangular Tournament, Europeans and Indians being the other two. Africans were brought in as a fourth side in 1949, making it a Quadrangular. Prince Mwanda, Nyangabyaki and others began to make their mark. For Indians ­ now termed Asians ­ cricket was a highlight of every Sunday from April to September when matches were played under the venerable Lewis Cup, consecrated by a Goan John Lewis. A score of 200 by 2.30 pm was enough to declare on, leaving four hours to get out the opponents. Every match is remembered and every score. In the very first match at the Lugogo Oval, the Indian Recreation Club of Jinja had the Kampala


Two years after it was built Broward cricket stadium not a big-time draw

Georgia East


AUDERHILL - When a new cricket stadium opened in Lauderhill in November 2007, expectations ran high that thesport'sonly permanent North American venue would attract international tournaments and fans from all over. But nearly two years later, no cricket match has filled the 5,000-seat stadium that Broward County taxpayers paid $10 million to build. Promoters of the big matches with professional, boldface-name players have not come calling.Local leagues play there, but many say they can't afford stadium fees that range from $2,500 to $10,000. The International Cricket Council says the Lauderhill stadium is the only one in the United States sanctioned for international cricket matches. So why is it taking so long to lure world-class teams to Central Broward Regional Park? The stadium is still too new to generate buzz, and the county isn't doing enough to promote it, some say. Also, the sport's governing body in the United States, the USA Cricket Association in Miami, was in disarray during its three-year suspension by the international council for internal rule violations, ending only last year.

is working to lure top international teams to play matches in Lauderhill in April and May 2010, before they head to tournaments in the West Indies. Depending on which countries turn out to play,thematchescouldfillthestadium, Lockerbie said. The 5,000 in-place seats can be supplemented by 15,000 temporary ones, allowing for crowds of 20,000. Built in a community with a burgeoning Caribbean population, the stadium was a key component of the county park near State Road 7 and Sunrise Boulevard, built with $70 million from the county's $400 million, voter-approved park and land preservation bonds.

here.County and city officials dispute the claim they aren't doing enough to promote cricket. "There were the growing pains of understanding the sport," said Lauderhill's public relations manager, Leslie Tropepe. She expects attendance at the park and stadium to be boosted through cooperation with cricket associations and moving forward with a $14 million cultural arts center and library the city and county plan to develop on property beside the stadium.

To get the word out, the county has spentabout$7,500totakeoutaboutfive full-page ads in the American Cricketer magazine, said Cyndy Baker, marketing Central Broward generated about manager at Broward County parks. It's $480,000inrevenuelastyear,thefirstfull going to take time for professional year of operation. Like most parks, it's leagues to become familiar enough with not self-sustaining; it cost $1.6 million thevenuetoconsiderit,officialssaid. to operate and maintain during that same time. The biggest attendance-boosters They must get out of the habit of bypassing aren't sports, including soccer, lacrosse the United States, now that there's a and rugby, but concerts and other special place to play here. "It's not quite simply events, park records show. But when you build it and they will come," said the park opened, it was the stadium that John Webb, senior vice president for the excited die-hard cricket fans. Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau. "We're selling it the best For years local cricketers had been we can." Webb said visitors are taken to "We understand that there will be playing on multipurpose fields, where scope out the stadium for tournaments at commentary and a lot of frustration they had to bring their own pitch surface. continued on page 16 by the stakeholders who feel that In the stadium, everything they need is the stadium hasn't seen its fair share already there. Some members of the of international cricket," said Don local cricket community wonder whether Lockerbie, chief executive officer of enough is being done to exploit the USA Cricket Association. "The point is, uniqueness of the stadium as a potential the United States itself has not been the international host. powerhouse of cricket." Lockerbie and others are trying to change that. A piece written in February by Ricardo Inniss, on the website dreamcricket. He said there are 15 million cricket fans com, posed the question: "Lauderhill in the United States, many of Caribbean Cricket Stadium -- A white elephant?" and South American heritage, and there's and suggested local cricket leagues onlyoneplacetheycangotoseeofficial build a relationship with the DubaiCentral Broward Regional Park, games: Lauderhill. "We have a window based InternationalCricket Council Florida of opportunity," he said. His association to bring more of the coveted matches


continued from page 15 least twice a month, and that afterward, some have booked it. An international soccer league reserved the stadium for a match in January. Right now Lauderhill has no competition for international cricket, but that could change. Lockerbie of the USA Cricket Association said Houston and cities in New York and southern California are considering building cricket stadiums. He knows of no plans to build a stadium in Orlando. Despite the low turnouts in Lauderhill, cricket promoters remain hopeful. Nino DiLoreto, vice president of American College Cricket, held the group's first tournament in Lauderhill during Spring Break this year. Though it was featured in The New York Times, only about 50 spectators turned out. But DiLoreto said he already has 16 college teams from across the nation booked for his tournament next Spring Break.Thefinalmatcheswillbeplayed in Lauderhill. "We're pioneers here," said DiLoreto. "I'm not giving up on cricket." Georgia East can be reached at [email protected] com or 954-5722078.


A Forgotten Splendor, or Niglecting the Wicket

Mo Ally were lodged about this ground. Firstly, the host club do not have a proper mat and they have half of a plastic wicket that they just drop on the rough surface and bowl only at one end . The other end is unprepared as can be seen in the picture. In the richest country in the world where most of the players are working for a good salary, this is what they produce for a league wicket. I feel that this league is careless and have no idea what is happening .This ground should be condemned and rigid rules should be implemented as to the standard of the grounds. the regional director should have a good comprehension of the grounds in his region. If it is not up to some semblance of standard for proper cricket the league should disqualify those clubs from playing untiltheyfindasuitablegroundorwork on what they have to bring up to standard rather than playing on a wicket where you bowl at one end and bat on one end, what kind of cricket is this for a league game.

Mo Ally

American Cricketer feels that every regional director should have a complete listing of grounds and should submit a written report to USACA as to the status ThereisalsoafieldinCharlottewitha50 of grounds in their region in order to have yards boundary. Here a fair batsman can standardization. As cricket become more be great because he can score a century popular in the US with only Indians and everytimeheplaysonthisfieldandthen Blacks playing the game grounds will be when called to play for the U.S. team or moredifficulttoobtainbecausemuchis trials he would fail miserably because prioritized on voting , and many cricketers the runs he has to score off a 75 yards are non voters. Registration of cricketers Theoutfieldisrelativelygoodbutdueto boundary will be a new experience. for citizenship is a must in order to be laziness of the clubs sharing the church heard to obtain cricket grounds and we facility, they chose to play under these Furthermore, I wonder if USACA has must include more American kids white conditions. The league tolerate this any guideline for grounds, it is evident and black to play the game. nonsense to go on after several complaints there is no such standard. It seems that


aving recently moved to North Carolina and playing cricket with the Charlotte Int. Cricket Club in the Mid Atlantic League. I had the opportunity to tour and play a league match in Columbia South Carolina. In my forty years of playing cricket in many States in these United States, this was the most horrible wicket I had ever seen a league match scheduled to be played.




Cricketer's Wives

Deborah Ally and Duygu Guenes Rotary Exchange Student from Germany



Cricketer's Wives



Hospitality a key part of success at ICC World Twenty20 West Indies 2010


Package prices around half the cost of ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 Programme delivery costs will return more than US$1.2million to the Caribbean economies More than 20 local companies and 180 local staff to be employed ospitality packages are already available for next year's ICC World Twenty20 WestIndies2010,andtheofficialhospitality programme is already proving to be a crucial part of the tournament's planning and delivery. The packages are available both locally and internationally with the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) designing, managing and implementing an official hospitalityprogrammeitselfforthefirsttime. Two types of hospitality are available, the Century Dining package and the Beyond the Boundary Suite (box) package. Both will be competitivelypricedandwillbesignificantly cheaper than comparative packages for the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2007. Prices have been confirmed and are available by visiting or by following the `hospitality link' at ICC WT20 2010 Tournament Director Dr. Ernest Hilaire said: "The ICC World Twenty20 West Indies 2010 will offer great value to all spectators through competitive ticket prices and the corporate hospitality sector will be no exception."The hospitality programme will be centrally managed from the tournament headquarters in St Lucia, making use of an extensive network of international official hospitality sales agents around the globe to market, promote and sell official hospitality packages to prospective customers. However, it is not just in the provision of a world-class hospitality programme that the region will benefit commercially from through next year's tournament. As part of the management and delivery of the programme, local resources will be secured and some large contracts will see many local companies benefiting hugely from the presence of the tournament. Event companies, caterers, hostesses, advertisers, printers, florists, signage manufacturers and a host of local


administrators and suppliers will all be a part of the delivery and provisioning of the programme that will see at least US$1.2million pumped in to the economies of the Caribbean. Furthermore, a legion of local workers will be kept busy as cooks, servers and bar staff, hostesses, musicians and former cricketing greats all combine to form the programmes event-day staff roster. Itispredictedthatstaffingnumbers across the three venues will amount to more than 180 match-day personnel, with many more helping out behind the scenes in the lead-up to the event. And the investment into the region goes even further. As part of the team of global sales agents who have been appointed to sell the official hospitality packages, Kensington Oval Management Inc., the Guyana Cricket Board and the St Lucia National Cricket Association will all benefit from sales commissions, with their appointments further guaranteeing that revenue will go back to the game in each host nation. "The fact the West Indies Cricket Board is runningitsownofficialhospitalityprogramme is an exciting development for the region, and with so many suppliers and local workers set to benefit from just this one element of the tournament, the rewards for playing host to next year's ICC World Twenty20 event are plain to see. With Kensington Oval Management Inc., the Guyana Cricket Board and the St Lucia National Cricket Association among the official sales agents it will also ensure that a good part of revenue generated will stay within the host nations and the game of cricket in those nations," added Dr Hilaire. Anypartiesinterestedinbecominganofficial sales agent are asked to email [email protected] for an information pack. Pricing information: · On average, pricing for this tournament is almost half the cost of similar packages sold to ICC Cricket World Cup West Indies 2007: 1. A dining package to the final in 2007 cost US$1,299. This time it will cost just US$649 for what is essentially the same


Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Dr. Hunte

package in the same facility at the same venue 2. Adiningpackage toasemi-finalin2010 will cost just US$449 compared to US$749 in 2007 3. A suite package in Guyana cost US$2,200 for six matches over six days for CWC07. In 2010 it will cost just US$800 for six matches over four days for ICC WT20 2010 4. A suite package in Saint Lucia cost US$2,600 for six matches and one semifinalin2007.ItnowcostsjustUS$1,500 for eight matches and both semi-final matches at ICC WT20 2010 5. A suite package in Barbados cost US$5,000 for six matches and the final in 2007. In 2010 it will cost a customer just US$1,800 (Standard) or US$2,400 (premium) for 10 matchesandthefinal · Being a WICB Twenty20 event there will be all of the customary West Indian sounds and sights at every match, including conch shells, flagsanddrums · The public ticket prices have been set low to focus on filling every ground with all of the enthusiastic West Indian cricket fans and travelling fans alike ­ every match is guaranteed to be a genuine spectacle · At the Super Eight stage, every team that qualifies will play in both St Lucia and Barbados. A suite customer will be able to watch every Super Eight team play, as well as both semi-finals (St Lucia) or the final (Barbados) · With the exception of two match days in Guyana, every game day will feature doubleheaders, offering twice as much cricket for half of the price.



The powerful Western Province Cricket Region are providing the setting for what wil be a memorable and historic carnival. A full program has been designed to allow players, umpires, supporters, wives and partners to explore the Western Cape Region, Wild Life, Beaches, Walks and Wineries. The wonderful people of Cape Town are waiting to make your stay an experience to be treasured. A fantastic opportunity to play cricket in this amazing country. Following are the reasons you and you team should join us in Cape Town. · Western Province and Newlands is steeped in history · Neil Watson our Committee Chairman is from the powerful Western Province Cricket Club-organisation wil be second to none. · The average temperature wil be a barmy 68-75º. · Cape Town wil meet all our needs. · Cape Town- rated as the 8th Top City in the World


· Cape Town attracts around 2mil ion foreign visitors a year, and has tremendous infrastructure to support our demands and expectations. · Cape Town and its surrounds are ranked as Africa's family friendly city. · With World Cup Soccer 2010 being staged a few months after our Carnival, FIFA and The South African Government are injecting mil ions of Rand into the area, and we wil be the first to experience the benefit.

Full details on

Or contact; World Vintage Cricket P.O. Box 78 Snells Beach 0942, New Zealand Ph: 64-9-425 5294: [email protected] Leon Lamprecht P.O. Box 6478,Ventura, California 93006, USA Ph: 805 653 6555: [email protected]

Cape Town Vintage Cricket Carnival 2010

Peter McDermott he planning for the World Vintage Cricket Carnival to be held in March 2010 is progressing well and has drawn our attention even more to cricket in South Africa and its remarkable progress since the dark days of apartheid pre 1992. The new South Africa under the wise stewardship of Dr Ali Bacher, Geoff Dakin and the late Krish Mackerdhuj was a welcome addition to world cricket and immediately showed they would be a force with an excellent performance at the 1992 World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. They have had their ups and downs since but are currently a powerful team in all forms of the game and thankfully a little more representative of the population of South Africa. The staging of the World Vintage Cricket Carnival in Cape Town has drawn attention


to the fabulous cricket facilities that await participants. The enthusiasm of the local clubs has been overwhelming and to date there are 10 local clubs enrolled to take part in the Carnival and to play host to the visiting teams and players. Among the clubs ready to host visitors are Edgemead Cricket Club, Western Province Cricket Club, Cape Town Cricket Club, Elgin Cricket Club, Scorpions Cricket Club, Boland Winery Cricket XI, Garden Old Boys Cricket Club and Claremont Cricket Club. The Opening Function for the Carnival is to be staged at Newlands Cricket Ground-one of the great cricket grounds of the world. The Patron of the Carnival is Clive van Ryneveld, whose sporting career was very special. Widely considered one of the greatest allround sportsmen produced

Cape Town Beach Cricket

by South Africa, by the time Clive van Ryneveld left Oxford University, where he was a double Blue, he had already been capped at cricket and rugby (the latter as a three-quarter for England). He was a talented batsman, useful legspinner andoutstandingfielder.

Batting and fielding averages


Test First-class

Inns 33 171

NO 6 12

Runs 724 4803

HS 83 150

Ave 26.81 30.20

100 0 4

50 3 29

6s 0

Ct 14 71

St 0 0

19 101

Bowling averages


Test First-class

Inns 20

Balls 1554 13329

Runs 671 6230

Wkts 17 206

BBI 4/67 8/48

BBM 4/82

Ave 39.47 30.24

Econ 2.59 2.80

SR 91.4 64.7

4w 1

5w 0 9

10 0 0

19 101

He toured England in 1951 making 983 runs at 29.78, which included a career-best 150 against Yorkshire, and also enjoyed a good series against New Zealand in 1953-54. But as the demands of his career as a barrister began to take more of his time, his cricketing outings grew less frequent, but he was still able to captain South Africa against England in 1956-57 and Australia the following summer. He retired from cricket and subsequently became a member of the House of Assembly.Final arrangements

for the Carnival are coming together well with visiting teams taking part including Auckland University Fingletoads; Fingletoads Internationals; Australian Cricket Society; Western Australia Masters; Hollywood Golden Oldies; Florida Masters; Beyond Boundaries of India; Sussex Goldies; Shropshire Over 50s; Wheatons Golden Oldies (Australia); Bermuda Police; Worcestershire Over 50s and Ulster Grasshoppers (Ireland). With a couple of more entries to come it

looks likely the number of teams will be around 30. "This is shaping up to be a great Carnival" said local organiser, Neil Watson of the Western Province Cricket Club. "We are very happy about the numbers of both local and host teams-it is an ideal number as too many teams can be a bit awkward. There is an excellent mix of locals and visitors and they are bound to enjoy the outstanding facilities that support cricket in Cape Town".


Happy Birthday, Brian Piccolo Park!

Park named after legendary athlete turns 20

Michael Mills

Among Piccolo's legacies is this 175.2acre park in Cooper City. Its many athletic facilities include two lighted basketball courts, two cricket fields, four lighted softball fields, four lighted multipurpose fields, three lighted football/soccer fields, apracticefield,andfourhorseshoecourts. There are three biking/jogging paths with lengths of one mile, one and a quarter miles, and two miles. A tennis/racquetball center offers 12 clay tennis courts, six lighted fourwall racquetball courts, and a pro shop. The park also boasts a velodrome, which opened in March 1992 and comprises a 333.3-meter cycling track and a 200-meter banked track for in-line skating. Bike rentals are available, as well as a variety of programs and classes. The facility regularly hosts national and international competitions. The adjacent skate park, which opened in August 1999, provides 35,000 square feet of wooden ramps and It was 20 years ago in October that Brian Piccolo Park opened, and in those two decades the park has established itself as one of the Parks and Recreation Division's primary centers for athletic activity. This is onlyfittingforaparknamedafteroneofthe top athletes in South Florida history. By the time he graduated from Fort Lauderdale's Central Catholic High School (now St. Thomas Aquinas High) in 1961, Piccolo had distinguished himself in both baseball and football, which he also later played at Wake Forest University. (The Piccolo family moved to Fort Lauderdale when Brian was 12.) It was in football that he made his mark, however, going on to play for the Chicago Bears for four seasons before dying of cancer at age 26 in 1970. His story inspired the acclaimed 1971 made-forTV movie Brian's Song, with James Caan as Piccolo and Billy Dee Williams as his friend Gale Sayers. courses for skateboarding, in-line skating, and BMX biking (Monday and Thursday evenings only). Memberships are available. Other park amenities include one large picnic shelter (capacity 61-90), picnic areas with tables and grills, playgrounds, snack bars, and an 825-square-foot meeting room (capacity 50) available for rental. Fishing is permitted during daylight hours (licenses required for ages 16 and up), with catchand-release encouraged.

Congratulations to Miramar Masters for winning the 2009 40 Overs Division II Title

n a rain affected match, Miramar Masters beat Pakistan Green by overall run rate to win the 2009 Florida Southeast Cricket League (FSCL), 40 overs competition Division II title. Pakistan won the toss and sent Miramar Masters to bat. After losing 3 quick wickets, the Masters recovered to finish with a score 169 all out after 38.5 overs. Kap Bhagwandin kept his best inning of the season for the finals as he scored an aggressive 43. Vickram Ramoutar made a fine 37 and Hafeez Sattaur chipped in with 30. Bowling for Pakistan Green, Almas ripped through the top order and finished with impressive figures of 5 wickets for 13 runs in his allotted 8 overs. Faizan got 2 wickets for 31 runs. Pakistan Green replied with 101 for 6 off 29 overs when rain halted play, short of the required run rate. Zeeshan scored a



Hafeez Sattaur

The Miramar Masters team at Brian Piccolo Park.

patient 24 before he was run out. Opening the bowling for the Masters, Moneer Baksh bowled impressively with figures of 3 for 32 off 8 overs. Even though wicketless,

Vickram Ramoutar had an excellent spell in which he conceded only 6 runs off 5 overs. Rahman Baksh bowled well also, taking 1 wicket for 16 runs off 5 overs.

2009 US Corporate Cricket Championship

Pankaj Mahajan very Month, Big 3 and other automakers compete in a hope to end up disclosing the best monthly sales report. Every quarter people eagerly look forward to their Quartely financial statementstogagethefinnacialoutlookof theseMichigancorporations.Andfinally, every year these OEMs race with each other to gain market share and to grab the top awards for Quality. However, there is one more arena where the Big-3 OEMs compete- in a sports park ... playing US Corporate Cricket Championship. USCCC (Previously known as Big 3 Cricket Challenge Cup) is organized ever year since 2003 by MichCA (Michigan Cricket Association) and has become one of the biggest sports events of Michigan. This T20 format (each game lasts just 4 hours) championship started with teams from three companies- DailmerChrysler, Ford and GM. Ford team were the champions in First three annual tournaments but the Chrysler Group has taken that honors since 2006. The exponential growth of cricket in USA and rapid proliferation of cricketers under MichCA has helped in increasing the popularity of this event. Last year six teams (Caterpillar and sprint made their debut) participated in USCCC and this year also six teams- one each from Altair Engineering, Blue Cross Blue Shield,


Chrysler Group, Ford, General Motors and TCS, will play several games in just two days to become champions of this prestigious trounament. The sport `Cricket' started in Britain in 16th century but it come to USA much later in 18th Century. After a long period of `no-growth' in the Americas in last century, it's again gaining significant momentum since 8-10 years. That day is not very far away when cricket in

USA will be as pupular as MLB, NFL or NBA. For now, USCCC is fulfilling the needs of all cricket lovers in Michigan. MichCA invites all Michiganders to come with their family and watch this exciting sports events.

Lucaya Cricket Festival November 25 - November 29, 2009 Freeport, Bahamas 242-373-1460

International Six-A-Side Festival November 25 - November 29, 2009 Sarasota, Florida, United States

5th World Vintage Cricket Carnival March 21 - March 27, 2010 Cape Town, Western Province, South Africa

Golden Oldies August 8 - August 15, 2010 North Yorkshire, England


It's Just Not Cricket

S. Dasgupta


or those like me, over-exposed to the when indebted farmers are committing to celebrate every lofted shot into the old school tie, summers in England suicide next door. Eyebrows will also be stands livens proceedings further, what's and John Arlott's commentary, cricket was raised at the logic of ignoring promising the harm? The IPL still has some way always more than a game; it was a way of Indian talent for foreign has-beens. Why, to go before cricket moves from serious life and the most worthwhile contribution yet others will ask, are we putting all our sport to pure entertainment but at least of a much-reviled Empire. It was a self- eggs in the cricket basket? Surely hockey, the promoters are willing to invest in an fulfillingworldwhichencapsulatedrobust kabaddi and marbles deserve a break. emerging trend. It's good capitalism. values, from strategic thinking to fair play. My childhood cricketing heroes were Everyone has some gripe about a perfect The IPL is actually only tangentially about those who combined skill and elegance free market. Pandering to popular tastes cricket. It is doubtful whether Wisden with lordly amateurism - `gentlemen' is held to be ``common''; it offends will even record the scores of the Kolkata like Peter May, Ted Dexter, Sir Frank aesthetic sensibilities. A free-marketer i versus Mumbai encounter. Nor will club Worrell, Richie Benaud, `Tiger' Pataudi, know, for example, was livid when Ustad loyalties develop instantly. The proposed David Gower, Sunil Gavaskar and Imran Bismillah Khan was awarded the Bharat festival is planned as a flamboyant Khan. Two years coming out party of ago, i even made Indian entrepreneurship horoughly agree with this. Having grown up in the 50s and 60s a pilgrimage to - a global announcement when cricket was dominated by traditionalism and England, Ballynahinch Castle of its arrival. Russian Australia and West Indies reigned supreme, the present materialistic in the west of Ireland billionaires buy football tendency seems sickening. There were hardly 2 to 3 test series in a - the summer retreat clubs in Chelsea and year and the impeccable radio commentary by John Arlott, Allen of the redoubtable mansions in Hampstead Mcgilbert, Reds Perreira, Tony Cozier, Maharaja of Vizenagram and Ranjitsinhji in his to signal their coming Omar Kureshi just stupendous. twilight years. It of age. In India we was a small homage have done it more to an age that is long purposefully; the sedate here were cricketers of the caliber of Hutton, Compton, Lock, gone, when money Tatas are buying Jaguar Lacker, Bedser, Lindwall, Miller, Harvey, Benaud, the Pollack was never discussed and a consortium of the brothers, Vinoo Mankad, Fazal Mahmood, the 3 Ws, Hall, Kanhigh in polite company andofcourseGarfieldSoberswhodazzledtheentirecricketingworld. impatient have brought and gentlemen had (and bought) global And the local cricket (Dsm, Zanzibar, the Pardhan Ladak tournament, private incomes. cricket to our doorstep.


There is little point invoking tradition to judge last Wednesday's Indian Premier League's auction of cricketers in Mumbai. To the purists, the sight of hard-nosed businessmen and Bollywood stars forking out some Rs 170 crore on celebrity cricketers was revolting. The custodians of good taste will doubtless detect similarities between the IPL auction and the bidding for gladiators by the notables of ancient Rome. A writer in the Daily Telegraph even equated it to dealing in sub-prime mortgages and predicted a similarly catastrophic consequence for cricket. In days to come, there will be more populist outrage at the effrontery of investing Rs 6 crore in M S Dhoni


the triangular/quadrangular) had a charm of its own. You yourselves (Mansoorbhai, Gajendrabhai, Khurshed, HM, Praful, Murad, Bashir, Kishor, Moh'd etc) were part of it.

Ratna. The shehnai, he insisted, was not a proper instrument: ``It's like giving a clever copywriter the Nobel Prize for literature.'' The same may be said about valuing Dhoni above Glenn McGrath and Shane Warne. What some people view as debasement, others regard as opportunities. Till the World Cup in South Africa showed the way, few people appreciated the potential of T-20 cricket. Today, every impresario worth the name believes that this shortened version of the game constitutes the future in a hurried world. And if Mallika Sherawat doing an `item number'

As a cricket reactionary, I mourn the tinselisation of a way of life; as a nationalist i salute those who had the audacity to think big. Who cares if the whole thing is very bling - the hallmark of the arriviste? What matters is that cricket now belongs to India.



Rickie Ali

Mahela Udawatte is stumped by Denesh Ramdin

Wicket Keeper

West Indies wicket keeper Carlton Baugh in action during the DLF series

icket Keepers much like Baseball OBSERVATIONS: catchers must condition the body 1. Look for the ankle pointed straight to primarily prevent knee, low back, anahead and not turning outward, look kleandhippain.Becauseofthespecific for the ankle falling too far inward body positioning from the ankle/ knee/ 2. Look for the knee falling too far inhip-lumbar-pelvic and shoulder girdle, ward, the TIBIA (lower leg bone) posture and alignment must be mainshould may also fall excessively tainedalongwithproperflexibilityand inward mobility. Functional integrated mobil3. Look for the inability of the butity must also be maintained throughout tock to extend into a deep squat all body segments in order to enhance position efficientandeffectiveperformance. 4. Look for the hands holding the bar to fall forward past the head Wemustfirstlookattheanklecomplex 5. Look for the body to fall forward and observe and weaknesses or imbal6. Look for the body to lose the inances, as the wicketkeeper bends and ability to squat down with thighs moves to catch balls, his/her ankles will pastparalleltofloor pronate or fall inward, this is normal. 7. In a deep good squat position the TIBIA (lower leg bone) should be However over-pronation or falling too parallel to trunk far inward are problems which can 8. Look for head/ neck protruding forplace too much stress at the knee/ foot/ ward hip/ low back that eventually leads to pain and dysfunction, a common prob- You may also find that one arm may lem that can occur is plantar fascia pain fall forward further that the other, look (the fascia tissue under the foot be- at this side when the person is standcomes over stretched and weak leading ing normally, you may also observe to irritability and pain. that arm may be rotated in front of the body and the shoulder one or both may A deep squat test, with the hands hold- be rounded. All of these abnormalities ing a light bar overhead can identify is- are compensations because of muscle sues throughout the kinetic chain from weaknesses and imbalances. the ankle to the scapula-thoracic-shoulder complex. These problems will impair movement mechanics performance and can lead to



painandinjury.Thereisaspecificsequence where you will begin by incorporatingself-manualrelease,flexibility, mobility and strengthening to rectify the problem. For example for an individual with the ankle excessively falling inward or over-pronating, after completing the squat test, they can quantify the test by performing the squat test again with the heels lifted or elevated on a two-inch board or object(s). If the test is now performed perfectly with the heels elevated then the problem is regulated to the ankle-calf complex if not then this a bit more complicated and the hip-complex must be looked at as well. If the ankle is the problem here is a sample series of correcting the problem. 1 - Self Myo-fascial release 2 - Flexibility 3 - Mobility 4 - Strengthening The following movements are placed in that order and are only one series of examples, many very good physical therapist do have other excellent methods of remedy. For further information contact Fitness ConditioningSpecialistRickieAli,[email protected]

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we lost to a man called Sachin." - Mark Taylor, during the test match in Chennai (1997) "The more I see of him the more confused I'm getting to which is his best knock." - M. L. Jaisimha "The joy he brings to the millions of his countrymen, the grace with which he handles all the adulation and the expectations and his innate humility - all make for a one-in-a-billion individual," - Glen McGrath be alert and i know a way to pin Sachin. Andideliveredthefirstballofmynext over and it was a fuller length delivery outside offstump. And i shouted catch. To my astonishment the ball was hit to the cover boundary. Such was the brilliance of Sachin.Hisreflextimeisthebestihave ever seen. Its like 1/20th of a sec. To get his wicket better not prepare. Atleast u wont regret if he hits you for boundaries. - Allan Donald On a train from Shimla to Delhi, there was a halt in one of the stations. The train stopped by for few minutes as usual. Sachin was nearing century, batting on 98. Thepassengers,railwayofficials,everyone on the train waited for Sachin to complete the century. This Genius can stop time in India!! - Peter Rebouck - Aussie journalist "Sachin cannot cheat. He is to cricket what (Mahatma) Gandhiji was to politics. It's clear discrimination. " - NKP Salve, former Union Minister when Sachin was accused of ball tempering There are 2 kind of batsmen in the world. One Sachin Tendulkar. Two all the others. - Andy Flower "I have seen god, he bats at no.4 for India" - Mathew Hayden "Commit all your sins when Sachin is batting. They will go unnoticed coz' even GOD is watching cricket at that time." - A hoarding in England AND THEN... THIS ONE IS THE BEST!!! "Even my father's name is Sachin Tendulkar." - Tendulkar's daughter, Sara, tells her class her father's name after the teacher informs them of a restaurant of the same name in Mumbai, which is owned by Sachin. (This is what every children expects from their parents...............hats off to Sachin) Tendulkar made his India debut as a 16year-old against Pakistan in November 1989, since setting many batting records, including Test and One-day aggregates and hundreds.


"Nothing bad can happen to us if we're on a plane in India with Sachin Tendulkar on it." - Hashim Amla, the South African batsman, reassures himself as he boards a flight. "Sometimes you get so engrossed in watching batsmen like Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar that you lose focus on your job." - Yaseer Hameed in pakistani newspaper. "To Sachin, the man we all want to be" - Andrew Symonds wrote on an Aussie t-shirt he autographed specially for Sachin. "Beneath the helmet, under that unruly curly hair, inside the cranium, there is something we don't know, something beyondscientificmeasure.Somethingthat allows him to soar, to roam a territory of sport that, forget us, even those who are gifted enough to play alongside him cannot even fathom. When he goes out to bat, people switch on their TV sets and switch off their lives." - BBC on Sachin "Tujhe pata hai tune kiska catch chhoda hai?" (Do you know who's catch you dropped?) - Wasim Akram to Abdul Razzaq when the latter dropped Sachin's catch in 2003 WC. Sachin is a genius. I'm a mere mortal. - Brian Charles Lara "We did not lose to a team called India...

"I can be hundred per cent sure that Sachin will not play for a minute longer when he is not enjoying himself. He is still so eager to go out there and play. He will play as long as he feels he can play," - Anjali Tendulkar Question: Who do you think as the most important celebrity ? Shah Rukh Khan: There was a big party where stars from bollywood and cricket were invited. Suddenly, there was a big noise, all wanted to see approaching Amitabh Bachhan. Then Sachin entered the hall and Amitabh was leading the queue to get a grab of the GENIUS!! - Shah Rukh Khan in an interview. "India me aap PrimeMinister ko ek Baar Katghare me khada kar sakte hain..Par Sachin Tendulkar par Ungli nahi utha Sakte.. " (In India you can make even the Prime Minister stand in the court before a judge, but not Sachin...) - Navjot Singh Sidhu on TV He can play that leg glance with a walking stick also. - Waqar Younis `I Will See God When I Die But Till Then I Will See Sachin' - A banner in Sharjah Sachin Tendulkar has often reminded me of a veteran army colonel who has many medals on his chest to show how he has conquered bowlers all over the world. I was bowling to Sachin and he hit me for two fours in a row. One from point and the other in between point and gully. That was the last two balls of the over and the over after that we (SA) took a wicket and during the group meeting i told Jonty (Rhodes) to




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