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Patient instructions

Bravelle, Menopur and Repronex with Q-Cap

How to use


1 · Remove wrapping from syringe and detach needle if already on it. 2 · Open the Q-cap by peeling back the label. Keep the Q-cap in the blister pack. Do not touch the Q-cap or allow it to touch anything.

Luer end (connector)

7 · Hold the syringe and place the spike end of the Q-cap over the vial of diluent. Push the tip of the Q-cap into the rubber stopper until you feel slight resistance. Be sure to only put pressure on the Q-cap and not to depress the plunger at this time.

12 · As soon as powder has com-

Spike end

3 · Remove the plastic caps from the tops of your vials of diluent and powder.

8 · Push the plunger down to transfer air from the syringe into the vial. Keeping the syringe and the Q-cap together, turn the vial upside down and pull back on the plunger to withdraw the desired amount of sterile diluent from the vial, as prescribed by your physician.

pletely dissolved, turn the vial upside down and withdraw all of the Bravelle/Repronex/Menopur into the syringe. NOTE: For patients using multiple vials of Bravelle/Repronex/Menopur, the solution in the syringe can be used to dissolve up to 5 more vials of powder for a total of 6 vials. After reconstituting the first vial of Bravelle/Repronex/Menopur powder, continue to use the solution in the syringe with the attached Qcap. Insert the Q-cap into the next vial just as you did the first one and continue with these steps until all of your medication is in the syringe.

13 · When you have finished recon4 · Wipe the rubber stoppers with an alcohol swab. Do not touch. 9 · Place the vial on a flat surface. Remove the syringe and Q-cap from the vial by pulling up on the syringe barrel. Discard the diluent. 10 · Hold the vial of Bravelle/Repronex/Menopur in one hand and place the tip of the Q-cap over the top of the vial. Push the tip of the Q-cap into the rubber stopper of the vial until you feel a slight resistance. Be careful not to depress the plunger of the syringe while doing this.

stituting your last vial necessary for your injection and have withdrawn all the medication into the syringe, remove the syringe from the Qcap and vial by twisting the syringe counterclockwise while holding the Q-cap. Discard the vial with the attached Q-cap in a safety container.

5 · Place the vial of sterile diluent on a flat surface. Remove the Q-cap from its blister pack by touching its sides only. Carefully twist the syringe onto the luer-lock end of the Q-cap until you feel a slight resistance. Do not touch the spike end.

14 · Remove injection needle from

wrapper. Attach the injection needle by twisting the needle clockwise onto the syringe.

11 · Slowly inject the sterile diluent 6 · Withdraw the syringe plunger to the volume of diluent that is to be removed from the vial. This is normally 1ml.

in the syringe into the vial of powder. Gently swirl until all of the powder is dissolved. Do not shake as this may create air bubbles.

Patient instructions


How to use


15 · Uncap the needle and hold sy-

ringe straight up with needle pointing to ceiling. Draw back slightly on the plunger and tap the syringe so that any air bubbles rise to the top. Slowly press the plunger until all of the air is out of the syringe and a small amount of solution forms at the tip of the needle. 16 · Tap the syringe to remove the solution from the tip of the needle

18 · Bravelle/Repronex/Menopur

should be injected subcutaneously into your abdomen, a few inches below your navel. Alternate injection sites from right to left. Carefully clean the injection site with an alcohol swab and allow it to air dry.

a right angle) to the skin like a dart and quickly insert the needle all the way into the skin.

21 · Depress the plunger of the sy-

19 · Remove the cap from the nee20 · Hold the syringe in one hand. 17 · Carefully recap the needle to

keep it sterile. The solution is now ready for injection. Use the other hand to gently grasp the skin in the injection site area between your thumb and index finger. Hold the syringe perpendicular (at dle.

ringe in a slow and steady motion until all of the fluid is injected beneath the skin. 22 · Release the skin and pull the needle straight out. 23 · Recap the needle and discard into a safety container. 24 · If any bleeding occurs at the injection site, apply gentle pressure with gauze until the bleeding stops.


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