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When I turn my LED PRIORI under cabinet light off, the LEDs still look like they're on. How can I turn them off? Answer: The On/Off switch on some units lets a tiny amount of power through, even in the "Off" position. If you can wire the unit(s) to a wall switch, this is best. The wall switch will prevent any power from going to the LEDs. If you want to use a wall dimmer, American Lighting recommends using a Lutron Diva dimmer, model number DVCL-153P-(color). This will cut power completely when you want the fixture(s) to be truly off. If you have a plug-in unit, you will have to unplug the cord to make the LEDs go off. What is the color temperature for the LED PRIORI PLUS? Answer: The target color temperature is 3200°K Warm White, with a range of +/- 300°K, so the range includes around 3000°K to 3500°K White. What is the maximum run for the LED PRIORI PLUS? Answer: The maximum number of watts that can be interconnected is 360 watts, which is 13-40 units depending on size. You may see that the catalog states 600 watts, however this is before the de-rating factor of .4 was considered, per current UL requirements. What are the wattages for the LED PRIORI PLUS fixtures sizes? Answer: The fixture uses the latest LED technology and a multi-chip design. As the color rendering capabilities increase, the number of `dots' needed is fewer which lowers the power consumption. Currently, the LED wattages are as follows: Item Number 043L-8-xx 043L-16-xx 043l-24-xx 043L-32-xx Wattage 7 watts 11 watts 15 watts 20 watts

How many LEDs are in each unit and how much light do they emit? Answer: Item Number # of LEDs Lumens 043L-8-xx 3 150 043L-16-xx 7 350 043l-24-xx 11 550 043L-32-xx 15 750


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