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Iron Horses are encouraged to bag SunPass and use 95 Express lanes for Free The American Motorcyclist Association called me and asked for my assistance. A number of their members wanted to know what the right answer was to their question about using the 95 Express lanes in Miami, Florida. Safety was the driving principal behind the question and answer. The question was, "When motorcycle riders are planning to ride on the 95 Express lanes and they are also SunPass customers, what should they do with their SunPass transponder when riding on the 95 Express lanes?" The answer is to bag their SunPass transponder in the RF shield (silver shiny) bag that was shipped with it. If you need a new RF shield bag SunPass will be happy to provide you another one. Bagging (placing and sealing) the transponder in the shield bag will prevent it from being read and tolls being charged to your SunPass account when using the 95 Express lanes. Remember motorcycles are allowed to ride toll exempted (Free) on 95 Express lanes. If your trip includes both travel on the 95 Express lanes and Florida's Turnpike or one of the other adjacent toll roads in South Florida, the answer is the same. Bag your SunPass transponder. The SunPass system will take a photograph of your license plate and image-toll (I-toll) you for your use of the other adjacent toll roads. I-toll is the fail-safe built into the SunPass system to prevent it from creating a violation for a registered SunPass customer who failed to place their SunPass on the windshield correctly. I-tolls work great as long as the customer remembers to keep their license plate number, address and credit card number up to date on their SunPass account. An I-Toll is based on a license plate read in a SunPass lane where the license plate is associated to a prepaid account that can be charged for the toll transaction. If you happen to see blue lights behind you waving you over after you pass through the toll plaza on one of the other adjacent toll roads to the 95 Express lanes, I hope you have taken my recommendation that is, to cut this article out and tape it to the outside of the RF shield bag that your SunPass transponder is stored in. Please remember to be polite to the officer as they are just doing their job. My guess is they will tell you to have a nice day. Remember to use your SunPass transponder when your trip doesn't include travel on the 95 Express lanes. Thank you for using the 95 Express lanes, Florida's Turnpike and SunPass. Note: The New SunPass Mini (sticker) transponder will only operate when affixed to glass windshields. They are not designed for use on motorcycles. Kind regards, Rick Nelson Director, Toll Operations Florida's Turnpike Florida Department of Transportation

P.S. I ride a 2007 H-D Fatboy.


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