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Service Manual Supplement IG2000, IG3000, IG6000, IG6000H with Capacitor In December 2007, beginning with purchase order 349337 (the 7th through 12th digits in the bar code) a capacitor was added to reduce electro-mechanical interference and eliminate problems with some digital clocks not displaying the time properly. This is an interim solution until the next generation of inverter modules goes into production. 1. LOCATION IG2000 and IG2000P: the capacitor was placed in the output lines between the inverter and the AC receptacles. It is physically located inside the service door to the right of the oil dipstick. It is mounted on a bracket that bolts to the base plate. The base plate has been modified to accept the new bracket. There is a 2p connection behind the receptacles.


Capacitor Installation IG2000, IG2000P

Connection to receptacles, all models

IG3000: the capacitor has been attached directly to the frame behind the control panel to the left of the inverter module. It does not use a bracket.

Capacitor Installation, IG3000


IG6000, IG6000H: this model uses two capacitors, one for each 120V Circuit. They are attached to a single bracket bolted to the back of the instrument panel.

Capacitor Installation, IG6000

2. TROUBLESHOOTING AND TESTING Check the capacitor when troubleshooting issues regarding digital clock displays. Should the capacitor fail, there will be no impairment of any other generator function or output. As the capacitor is connected directly to the output power supply, it has the potential to store a high voltage charge and should be discharged prior to testing. Unplug the 2p connector and short circuit the capacitor by placing the end of an insulated screwdriver across the two terminals.


Do not touch the exposed terminals nor attempt to take any measurements before discharging the capacitor.


Use the capacitance checking mode of a multimeter. Replace the capacitor if any reading is outside the standard value of 10uF±5%.

3. NEW PARTS Kipor Number CBB61-10UF/250V KGE2000TC-03700A KGE2000TI-12120 KGE7000TI-13301 Coast Number 67307 67038 67309 67349

Capacitor IG2000 Bracket IG2000 Base Plate IG6000, IG6000H Bracket


4. WIRING DIAGRAMS IG2000 Wiring Diagram

(Depiction of Capacitor for IG2000P is identical)


IG3000 Wiring Diagram


IG6000 Wiring Diagram




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Microsoft Word - Service Manual Supplement- Capacitor.doc