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Mattie Henderson's company, Quiltsmart, has been making quilting easier for quilters around the world! Her printed interfacing eliminates intricate piecing.


Little Lone Star 3

Mattie Henderson

Little Lone Star


attie's Rob Pete design (Rob Pete book #143 000258, Printed Interfacing #140000451) was used in making the beautiful Hummel Quilt. The Hummel Embroidery Designs come on a beautiful CD complete with the threads that are needed to embroider the designs. [Figure 1]

Sewing Supplies

Pfaff Sewing Machine with IDT Applique Pressing Sheet #140000331 Quiltsmart Little Lone Star Printed Interfacing #140002204 6mm Open Toe Applique Foot #820215096 Quilting Guide #820279096 Pfaff creative Fantasy Card #325, Quilt Designs #820135096 Rowenta Professional Iron DM886 Brandy's 5" x 18" Ruler #140001285

Figure 1

The QuiltSmart Lone Star has been so popular that Mattie brought a "Little" Lonestar for today's project.

[Figure 2]

Cover quilt made by Bill Reinhart, the engineer who designed the technique. Mattie brought lots of quilts to show! Many of them were the original full size lone star. This one is called the Broken Lone Star. It gets it's name from the way the star segments are arranged. [Figure 3]

Figure 2

Look at these two quilts. They are both made from red and black fabrics but the arrangement of the fabrics is different.

[Figures 4 and 5]

Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 5

This Primary colored green, blue, red and yellow used channel quilting in the corners for a beautiful quilting effect. [Figure 6]

Figure 6

4 Little Lone Star


This Christmas Lonestar used the focal multi-color Christmas fabric to establish the color scheme. The remaining fabrics were picked from the colors in the focal fabric. [Figure 7] Stripes add a unique twist to the stars. Look at how the different placement of the stripe direction adds interesting dimension! [Figures

8 and 9]

Figure 7

Figure 8

Figure 9

This Lonestar was quilted with one of the Pfaff embroidery designs in the corners. [Figure 10] The Lonestar Panels come in three sizes. Lonestar Classic #140001266, the Lonestar Quick Kit #140001267 and the Little Lonestar #140002204. The printed interfacing is very light weight and stays in the quilt giving it additional strength. The printed interfacing comes in sheets, one side is fusible. The first thing you want to do is cut the panels apart. There is writing on both sides of the interfacing. START is in one corner. Column 1, Column 2, 3 and 4 is on the fusible side.

[Figure 11]

Figure 10

Number your fabrics #1, #2, #3 and #4. Set up a work station area next to your sewing machine with pressing mat and iron. All strips are cut 1-1/2 x 3". They are cut on the straight grain, not on the bias. Full instructions are included with the Quiltsmart Printed Interfacing. Lay out your fabrics, #1, #2, #3 and #4 on your work station area.

Figure 11


Little Lone Star 5

Figure 12

Figure 13

Start with fabric #1 in the START corner. Iron down first strip right side up. [Figures 12 and 13] Place second fabric right side down. [Figure 14] Flip over the Quiltsmart Interfacing and sew on the line marked "Sew Line-Row1". Mattie likes to use the Open Toe Foot because she can see the line better. [Figures 15 and 16]

Figure 14

Figure 15

Figure 16

Flip the second strip to the right side and finger press. Then press with your iron to fuse it in place. You might like to use your Applique Pressing Sheet so you don't get fusible on your iron. [Figures 17 and 18]

Figure 17

Figure 18

6 Little Lone Star


Place fabric #3 right side down. [Figure 19] Flip to the right side, sew, press. [Figures 20 and 21] HINT: As you are placing the pieces, be sure to line up pieces on the lines, not with the previous fabric. Sew from dot to dot. Add the last strip the same way as the others.

Figure 19

Figure 20

Figure 21

Next go to column 2 and start with fabric #2. Add the strips the same way you did in column 1. [Figure 20] Complete the panel. To complete the piece, fold right sides together on the dotted line. It is very important that you fold exactly on the line. Stitch on the solid line. Stitch all the lines. [Figure 22] Press towards the Start. Trim excess fusible interfacing and fabric from all four sides.

Figure 22

Background: (The fabrics around the star to "square off" the quilt.) The background uses triangles instead of squares. Add them to the four you have pieced. This eliminates the need to set in a square. After the two pieces are put together, square up to 90 degree angle. Repeat for the other pairs. You should now have four squares, that can be sewn together to form the Lonestar. Now, wasn't that easy! To finish the quilting and binding on your quilt, see pages 91-94.

HP SEGMENT 501 Chapter title



Drunkards Paths and Other Shapes S

oftware makes many quilting shapes and techniques easy! You can create your quilt in your software, print it on printable fabric sheets and not have to sew the seams! The drunkard's path quilt is created with curved seams. Now, you can actually print the shapes and avoid the curved seam all together. The HP Creative Scrapbook Assistant and Quiltsmart Photo Shapes were used to create the doggy Drunkards Path. The Grandmothers Flower Garden pink on black quilt was sewn with printable Quiltsmart interfacing. You just stitch fabric wedges together, stitch interfacing to the fabric, trim the seam allowances, turn right side out and fuse arcs to background square. Complete instructions including yardages for nine sizes plus several variations are included in the book, Mary's Flower Garden #143000246. You can also create nine blocks and seam together to make this great pillow with the colorful buttons. The Quiltsmart Photo Shapes software has many different blocks including the popular double wedding ring. A Wedding wall hanging would make a precious gift for newlyweds. The "block" is created with two pieces to be seamed in drunkard's path. You can also "seam" them in your software and cover the seam with pretty trim as was done in the photograph. Using the Bear Paw layout, drop in dog photos, add some bones and a leash or a collar for dimension, and you will have a unique gift or remembrance of a favorite pet! Select an orange background or the color of your choice. It is all done in HP Custom Quilt Label Kit. You can even make coasters with the HP Creative Scrapbook Assistant! Just click and drag your photos, print and layer with a backing fabric and fusible fleece. Next, select satin stitch and stitch around the outside.



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