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June 2010 During the 3 day event, the Ameriflight representatives spoke with hundreds of attendees and accepted many applications for employment with our company. When the word got out that "We're hiring", we became very, very popular! Not only did we become quickly known by most of the attendees, but other exhibitors, such as Southwest Airlines, FedEx, and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University took notice. In addition to recruiting many well qualified people with a desire to work for Ameriflight, we established strong bonds with many colleges and universities that offer flight school curricula. We wanted them to know that Ameriflight is a great choice for their up-andcoming professional pilots as well as dispatchers and other aviation-related industry professionals. Networking with old friends from SkyWest, Horizon, Southwest, and others rekindled our outstanding reputation with airlines that have had great success with former Ameriflight employees. Our goals were met by this bold move. Congrats to the Ameriflight team for getting the message out and getting Ameriflight noticed!

Ameriflight Gets Noticed!

Forward thinking and preparation for what lies ahead is an essential attribute of any industry leader. In light of the economic downturn and increasing competitiveness of the marketplace, it is even more important for companies to take bold steps to stay ahead. Ameriflight did just that by attending the annual Women in Aviation (WAI) Conference February 25-27 in Orlando, Florida. The conference, attended by both women and men, is one of the largest gatherings of aviation professionals in the country. Attendance was estimated at well over 3,000 pilots, students, and support personnel from around the world, including a contingent of 40 aviation enthusiasts from Nigeria.

New Business in Buffalo!

Ameriflight is proud to announce three aircraft based in Buffalo, New York flying routes for UPS. Currently we have two routes out of Buffalo, one to Plattsburgh, NY and another to BingRamp in Buffalo, NY, Amerihamton, NY. We flight's newest base also have upgrades to a few routes, see article on page 5. Thanks to all for a team effort in opening up Buffalo.

The Ameriflight team above consisted of Sam Stoterau, Director of Training; Sheri Hudson, Pilot Recruiting (not shown); Jay Davis, Phoenix Assistant Chief Pilot; and Lisa DeRosse, a Seattle pilot who was the winner of a WAI sponsored scholarship from FedEx!


C-Checks In-House!

Ameriflight recently completed three "C Checks" on our Brasilia fleet, all within a span of about 12 weeks! The work was done "in house," a tribute to excellent coordination and teamwork by a crew of 15 Burbank people augmented by John Petersen, Rich Miles and Bo Anglin from Dallas.

Ameriflight's Way

May 23, 2010 marked a unique day in Ameriflight history when the first ever "in-house" EMB120 initial Captain training was conducted. Congratulations to Michael Mullis, Check Airman who gave Brian Korney, EMB120 Program Manager and Andrew Lotter, VP of Flight the first ever in house training. This training had been contracted to FlightSafety since we added the EMB120 to our fleet. By bringing the Brian Korney, EMB120 Program Manager and Andrew Lotter, VP Flight in training in-house, the simulator after completing training we can tailor the course content to apply more specifically to Ameriflight and our needs, and do it more efficiently and at less expense. All training and checkrides are done in a FAA approved Level C full motion simulator which translates into a huge cost and maintenance savings because we never have to use an aircraft for training or checkrides. We now train all of our pilots in our whole fleet internally. Thanks to Brian and Mike, and to the support team in the Flight Department for all of their hard work.

(Left to right) John Nanney (VP/Director of Maintenance), John Petersen (EMB120 Feet Maintenance Manager), John Paulson (Quality Control Specialist), and Pat Kremer (Director of Quality Control) discussing Brasilia C Check progress in the Burbank hangar.

Ameriflight Adds a Pair of 1900's

Why would Andrew Lotter, Vice President of Flight be in 40 below zero weather in Fairbanks, Alaska? He signed up to the task of taking delivery of one of two BE1900's, the newest additions to our fleet. These two BE1900 C model aircraft bring our fleet of BE1900 to a total to 22 aircraft, fast becoming the customer's choice of aircraft. Congrats to maintenance for their hard work in getting these ready for service. Look for N718AF and N575G soon, both aircraft received extensive airframe and powerplant work which included the addition of GPS, autopilots and new paint.


The C Check is an intensive inspection that normally occurs every four years or 4,000 flight hours involving major disassembly of the airplane to detect and correct "wear and tear" problems that can't be seen during normal maintenance. GPS was also installed in each airplane during its visit to Burbank. "Bringing the C Checks to Burbank saved a lot of time and ultimately cost," said Director of Quality Control Pat Kremer. "Coordination, parts availability and scheduling was much easier in our own facility with our own people than it would have been otherwise using an outside vendor ­ and we probably eliminated two weeks of downtime on the airplanes." Thanks to all for a great job well done!

Around the Bases

Above, Oakland pilots Myles Yost and Kevin Josehans, and First Officer Sang Hoon Kihl appreciating good food and company at Staff Appreciation.

Above, Gary Richards, Jeff Drees and Dave DeRose pitching in at Staff Appreciation making what some say was the best BBQ ever at Ameriflight! Pam Kevan, Executive Assistant in the background supervising.

Above, lucky raffle winners in Burbank were, left to right, Richard Gallegos, Maintenance, Santi Clarin, Line Service, Bertin Castro, Sheet Metal, Warren Martin, Avionics and Marcelo Palma, Sheet Metal.

Above, Ken Couche, Oakland Division Manager cooking up a storm for Staff Appreciation. Look closely, Ken is still wearing a bow tie!

Above, on the left, pitching in to serve food to a hungry crowd at Burbank's Staff Appreciation Day, John Nanney, VP Maintenance, Marilyn Wintroath, Human Resources, Valarie Dean, Executive Assistant and Amy Woods, Administrative Assistant!



More Around the Bases

Belated but not forgotten, congrats to Carlos Rodriguez, Portland pilot who married Jessica in December of last year. In Salt Lake City, Scott Simpson, pilot and wife Sara had a baby boy Lucas on March 21st. Brett Bye, Burbank pilot married Janelle Lewis on March 27th, and Daryl Allison, Burbank pilot married Amy on March 30th. Roy Benmoshe, Avionics Technician in Burbank, and wife Dina welcomed Hailey, a baby girl on April 6th and Reinier Rodriguez, Dallas pilot and his wife welcomed Marcos, their second baby boy in April. Portland's Kathy Schroeder's son Jason and his wife April had a baby girl, Alice Kathleen Schroeder on May 12th. Congrats to Kris Kochan, Dispatcher in Phoenix and his wife Christina who welcomed Jakub Carter, their first child into the world on May 25th. In Oakland, Jeff Kluenker, pilot married Lorie Lynch on May 30th. Christopher Scott, Burbank pilot and wife Vladimira had a baby boy Jager on May 6th. Matt Lauritzen, pilot in Salt Lake City and his wife Leann had a baby boy Spencer on June 3rd. In Portland, Matt Duerksen, Maintenance Technician announced that he is getting married on June 26. Evangeline (Evy) enjoying a Matt Whittingham, nice nap Portland pilot and his wife welcomed Evangeline Kailani Whittingham, their new baby girl this month in June. And on March 19, the Richards family welcomed Carson John Richards, born to Mike and Stephanie Richards, making Gary and Carol proud grandparents for a second time.

Above, Gary Richards taking timeout to say thanks to Warren Martin, Avionics for celebrating 25 years with Ameriflight during a luncheon in his honor with his co-workers in Hangar 1.

Above, Paul Halter, Base Manager in Burbank and Jeff Drees making sure the beef was just right for Staff Appreciation! At right, Gary Richards, President addressing Burbank employees at Staff Appreciation thanking everyone for their hard work, teamwork and for their service and loyalty to Ameriflight.......while everyone really wanted to get on to the raffle.....


Above, Carson John resting like an angel!

Above, proud Big Brother Luke, the Richards' first grandson with his new best buddy!


New UPS and DHL Upgrades in Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Ontario

Congratulations to Promotions and Welcome New Hires


January - Bill Frye , Interim Maintenance Manager in Phoenix, Monica Rocha , HR Generalist in Human Resources and Sam There are numerous upgrades happening in our system Stoterau, Director of Flight Training. February - Brian Marquart, which is a positive sign of economic growth in our sector. SA227 Program Manager. May - Nick Proudian, Maintenance Manager, Burbank and Keith Terry, Maintenance Supervisor in UPS has gone from a BE1900 to an EMB120 on Phoenix to Oakland.

Hermosillo. That change makes available a BE1900 which will go to Ontario to operate our Tijuana run which was a SA227. UPS has also upgraded Salt Lake City, Elko, and Winnemucca from a SA227 to a BE1900.

New Hires:

January Marco Jimenez, Ramper, BUR; Kevin Lahaie, Ramper, BUR; Jason Wiethorn, Parts Buyer, CVG; Gilbert Ray Vanegas, On the DHL side of the house they have also upgraded Phoenix to Hermosillo to a SA227 from a BE99. DHL also Ramper, BUR; Rigoberto Cabrera, Ramper, BUR; Antonio Casillas, Ramper, BUR; Javier Malvaez, Maintenance Technician, added a second aircraft, a BE99 on the Phoenix - Las Vegas BUR; Ryan Thomas, Ramper, BUR; John Lisk, Pilot, OAK; run. Kevin Melhorn, Pilot, PDX; Josh Mort, Pilot, OAK; Thilak Perera, Maintenance Technician, BUR; Christopher Daily, Parts We hope to make some more announcements of new busi- Clerk, BUR; Joe Ortiz, Accounting Clerk, BUR.

ness in the near future.

February Matt Smith, Pilot, PDX; Caitlin Cook, Pilot, PHX; Joe Dinapoli, Pilot, PDX; Adam Evans, Pilot, PDX; Jeremy Hale, Pilot, PHX; Keith Holman, Pilot, OAK; Chris Otto, Pilot, OAK; Justin White, Pilot, OAK; Merritte Wilson, Regional Director, Maintenance, BUR. March Demond Lee, Dispatcher, DFW; William Martinez, Line Service, OAK; Brian Davis, Dispatcher, DFW; Jonathan Hathaway, Ramper, BUR; John Klitzke, Pilot, PHX; Andrew Spoon, Pilot, PHX; Shalim Valentin, Line Crew, SJU; Stephen Williams, Line Service, DFW; Michael Rincon, Line Service, DFW; Nicholas Bogosta, Dispatcher, CVG; Kris Kochan, Dispatcher, PHX; Oscar Ventura, Ramper, BUR; Randy Wilburn, Asst Chief Pilot, DFW; Brian Korney, EMB120 Program Manager, BUR; Edgar Torres, Ramper, BUR. April / May / June Ed Kronstadt, Corporate Controller, BUR; Brandon Kuchmecki, Pilot, BUR; Will Sallee, Pilot, BFI; Ken Walcott, Maintenance Technician, PHX. Eduardo Ramirez, Ramper, BUR; Carlos Above, summer interns Talia Roffman Anderson, Ramper, BUR; and Joe Werner, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University students hired in Christopher Gonzalez, June by the Flight Department for the Ramper, BUR. Francisco summer in Burbank. Gomez, Ramper, BUR.

Which former Ameriflight employee below was the recent TV "Bachelor" celebrity?

Mr. Hazlet, you may have missed your calling!





Anniversaries continued: May Pete Schiess, BUR, 26 yrs; Ken Couche, OAK, 25 yrs; Mike Mullis, BUR, 10 yrs; Matt Payne, BUR, 10 yrs; Bertin Castro, BUR, 5 yrs; Gilbert Vanegas, BUR, 1 yr; Ben Sullivant, DFW, 1 yr; Jorge Lorenzi, SJU, 1 yr. June Merritte Wilson, BUR, 10 yrs; Chas Gardner, PHX, 10 yrs; Jim Gregory, BUR, 10 yrs; Barbara Moliskey, BUR, 10 yrs; Bryant Wang, PDX, 5 yrs; Bryan Whitfield, CVG, 5 yrs; Willy Hillstrom, PDX, 5 yrs; Gary Severson, CVG, 5 yrs; Isidro Chavarin, BUR, 1 yr; Jaime Torres, SJU, 1 yr; Mario Cedeno Rosa, SJU, 1 yr; Eric Bromschwig, CVG, 1 yr; George Connelly, PHX, 1 yr; Davon Jackson, DFW, 1 yr; Stan Miranda Jr, OAK, 1 yr; John Paulson, BUR, 1 yr; William Baker, OAK, 1 yr.

Ameriflight proudly recognizes the following employees for their years of accumulated service for those who celebrated their first year, at 5 year increments, and all over 25 years through June 2010: January David Squillace, BUR, 10 yrs; Raffi Barsamian, DFW, 1 yr; Jared Bulach, CVG, 1 yr; Gerry McClendon, PHX, 1 yr; Tom Van-Vlymen, BUR, 1 yr; Bradley Taylor, CVG, 1 yr; Lucas Okamoto, PHX, 1 yr; Djeneson Cortez, OAK, 1 yr; Bruce McGrath, PHX, 1 yr. February Warren Martin, BUR, 25 yrs; Rod Fichter, BFI, 25 yrs; Chris Cruz, BUR, 10 yrs; Wendel D'Souza, PHX, 5 yrs; Brian Marquart, BUR, 5 yrs; Griffin O'Neill, PHX, 5 yrs; Hector Ortega, SJU, 5 yrs; Omar Rivera, SJU, 5 yrs; Ryan Metcalf, BFI, 5 yrs; Rodolfo Serrano, BUR, 1 yr; Ryan Thiriot, SLC, 1 yr; Elmer Escobar Bardales, BUR, 1 yr; Luis Escobar Flores, BUR, 1 yr; Jose Gonzalez, SJU, 1 yr; Roger Wutke, PHX, 1 yr; Christian Bertoni, SJU, 1 yr; Val Boutry, CVG, 1 yr; Rico Moreno, DFW, 1 yr. March Bruce Longacre, CVG, 27 yrs; Sheri Hudson, BUR, 26 yrs; Steven Cifelli, BUR, 25 yrs; Joe Hoang, BFI, 10 yrs; Will Sallee, BFI, 10 yrs; Anelia Rivera, SJU, 5 yrs; Daryl Allison, BUR, 5 yrs; David Manor, BUR, 5 yrs; Simon Gretsch, SLC, 5 yrs; Adam Brown, BFI, 5 yrs; Shaun Heublein, BFI, 5 yrs; Kory Franco, BUR, 1 yr; Begetafekade Getachew, OAK, 1 yr; Keith Terry, OAK, 1 yr; Tyler Fellows, PHX, 1 yr; Brandon Hayes, OAK, 1 yr; Eduardo Lopes, SJU, 1 yr; Geir Simonsen, OMA, 1 yr; Hunter Watkins, CVG, 1 yr; Derrick Elegino, BUR, 1 yr; Robert McClure, DFW, 1 yr; Oscar Ortiz Rodriguez, SJU, 1 yr; Winston Arias, BUR, 1 yr. April Jose Garcia, BUR, 10 yrs; Mark Hoang, BFI, 10 yrs; Ron Forister, BFI, 1 yr; Elizabeth Beltran, BUR, 1 yr; Fernando Delgado, SJU, 1 yr; Javier Malvaez, BUR, 1 yr; Terry Brewer, OMA, 1 yr; Mark Kessinger, OMA, 1 yr; Joel Martir Rodriguez, SJU, 1 yr.

Left, Gary Richards, President congratulating Steven Cifelli of our Quality Control Department in Burbank for his 25th Anniversary with Ameriflight.

Left to right, Jeff Drees, EVP Airline Operations, being awarded his 25 year anniversary watch by Gary Richards, President and Dave DeRose, EVP and CFO.



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