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Rotary Interchange concept designed by the Provo River Construction team for the Provo Center Interchange.

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Provo River Constructors win massive $1.1 billion contract

UDOT's highest-priced project

In early 2009, the utah state Legislature approved a bond for major reconstruction of Interstate 15 south of salt Lake City, utah. On December 9, 2009, the utah Department of Transportation (uDOT) announced the winning team for design and construction of the I-15 Corridor expansion project (I-15 CORe). The winning team is Provo River Constructors (PRC), a consortium headed by Fluor enterprises, Ames Construction, Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction and Wadsworth Brothers Construction, all of which have extensive experience in roadway and bridge construction in utah and throughout the united states. In addition to being uDOT's highest-priced contract at $1.1 billion, the project is also the state's first attempt at a "fixed price/best design" method of project delivery, which challenged the bidders to stretch dollars and offer the best value for a predetermined price. The I-15 CORe project is a massive project that rebuilds a 24-mile section of Interstate I-15 from Lehi to spanish Fork. When completed, it will provide two additional lanes in both directions; rebuild and reconfigure 10 freeway interchanges; replace and restore 55 bridges; and provides additional improvements that will meet or exceed travel demands through the year 2030, including using 40-year concrete pavement along the entire corridor. significant factors in the award consideration were the aggressive timeline proposed by the team the providing of thicker pavement. Construction is set to commence in spring 2010 and be completed as early as December 2012, two years ahead of what uDOT had expected before bidding. The earlier completion is designed to minimize inconvenience to the traveling public. By using innovative interchange designs and employing an aggressive schedule, Provo River Constructors were able to stretch the budget and then put the savings into a thicker concrete pavement that is expected to add years to the road's life. PRC's work on this job will be led by Tuhr Barnes of Fluor enterprises. Ames Construction's Tim O'Dell, deputy project director, and Mike Macarthur, construction manager, will lead PCR's work on this job.

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Congratulations to the entire Provo River Constructors proposal team for this great win!

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A Letter to all from Dick Ames

Greetings to all: I would like to take this opportunity to thank our highly skilled craftspeople, managers, engineers and support staff for another year of dedicated service to our company and our customers. Not a day goes by when I don't reflect on how fortunate I am to be surrounded by such a talented group of men and women. I am proud of this company and its reputation for consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations, often under difficult conditions. Ames teams are the best in the business, and it shows in every project we tackle. The proof can be found in projects like the BNsF bridge replacement in Burlington, Iowa, and while we have worked on many bridges that span rivers and wetlands, this one presents a number of unique challenges. For starters, this bridge crosses the mighty Mississippi River, one of the busiest and most powerful rivers in the country, and we are tasked with lifting a new bridge into position from a barge below -- without disrupting existing train and riverboat traffic -- all while fighting strong river currents. We also have reason to celebrate a big success story out of our salt Lake City office, where our team landed the largest contract in Ames Construction history. At $1.1 billion, the I-15 Corridor expansion Project marks a new era for Ames Construction, and is a major milestone we can all take pride in. This has been a difficult year for many companies and many families. On the whole, I believe we will come out of these tough economic times stronger than ever as long as we keep moving forward as a team. even with tight times, projects are out there, and we will continue to seize every opportunity just as we always have. Finally, I would like to remind everyone to stay safe and aware of what is happening on your job sites. Our safety record is outstanding and one more reason for customers to partner with Ames Construction. steady work is what keeps families strong and healthy, both financially and emotionally. We never forget the parents, husbands, wives, children and grandchildren of our team members, which is why your safety is so important to us. stay alert, stay safe, and stay focused.

Send Us Your Favorite Ames Construction Photos and Stories

In 2011, Ames Construction will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary. To honor this important date, we are embarking on the monumental task of compiling a tribute book remembering the past 50 years. We need your help with job site photos, stories and memories that have made our company what it is today. We are beginning the research and development for the book now, so this is your chance to play a part in the history of your company. Don't feel as if your memories aren't important enough to share. You just never know. email your photos or stories to [email protected] or mail them to: Mike sweeney Ames Construction, Inc. 2000 Ames Drive Burnsville, MN 55306 Remember to include your name and address if you would like photos returned to you.

Best wishes, Dick Ames

Members of the Ames Construction "semipro" bowling team, from left to right: Josh Brudelie, Mike Sweeney, Lynette Smith, Carrie Carlson (Twin Cities Red Cross), Ray Guest and Chris Ritter, along with the event host, Dave Lee.

Gutter Bowl 4 raises $72,000 for Children's Hospital

On January 22, 2010, local WCCO Radio personality Dave Lee hosted the fourth annual "Gutter Bowl" at the Brunswick Zone in Brooklyn

Park, Minnesota, and the Ames Construction "semiprofessional" bowling team, led by Dick Ames, was right there "rolling the rock" to help raise money for the university of Minnesota Amplatz Children's Hospital. Considering that many members of Ames Construction's team hadn't picked up a bowling ball for years, the team made us proud -- placing 18th of 34 participating teams.

All told, the event raised $72,000, which will be used for research and other important work at the hospital's new state-of-the-art facility designed to consolidate 50 pediatric specialties into one familyfriendly location. The new hospital is slated to open in 2011, and we are proud to have knocked down a few pins for the cause. Congratulations, team, on a great showing!

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Dick Ames Receives Transportation Advocate Award

The Minnesota Transportation Alliance honored Dick Ames with the Richard J. Mathiowetz Transporation Advocate Award for devoting his career to the development of craftspeople, managers, engineers, support staff, business partners, subcontractors and suppliers specializing in transportation projects. Named for the late Richard J. Mathiowetz of the Mathiowetz Construction Company, who is remembered for his strong advocacy and subsequent efforts with the legislature to secure increasing funding for Minnesota's transportation infrastructure, the Transportation Advocate Award is reserved for individuals from the private sector who demonstrate outstanding leadership tied to improving Minnesota's transportation infrastructure. Dick Ames was presented with the prestigious award at the 116th Annual Minnesota Transportation Alliance Membership Meeting on November 5, 2009, in st. Cloud, MN.

American Red Cross bloodmobile in the Ames Corporate Center parking lot.

Ames Annual Blood Drive

To celebrate the year's end, the Ames Construction Midwest Region hosts an annual Red Cross Blood Drive, and we are proud to say we've had another strong turnout. In fact, every available time slot was filled with employees, spouses, friends, neighbors, partners and vendors. This year's event was held a little earlier in the year, and we happened to hit a beautiful, sunny day. Those who participated in our previous blood drive may remember that it took place on the coldest day of the year in January. We are pleased to report that weather isn't a factor when it comes to doing the right thing -- support for this worthy cause remains high at any time of the year. Way to go, team!


Need to ADD your new baby, spouse or dependent(s) to your insurance? Need to ReMOVe an ex-spouse or a dependent age 19 or older who is not a full-time student? Please complete a new enrollment form and submit it to the Corporate Office. Have you MOVeD? Please submit a completed Change of Address form to your regional office. If you have any questions, please call the Human Resources Department at the Corporate Office, 952-435-7106.

oPerATIon sAFeTY AlerT

The Ames Construction, Inc. safety Department is reminding workers of the importance of buckling up each time they operate equipment or vehicles. "seat belts save lives and reduce injuries, simple as that!" says Roger McBride, Ames corporate safety manager. "every piece of equipment and motorized vehicle in our fleet comes from the factory with seat belts and some with shoulder restraints. They come that way for a reason ... so we will wear them. seat belts are actually safety devices, and many examples can be given where they either saved a life or would have if they had been worn." seat belts are not only a good idea, but their use is required by state and federal law. Both OsHA and MsHA regulations require operators and drivers to use seat belts each and every time the machine or vehicle is in motion. Company policy also requires the wearing of seat belts. The wearing of seat belts must become a habit in order for it to be effective. Like most habits, the habit of wearing a seat belt is formed over time. The safety Department's recommendation: "Get in the Habit!"


As a benefit to employees, Ames Construction offers the LifeWorks employee assistance program. LifeWorks is a confidential resource designed to assist you and your dependent(s) with health and wellness, stress management, individual/family counseling, mental health, substance abuse and much more. Dependents receive assistance at no additional cost. The program is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For more information, contact 1-888-267-8126, or access LifeWorks from the employee Resources page at

Dick Ames and Max At the end of a long day in the construction business, it never hurts to spend some downtime with a trusted friend.

Full-time student status defined

A full-time student is required to be enrolled with a minimum of 12 credits at an accredited university, college, secondary school or vocational school, and must provide a copy of the transcript or class schedule that states the school name, address and phone number each semester. If the transcript or class schedule is not submitted every August and January, all medical and dental claims will be denied until the information is received. The student has 30 days from the first of the month to provide the documentation. When a dependent ceases full-time student status, you must contact the Ames Help Line or the Corporate Office to ensure that COBRA coverage will be offered to the student.

Turkey sighting early in the fall outside the corporate office. Ames news, sPrInG 2010 3







After a brief work stoppage through the late fall and winter of last year, construction activities on the Abo Canyon Capacity Improvements project resumed in January 2010. The final leg of construction includes erection of nine bridges and one final rock excavation, known as the "sliver Cut," due to its close proximity to the live railway. The bulk of remaining work will be concentrated on construction of the nine remaining bridges. seven of the bridges to be constructed are multi-span bridges with heights approaching 100 feet. The remaining two bridges are single span and constructed entirely of precast components. Bridge construction on the Abo Canyon project is currently scheduled for completion in December 2010. Remaining earthwork on the project will commence in March 2010 and continue until project completion. Rock blasting to be conducted in the sliver Cut, adjacent to and above the existing live railway, will take special care to prevent disruption to railroad operations. Project superintendent Bill Valerio and structures superintendent ed French are working closely with Transystems and the BNsF railroad to complete work in early 2011. Ames teams and the railroad personnel are working collaboratively to ensure that all work is conducted in a manner that preserves the archaeological and environmental condition of the canyon. shale and rock with scrapers, rock trucks and highway trucks. The 95-foot cut through rock and shale at the "Big Hill," near the north end of the project, is also well under way. When completed this summer, the cut must "sit" for 12 months to allow the exposed shale to expand, as expected by KDOT's Geology Department, before we can trim the hill to grade. Crews also ran shot rock through a mobile crushing spread over the summer and fall months, crushing more than 300,000 tons of various material types. Formed superstructures on Bridges 105 and 106 over Woodson Road at the south end of the project. Having completed four of the 15 bridges on this project, as well as the substructures of five others, structure crews have been very busy. Additionally, 26 of the 33 box culverts on the project have been completed, with two more partially complete. This year, crews will be shifting the existing u.s.-59 highway and its traffic away from the new highway alignment in three locations in order to build interchanges. Reece Construction, a DBe bridge subcontractor, will build two of the remaining bridges this year as they did for us on the recently completed Franklin County segment of the project. Bettis Asphalt, our paving subcontractor, is also expecting a busy year on this project as it prepare sto pave over 100,000 tons of frontage roads, access roads and shooflies. The bulk of the project is slated for completion in 2010, although there will be some work associated with the Big Hill cut in 2011. As a side note to our work in the area, the Ames Percheron team caused a lot of excitement last December when Tony Ames accepted an invitation to participate in the old-fashioned Lawrence Christmas Parade through the historic downtown area of Lawrence, Kansas. Commenting on the meaning behind the largest team of horses ever represented in the parade's 17-year history, a spokesperson for the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce said, "Acting as ambassadors for Ames Construction, the Ames Percheron Farm's eight-horse hitch represents the work ethic and integrity that the family continues to promote."

Crews work to pour a concrete cap along the newly installed sheet pile toe wall.


The Lake Maloney Dam Repair project consists of 3,200 linear feet of sheet pile wall to support the existing dam, construction of a reinforced concrete cap, demolition of existing concrete, compaction grouting, soil nails, slope paving and joint sealing. The original scope is valued at $1.5 million, but because it was difficult for the designers to determine the true condition of the dam until the work began, additional work items are anticipated. The water level in the reservoir was lowered for a January start of construction, and the project must be completed by April 1, 2010, to allow water levels to return to normal. Ames crews are working long hours and multiple shifts to ensure on-time completion of this project.


Ames Construction began work on this project in January of 2009. since starting construction, earthwork crews have moved nearly 3 million cubic yards of dirt,

4 Ames news, sPrInG 2010

Current work on the terminal facilities will continue through early spring of 2010. The concrete work on the terminal facilities area is approximately 75 percent complete. The associated pipe, mechanical and building work will continue through the summer of 2010. Ames crews plan to begin working on the reservoir labyrinth spillway structure in April, which is scheduled to complete in approximately one year. Following the spillway construction and earth fill placement on the dam by other contractors, Ames crews will construct pier No. 2, the bridge abutment and the remaining two bridge spans, which will complete the Intake Tower Access Bridge. In addition to the original negotiated contract, Ames Construction has been awarded numerous changes at the reservoir. Crews just completed installation of 1,500 feet of 48-inch ductile iron pipe extension, which will serve as the primary fill point for the reservoir. This pipe extension included 45,000 cubic yards of excavation at the end of the pipe to route the water to the reservoir bottom. To facilitate a new road being constructed through the project area, 400 feet of 24-inch ductile water main was added, along with a 1,000-foot run of 8-inch ductile pipe for future hydrant service. since mid-February 2010, Parker Water & sanitation has has approval to store water in the reservoir basin. This will allow the owner to take advantage of storing water up to 50 feet high, while allowing continued construction of the upper portions of the dam and reservoir. the first phase of the project in January 2009, which consisted of 800,000 cubic yards of earthwork, including more than 500,000 cubic yards of shot rock. The first phase also included the construction of three Mse and two concrete retaining walls, as well as the installation of drainage culverts. This milestone was completed on time in June of 2009, which enabled the mine to proceed with construction of a new ore conveyor extension and load-out bin. In May 2009, Ames crews started construction of the Phase 5 Valley Leach Pad facility. To date, this work has included the installation of over 10,000 linear feet of freshwater supply mains, construction of a new 100,000-gallon water storage tank, and completion of approximately 2 million cubic yards of earthwork, of which 375,000 cubic yards was shot rock. Crews have also been screening native clay through most of 2009, and will continue these activities into mid-2010 in order to stockpile the 360,000 tons of clay required for the soil liner fill in the VLF. Crews have recently started screening the low-volume solution collection fill material, and will continue for the next couple of months, to stockpile the required 75,000 cubic yards for the "preg pond" as well. During the coming year, Ames crews will continue work on the new VLF, moving another 1.5 million cubic yards of earth, including another 350,000 cubic yards of shot rock. After the rough grading work is completed this spring, crews will begin installing nearly 8 million square feet of geo-membrane liner and a piped solution collection system for the VLF, which is scheduled for completion in the fall of 2011.


Ames Rocky Mountain Region crews began construction on the Hayden Rail spur in August 2009. The project involves construction for a new rail spur to deliver coal by train to the existing coal-burning power plant in Hayden, Colorado. Ames' scope of work includes realigning Routt County Road 27, grading for the new rail spur alignment, construction of four bridge substructures, installation of all T-wall retaining wall units, and miscellaneous culvert and fence work. A narrow corridor is available to construct the T-wall retaining wall system, which will elevate the rail spur approximately 25 feet above existing ground. Rebar for the wildlife bridge abutments is shown in the foreground of the above photo, and erected forms for the sage Creek Bridge abutments are shown in the background. Ames crews completed the bridge substructures, the majority of the rail spur grading, and a portion of the RCR 27 realignment work in 2009. In 2010, crews will complete the RCR 27 realignment, install the T-wall units, and finish the remaining rail spur grading. Ames crews are currently on schedule to complete the project in early October 2010. The Ames Construction Rocky Mountain Region team has submitted proposals for additional work scope packages on the project, including erection of the superstructures for the four bridge substructures completed in 2009, and construction of a new ash haul road.

Erection of Span 3 of the Intake Tower Access Bridge.


Work has continued on the negotiated second phase of the Rueter-Hess Dam project since its start in October 2008. The dam, which is located in Parker, Colorado, and owned by Parker Water and sanitation, is on schedule to be completed by spring 2012. Work on the 180-foot tower is complete along with the first bridge pier and span for the 370-foot, three-span bridge. The dual 78-inch concrete-encased conduits are complete to the downstream terminal facilities.


Working in cooperation with the Nebraska Department of Roads, Ames crews are gearing up to work on the next leg of I-80 in Nebraska from Waverly to Greenwood -- scheduled over the next three years. scope of work includes widening the Interstate, demolishing nine bridges and constructing six Interstate bridges. Construction will be in four phases, more than 700,000 cubic yards of dirt will be moved, approximately 11,000 linear feet of pipe will be laid, and nearly 700,000 square yards of concrete paving will be placed. Ames crews will perform all earthwork and construct each of the six bridges, including four single-spans and two three-spans. The bridges will cross several environmentally sensitive areas, including 22 wetlands and three creeks. An option on the project was given to build the bridges with steel or concrete girders. We have chosen the concrete option.

Cut-to-fill operation in progress in the VLF area; Cat 385 Excavator loading a Cat 777D Rock Truck.


Ames Construction is progressing with work on the Arequa Gulch Phase 5 Valley Leach Facility (VLF) contract at the Cripple Creek and Victor Gold Mine near Victor, Colorado, for AngloGold Ashanti (Colorado) Corporation. Ames crews began work on


The Thedford Viaduct project in Thedford, Nebraska, is currently in a winter shutdown, with operations slated to begin again in early spring. In 2009, Ames crews completed all mainline earthwork, grading and paving for the shoofly, installation of nearly all project pipe, construction of the box culvert, construction of the Mse retaining walls, and completion of the two project bridges. unfortunately, extreme winter conditions did not allow for a 2009 completion. Most of the remaining work to be performed is subcontractor work, including concrete paving, electrical installation, permanent striping and erosion control. Ames crews will have to demolish an existing bridge and obliterate and reclaim the shoofly, along with other minor miscellaneous work. The Thedford Viaduct is a stimulusfunded project.

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Ames Construction was the general contractor on this 104-mile second-track construction project for the union Pacific Railroad, providing grading and associated drainage as well as bridge work services. Aggregate placement included sub-blast and riprap at headwall locations and bridges. Jack and bore locations included 547 individual jacks under existing track. structural concrete included 377 cast-in-place headwalls at pipe culvert locations. A total of 54 bridges were spread out over the length of the project. Most were two- and three-span, precast railroad bridges on H-pile foundations with precast caps. several bridges were five and six span. In addition, there were 40 at-grade crossings in the initial contract, but due to permitting, some were not completed. The number of miles involved in this project presented unique logistical challenges, all met with success. Additionally, the project was bid with a very aggressive completion schedule.




The southwest Region continues to progress on the Loop 303 Highway project in the North Valley. scope of work on the 10.5 miles of new highway includes 3 million cubic yards of roadway excavation and embankment, aggregate base, PCCP, drainage facilities, four pre-stressed AAsHTO girder bridges and one cast-in-place box girder bridge. Ames Construction has joint-ventured with Coffman specialties, Inc., of san Diego, California, and has completed over 60 percent of the contract. Crews have been working in double shifts since August to complete


The central Arizona state Route 260 project is located in Gila County approximately 10 miles east of the town of Payson. It is the fourth project along this stretch of highway designed to transform an existing two-lane road into a divided four-lane highway that will tie the completed Preacher Canyon and Kohl's Ranch sections of the highway together. While ADOT is the official owner of the contract, numerous entities and stakeholders are involved including the Tonto National Forest. The new 4.5-mile section of divided highway is located entirely within Tonto National Forest, an area densely populated with ponderosa pines, which means environmental standards and precise scheduling are imperatives for success. The project's earthwork consists of approximately 1 million yards of excavation, including over 200,000 cubic yards that will require blasting. Once completed, pipe culvert, ranging from 24 inches to 120 inches in diameter, must be installed within days of the earthwork activities to remain within environmental permitting constraints. The project also involves constructing three new bridges, a new box culvert, and the repair of an existing bridge on the completed Kohl's Ranch segment. During construction of the largest bridge, spanning Thompson Draw, an Mse wall with roughly 100,000 cubic yards of embankment must be placed simultaneously. Although major project activity was scheduled for August of 2009, environmental restrictions temporarily prevented clearing activities, and unusual winter storms have further delayed progress on the project until spring. The anticipated completion date is now July 2011.

the earthwork, and will begin paving early this spring. Over the past six months, structure crews have completed seven reinforced box culverts and the substructure on all bridges. The project will continue at an equally rapid pace through this summer with substantial completion by November 2010.


In December 2009, the southwest Region's proposal for the replacement of the Gilson Wash Bridge, located near Cutter, Arizona (approximately 7 miles east of Globe on the san Carlos Apache Reservation), was accepted by the Arizona eastern Railroad Company. In 2008, a flash flood wiped out the existing mainline railroad bridge crossing Gilson Wash. The loss of the bridge cut rail service to the ranches and mines between Globe and safford, a vital link for the local economy. An emergency repair was implemented, which included installing twelve 96-inch diameter CMP culverts and a temporary earth fill along the existing track alignment. This allowed the railroad to resume operations without excessive delay. The new bridge will replace the temporary culverts and fill with a state-of-the-art rail bridge designed to accommodate the 100-year averagerecurrence interval flood. The work includes building a new 288-foot bridge while maintaining traffic on the adjacent rail line, 25 feet from the new centerline. This will require shoring up and supporting the existing track to AReMA standards and Cooper e 80 loading. The new bridge will have eight spans of double precast concrete box beams, supported by cast-in-place piers and abutments, founded on drilled shafts. Other work will include removing the existing temporary fill and culverts after relocating the tracks to the new bridge, realigning the channel, and installing bank protection. Drugs and alcohol on Ames job sites are strictly prohibited! showing up for work under the influence is also forbidden. This Ames policy applies to all workers, including supervisors, and also includes every project site under our control. This policy is not limited to regular work hours only, but bans drugs and alcohol from our job sites and Ames motor vehicles at all times, including before and after work.

just a Reminder


6 Ames news, sPrInG 2010

Southwest Region pulls for charity

What does it take to pull a 95,000-pound Airbus 319 aircraft 15 feet in 5.93 seconds? That's easy. Twenty well-muscled team members from the southwest Region of Ames Construction. The annual "Jet Pull" at Phoenix sky Harbor International Airport is a charity event created to raise money for the Community service Fund Drive's united Way Campaign. each team of 20 pays an entry fee to compete for bragging rights. Not only did our team pull the jet 15 feet, they came in with the fastest time out of 20 participating teams. According to Community service Fund Drive Chair and City of Phoenix Aviation employee Kate

John Ames dubbed King Arthur.

john Ames dubbed Camelot's king

The annual Camelot Therapeutic Horsemanship Halloween party, hosted at the home of John and sharon Ames last fall, was highlighted by a king's dubbing as executive Director Mary Hadsell and Michelle Bartlett from Camelot dubbed John Ames, Camelot's newest board member, King Arthur. Mary read to him the qualities of a knight, and Michelle swore him in with the tap of an Arthurian sword, which was later presented to him. As everyone thanked John for his tireless contributions to the organization, he did what any noble king would do. He turned the praise to his honorary court, including Deanne Kimes, Ron Rasmussen and Larry Palmer, for all their help in fulfilling Camelot's dreams. Camelot Therapeutic Horsemanship, a nonprofit program founded over 25 years ago by eileen szychowski, a horsewoman with a disability, provides a challenging program for students with disabilities to learn the many aspects of horsemanship. The extraordinary Camelot program utilizes horsemanship to develop self-worth, independence and active community participation. John and sharon Ames have made numerous contributions to the organization by hosting and volunteering their time at many of Camelot's activities.

Ames Construction, Inc. is an equal Opportunity employer and does not tolerate discrimination against any individual for any reason.

O'Malley, the event was a success. "We had a record number of teams participating for both city of Phoenix and us Airways. This is always a fun event, and it is a great feeling to be able to literally PuLL for our local community!"

USDOT medical card reminder

Cards are usually good for two years, but: Your CDL is not valid unless accompanied by a current DOT-approved medical certificate. It is a driver's responsibility to make sure that your medical certificate is current, that you comply with any restrictions, that your Regional HQ has a copy in your file, and that you carry a copy with you while on duty.

OUTLOOk vision discount program

Here's a tip for the next time you get your eyes checked. OuTLOOK Vision services® is an eye care program with a schedule of benefits and/or a percentage discount that provide substantial savings off the regular retail price for eyewear. The network consists of over 10,500 optical providers nationwide. A nominal dispensing fee may apply in certain areas. Members may choose a provider by calling toll free at 1-800-342-7188 or by visiting

emPloYee uPdATe


Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

This is to affirm the Ames Construction, Inc. policy of providing equal Opportunity to all employees and applicants for employment in accordance with all applicable equal employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action laws, directives and regulations of federal, state and local governing bodies or agencies thereof. Ames Construction, Inc. will not discriminate against or harass any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, disability, age, marital status, affectional preference, ancestry or status with regard to public assistance. Ames Construction, Inc. will take Affirmative Action to ensure that all employment practices are free of such discrimination. such employment practices include, but are not limited to, the following: hiring, upgrading, demotion, transfer, recruitment or recruitment advertising, selection, layoff,

disciplinary action, termination, rates of pay or other forms of compensation, and selection for training, including apprenticeship. Ames Construction, Inc. prohibits the harassment of any employee or job applicant because of sex, national origin or race. Ames Construction, Inc. will use its best efforts to afford minority and female business enterprises with the maximum practicable opportunity to participate in the performance of subcontracts for construction projects that this employer engages in. Ames Construction, Inc. will commit the necessary time and resources, both financial and human, to achieve the goals of equal employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action. Ames Construction, Inc. will maintain a hostility-free work environment and good work conditions for all employees and supervisors.


so as not to miss anyone who had a baby, we would like to congratulate all growing families in the southwest Region, and wish them the very best.

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Transportation Project Merit Award-winner The Western Region's Bull Mountain Rail spur project has received an award of merit in the transportation category of Mountain states Construction magazine's Intermountain Best of 2009 competition. The annual `Best of' competition was created by the magazine to determine the best projects completed by firms in utah, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Led by Ames Construction, and completed in July 2009, the Bull Mountain Railroad spur was a design-build project that involved constructing a new 36-mile private rail spur and five bridges that tie into existing BNsF Railway mainline tracks near Broadview, Montana. The project required precision teamwork between construction and design teams to ensure an uninterrupted flow of work. The design team was provided a relatively narrow corridor (often only 300-feet wide), maximum railroad grade restrictions of 1.0 percent adverse grade, railroad curve restrictions and a large number of county and private road crossings that had to be maintained or improved. Material procurement and deliveries also required precise and continuous coordination, including precast concrete ties rail-shipped from spokane, Washington, continuous welded 136# rail shipped in 1,600-foot sections on special rail cars from Pueblo, Colorado, and ballast shipped by rail from a quarry in sprague, Washington. Working under an aggressive schedule, crews moved nearly 10 million cubic yards of earthwork in nine months. The project also included on-site processing of approximately 400,000 cubic yards of material for production of sub-ballast. Crews worked seven days a week, around the clock, to keep the fills "live," which prevented exposure to freezing temperatures. The bridges are all three-span structures utilizing precast concrete girders and cast-in-place footings, piers, abutments and decks. Three of the bridges provide crossings for county roads over the rail spur. The other two bridges provide crossing for the rail spur over the top of state highways. The completed rail spur allows the client to ship high tonnages of coal safely and efficiently from its newly developed underground coal mine to its newly constructed coal preparation plant located at the end of the rail spur. Thank you to Mountain states Construction magazine and its judges for acknowledging Ames Construction and the Bull Mountain Rail spur Design-Build Project with its `Award of Merit: Transportation' in the Intermountain Best of 2009 competition.


Ames Construction and its joint venture partner are beginning the second year of work on the 114th south Design Build Project, which is slated for completion in late 2010. The project includes rebuilding a portion of I-15, constructing a new single-point urban interchange at 11400 south, and approximately 4 1/2 miles of new five-lane road connecting I-15 to Bangerter Highway. Reconstruction of I-15 is being completed in three phases to accommodate original lane configurations. Last year, crews completed phase one construction, switched traffic, and began work on phase two. Phase two bridgework is currently scheduled for completion by early April, and crews are ready to pave I-15 as soon as weather allows.

The project goal is to complete phase three and open the new interchange in August. Ames crews have also been working on building 114th south from I-15 to Bangerter Highway. This new five-lane road will replace the old two-lane street through a heavily populated suburban area, and is being built in two phases to maintain traffic flow. The new road will also cross the Jordan River, making a connection where the existing road came to a dead end. Over the last year, the Ames design build team has completed acquisition of the majority of the right-ofway required for the expansion, relocated a significant amount of utilities, installed portions of the new storm drain system, completed initial earthwork for the new Jordan River abutments, installed two large arch culverts, and started the first phase of concrete paving on the west end of the corridor. The new roadway is expected to be completed mid-August 2010.

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Named Best Transportation Project by Mountain States Construction

Mountain states Construction magazine has chosen the Western Region's us-6, MP 200 Bridge Replacement project as Best Transportation Project in its Intermountain Best of 2009 competition, which honors the best projects completed by firms in utah, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Judging is facilitated by a panel of industry experts, based on design quality and innovation, craftsmanship, the project's contribution to the community and the industry, solution of unique design and construction challenges, and overall excellence.

The us-6, MP 200 Bridge Replacement project replaced two highway bridges using a technique known as accelerated bridge construction (ABC), which incorporates precast concrete abutments and precast concrete deck panels. This is the first bridge construction project in the state of utah to employ the innovative ABC technique. Because

prefabrication of these major elements was completed in a controlled off-site environment, without the limitations that the jobsite presented, constructability was improved, quality was increased, costs were lowered, and the schedule was shortened. This bridge replacement project, which also involved widening one mile of roadway and demolishing an existing bridge, was particularly challenging, because it was constructed adjacent to and above an operating uPRR double-track rail line with no disruption to their service. Congratulations to everyone who worked on the us-6, MP 200 Bridge Replacement project, and a special thank you to Mountain states Construction magazine and its judges for selecting this unique job as Best Transportation Project in its Intermountain Best of 2009 competition.

Western Region Awards


Ames Western Region was awarded First Place in the Heavy Highway Category. Over 200,000 man-hours worked with no recorded injury.


Awarded to Ames Construction in recognition and appreciation of safety as measured by outstanding safety performance.


Ames Construction was presented the Platinum Award for being 25 percent below the national average for the company's "Total Recordable Incident Rate" in the state of utah for 2008.


Ames Construction was the general contractor for this buried large-diameter pipeline project, which is an integral part of the utah Lake Drainage Basin Water Delivery system. Our scope of work included installing more than 10,000 feet of 96-inch-diameter cement-mortar-lined steel pipe with welded joints, nearly 1,400 feet of 30-inchdiameter HDPe pipe, and roughly 21,000 cubic yards of flowable fill, a controlled low-strength material. each section of the 96-inch pipe was 40 feet long and weighed 54,000 pounds. Ames Construction crews used a 300-foot-long slide-rail shoring system to maintain and safeguard the excavations. Construction was performed in a very narrow right-ofway in a canyon. One side of the work was immediately adjacent to a major highway required to remain open to traffic, while the other side was adjacent to steep canyon walls. The spanish Canyon Fork Pipeline project was partially funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.


Awarded to Ames Construction for the us-6, Milepost 218.7 to emma Park Road project.


Ames Construction, Inc. is committed to maintaining a safe, healthful and efficient workplace where employees are free from the threat of workplace violence or harassment. In keeping with this policy, Ames Construction prohibits any employee from engaging in any act, either on company premises or during the performance of work-related duties, that: 1. Threatens the safety of any employee, affiliate and/or customer; 2. Affects the health, life or well-being of any employee, affiliate and/or customer; 3. Results in damage to company, employee, affiliate and/or customer property. Any employee or manager who have been threatened, are victims of a violent act, or witness to any threats or violent acts, shall report such activity to the Corporate Human Resources manager immediately at 952-435-7106. each report will be promptly investigated.

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The project involves removing an existing 360-foot swing span and replacing it with a new vertical lift span. The process involves building two new piers and placing 140-foot towers around the existing bridge. The center-pivot pier would then be removed to open the navigation span to 350 feet. The old swing span is listed as the worst bridge on the Mississippi River for collisions. During construction of the new bridge piers and lift span towers, the train traffic (approximately 30 trains a day) and navigation (approximately 12 to 16 barge tows a day) need to be maintained. The new lift span truss will be built on four barges just downstream of the existing bridge. The new truss will weigh about 5 million pounds and dimensionally be 370 feet long, 65 feet tall and 36 feet wide. DCCI will be the subcontractor doing the structural steel erection. The piers are founded on 12-foot-diameter drilled shafts that are over 70 feet in length, and an 11-footdiameter, 40-foot-long rock socket. Case Foundation is the subcontractor for the drilled shaft operation with Ames support. Ames Construction will have just 30 hours to float out the old swing span and float in the new trust span before starting trains back across. The float out will be in mid-December of this year. This is a Truman Hobbs project, which means it is 90 percent funded by the Coast Guard through BNsF. The contract was awarded in July of 2009 and construction started in October. Due to some problems encountered this winter, the piers had to be redesigned and the bridge span shifted. The new scope of work includes an additional pier in the river as well as removing and replacing a 250-foot truss span with two temporary 70­80 foot DPG (Deck Plate Girder) jump spans and one new 90-foot DPG span. Work has recently resumed on the construction of the river piers, while steel fabrication by PDM, and all the machinery and upper tower sheaves by G & G steel, have continued uninterrupted. The structural steel is on schedule to start being received on the job site in early July with machinery components arriving as early as August. The four tower sheaves, each weighing 186,000 pounds, will arrive in september by barge. This will be the heaviest pick on the project, requiring each one to be placed on top of the towers that rise approximately 130 feet above the Mississippi River. Ames Construction has a fleet of owned and rented barges on-site to assist in the construction operations. The Ames fleet includes the newly christened "Ruby Belle" tugboat, 16 Poseidon porta barges, a 35 foot by 110 foot crane barge and several other crane and material barges. It has a Manitowoc 10000 crane on shore assisting the drilled-shaft rebar subcontractor J.D./Davis in tying the 110-foot-long cages for the 12-foot-diameter drilled shafts. The cages, each weighing approximately 200,000 pounds, will be placed with a Manitowoc 999 crane in a single piece. Key personnel on the project: Construction Manager/Project Manager -- David Duke superintendent -- Denny Birkholm Project engineer -- Matt stowman Field engineer -- John Corradetti safety engineer --- Zachary Huhmann Lead survey -- shawn Burks Laborer Foreman -- Roger Mier Pile Foreman --Tom Pflibsen

The Ruby Belle Story

Due to the complexity of the BNsF Bridge project, most of our work was on the river. With the swift river currents, the Ames tugboat Ruby Belle was brought in to aid crews by stabilizing the work site. Before its acquisition, the tug was working out of New Orleans. southern boats have always been recognized with "Belle" in the name, and as fate would have it, the matriarch of the Ames family happened to be Ruby Belle Ames. For sentimental reasons, the flagship of the Ames fleet will forever carry her name. With so many bridges in the united states being scrutinized for safety and age reasons, Ames Construction is performing more bridge upgrades and reconstruction on many of America's waterways, and the recently renovated Ruby Belle will always be ready to serve.

Human Resources/ Insurance Help


Medical or Dental Questions? Call the Ames Helpline at:

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Construction activities associated with a nearby bridge project revealed that an existing forcemain was more severely deteriorated than previous inspections had revealed. With the integrity of the forcemain compromised, Metropolitan Council environmental services, a regional planning agency serving the Twin Cities-seven-county metropolitan area, awarded the south st. Paul Forcemain Improvement Project to Ames Construction in August 2009. The contract represents the first of five phases tied to the replacement of the corroding 48-inch PCCP sewer forcemain. The project includes the installation of a dual forcemain, consisting of HDPe, DIP and PVC pipe. Ames crews will install an estimated 8,000 feet of dual 30-inch pressure pipe using open-cut methods. Trench depths will range from 11 feet to 22 feet from existing ground, with all excavated material handled as contaminated soil. A temporary diversion forcemain will be installed along the Mississippi River, which includes two hot taps and two line stops on the existing PCCP pipe. Three cast-in-place structures will be built with sizes ranging from 20 feet x 20 feet to 27 feet x 30 feet at a depth of 15 to 22 feet.


Located approximately 60 miles south of Minneapolis, the historic Faribault Viaduct Bridge was built in 1937 as a two-lane bridge, but with average daily traffic volume exceeding 10,000 vehicles, rehabilitation was a necessity. Ames Construction served as general contractor on this Minnesota Department of Transportation-owned project, and worked closely with 10 subcontractors over the course of the 10-month project, which successfully concluded with the reopening of the bridge on October 17, 2009 According to the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the bridge hadn't undergone any significant remodeling since 1937, when it was built at a cost of $500,000. Because the bridge is on the National Register of Historic structures, special care was taken to preserve its unique features, including its iconic

arches and spandrels from the original bridge, which remain intact. Rehabilitation work on the 800-foot bridge included converting the original two-lane bridge to a four lane bridge, with complete reconstruction of all elements except the three main span arches and their supporting foundations. Additional work associated with the project included a full urban reconstruct of city streets and utilities in a 6-block area leading into the bridge. Project highlights include winning the 2009 MNDOT/ AGC Bridge Award for exceptional bridge construction work in the large-bridge category and completing the job on schedule with no lost-time accidents. Ames Construction would like to thank our client, subcontractors, suppliers and all our personnel for making this a successful and safe project. The next step in the process was construction of the wind turbine assembly area, where foundation backfill consumed approximately 170,000 cubic yards of native fill, nearly 100 tons of engineered fill, and in order to build the sites to grade, more than 200,000 cubic yards of borrow. Work on this phase was completed on June 29, 2009. The crane pad construction phase of this project was a massive undertaking. Beyond the fact that this project required 121 gravel crane pads, spread across 144 square miles, each one had to support the erector's model 16000 Manitowoc crane. The footprint of each crane pad was roughly 85 feet x 50 feet, and total gravel consumption edged close to 120,000 tons as crews completed the last pad on July 7, 2009. In order to facilitate crane walks, Ames crews were required to grade and compact topsoil crane paths traversing more than 134,000 feet of farmland. Also, to enable truck and crane traffic at the 85 access road entrances, ditch crossings and waterway crossings, more than 187,000 feet of corrugated metal pipe was installed. some was used to temporarily widen radiuses for truck turns and crane walkways, then removed and returned to the owner's storage yard for use in future projects.

midwest Awards


Awarded to Ames Construction for exceptional bridge construction work on the TH 60 bridge reconstruction project spanning the straight River in Faribault, Minnesota.

emPloYee uPdATe


The Ames Midwest Region successfully completed its work on Alliant energy's Whispering Willows Wind Farm, which spans approximately 144 square miles in Franklin County, Iowa, an area now dotted with Vestas wind turbines. Ames crews began work on the project in early December 2009 and were responsible for substation site grading, construction of a 6-acre gravel lay-down yard, access road construction, foundation backfill, crane pad construction, pipe installation, crane path installation, maintenance of public and private roadways, and the restoration of access roads, crane pads and public roadways.


Jeff Leitzan has joined the Midwest Region as a special projects manager. Ryan Kniefel, who interned with Midwest last summer, has joined as a full-time engineer.

The final phase of the project required Ames crews to narrow all access roadways to 16 feet, and reduce the crane pads to less than half their original size. More than 60,000 cubic yards of sand borrow was removed from the sites and stockpiled at the owner's storage facility, also for future use -- part of an agreement With sub-grade preparation for the substation and between the project owner and landowners. Having lay-down yard completed by the end of December, Ames crews began construction of the gravel roadway, completed this phase on October 20, 2009, Ames crews proceeded with topsoil restoration, which was which consumed more than 290,000 tons of gravelbase. That phase of the project began in January 2009 completed and accepted by the owner on November 19, 2009, although crews remained on-site for and wrapped up in mid-May. support through January 2009.


steve Nelson passed his Professional Registration (Pe) as a civil engineer on 12-24-09.


so as not to miss anyone who had a baby, we would like to congratulate all growing families in the Midwest Region, and wish them the very best.

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Ames Construction, Inc.®

2000 Ames Drive Burnsville, MN 55306


Ames ConsTruCTIon, InC.


In the fall of 2009, Ames Construction was awarded a contract with the city of st. Louis Park, Minnesota, to reconstruct a heavily used grade intersection into a compressed diamond interchange. st. Louis Park is an inner-ring suburb located approximately 5 miles west of Minneapolis. The project involves a number of different elements, including retaining walls, a new bridge, grading and underground utilities. Of particular note: the construction of a temporary sanitary sewer bypass that will run nearly 4,500 feet in length. To maintain continuous traffic flow through the job site, the work will be completed in stages. Ames crews look forward to a busy and safe 2010 construction season on this project.


The Watertown bypass got a running start last year, moving more than 1 million yards of dirt of the nearly 3 million yards required for the job. Ames crews also placed roughly 350,000 tons of aggregate. We are looking forward to having another great year, with over half of the bridges to be completed in 2010.

to the protection of the spirit Lake Reservation and surrounding communities. Located in northeastern North Dakota, Devils Lake has risen 26 feet in the last 13 years, and is expected to rise another 2 feet in the spring of 2010, putting Ames crews in a race against time to construct the levees before the lake overtakes them. To reach their objective, Ames crews will have to complete nearly 5 million cubic yards of earthwork, approximately 300,000 tons of rock placement, roughly 500,000 square feet of temporary sheeting over all piping, and a slurry cutoff wall. Crews anticipate resuming work in April and will work double shifts to complete the project by November of 2010. Ames Construction will also bid on several other projects, with similar scopes of work, in the North Dakota area during 2010.


In the fall of 2009, the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the spirit Lake Tribal Nation selected Ames Construction to build approximately 9 miles of clay levees designed to contain Devils Lake and reduce the amount of damage caused by flooding -- a project that is vital

The Ruby Belle assisting crews on the BNSF Swing Bridge Replacement work site, Burlington, IA. Photo shot by Zach Huhmann, safety engineer on the project, Midwest Region.

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