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# 2193

Wagner Power Tex® All In One Powered Textured SprayerTM

Powerful Air Turbine No Compressor Required 3 Spray Nozzles 1 Gallon Hopper Lock-n-GoTM Removable Components

Wagner Power Tex Texture Sprayer features a powerful, built in air turbine with plenty of power to texture walls and ceilings, yet it's lightweight and easy to use for small projects. The Power Tex Texture Sprayer comes with 3 nozzles for varying textures. It has an easy-to-fill onboard texture hopper that converts easily for spraying walls or ceilings. No air compressor required. Plugs into a standard wall socket. Set up is easy with no tools required.

Read owner's manual and warnings for details | Para obtener más detalles, consulte el manual del propietario y las advertencias | Lire le manuel d'utilisation pour tous les détails complets.


Attach Air Turbine Incorpore la turbina de aire Attacher la turbine à air

Select Hopper Position Seleccione la posición de la tolva Choisir la position de la trémie

Select Spray Nozzle Seleccione la boquilla rociadora Choisir la buse de vaporisation


2137 - 061008

Mix Texture Thoroughly Mezcle la textura completamente Mélanger soigneusement

Fill Hopper Llene la tolva Remplir la trémie CLEAN-UP / LIMPIEZA /NETTOYAGE

Test Spray Haga una prueba del rocío Tester la vaporisation

Empty Hopper Vacíe la tolva Vider la trémie

Rinse Spray Head and Hopper Enjuague el cabezal rociador y la tolva Rincer la tête de vaporisation et la trémie TECHNICAL DATA / DONNÉES TÉCHNIQUES / INFORMACIÓN TÉCNICA

Capacidad de la tolva: 1 galón Energía: 120 voltios 60 hertz 3.7 amperios Capacité de la trémie: 1-Gallon Puissance: 120 volts 60 hertz 3.7 a


Remove Air Turbine Retire la turbina de aire Enlever la turbine à air

Hopper Capacity: 1 Gallon Power: 120 volts 60 hertz 3.7 amps

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sprayer powertex application instructions 2193:Layout 1.qxd

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