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Callahan Techniques ­

Thought Field Therapy

Approved TFT Algorithm Training A seminar for therapists, health care providers, coaches & healers who work with clients & patients.

with Dr. Fränzi Ng Ed.D., Registered Certified TFT Trainer

Coming to you in 2011 LOCATIONS & DATES

Become a

Certified TFT Algorithm Practitioner

Only 16 seats available per seminar.

Prince George: February 5 & 6 Phoenix, AZ: Terrace: Vernon: Vancouver: February 23 & 24 April 9 & 10 April 16 & 17 TBA


250 964 0118

to register now!

Prince George: May 14 & 15

Times: 8:45 am - 5:15 pm For an up-to-date list of workshops go to: Book a custom-made training in your community. Call 250 964 0118.

Master these proven techniques in just 2 days & you will eliminate: Trauma - Grief Stress - Anxiety Depression - Guilt Fears - Phobias Addictions - Shame Physical Pain - Cravings Anger - Rage Panic - Obsession Jet Lag - Frustration Neurological Disorganization ... with a minimum Success Rate of more than 80%. GUARANTEED!


$ 375.00 $349.00

14 CECs


are awarded for this training by: - the BC College of Massage Therapists (CMT) - the Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association (CCPA). This training is approved by the Association for Thought Field Therapy & Callahan Techniques

Renew Your

Passion for Healing.

Thought Field Therapy, TFT, is a natural, safe, no fuss technique that often brings lasting results; results that make a real, meaningful difference in the lives of sufferers.

Love the Results You Get!

We started our careers eager to help and make a difference. It is this desire that keeps us going even when we get bogged down by: · · · · overwhelming workloads, endless paperwork, unrealistic expectations, & impossible timelines.

You will learn to tap away emotional problems at their root by activating certain acupressure points on the body in a

specific sequence. Often seemingly miraculous healings are possible with TFT ­ without the harmful drug interactions and without dangerous side effects. Join an elite group of professionals from around the world who, looking for faster and more reliable therapies, found TFT - and stuck with it.

During the workshop you will receive individual support and supervision to ensure optimal learning, as the seminar is LIMITED TO ONLY 18 ATTENDEES. Your journey to increased success with your clients starts here! Pick up the phone and dial 250 964 0118 to reserve your place. We are waiting for your call. Alternatively, complete and mail the registration form on the back cover. The course comes with an unconditional

However, over the long run, compassion fatigue and burnout become real issues for all people-helping professionals.

The best remedy for burnout is success. There is nothing more revitalizing than surpassing yours and others' expectations. Nothing is more rewarding and invigorating than beating the odds & doing with ease & elegance what many thought to be "impossible." The powerful techniques taught in this two day seminar will allow you to do just that: You will be able to celebrate new, significant breakthroughs even with your most complex and challenging patients. In fact, my students enjoy a solid minimum success rate of 80% immediately after taking this two day training. The secret to this extraordinary success rate is a new, proven, rapid response therapy that allows its practitioners not just to manage but to eliminate trauma, grief, anxiety, depression, guilt, shame and anger quickly, effectively and without retraumatizing patients.

105% Money Back Guarantee

(see page 7 for details).

Just $375 + H S T . Call 250 964 0118 to enroll

Enroll today. You'll be glad you did.

"TFT is not just the most powerful tool in traumatic stress reduction; IT SAVES LIVES. I have used TFT to intervene with a suicidal client and it worked. Thank you, Dr. Callahan, for sharing this with the world."

Bruce Ramsey, CTR, CISM, Program Director First Nations' Emergency Services Society of B.C.

Here are Just Some of the Problems You'll Solve in this Course!

"No matter what I try with my clients, some just don't want to or cannot change."

You'll learn a simple 10-second technique that will allow your patients to break through these involuntary barriers to a place where healing becomes possible again. Dr. Callahan discovered this effective treatment over 30 years ago. It instantly boosted the success rate of TFT from 40% to more than 80%. Use this safe and discrete intervention also to increase the success rate of any other modality you may already be practicing. Having this technique in your tool kit is alone worth the registration fee.

138 recent Graduates rated their

overall Satisfaction with this Class

9.5 out of 10.

"My clients will be skeptical when I introduce them to this new technique. I'm not sure it will fly."

Results often speak for themselves. When your clients realize that you were able to eliminate their longterm suffering quickly and painlessly, you will not have to convince them anymore that TFT works. Instead, your clients will come back for more and they will let others know about the "magic" you were able to perform for them. Grateful, happy clients are your best advertising. This will easily translate into more clients and more money in your pocketbook at the end of the month.

"Some of my patients have repressed memories, or they simply don't know why they are upset."

Discover a technique that does not require your patient to know where, when or how a problem started. Neither do clients have to be able to remember and retell the details about a particular event for the treatment to work. TFT is not a talking cure. If all your patients are aware of are negative or repressed feelings, you will be able to end their suffering ­ gently and effectively, immediately after taking this seminar. In a Rwandan orphanage of over 450 genocide and AIDS survivors, the occurrence of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) was reduced from 100% to a mere 4% after the children were introduced to TFT-even though the therapists had to work with translators.

"TFT is beyond amazing. I have never seen any treatment so powerful."

Dr. Martin Swartz, Research Associate Professor NY University Medical School

"My workplace policy does not allow me to touch my patients, hypnotize them, give supplements, or use any New Age teachings."

You don't have to! The techniques you will learn are self-administered. The clients touch and treat themselves. Moreover, TFT is not hypnotism, and no equipment, supplements or drugs are required for it to work. TFT is not New Age. Instead, it is based on solid research (see Journal of Clinical Psychology, October, 2001). TFT has been extensively field tested. More than 500,000 individuals from around the world have already been helped by these techniques. No one has to believe in TFT for it to work. Similar to electricity, TFT works regardless of who turns the switch.

"TFT is extraordinarily powerful, in that clients receive nearly immediate relief from their suffering & the treatment appears to be very impressive... It is extremely efficient (fast & long lasting)."

Charles Figley, Ph.D., Professor & Director Psychological

Stress Research Program & Clinical Laboratory, Florida State University

"TFT is one of the most revolutionary & helpful therapy procedures I have ever come across."

Dr. Gary Emery, Co-author Anxiety Disorder & Phobias

"I want my patients to become self-reliant."

You will be able to teach the essence of your new learning to your clients in just a few minutes. This way, they will be able to treat themselves in between sessions for optimal outcomes.

"I have been trained in traditional medical, psychiatric, psychoanalytic and psychopharmacological models and I can state clearly If I had only one therapy to use it would be Callahan Technique - Thought Field Therapy, It's the best therapy in history."

Kuanna Rouna, MD Centre for Holistic Therapy, Washington, DC

What Can I Exp

Day 1


Body, Mind & Spirit: Healing Holistically § How TFT offers a holistic approach to healing § Discover how easy and effortless it can be to dissolve negative, limiting core beliefs about oneself and the world § How TFT can offer a path to spiritual growth Mastering the TFT Protocol for Immediate Use § Get world-class, brain-friendly training that allows you to be in an optimal learning state at all times during the training. Dr. Fränzi is a Master Teacher, who makes learning TFT fun, easy & effective. § Get individual attention and supervision thanks to the small class size § Experience how most participants leave the training feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Eliminating Negative Emotions § Learn the TFT Algorithms (or recipes) to rapidly dissolve & eliminate: · · · · · · Stress Anxiety Cravings Addictions Fears Phobias incl. fear of flying, public

speaking, spiders, social situations & claustrophobia

§ Live demonstrations and practice sessions are held throughout the training. Many attendees choose to work on personal issues which they often can resolve completely. Eliminating Resistance, Self-Sabotage & Procrastination § How to easily recognize blocks to healing § How to non-cognitively transform resistance, selfsabotage and procrastination into cooperation, flow and healing in just seconds Going to the Root of the Problem § Discover how TFT does not distract or brainwash clients but addresses and eliminates the very root of all emotional problems § Get a compelling explanation for how & why TFT works so well § How to quickly & easily communicate what TFT is, so your friends, patients & supervisors "get it." Success with Children & Teens § The dos and don'ts of using TFT in an educational setting § 6 fun games & songs you can play & sing with children of all ages § Strategies to excite high school-aged kids about TFT and get them tapping along Troubleshooting: What to do If it Does Not Seem to Work § How to introduce others to TFT for better outcomes § 6 simple steps you can take right away that will further boost your success rate Helping Animals § Locating treatment points on animals § Things to put into place before you tap with critters big and small

Introducing Your Trainer

Dr. Fränzi Ng

Dr. Fränzi Ng (read "Ing") is an internationally sought after Transformative Healer Coach and Educator. Fränzi was born and raised in Switzerland where she completed her teacher education. She holds a Masters Degree in Education and a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Change. Fränzi is a licensed Spiritual Healer. Dr. Fränzi has been in private practice as a for over 13 years. Fränzi is one of Canada's most qualified and experienced teachers of Thought Field Therapy. She was personally trained by Dr. Roger Callahan, the founder of TFT. Fränzi co-authored the manual for the TFT Algorithm training. This manual is now in use around the world by all students of Thought Field Therapy. Because of Fränzi's passion for TFT, she is often referred to as the "TFT Queen" by her trainees. Fränzi served as a Member of the Board of Directors of the Association for Thought Field Therapy Foundation for 3 years. Being able to facilitate meaningful, rapid transformation has become the focus and passion of her life.

"Dr. Fränzi is a highly creative & energetic teacher of TFT. She has devised ingenious ways of teaching TFT to adults as well as children. She conveys these methods with great zest and deep authentic enthusiasm."

Roger J. Callahan, PhD, Founder, Thought Field Therapy

pect @ the Workshop?

Day 2


Eliminating More Negative Emotions § Learn the TFT Algorithms (or recipes) to rapidly dissolve & eliminate: § Simple & Complex Trauma § Anger § Rage § Guilt § Shame § Embarrassment § Depression § Anxiety/Panic Attacks § Obsessive Compulsive Disorder § Physical Pain § Jet Lag § Neurological Disorganization § Learn the TFT Algorithm (or recipe) to achieve: § Peak Performance § Live demonstrations and practice sessions are held throughout the training. Many attendees choose to work on personal issues which they often can resolve completely. Success With Complex Trauma § How to help patients with severe & multiple traumas § 4 alternatives to tapping that work just as well § How to effectively address PTSD § Moving forward and creating a life worth living § Going with the flow: How to become a client-oriented therapist § Gain unique insights into the anatomy of trauma § Recognize when you are done Objective Proof of TFT's Efficacy § See objective, placebo-free proof of the efficacy of TFT as measured by: § Heart Rate Variability (HRV) § Brain Scans § Voltmeters § Blood Tests Improving Your Health § Discover how this simple technique can enter and correct disorders in the autonomic nervous system § Learn potentially life-changing information on how you can optimize your overall health & well-being Improving Performance § Using TFT to boost your performance and reach your goals in: sports, relationships, business, career, hobby, sales, weight loss... Marketing Your New Skills § Get all the forms and handouts you need to implement TFT the next day § Get 50% off your annual membership fee with the Association for Thought Field Therapy (ATFT) § Get listed on ATFT's world-wide practitioner directory § How to integrate TFT with what you already do § How to set up stand alone TFT sessions When Allergies & Sensitivities Interfere § Discover how certain foods and our environment can negatively affect our body, mind and spirit, and how, in rare instances, they can even interfere with a successful TFT treatment. § Learn reliable strategies to identify food sensitivities § Discover safe and fast interventions to by-pass the effects of sensitivities on your system so you can finish a TFT treatment successfully "How Long Will it Last?" § Understand why this question is one of the biggest compliments your clients can pay you. § Discover what constitutes a cure § Reasonable expectations: understanding what treatments can be expected to last, and what conditions will likely require multiple applications. Effective Support After the Training § 12 months of supervision & support after your training § Access to a network of TFT practitioners from around the world (with membership in ATFT)

Get These 6 Bonuses with Your Registration

· E-book "Stop the Nightmares of Trauma," by Dr. Roger Callahan · "Introduction to TFT" DVD with Dr. Callahan · Internationally recognized certificate issued by the Association for Thought Field Therapy · Extensive user-friendly manual that allows you to use TFT right away. · 14 CECs (Continuing Education Credits) for BC RMTs and members of the CCPA Refreshments

Just a few of the Organizations who have hosted a TFT Workshop and/or sent delegates to Dr. Fränzi's training: UNBC Continuing Studies Bella Bella Heiltsuk Health Centre Learning Disabilities Association, Fraser Lake Solano Weight Loss Center, Dixon, CA Northern Health School Districts #27, 28, 57 & 91 Canadian Red Cross UNBC Learning Skills Centre Today's Woman Trade Show Post-Polio Association Canadian Mental Health Association College of New Caledonia Métis Association of Prince George Elizabeth Fry Society Prince George Native Friendship Centre

But don't take our word for it!

Here's what Participants say about the seminar:

"This was one of the best trainings, if not THE best, I have been to. And I have been to many." Susan, Registered Massage Therapist "Dr. Fränzi is by far the best instructor I have ever had. She is very intelligent and insightful and with that, made the course very easy and accessible. I learned more in her course, in the two days, than in any course I have taken in a long time. Everyone I spoke with who took the class, found it very enjoyable and fun and I would recommend taking her class to anyone." Christopher H. Thompson, L.L.B., J.D.,

Kamloops, BC, Phone: 250 377 8855


"I spent my weekend with Dr. Fränzi Ng, the woman who specializes in miracles. I have heard that our bodies are able to heal themselves and that we are able to change our thoughts to support our wildest dreams. But it wasn't until this weekend that I saw it with my very own eyes. I can't wait to incorporate what I have learned into my coaching work. I know my clients will gobble this up and benefit tremendously." Shauna Harper

Marketing Mentor and Mindset Business Coach,

"This TFT training was very enjoyable and probably THE most enjoyable post-graduate course I've taken since becoming an massage therapist. I had a day of treatments today and used TFT on three patients. All were taken to a ZERO in just minutes. Total success."

Richard Wong, Registered Massage Therapist, North Vancouver, BC

"I have no doubt that TFT will forever be utilized within my professional tool box. There were several situations where I would have felt way out of my comfort zone if the only tool I had available were verbal crisis intervention strategies. TFT provided me with the reassurance and confidence to intervene within these situations and the outcomes were successful. " Brent Goerz, Social Worker, University Hospital of Northern

Who Will Benefit from this Workshop?

Are you a...? - Counsellor working with individuals suffering from substance abuse & addictions - Psychologist helping individuals with PTSD - Parent coping with the everyday stresses of raising a family & making ends meet - Pastor consoling grieving families - Massage therapist relieving physical pain due to injuries & chronic conditions - Healer helping individuals with residential school trauma - Teacher working with at-risk children and youth - Chiropractor working with stuck patients - Social worker supporting troubled families - Nurse dealing with frustrated and scared patients - Energy worker helping depressed and anxious individuals - Coach supporting clients in fulfilling their vision and goals - Dentist interacting with anxious and phobic patients - First responder with an extraordinarily stressful and demanding job - Phlebotomist dealing with needle phobic individuals - Mental health worker counseling others through obsessive behaviours If you answered "yes" to any of the above, you'll love this seminar! It's filled with practical techniques that you can adapt to your particular professional & personal situation and get astonishing results right away.

Warning! Some of the material covered in this seminar directly contradicts conventional "wisdom" on how the brain encodes & processes trauma and other negative emotions. We include it, however, because we can prove that it works.

5 (More) Reasons to Attend this TFT Training

1. Do it for Yourself.

TFT is one of the few modalities you can actually use to treat yourself. You will never have to be overwhelmed by negative emotions anymore. You can stay calm and resourceful when "the rubber hits the road." In this class, you will get the tools that allow you to: Stop those pesky "tapes" that keep you awake in the middle of the night. Stop being the victim of cravings and other undesirable habits. Leave work at work, & home at home, so you can be truly present. In British Columbia, TFT has been used to help survivors of Residential Schools to overcome their generational trauma.

4. TFT taps into a universal healing principle.

TFT combines modern-day psychology with ancient Eastern medicine. The result is a groundbreaking technique that works cross-culturally and even brings relief to animals. You may be wondering: how can a simple tool do so much? When we activate certain acupressure points by tapping we literally enter a healing code, a healing message, into our system that releases blocks and allows virtually instantaneous healings to occur. This healing code seems to be shared universally by all living beings.

Burnout and depression can be a thing of the past as you being to treat yourself regularly for the daily stresses and frustrations. As a result, you may find that low moods, angry outbursts and irrational feelings of guilt begin to simply disappear. Begin living the life you love.

5. For once, this is NOT "too good to be true."

A healthy sense of skepticism is a good thing. Believe me, I had to kiss many frogs before I found something that truly held up to my standards and expectations. TFT easily made the cut. I am proud to put my name to it. If you still feel some skepticism, don't worry. We know that our claims and promises are big, but we can back them up with clinically significant outcomes, solid research, and of course our 105% Money Back Guarantee. TFT has been imitated by many, but never surpassed. You can be confident that in this class you get the most effective and reliable rapid response therapy ever devised.

2. Do it for the World.

Many individuals who are introduced to TFT get the desire to share this brilliant technique with the world. Maybe one day, you too will join the TFT Trauma Relief Team on a mission to Africa, the Americas, Europe or Asia to help entire populations overcome trauma and grief. For more information and to apply go to:

3. TFT is well regarded in many professional circles.

TFT is spreading rapidly around the world. TFT's reputation for delivering consistent, reliable results is well established among many professional organizations. These facts speak for themselves: APA, the American Psychological Association, includes TFT in its practice listings. Efforts are also going on within APA to establish a Division of Energy Psychology, which would include TFT. The National Health Services Directory of the UK, recently included TFT. In other words, a medical doctor can now refer patients to a certified TFT practitioner and the government's health service plan will pay for it. TFT is now the National Trauma Program in Kosovo. The success rate for treating PTSD in its civilian and military population was 100%.

(See the research paper published in the "Journal of Clinical Psychology," October 2002. This issue was devoted in its entirety to TFT.)

105% Money Back Guarantee:

We promise that you will be delighted with this course and that TFT will perform for you exactly as advertised. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, you may return your materials to the instructor within the first three hours of the course and receive a full refund and you will get to KEEP THE DVD, too ­ with my personal compliments. With a guarantee like this you have absolutely NOTHING to lose!



Approved Thought Field Therapy Algorithm Training


Dr. Fränzi Ng

12655 Ridgecrest Road Prince George, BC V2N 5B6

250 964 0118

[email protected]


I want to become a Certified Thought Field Therapy Practitioner. Please, enroll me today for only $375.00 (+ 12% HST). I understand that unless I am completely satisfied I will receive a full and prompt refund ­ no questions asked.



_________________________________ Job/Title:_________________________ _______________________________________________________________

Address: City:

____________________________________ Postal Code: ____________________ _______________________________ Telephone: ________________________ ____________________


Seminar Location: __________________________ Seminar Date: What are your objectives in taking this course?

______________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

How do you plan to use TFT? __________________________________________________


Method of Payment:

I wish to pay for the training ($420.00 incl. HST) in the following manner:

Application Procedure & Cancellation Policy

You will be notified within 2-3 business days of the status of your application. A full refund of the registration fee will be issued should the application be declined. Successful applicants will receive the details of how to get to the venue. If cancellation is received up to 3 weeks before the workshop date, fees are fully refundable. A 5% cancellation fee applies to registrations paid for with a credit card or PayPal. After that, fees paid will be applied to future workshop dates.

Make check payable to "Fränzi Ng" and mail to the address above. Charge my Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal account (circle one):

Card No.: _____________________________ Expiry Date: _______________ Signature: _____________________________ PayPal Email Address: ___________________________

Promotional Code:

www.D r N g .net


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