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September 2006

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Ampacet Europe S.A.

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New Antifog Masterbatch: 102651

Ampacet's R&D team has developed a new masterbatch for agricultural polyethylene film applications, offering very longterm antifogging effect. Product Description

Plasticulture is a market that is in constant evolution with an increasing need for leadingedge technologies yielding earlier crops and enhanced quality. In order to satisfy this need Ampacet has developed the 102651, an efficient antifog masterbatch based on polyethylene copolymer, specifically designed for agricultural films, such as mulch, tunnel, and greenhouse films.

1. New Antifog Masterbatch: 102651 1. New White Masterbatch: 111844 2. Introducing Giuseppe Giusto 3. New BOPP Product Family: OPTiCoN 3. Ampacet Wins Global Colour Contract with Shell

Consequences of Fog

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Due to environmental conditions water condensation in the form of an opaque layer of droplets, better known as fog, can cause detrimental effects on the surface of agricultural films, subsequently influencing the growth of plants. For instance, light transmission can be affected by internal reflection of solar light inside the droplets. This leads to slower plant growth and lower yields. Moreover, the continuous dripping of water on plants can cause damage to their structure and propegate diseases, which has an effect on the overall quality of the plants.

Ampacet Solution

Use of the 102651 overcomes these issues. Indeed active agents (surfactants) migrate to the film's surface and increase its tension. As a result the droplets are spread into a thin and invisible water layer, which prevents solar beams to deviate and cause damage to the plants. The 102651 was developed thanks to our greenhouse laboratory equipment especially designed to accelerate real environmental conditions. Antifog tests were conducted on 50 µm thick LDPE blown film containing the new 102651, the 100023-B (Ampacet's previous antifog), and a major competitor's version. The films were evaluated at 45°. The results clearly indicated the outstanding performance of the 102651 with time. Even after 180 days of accelerated conditions the efficieny level of the 102651 remains the same. The efficiency level of the two other antifogs decrease after approximately 80 days.

At 0° At 45°

New White Masterbatch: 111844

The recently developed 111844 is a 70% TiO2 polyethylene-based masterbatch (30% LDPE) that provides a high dispersion level and effective dilution. It qualifies as a high quality masterbatch at a competitive price. This white masterbatch was specially formulated for processing applications, such as blown and cast film extrusion as well as injection moulding. Moreover the 111844 is approved for food contact thereby meeting the requirements of the food packaging sector.

Disclaimer The information and recommendations contained in this newsletter are based upon data collected by Ampacet and believed to be correct. However, no warranty of fitness for use or any other guarantees or warranty of any kind, express or implied, is made to the information contained herein, and Ampacet assumes no responsibility for the results of the use of the products and processes described herein. No liability whatsoever shall attach to Ampacet for any infringement of the rights owned or controlled by a third party in intellectual, industrial or other property by reason of the application, processing or use of the aforementioned information or products by the buyer.

Other Benefits

This new optimized antifog masterbatch 102651 does not only provide very long term antifogging effect, it also has a low let down ratio, due to its high concentration of active agents, and it can be stored in standard conditions without excessive additive migration.

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Introducing Giuseppe Giusto

Giuseppe Giusto was appointed as General Manager of Ampacet Europe S.A. in January. Sébastien Verlaine interviewed Mr. Giusto to learn further about his distinctive approach to management and how it could shape Ampacet's future in Europe. Background

A further step towards growth is the creation and expansion of Regional Business Platforms (RBPs). Mr. Giusto defines RBPs as «autonomous platforms that are able to meet local demands by providing a complete range of services (customer and technical service, colour matching, packaging, warehousing) as well as promt delivery of colour masterbatch». The purpose says Mr. Giusto, is «to get closer to the customer and enhance Ampacet's offering across Europe, Africa, and the Middle-East». Continued from page 2 To be certain that Ampacet continues to provide high quality masterbatch while increasing its capabilities in the colour business, Mr. Giusto emphasizes the significance of spreading Ampacet's philosophy through the transfer of knowledge and experience to all of its locations across Europe. It is also imperative in his view that Ampacet takes full advantage of its size and flexibility. Ampacet must be able to produce standard products in large volumes while also producing small batches within competitive lead times. It must gain customer proximity and at the same time exploit its multinational infrastructure (R&D Centers, ERP system).

Ampacet Wins Global Colour Contract with Shell

Shell has assured that its motor oil packaging has the same colour anywhere in the world through an agreement with Ampacet. Under the agreement, Ampacet guarantees that the colourant masterbatches used in packaging for the Penzoil®, Quaker State®, Shell Helix®, Shell Rimula®, and Shell Rotella® brands meet Shell's global specifications. In implementing the agreement, Ampacet first matched Shell lubricants packaging colour standards and then defined quantitative colour measurements for each brand as a way to control colour masterbatch quality in Ampa cet's facilities in Europe, Asia, North and South America. The masterbatches are then used in blow moulded bottles, injection moulded pails, and injection and compression moulded caps made for Shell by about 100 converters in 60 countries. As a Shell colour masterbatch supplier in North and South America for several years, understanding packaging needs and extending this knowledge base to other regions across the globe is an ongoing process at Ampacet.

After obtaining a degree in Industrial Chemistry Giuseppe Giusto made his debut in the masterbatch industry as a quality controller for Viba in 1987. Following two years of experience in colour matching and sales Mr. Giusto joined Ampacet Europe, working for its Italian distributor with technical and sales responsibilities. In 1994 Ampacet opened a direct sales office in Milan and Mr. Giusto became the Sales Manager for Ampacet Italia. The year that followed Mr. Giusto played an important role in managing the first acquisition of Ampacet in Telgate, Italy, near Bergamo. In 1997 he was appointed as the General Manager of Ampacet Italia. In 2003 Ampacet made its second acquisition in Italy with the Busto Garolfo plant near Milan (former Polimaster site). In the beginning of this year the former General Manager of Ampacet Europe, Daniel Peruzzo, was assigned to a new executive position (Director of Global Assets & Process Management) and Mr. Giusto, recognized for his achievements in building a strong foundation for Ampacet in Italy, was promoted General Manager of Ampacet Europe.

Customer Expectations

When asked about what customers can expect from Ampacet in the near future, Giuseppe Giusto talks of quality, consistency, and improved colour service. In his opinion «not only is it important for Ampacet to improve its current position in the colour business, but it is just as important for it to continue to provide the same level of quality wherever the masterbatch is developed and produced». In other words, customers can expect consistency in the masterbatch they purchase, in its price, in the packaging, and in the technical and customer services. «Otherwise», Mr. Giusto adds, «Ampacet could run the risk of losing its reputation in terms of quality, which is one of its greatest assests». The present feature is continued on page 3.

Primary Message

As a concluding message Giuseppe Giusto alludes to the fact that Ampacet Europe will be celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, but that this should not overshadow another important fact: that Ampacet is still very much in its growth phase. Additional investments will be examined so that Ampacet can deliver the best possible services to its customers while maintaining the high level of quality for which it is recognized for in the global masterbatch market.

Strategic Objectives

Since accepting the position Giuseppe Giusto has been developing and implementing a series of strategic objectives. The first has been to continue to focus on growth. To achieve this Mr. Giusto has begun the difficult task of re-engineering Ampacet's different business processes with the intent of increasing efficiency by aligning the company's resources with the continually-changing business environment. Another plan that concords with Mr. Giusto's desire to grow is his will to adapt the company's culture. Since in general people resist to change he aims to empower the company's employees and promote teamwork, so that they are better prepared for the dynamics of the market.

New BOPP Product Family: OPTiCoN

Product Description

In response to growing demands for optimized capacity utilization and reduced costs, Ampacet has developed OPTiCoN. This new BOPP product family is based on highly-loaded masterbatches with OPTimized CoNcentration. It has been designed for the latest dosing technology, requiring extensive accuracy, and specifically formulated so that excessive blooming is avoided. In brief OPTiCoN masterbatches provide the same performances as classical masterbatches during their handling and storage, but with a much lower addition rate. In other words, OPTiCoN gives customers the opportunity to significantly reduce additivation costs (purchasing, transportation, and inventory) , improve cash flow, and increase storage space for finished goods.

Cost Savings Evaluation

Ampacet can estimate the cost savings that can be made when using OPTiCoN masterbatches with its masterbatch cost comparison calculator. For further information on the OPTiCoN product family, or for a cost savings simulation please contact François Thibeau, our Specialty Films Market Manager.

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