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Lunch/Dinner Service

Japanese appetizer, Delicacies, Sweets

For December 1st - 15th 12

For December 16th - 31st 121631

Grilled whitefish teriyaki

with mixed grain rice 391kcal

Pork belly ragout in soy-based sauce


For January 1st - 15th 1

For January 16th - 31st 11631

Crabmeat omelet with steamed rice


Poached slice of pork

with special sesame sauce and herbed rice 408kcal

For February 1st - 15th 2

For February 16th - 29th 21629

Kalbi beef BBQ with steamed rice


Deep-fried pork loin cutlet

with sweet miso sauce 394kcal

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*Content is subject to change without prior notice. Your choice of meal may not always be available.


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WebPDF OB 2011 dec-feb.xlsx
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WebPDF OB 2011 dec-feb.xlsx
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