ANAN is desirous of being among professional bodies whose practitioners regularly observe and comply with national and internal standards and ethics. Practising and Quality Control Committee was established to oversee the activities of the practitioners as it relates to standard observance and compliance. DUTIES OF PRACTICING AND QUALITY CONTROL COMMITTEE Duties of the Committee are as follows: (a) (b) (c) Planning and administering of Practitioners Forum. Maintaining a strict record of attendance or Practitioners at Practitioners Forum. Administering such sanction(s) as may be prescribed by Council from time to time for non-attendance of Practitioners Forum. (d) Collection, collation and scrutinizing of all applications for practicing certificates and interviewing of members who wish to set up public practice and make recommendations to Council. (e) Setting form time to time, auditing standards and formulating accounting standards to be adhered to by members, whether practicing or not. (f) Promoting interaction between the Association's practitioners through

Mandatory Practitioners Practise Forum (MPPF). (g) (h) (i) (j) Recommending defaulting practitioners for appropriate sanctions. Administration of issuance of practicing seals and stamps to practitioners. Arranging for Practitioners to visit and lecture at the college. SME assignment guidelines.

PEER REVIEW TEAM Peer Review Team is part of quality control measure to ensure that set standards are maintained. The Peer Review Team was established by the Association to visit the offices of our practitioners as to ensure diligent observance and compliance with approved guidelines, standards and ethics. ACHIEVEMENTS OF PRACTISING QUALITY CONTROL COMMITTEE Some of the numerous achievements of Practising and Quality Control Committee are listed below: 1. Opening of line of communication with respective e-mails, SMS messages etc. 2. Practitioners now use hot lines in communicating with the secretariat to seek for information and assistance in the course of their practices. 3. Interactive sessions between the Committee and Practising members of the Association has been established. Tremendous successes were recorded in the interactive sessions as practitioners openly speak of their problems, limitations and experience white suggestions were made on the way forward. 4. Three interactive sessions has been successfully held: a. b. c. 5. Abeokuta ­ South West Zone Gombe ­ North East & North West Zones Enugu ­ South South and South East Zones all Practitioners through their

Through e-mails, the Association give information on new developments on the profession to our practitioners on regular basis


The first edition of screening of applicants for practicing licence had been successfully carried out.

FUTURE AGENDA OF THE COMMITTEE The Practising and Quality Control Committee has included the followings in its future agenda. i. ii. Enhancement of capacity of Practicing members of the Association Increase in the number of members of the Association in practicing section through encouragement and improved training opportunities. iii. Encouragement of practicing members to adopt specialization strategy for greater diligence and more efficient professional service delivery. iv. Encouragement of Practicing members to pull resources for cooperation, collaboration, Joint (bid) Ventures and partnership. vi. Improvement of the quality of discuss at Mandatory Professional Practitioner Forum.

GUIDELINES FOR ISSUANCE OF PRACTISING CERTIFICATE OF ANAN The Guidelines for issuance of practicing licence, as prescribed by Rule 17 of the Association are as follows: Rule 17 (1) "The condition for the issue of a practicing certificate shall be that the member shows to the satisfaction of the Council that he has acquired experience in public practice as an accountant in that capacity as a practitioner assistant in the office of a member of the Association who is in public or any approved practitioner's office." Rule (2) "In case of the direct and transitional arrangement membership, i.e. a member for a period of 30 months only, while for professional examination Nigerian College of Accountancy member, 12 months and 24 months if the Accountant-In-Training programme was obtained in public practice, and government or commerce or industry, respectively." Rule 17(3) "Member of the Association in public practice shall be known and called Certified National Accountants and the practice of accountancy shall only be fulltime, therefore a member in any other gainful employment, whether in industry, government or commerce, shall not be eligible to practice as a Certified National Accountant." Rule 17(8) "The practicing certificate shall be renewable annually at the discretion of the Council and a member wishing to practice be required to make an application for practicing certificate."


PROCEDURES TO FOLLOW FOR GRANT OF PRACTICING LICENCE OF ASSOCIATION OF NATIONAL ACCOUNTANTS OF NIGERIA Below are step by step procedure: Step 1 A member that needs practicing license shall approach the member of the Association who is in full time public practice and holds valid practicing license for and opportunity to train in his firm as a Practitioner Assistant. Step 2 The member seeking to practice shall obtain a Practitioner Assistant Scheme (PAS) form from the secretariat of the Association. Step 3 The trainee and the trainer/practitioner shall jointly complete form which shall be forward set of two P.A.S. forms to the secretariat of the Association. The P.A.S forms must be submitted to the Association immediately the trainee commece training. One of the two forms sent to the secretariat will be returned to the trainer/practitioner. Step 4 Upon the completion of the approved period of training, the Practitioner Assistant shall obtain Application Form For Practicing Certificate duly completed between by Practitioner Assistant and the Practitioner and thereafter forward same to the Secretariat with required documents. Step 5 If the application form forwarded satisfy necessary conditions, the applicant may be invited for interview/interactive session with the Practising and Quality Committee for an assessment of his level of preparedness and character. After the interview, if the applicant is found to be fit and proper person to be issued Practising Certificate, the Committee shall so recommend the application to the Council for approval. Step 6 If Council approves the application, the applicants is informed of the financial implication and other conditions attached to the issuance of practicing Certificate.


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