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TX7+ The tough production performer

ANCA's TX7+ universal grinder is the result of 20 years of intensive R&D and implementing customer feedback. The basis of the powerful TX7+ is our ability in CNC technology, mechanical and electrical design and software engineering. It is a machine that is an industry benchmark in CNC tool grinding.

At a glance

· Application diversity to cover a broad spectrum of cutting tools. · Suitable for heavy-duty manufacturing or reconditioning precision cutting and drilling tools. · Automatic wheel changer allows up to eight grinding wheels in one set-up. · Wide variety of work holding and support tooling to meet individual needs. · Variety of automation solutions for increased unattended operation. · 37 kW (49 hp) peak spindle power. · Integrated dresser roll on the headstock.


The ultimate automation solution

The TX7+Xchanger was engineered to be a robust, reliable solution for tool manufacturers who specialize in long production runs or highly complex shapes. The heart of the machine is a mechanism for automatically changing wheel packs in-process. Machine operators can now select from up to 64 different wheels mounted on 16 packs and make the change quickly without having to come in contact with the wheels.

At a glance

· All the advantages of the TX7+ universal grinder. · Coolant manifold and wheel pack are changed in one operation. · Capability up to 12 kg per wheel pack. · Wheel diameter up to 202 mm (8"). · Servo-driven axes for quick and precise exchanging · Compatible with existing ANCA accessories such as workholding and tool support. · Integrates with ANCA automation options such as robot and pallet loaders.

RX7 The compact manufacturing machine

Although the RX7 is a compact grinder, it has the power, strength and working envelope usually found in much larger grinders. Its small footprint is the result of the innovative design and technical expertise that typifies ANCA CNC grinders. This unique mechanical concept features a double ended, bi-directional spindle. Two wheel packs positioned at either end of the spindle provide greater wheel selection and access to the workpiece.

At a glance

· Compact with strength, power and versatility. · Equally efficient for single-tool and large volume production. · Three automatic tool-loading options. · Double-ended spindle gives the freedom of using up to eight wheels on a job. · Software flexibility that enables the RX7 to be used for a wide range of applications. · Unbeatable price/performance relationship. · 19 kW (26 hp) spindle

GX7The cost-effective sharpening machine

ANCA's GX7 CNC tool and cutter grinder is an entry-level sharpening machine. It offers both flexibility and speed to tackle a wide range of different high precision cutting and drilling tools in one set-up. It is equally productive on single-tool jobs as well as on batch tools of different types and geometries. Being based on the RX7, the GX7 has proven pedigree, which makes it the perfect sharpening package for the toughest tool shop requirements.

At a glance

· An ideal match for the requirements of sharpening businesses. · Flexibility and speed to handle a range of different tools in one set-up. · High-level ergonomics for optimal operator access. · A wide range of tooling accessories including automatic tool loading. · ANCA industry-proven software and technology. · 9.5 kW (12.7 hp) spindle.

WGX The dedicated woodworking tool machine

The WGX was designed to meet the specific needs of the woodworking tool industry. Through collaboration with a variety of different companies, ANCA was able to assess their requirements and create a grinder that provided best-fit solutions. They wanted specific software to grind routers, profile blades and drills, short set-up times, rigid work holding and a variety of loader options. ANCA delivered all of that, plus a few enhancements of our own. Being fitted with ANCA's base iGrind software platform, WGX also provides the versatility of grinding metal-cutting tools as well.

At a glance

· Dedicated software package. · The ability to grind blades as well as roundshank tools. · Short change-over and set-up times. · Flexible loading and automation solutions. · Compact RX7-based design. · Equally efficient for small or large batch runs. · 9.5 kW or optional 19 kW spindle.

TapX The complete tap manufacturing solution

ANCA's TapX is a revolution in tap design and manufacture. Now, in a single compact set-up, once machine can perform the entire scope of tap manufacturing processes from blank to finished product. Flexibility is the key feature of the tap grinding process on the TapX. Specially-designed tooling combined with the powerful iTap software ensures a vast array of tap types and sizes can be designed and manufactured on the one machine, and that means greater productivity and shorter lead-times.

At a glance

· An impressive suite of dedicated tap and flute design software. · Short change-over and set-up times. · Design and manufacturing flexibility to produce a wide range of tap types. · Flexible wheel-dressing options. · On-machine wheel balancing. · Ideal for small or large volume batch runs. · 37 kW (49 hp) spindle.

PGX+ The efficient punch-grinding machine

Now upgraded to 5DX standard, the PGX+ is more than ever the optimal CNC punch-grinding machine. Tuned to the needs of the punch tool industry, the PGX+ features a large 762 mm (30") grinding wheel and 22 kW (30 HP) direct-drive spindle, which combine to provide high stock removal with reduced wheel wear. The PunchCAM software provides the operator with a catalogue of standard round and non-round shapes to choose from, but the PGX+ is not limited to punches alone. It is equally efficient at grinding orthapaedic shapes such as knee joint components and bone rasps.

At a glance

· Extremely rigid and powerful. · Short cycle time and CNC-programmable wheel speed. · Maximum torque over wide RPM range. · Manual swivel work head. · Large grinding wheel means less dressing is required.

SBG The specialist stick-blade grinder

The ANCA SBG was designed specially to grind stick-blades that are used in hypoid and spiral bevel gear manufacture. Its success is owed to its ability to easily meet the precision performance levels demanded by the automotive industry world-wide. The dedicated SBG software has been developed to manufacture or recondition ARCON, SPIRON, RSR, TRI-AC and PENTAC blade types. The user interface accepts the same blade geometry format used in the automotive industry. Existing summary files for stick-blades can be loaded directly into the SBG.

At a glance

· Dedicated machine for stick-blade grinding. · Specialised grinding software. · Customised workpiece holding. · Manufacture or recondition stick-blades. · A variety of automation options for unattended operation. · Size-compensation interface for data from external measuring systems. · 37 kW (49 hp) spindle.

Software Innovations that changed an industry

iView is a measuring tool that is able to measure the ground tool whilst it is still in the workholding on the machine. The image of the ground tool as taken by the iView camera is compared with an ideal overlay shape generated by the software. The tool size can then be compensated automatically based on the overlay. · Eliminates the need to remove a tool from the grinder in order to check the dimensions. · Reduces errors caused by relocating and manually compensating. · 300x and 100x magnification options. · Provides measuring accuracy to 2.0 microns. · Includes the capability to be transferred to other ANCA machines.

US Pat. 6341996

ANCA CIM3D was the first true 3D tool for simulation of a grinding process for a CNC tool and cutter grinder. This powerful tool saves time when designing the tool geometry, optimising grinding wheel shapes and developing the grinding process. · Tool geometry data is taken directly from the machine's user interface. · The resulting model can be freely moved, zoomed or rotated for the user to view every single detail of the tool. · The software provides a realistic simulation of the grinding path and the finished tool, which cuts down on development time. · Machine components are also simulated so potential collisions are highlighted off the grinder.

iFlute is a stand-alone Windows NT/XP-based application that provides a powerful environment for designing both grinding wheel and flute profiles. iFlute demonstrates the impact of grinding wheel shapes on the flute profile and also calculates the ideal wheel shape for a given flute profile. · 3D-model wheel shapes and flute profiles. · Export wheel shapes in DXF file format for use on a wheel dresser or to send to a wheel manufacturer. · Export flute shapes in DXF file format. · Generate wheel shapes that guarantee constant hook. · Import wheel pack definitions from ANCA's wheel editor.

Automation Efficiency and productivity

Pallet Loaders

As the name suggests, this family of loaders stores blanks and finished tools in pallets inside the loading cell. This means that the pallet of tools can be removed from the machine and replaced quickly, rather than have to unload each tool individually. The machine can continue to operate with minimal downtime. · Available in standard, compact PLX and profile blade models. · Operates with ANCA Loadermate software, which means tool types can be mixed in the same loading batch. · High pallet capacities. · Capable of loading a wide variety of tool types.

CLX - Compact Loader

The CLX is a unique loading system that is fully-contained within the machine canopy. It it designed to be a low-cost solution for customers seeking automation and is perfect for low-volume production runs. A CLX can be installed on new RX7, GX7 and WGX CNC grinders. · No independent axes, which reduces cost. · Can be configured to load round shank tools, inserts or profile blades. · No increase in footprint over the machine base. · Automatic loading allows more effective use of work force. · Accommodates round-shank tools from 6 mm to 25 mm in diameter.

Robot Loader

The Fanuc LR Mate 200 ib robot loader adds a level of flexibility not possible with other automation solutions. Its dexterity and precision makes it ideal for loading complex-shaped parts that usually present problems for conventional loading systems. · Proven Fanuc reliability. · Designed with high levels of safety and ergonomics. · Easily adapted to other operations such as laser-etching or basic size gauging. · Can be used on any ANCA machine tool.

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