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ANCA RN31 Toolroom Release

Toolroom Version RN31 is ANCA's latest instalment of its industry leading tool design and manufacturing software. ANCA are proud to showcase the new features and enhancements that RN31 will offer across our range of CNC Tool and Cutter grinders. For further details, please contact your local ANCA dealer.

New Compression Router Software

· · · · Compression Router software is now available within iGrind allowing all the benefits of the iGrind interface. Simplifies and reduces tool design time by providing various calculators and visual aids within operations. Overlap width and distance can be automatically calculated, eliminating the need for trial and error. Is available for existing Compression Router users. The superseded software will still be available to support existing files.

Geometry Walk Editor

· · · · Graphical Walk Editor option has been added to the Endface Gashing cycle. Extensive flexibility by allowing for the creation of specialized end-face geometries. Walk geometries may be created directly within the editor or imported from a DXF file. The wheel grinding path may be animated within the operation and modified as required.

Rolled Relief for Profile Tools Profile Chip-Breaker

· · · New Chip-Breaker operation added to the Step Editor. Allows chip-breaker notches to be added to any profile form. Provides a graphical display of chip-breaker and wheel positions, allowing the pivot angle to be visualized and adjusted accordingly. · · · · Rolled-style relief operation added to the Step Editor. Relief is produced by rolling the A-axis while infeeding the grinding wheel at several points along the tool profile. Axial and radial relief may be specified. The wheel pivot-angles are graphically displayed during design time and highlight any potential interference with the profile form.

Precision Versatility Productivity Confidence

Rolled EOT­ Step Editor

· · Option added to specify the cutting edge angle rather than the wheel grinding angle. Accurate grinding results produced by linking to the relevant fluting cycle so that the flute hook-face geometry is taken into consideration. Step may be digitized for re-grinding to produce correct step angle. New tool-12 O'clock grinding method using the side (face) of a wheel to produce a true 90 degree step. Addition of a lead-in angle and separate feedrate for roughing.

Ballnose Enhancements

· New OD Ball and Finish cycle features 3D design-time graphics as well as the ability to animate the grinding wheel path for instant visual verification. Calculation engine revised to improve accuracy. Design-time feedback on any potential geometrical errors or grinding limitations. Supports grinding of an eccentric OD and a facet relief ballnose in one continuous blended move. New fixed-grind-point grinding method and several other new features have been added to the operation.

· · · ·

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K-Land for Rolled Relief

· · · New auxiliary operation to accurately grind K-Land edge onto the cutting edge of a rolled step. Step and Flute geometry is calculated, eliminating the need to digitize the edge. Option exists for right-handed helical tools.

Auto-Approach Moves

· · · · · New Auto Approach Move calculations now used in all iGrind operations. Provides more consistent, efficient, and safer machine approach moves at the beginning of a grinding cycle. Eliminates the need to specify operation Stop Positions. Significant cycle time improvements may be realised for tools with many operations. Custom Retract Editor (Tools menu) can be used for total control of retract moves at the end of an operation, if required.

Rolled Chamfer and K-Land

· · Drill point geometry is now calculated to improve accuracy. New operation added to produce K-Land edge on the Rolled Chamfer without the need to digitize.

TGP ­ Move Gauge & Vibration Meter

· · Vibration meter displays a dimensionless value indicating the level of wheel pack vibration. Move gauge has been added for fluting and OD cycles to indicate the progress of the current move.

OD Finish Eccentric Relief Enhancements

· · · · Improved accuracy and new eccentric relief definition. Reverse sparkout and new standard sparkout options. Separate grind directions for primary and secondary reliefs. Supports use of a standard cup wheel, 1V1, 1A1, and new chamfered cup type.

K-Land Operation Enhancements

· · · · · · · Enhanced graphical display. Point-by-point compensation feature in a table format. Geometry and compensation display per flute. Revised calculation engine to improve accuracy. Number of point specification per edge. Edge boundary specification by radius. Several other enhancements.

Tool Search Facility

· · · Search facility has been added to iGrind, iPunch and Keyhole punch software File searches can be based on a set of user-defined criteria such as tool-type, tool diameter, number of flutes, etc. Configurable, allowing the operator to add or remove search criteria as required.

CTV Operation in iGrind

· · Used to compensate for small machine movements due to thermal variations during batch grinding. Digitizing frequency (by number of tools ground) of known reference position may be specified.

Ball Notch ­ Bottom Radius Washout

· Option added to the Ball Notch operation to produce a radius on the bottom of the notch.

Cross Section Profile Operation

· · New operation (Step Tools) that allows the definition and grinding of non-cylindrical cross sectional profiles Profiles can be either created within the in-built 2D editor or imported from DXF.

Fluting Infeed Calculator

· Infeeds quickly calculated to achieve either equal material removal per pass, or "biased" material removal per pass. E.g. infeeds can be easily set to gradually remove less material with each pass. Available in Standard and Formed Wheel fluting operations. Removes guess-work from infeed specifications.

Parameter Event Log

· · · · New option to list all parameter changes made since a tool file was loaded or created. Complete change log including ability to undo changes. Filtering available to reduce the number of events displayed. Replaces the View Edit History command that previously appeared in the Edit menu.

· ·

Open File Preview Browser Tool Segments

· · · · New feature which may be used when creating special tools. Allows the creation of a new set of common parameters to which operations may be assigned. Effectively allows one tool to be designed as a combination of two or more. Simplifies the creation of tools containing two or more well defined sections and eliminates the need to break parameter links. · · · · Tool file's stored preview image, or step geometry, displayed as thumbnails to provide a visual aid when browsing for files. Added to iGrind, Keyhole Punch, iPunch and Blade software. Images may be imported from a file or from the clipboard. Cim3D V7 will include a "capture to clipboard" function to simplify the process of storing a preview image from Cim3D.

Tool Scaling

· · New feature to allow quick and easy scaling of tool geometry based on diameter. Custom scaling behaviour can be achieved by using the new Tool Scaling scripting interface under the Scripting menu.

Convert Profile to Ripper Form

· · · · Allows profiles to be converted into a roughing/ripper form consisting of a series of arcs of a specified radius. Converted form entirely contained within the original profile. Can be used in conjunction with layers so that each flute contains a slightly different staggered form. Accessed via the Wizards menu for profile sections.

iGrind OD-Backoff Enhancements

· · · · Option added to pivot the wheel to match the rolled-step relief when grinding at 12 O'clock to remove excess material. Drill Wizard now utilizes this option. Support added for multiple passes, reverse sparkout and backoff secondary feedrates. Option to specify the major OD and grinding start position to simplify the design process and save cycle time when grinding on the major OD of a step tool.

Robomate ­ New Robot Loader Software

· · · Controls loading operations for machines fitted with a robot loader. Simplifies robot setup and provides significantly increased flexibility. Robomate software is only available for new machine orders having a robot loader. Existing robot loader installations will require a hardware retrofit to be able to utilize the Robomate software. Please contact your local ANCA dealer for further information.

iView Digitizing Operations

· · Two new operations allows flute index positions and coolant holes to be accurately located using the ANCA iVew camera. Especially useful for small tools where using the standard touch-probe is not practical due to the size of the tool.

GLX Loadermate ­ Fixed Collet Groups

· · · Ability added to assign fixed collet positions to pockets. Simplifies loader setup by enabling the operator to create and load collet group configurations. Eliminates the need to reshuffle tools on the loader belt to suit the loading job.

iTap Software Enhancements

· · · Infeed, feedrate, and wheel dressing specification per pass added to the Spiral Point and Chamfering operations. Wheel speed per pass option added to the Formed Wheel Fluting cycle In-cycle dressing now allows dressing of multiple wheels.

Other New Features in RN31

RN31 includes many other new enhancements. Some of these include;

· ·




An option has been added to the Tool menu in iGrind to control items that can be recorded to a log file, such as cycle times and activity logs. RN31 installation will now automatically add Start and Stop icons as well as an ANCA program group to the Windows Start Menu for simulators. Option added to the Digitize Stationary OD to select the minimum diameter for regrinding purposes. An option to view the wheel pack sequence has been added to the View menu. This feature is useful on Wheel Exchanger machines to optimize the grinding order to minimize wheel changes. Wheel arbours, as well as the locknut, are now displayed in Cim3D An "operation recycle bin" may be used to delete and restore operations. Option to perform and log Eccentric Digitizing results without compensating. A Part Program Editor has been added to the iGrind utilities menu. Support for optional Coolant Dump valve to reduce coolant pressure for finishing operations. Option for file encryption on script files so that tool scripts may be distributed but unable to be read without the associated password. New scripting features including the ability to add graphical user interface dialogs for parameter input to scripts and a Script Editor interface. Profile Editor enhancements including the ability to view and move control points using the mouse, measurement mode and enhanced scaling options.

Auto-reset on simulator PCs means not having to manually error-rest on Toolroom startup. iGrind support to use the P-Axis Arbotech unit as a stationary pop-up steady and enhanced P-Axis setup features. Enhancement to the number of passes option to the Heel Clearance, Corner Radius Gash, and Ball Gash operation. The C-Land operation can now be included in a drill produced by the Drill Wizard. Reverse sparkout for OD finish cycle. New standard and reverse sparkout options for fluting. Option in iGrind utilities menu to add the current tool as a new tool-group to LoaderMate. (Not available for standard TX7 Loadermate). Option to scale the compensation profile in the profile software to better visualize the compensation geometry. Optimal Temperature Controlled spindle mode on TX7 machines to significantly reduce effects of spindle growth. iGrind general interface enhacements, such as the addition of the Dry Run button on the toolbar, and menu restructuring. Multiple passes option for the first relief on corner radius grinding. A new command has been added to the File menu to create a bundle file. The bundle is a zip file that contains all required information for problem analysis when communicating with ANCA technical support, as well as transferring files between machines or PCs. The bundle command is also available in the Blade and iPunch applications. Option in the SPC (Statistical Process Control) operation to use a double-edged probe and probe the top and bottom of a tool. SPC now has an option to print the contents of the screen. Configurable Custom Page in iGrind to easily create and access all important parameters within operations from one page. Operation images appear in iGrind when the mouse is placed over an operation button. Hook digitizing now shows a graphical display of the portion of the tool profile that will be digitized. The X-Gap parameter is now accurately calculated in Formed Wheel Fluting cycles. Updated feedrates in the DIN/ISO Wizard.


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