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Senergy Cement-Board Stucco 1000 System





High-impact resistant, water-managed wall system incorporating a cement-board core, reinforced base coat and 100% acrylic polymer exterior finish

Cavity Insulation Approved Joint Reinforcement Acceptable Sheathing SenershieldTM, Senershield-R or other code approved air/weather barrier Cement Board Approved Joint Reinforcement Alpha Base Coat Senergy Reinforcing Mesh Alpha Base Coat Senergy Finish Coat Flashing or Starter Track (by others)

Uses For exterior walls in residential, low-rise commercial and institutional construction when high-impact and weather-resistance are design considerations.


Cement-board core


Reinforces impact and puncture resistance, provides moisture resistance, increases dimensional stability Support design freedom, create details that would be impossible or cost prohibitive with other claddings Allows evacuation of incidental moisture Produce a weather-resistant barrier, provide crack resistance Resist fading and abrasion, offer options for added dirt/mildew resistance

Unlimited colors, textures and architectural details Water-managed design 100% Acrylic, reinforced base coats 100% Acrylic finish coats

Description Senergy Cement-Board Stucco 1000 System is a high-impact, water-managed exterior wall system that provides weatherresistance and improved dimensional stability where exterior insulation value is not required. It meets structural racking and fire code requirements when applied over the following acceptable sheathings: Exposure 1 or exterior plywood (Grade C-D or better), Exposure 1 OSB, DensGlass Gold (ASTM C1177), or water resistant core gypsum (ASTM C79/C1396). Cement-Board Stucco 1000 combines the strength and durability of PermaBaseTM brand cement boards (or other ASTM C1325 Type A Exterior approved cement boards) with the performance and beauty of Senergy's 100% acrylic polymer reinforced base coats and textured finishes. Finishes are available in a limitless color selection and offer performance enhancement options including increased resistance to dirt pick-up and mildew and added flexibility. Behind the system, an air/ weather barrier complying with ASTM D226, SENERSHIELD or SENERHIELD-R, protects acceptable sheathings and other structural components and serves as a component to evacuate incidental water. Cement-Board Stucco 1000 allows you to enclose and finish a project in as little as two days, speeding occupancy. Cement-Board Stucco 1000 System features easy installation, proven impact and weather resistance, and exceptional water management.

Senergy ® Cement-Board StuccoTM 1000 System

Limitations 1. Use for residential, low-rise commercial and institutional buildings. 2. Thin veneer construction may reveal planar irregularities in the frame construction. 3. Susceptible to minor cracking at the board joints. Directions 1. Attach Starter Track level and per manufacturer's instructions and typical Senergy details. Ensure SELF-ADHERING MESH TAPE/ SENERSHIELDTM or SHEATHING FABRIC/SENERSHIELD-R or other code approved secondary air/weather barrier overlaps the top of the flange of the starter track and is installed in accordance with air/weather manufacturer's specifications and complies with code requirements. Immediately attach approved cement board panels horizontally to studs with approved screws, and treat the board joints with Senergy SELF ADHERING MESH TAPE and Base Coat. 2. Apply Senergy ASAP/COLOR COAT into sealant joints after reinforced Base Coat has dried. 3. [Apply Senergy TINTED PRIMER to dry reinforced Base Coat.] 4. Apply Senergy Finish Coat to match the specified Finish type, texture and color when Primer and/or reinforced Base Coat are dry. Systems Specification To perform in the expected manner, the Senergy Cement Board Stucco 1000 System must be applied according to Senergy specifications, using only the listed and approved materials and components. Components The Senergy Cement-Board Stucco 1000 System incorporates SENERSHIELDTM, SENERSHIELD-R or an ASTM D226 compliant secondary air/weather barrier, ASTM C1325 Type A Exterior approved cement board, Senergy Base Coat, SELF-ADHERING MESH TAPE/SHEATHING FABRIC, Senergy Reinforcing Mesh and a textured Senergy Finish. Senergy Cement-Board Stucco 1000 is applied over the following sheathings that are first applied over the framing and which may be required to satisfy structural requirements or fire-resistive construction: water-resistant core gypsum (ASTM C79/C1396), Dens Glass Gold (ASTM C1177), Exposure 1 or exterior plywood sheathing (Grade C-D or better) or Exposure 1 OSB. Optional TINTED PRIMER can enhance appearance and performance. System terminations are designed with additional weather protection such as SENERWRAP membrane to provide additional protection at openings. Flashing components help remove penetrating water. Drainage mat: To improve the water management properties of the system, a layer of Senergy DRAINAGE MAT can be installed over the weather barrier prior to the attachment of the cement-board. EPS Special Shapes Used to enhance design aesthetics such as moldings, cornices, quoins, ogees, etc., these can be attached to the Cement-Board Stucco 1000 system. They must be reinforced with Base Coat and Reinforcing Mesh prior to application of the TINTED PRIMER and Finish. Design Considerations 1. Maximum allowable deflection L/360, based on stud properties only. 2. Windows and doors may permit some water to pass through the frame material or joints. To compensate for the rough opening must be properly protected and a detail must be incorporated that will allow intruding water to escape. This will reduce the potential for water sensitive sheathing and wood within the stud cavity to degrade. Seek technical support from BASF Wall Systems if needed. 3. Consult cement board manufacturer regarding framing requirements, e.g., stud spacing, fastening systems, and minimum framing gauge. 4. Sill areas should be adequately flashed and weather proofed. 5. Avoid details that trap water. 6. Follow the window and door manufacturer's recommendations for proper installation. 7. Control joints are required approximately every 600 square feet or wall surface with a maximum uncontrolled length or width of 24 lineal feet. Technical Information Consult the BASF Wall Systems Technical Services Department for specific recommendations concerning all other applications. Consult the Senergy website,, for additional information about products and systems and for updated literature.

Product Data--Sizes & Packaging SENERSHIELDTM, trowel-applied liquid air/weather barrier, is packaged in 27.2-kg, 19-liter (60-pound, 5-gallon) pails. Approximate coverage rate is 16.7­17.7 m2 (180­190 ft2) per pail at proper thickness. SENERSHIELD-R, roller or brush-applied liquid air/weather barrier, is packaged in 27.2-kg,19-liter (60-pound, 5-gallon) pails. Approximate coverage rate per pail at 10 mils (wet) thickness varies depending upon substrate: Dens-Glass Gold [27.9­30.6 m2 (300­330 ft2) (1coat)], cement-board [27.9­37.2 m2 (300­400 ft2) (1 coat)], exterior gypsum [46.1­53.3 m2 (500­600 ft2) (1 coat)], OSB [23­32.2 m2 (250­350 ft2) (2 coats)], plywood [23­32.2 m2 (250­350 ft2) (2 coats)]. 4" SHEATHING FABRIC for use with SENERSHIELD-R is packaged in 10.2 cm x 54.8 m (4" x 180') rolls. 9" SHEATHING FABRIC for use with SENERSHIELD-R is packaged in 22.9 cm x 54.8 m (9" x 180') rolls. Senergy SELF ADHERING MESH TAPE used over cement-board joints is approximately 142 g/m2 (5 oz/yd2) and is packaged in rolls measuring 10.2 cm x 45.7 m (4" x 150'). It is also available in 9" rolls measuring 22.9 cm x 45.7 m (9" x 150'). FLEXGUARD 4, standard-weight Reinforcing Mesh at approximately 4.5 oz/yd2 is available in 96.5 cm x 45.7 m (38" x 150') rolls. For wall system areas not expected to receive abnormal traffic or abuse. CORNER MESH, intermediate-weight mesh at approximately 9.1 oz/yd2 for use at exterior corners, is available in 22.9 cm x 45.7 m (9" x 150') rolls. ALPHA Base Coat and ALPHA GENIE Base Coat are packaged in 27.2-kg, 19-liter (60-pound, 5-gallon) pails. Approximate coverage rate for each to embed FLEXGUARD 4 is 26 m2 (280 ft2) per pail. Approximate coverage rate for ALPHA DRY BASE COAT to embed FLEXGUARD 4 is 11.1 m2 (120 ft2) per 22.6-kg (50-pound) bag. Approximate coverage rate for Senergy TINTED PRIMER is 69.6­116.1 m2 (750­1,250 ft2) per 24.9-kg, 19-liter (55-pound, 5-gallon) pail. SENERFLEX®, SILCOAT® SENERLASTICTM, SENERLASTICTM PLUS Finishes are packaged in 31.7-kg, 19-liter (70-pound, 5-gallon) pails. Approximate coverages per pail for various textures are: CLASSIC [13 m2 (140 ft2)], BELGIAN LACE [14.8 m2 (160 ft2)], FINE [14.8 m2 (160 ft2)], SAHARA [11.1 m2 (120 ft2)], COARSE [8.3 m2 (90 ft2)], TEXTURE (coverage varies depending upon application). Specialty Finishes are packed in 31.7-kg, 19-liter (70-pound, 5-gallon) pails. Approximate coverages per pail for various textures are: AURORA TC-100 [6.5­9.2 m2 (70­100 ft2)], AURORA STONE [6.5 m2 (70 ft2)], BOREALIS [6.5­9.2 m2 (70­100 ft2)], ALUMINA [8.4­9.2 m2 (90­100 ft2)]. Storage Store material in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight. Maintain temperature above 4°C (40°F) (10°C/50°F for AURORA TC-100, AURORA STONE, ALUMINA and BOREALIS Finishes). Health and Safety Follow good safety and industrial hygiene practices during handling and installing products and systems. Take necessary precautions and wear the appropriate personal protective equipment as needed. Read material safety data sheets and related literature on products before specification and/or installation.

Senergy ® Cement-Board StuccoTM 1000 System

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BASF Wall Systems is an operating unit of BASF Construction Chemicals, LLC. (herein after referred to as "BASF Wall Systems")

Residential Policy

On one and two-family residential framed construction, BASF Wall Systems requires that the wall system selected be one that includes provisions for water drainage. The choices include Senturion® line of water drainage EIFS, commercial Senerflex® Channeled Adhesive or Channeled Insulation Design, Senergy Stucco Wall System, and Senergy CementBoard StuccoTM Systems. There are no exceptions to this policy. Under no circumstances will BASF Wall Systems warrant the use of any other system on this type of construction without expressed written authorization from BASF Wall Systems [Residential construction using EIFS on masonry (CMU) or poured concrete does not require the additional water drainage provisions described above. Senergy Exterior Surfacing Systems for insulating concrete forms are also acceptable.] See the Senergy Residential Policy Bulletin for a more detailed discussion of this topic. Consult BASF Wall Systems Technical Services Department for specific recommendations concerning all other applications. Consult the Senergy website, for additional information about products and systems and for updated literature.


This information and all further technical advice are based on BASF Wall Systems' present knowledge and experience. However, BASF assumes no liability for providing such information and advice including the extent to which such information and advice may relate to existing third party intellectual property rights, especially patent rights. In particular, BASF Wall Systems disclaims any and all CONDITIONS AND WARRANTIES, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR MERCHANTABILITY. BASF WALL SYSTEMS SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR CONSEQUENTIAL, INDIRECT OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING LOSS OF PROFITS) OF ANY KIND. BASF Wall Systems reserves the right to make any changes according to technological progress or further developments. It is the customer's responsibility and obligation to carefully inspect and test any incoming goods. Performance of the product(s) described herein should be verified by testing and carried out only by qualified experts. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to carry out and arrange for any such testing. Reference to trade names used by other companies is neither a recommendation, nor an endorsement of any product and does not imply that similar products could not be used.

BASF Wall Systems

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