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RHODES DATE April22-23th May 7-8th May 20-21st June 14-15th June 28-29th July 6-7th July 12-13th July 16-17th July 19-20th July 25-26th July 26-27th July 29-30th August 5-6th August 14-15th August 14-15th August 21-22th August 23rd August 26-27th September 7-8th September 7-8th September 13-14 th October 17-18 November 7-8th November 8-9th November 14th CHURCH St.Georgiou St. John Theologos Saints Konstantinos-Eleni Profitis Amos St.Paul Agia Kyriaki Presentation of the Virgin Mary St. Marina Profitis Helias St. Paraskevi St. Panteleimonas Saint Soulas Sotiras (Saviour) St. Mercurios Virgin Mary Virgin Mary of Ipseni Virgin Mary of Kremasti St. Fanourios Archagel (Taxiarchis) Virgin Mary of Tsambika Holy Cross St. Loukas Archangel (Taxiarchis) St.Nektarios St. Kostantinos Idreos,the protector Saint of the island.There is a morning service at the church of the Presentation of the Virgin Mary in Niohori area in Rodos Town and Procession of the icon. All the Bishops of the Dodecanese take part in the celebration. Presentation of the Virgin Mary St.Filimona St. Andrew KOS April 22-23rd May 7-8th June 7-8th June28-29th June 31-July 1st St. George St. John Theologos Holy Trinity St.Apostoles St. Anargiri Pyli Kefalos Agia Triada Agii Apostoli Old Kardamena LOCATION Rodos Town, Malona,Arnitha Agios Isidoros Thari Faliraki Lindos, Haraki Kalathos Kamiri (near Massari) Paradissi,Apolakia,Koskinou Filerimos,Profitis Ilias mountain Trianda, Katavia Old Town, Siana Afios Soulas mountain Kiotari, Fanes Istrios Kremasti,Trianta, Salakos,Afandou,Embona,Asklipio Lardos Kremasti Old Town Kamiri, Tris Tsambika Apolona,Kalythies,Damatria Afandou Niochori in Rodos Town Faliraki Rodos Town

November 20-21 st November 21-22 th November 29-30 th

Niohori Arnitha Paradissi

August 14-15th August 28-29th September 7-8th

Virgin Mary St. John Virgin Mary

Andimahia Mastihari Kardamena

KALYMNOS July 26-27th December 4-5th December 5-6th February 1-2nd February 9-10th March 24-25th April 22-23rd Easter Friday May 20-21st June 28-29th June 7-8th July 25th July 26-27th August 5-6th August 14-15th August 22-23th August 28-29th September 7-9th September 7-9 September 7-8th September 14 October 7-8th November 2-3rd November 7-8th November10-11 th November 29-30 th December 5-6th St.Panteleimonas St. Savas St. Nikolas KARPATHOS Kandlemas St. Haralambos Virgin Mary of the Annunciation St. George Zoodohou Pigis Saints Konstantinou-Elenis St. Peter & Paul Holy Trinity St.Irene Hrisovolandou St.Panteleimonas Sotiras(Saviour)-Christ Virgin Mary Virgin Mary St. John Virgin Mary Virgin Mary Ginatou Virgin Mary Larniotissa Holy Cross St.Pelagia St. George Methisti (Protector of the city) Archangel Michail St. Minas St.Andrew St. Nikolas KASSOS April 22-23th May 20-21st October 25-26 th May 20-21st St. George Saints Kostantinos & Eleni St. Dimitrios KASTELLORIZO (MEGISTI) St. Konstantine (Protector Saint of the island) Hadies Tsoukalio Kalymnos Town Kalymnos Town

Arkassa,Othos,Menetes Aperi Municipality of Karpathos Afiarti,Lefkos Mesohoriou, Pigadia, Spoa Menetes,Diafani,Messohori Spoa Spoa Spoa Othos, Aperi, Arkassa Othos,Aperi,Spoa Menetes, Aperi, Olympos Aperi, Mirtonas Aperi, Menetes, Spoa, Othos Messohori, Volada Othos Pigadia Spoa, Pyles Spoa Spoa Lastos Voladas Olympos Arkassa Finiki, Spoa

Kasttelorizo Town

PATMOS Patmos Town Panagia Koumana (free food & drink for 1.000 persons) July 6th Christ Kambos August 14-15th Virgin Mary Kambos September 12-13 th Holy Cross Diakopti - October 21 st: celebration of Ossios Christodoulos with the presentation of all Bishops of the Dodecanese. - Sunday of Orthodoxy, doxology and procession of icon of Grigorios Palamas. May 7th June 14th St.John Theologos Agii Pantes


Holy Thursday: service of the Holy Font and representation of the Last Supper where the abbot represents Christ and the priests his disciples. Easter: Evening service of Love at 3.00 p.m. with the presence of the Local Authorities. Easter Monday: Buffet for guests and dancing with Patmian costumes. Easter Tuesday: Blessing of Remains and procession of icons . LEROS Virgin Mary of the Castel St. Fanourios SYMI Kastro Xirokambos

August 14-15th August 26-27th

May 2nd May 4-5nd June 6-7th June 7-8th August 5-6th August 14-15th August 22-23th

Represant. of the custom of «koukoumades» St. Irini Pentecoste Holy Trinity Saviour Virgin Mary Mirtiotissa Virgin Mary Katholiki

Courtyard of the church of St. Athanassios. Nimborio Panormitis Symi Nimborio Mirtari Kato Meria

HALKI August 14-15th August 28-29th Virgin Mary of HORIO St. John The Baptist TILOS July 25-26th August 14-15th August22-23th St. Panteleimonas Virgin Mary of the Deserted Village Virgin Mary Politissa ASTYPALEA February 1st July 19-20th July 26-27th August 5-6th August 14-15th August 28-29th September 7-8th June 20-21st August 14-15th September 12-13 th Virgin Mary Vlefariotissa Profitis Ilias St. Panteleimonas Christ (Hristou) Virgin Mary Portaitissa St. John Virgin Mary Poularini NISSIROS St. Nikitas Mandraki Virgin Mary of the Cave Holy Cross of Argos Megalo Horio Deserted Village Livadia Horio 7km from the village

Profitis Ilias Livadi Kastro St.John Poulari

Mandraki Mandraki Argos

LIPSI August 22nd Virgin Mary of Haros At Easter: Free food and wine at the park offered by the Municipality.


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