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Trends are Magnet's lifeblood. Whether it is new directions in kitchen designs across the world, fashions on European catwalks or technological breakthroughs, we make it our business to know future movements because they all affect what kitchen designs we put into production for UK consumers, which often set trends and end up in thousands of houses nationwide. As kitchen experts, we also work extremely closely with kitchen appliance manufacturers so that we can exclusively offer our customers the latest technology to complement the latest looks. So, once again, we are sharing our knowledge on what's around the corner in terms of kitchens ­ highlighting key trends and influences that will be appearing in UK homes over coming months and maybe years. We hope this is of interest to you as journalists, who might not have been able to attend all of this year's European shows or have access to the same information we have. As these are just the highlights from our findings, if you are interested in meeting with the Magnet product team to discuss future trends in more detail we would be delighted to arrange this.

Anjum Ahmed

We MS I n T h i s I s s u e O f T hH AT 'a g n e t K i t c h e n Tr e n d s Repor t...

Anjum Ahmed, Magnet's Product & Marketing Director

HAPPENING Magnet product managers Cath Harrison and Mark Baxter report back on the hottest IN findings from this year's European interior design shows, set the scene by outlining current KITCHENS?

trends and reveal what's around the corner in terms of door styles, knobs, handles, lighting and worktops.


Animal Print



1. Catwalk colours ­ UK kitchens are about to get a whole lot more vibrant! Get your shades at the ready (appliances are also following this trend). 2. Texture ­ The feel of a kitchen cabinet will be as important as the colour or finish. 3. Kitchen technology -­New gadgets and appliances will make our lives easier from smart cookers to self cleaning ovens. 4. Funky handles ­ Expect to see an animal skin handle in a kitchen near you soon! 5. Illuminated cupboards ­ No more mistaking a tin of beans for


Product innovators from Rangemaster/Falcon, Electrolux, AEG and Elica reveal key fashions in appliances and provide a sneaky peak at new products being released later this year. We've also picked out some key thoughts from some well known designers, while interiors expert, Andrea Maflin provides comment on general interior trends to look out for in 2009.

10 Hot Kitchen Trends To Look Out For In 2009

custard, lighting in kitchen cupboards as standard is around the corner. 6. Water lit - Sinks and taps will also feature integral lighting! 7. More mix & match ­ The fusion of frontal styles in the kicthen is hot news. 8. The `me' kitchen ­ Kitchens are becoming totally reflective of the people who live in them. 9. Recycling is all the rage ­ Look out for many more kitchen features to help UK homeowners do their bit in the kitchen. 10. Functional is fashionable ­ More features inside kitchen cupboards as standard will be introduced In 2009.

R e p o r t C o n t r i bu t o r s

K I T C H E N T R E N D S R E P O RT 2 0 0 8 - 9

Cath Harrison Magnet Product Manager Mark Baxter Magnet Product Manager

K I T C H E N T R E N D S R E P O RT 2 0 0 8 - 9


M a g n et Product Manager, Cath H a r r i s o n , R e p o r t s

We're living in a world where we want it all. Functionality isn't enough. Style isn't enough. Today's consumer demands luxury at low cost and they're getting it. The Changing Use Of The Kitchen We're spending more and more time in the kitchen every year, so usability studies tell us, with an average household spending XXX hours a week in the kitchen versus XX hours in the living room. Almost X out of 10 homes now treat them as their main living space ­ which is reflected in the style of furniture we're buying for them and the amount of money being spent on them. A more `furniture feel' is being incorporated into kitchen units, allowing them to be used in other rooms to create a more open plan living space. The Magnet customer now spends on average 10% more than five years ago on their kitchen, despite the cost of many styles falling over the past couple of years. built into kitchen cabinetry. Where you put your wine, cereals and detergents is no longer left to chance as UK homeowners meticulously plan their kitchen design to incorporate everything down to the last can of beans

Gadgets The UK loves its kitchen gadgets. We simply can't get enough of refreshment centres, instant boiling hot water taps, invisible radios A Place For Ever ything... and electronic drawers. We're even looking We can now fit much more in our kitchens W H AT than ever before (great news for hoarders!). ' S towards plasma screen TV's in cabinet 2008 has been a year for innovation in P P E N Ifrontals and touch screen computers built HA NG into worktops. Increasingly these state of the storage solutions leading Magnet toI believe N art touches will become the norm rather that what happens inside kitchen cabinets K I T C H E N S ? a statement of technological prowess. than is just as important as what goes on in the Even extractor hoods are making a kitchen itself. statement with Elica leading the way - from the bling `Star' to the minimalist `Om'. Sophisticated wirework, pull-out wine organisers, sensor-driven lighting and even pull out ironing boards are all increasingly

Shaker Cream Purely Magnet

Urban Cream Purely Magnet

Studio White Purely Magnet

Rustic Oak Purely Magnet

Innsbruck Essentially Magnet




Despite increasingly bold and varied kitchen designs emerging in Europe, the UK appears to be a cautious creature, preferring to stick to white, cream or traditional timber finishes. Changes are occurring though with darker wood finishes such as walnut and wenge slowly climbing Magnet's list of best sellers.

Kuta Purely Magnet Caldo Walnut Purely Magnet Charleston Bone Uniquely Magnet Vicenza Purely Magnet Linton Uniquely Magnet

K I T C H E N T R E N D S R E P O RT 2 0 0 8 - 9

K I T C H E N T R E N D S R E P O RT 2 0 0 8 - 9



"The eco storm of 2007 shows no signs of slowing; trends for sustainable products and carbon neutral materials and products will continue a strong theme in 2008.Watch out for more inventive and innovative use of recycled and reformed materials such a linoleum, recycled rubber and bamboo often found in the least expected places." "New trend, increasingly finding favour is the introduction of imagery and embellishment opening up all sorts of possibilities "Design literate and increasingly more confident. Our open plan style of living sees the kitchen play a pivotal role in the whole home approach to interior design.We have definitely moved away from `the kitchen for life' of our parent's generation. Instead we are showing off creative intelligence as well as intellect. Investment driven, if not modernising or adapting we are re-evaluating our space, staying put and making home improvements that bring value." "Energising and optimistic brights are here to stay. Bright colours can be used in two ways by isolating an accent colour on one bank of cabinetry with the remaining kitchen punctuation with a palette of classic, versatile woods and neutrals colours, gives impact without becoming overwhelming. In contrast, splashes of colour used on splash backs, walls, flooring and accessories are an ideal way of integrating colour within different zones of the kitchen and living areas.The benefit of this method is it's relatively inexpensive to change." "Our continued love for bling, metallic and crystal will continue to be strong themes counteracted with classy burgundy and when it comes to personalizing your space."



`The biggest and most important trend must be the environmental one. Designers have a responsibility to make green design affordable and desirable. "It can be as simple as using low energy bulbs in the fittings we design so that they look great, but there's so much more that we as designers can do."

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K I T C H E N T R E N D S R E P O RT 2 soft greens with all important charcoal grey and black to add

balance and quash concerns about putting off for future buyers."


M a g n et Product Manager Mar k B a x t e r r e p o r t s

It's a hard job, but someone has to do it! Yes I was fortunate enough this year to head off to Milan and Germany, then back to London and Birmingham to visit the hot shows on the interior design calendar, including ZOW, Eurocinia, KBB and Grand Designs.


M a s s i ve i n n ov a t i o n i n a c c e s s o r i e s a h e a d

Not only did the personalisation of kitchens shine through as I wandered around the kitchen exhibitions, but our research at Magnet and future direction as a company is all geared around this as a key area of real innovation. Magnet are hoping to enable UK consumers to make braver choices with their kitchen designs by providing inexpensive and easily installed doors in a wide range of colours and finishes. These can regularly be updated to keep our consumers kitchens bang on trend.Watch out for more info on this in 09. Design matters... more than ever before in the quest to express ourselves. As individuals we're increasingly hungry for high style that's functional and suits our lifestyles. Confident consumers... supported by our In-house design teams, will be throwing out the kitchen rule book and experimenting to great effect as functionality becomes fashionable. kitchen differently and consumer want, and need, it to be tailor made. If designers are not incorporating what happens or what they want to happen in their kitchen into the layout then they need to be questioning their designer!

He r e a r e my h i g h l i ghts:

Pa tterns and bold col ours... are making their way on to kitchen cabinets...... etc...This movement is largely down to manufacturing processes but also customer demand as the desire to be individual becomes more pressing. No one colour dominated but monochrome designs are still dominating. Magnet's gloss black and white ranges allow this look to be easily achieved. Green was still prominent throughout the European exhibitions, as were aubergine and muted earthy tones. key. Laminate wood grains have always been produced to look like the real thing, but they're increasingly feeling like the real thing too. Highly textured and rippled doors will become a main feature of cabinetry design and won't stop at doors but will feature on every surface, from handles to worktops. The transparent effec t... be it etched, frosted, coloured or patterned ­ glass appears across the board, on frontals, within drawers, splash backs and worktops, creating a modernist, light effect contrasting with the increase in dark, heavy timbers.

Ripple effect door frontal

Keeping up with our neighbours... W H AT ' S Woodgrains... are looking exquisite with the opportunity to see what's happening in HAPP G dark wenge and walnut finishes being mixed E N I NEurope means we can ensure UK kitchens don't IN with high gloss frontals to dramatic effect. Lighter get left behind. Magnet is currently developing timber finishes are also being seen on gloss H E N Snew ranges for 09 with patterned, glazed, KITC ? frontals with textured timbers, predominantly textured and woodgrain finishes which will all be driftwood or spruce effects, in both traditional launched early in the year. and ultra contemporary styles.

Personalisation... isn't just a good idea So what does this mean in terms of what we to base an advertising campaign around, it will see in the future? We've touched on how is shaping where kitchens are going. Not necessarily in the style of doors, (although there the current trend is for everything to be built in to the design, from is an increased desire to change cabinets more frequently, to mix and match and to personalise wirework and smart space solutions, to gadgets. But this cabinets with hand drawn designs or tattoos handpicked by the customer and transferred ' S will go further and is an W H AT area on to doors), but personalisation as Htrend E N I N G of real innovation. a A P P is driving what's inside units.

IN K I T your Ergonomics - The old idea of design C H E N S ?

kitchen around a triangle of oven, sink and work surface just isn't enough. Everyone uses their

Keep an eye out for...

open and shut themselves at a touch!

K I T C H E N T R E N D S R E P O RT 2 0 0 8 - 9

Patterns and bold colours were in abundance at the shows. Monochrome kitchens are on-trend.

K I T C H E N T R E N D S R E P O RT 2 0 0 8 - 9

Personalisation is a trend that's driving what's inside units.


As a national kitchen a retailer, Magnet caters for all tastes and budgets. So while it's important that we offer more affordable versions of the latest cutting edge, modern designs that dominate the interior design shows, there is still massive demand for traditional looks, which we continue to innovate and update. Exciting new techniques for door finishes are emerging leading to some amazing new designs and making anything possible. Here's what will be hitting the UK's high streets in the coming months. Wild timber finishes, European timbers, zebrano, wenge and walnut will all continue to increase in popularity.

Magnet's new olive wood effect door is being released later this year

WHAT ' S H OT ...

More variation on the slab door... will be emerging, with colour, design and texture. There will be no escaping this trend that will particularly appeal to the fashionista set who will be going crazy for patterns and brights. Magnet will be unveiling new designs in its winter sale and throughout 2009, so watch this space! Our orange and green kitchens were just the tip of the colour iceberg; more exciting colours will joins our black, red, white, cream, café and green shades. Mixing and matching kitchen units, rather than having an entire kitchen made of the same door style, really took hold last year, with almost 10% of customers opting for this

look. This trend is set to continue and we're expecting this figure to rise to at least 15% by 2009. See previous page for details of how Magnet aim to help the UK population keep up with the mix and match trend. While Magnet currently offers doors with integrated handles on our Urban Linieaire and Tiko ranges, look out for more styles like this featuring in UK homes. As mentioned in last year's trends report, stepped panel doors are set to be huge in 09. Magnet spearheaded this trend with

Texture on door frontals is a massive trend, look out for Magnet's new designs later this year.

the launch of the Cubista range and will be expanding this into a variety of timber finishes in coming months. With the trend for traditional ranges to be ever more intricate and detailed, watch out for `framed' kitchen designs which create a luxurious, hand crafted appearance (see Magnet's Linton range as an example). As we reported in previous Trends Reports, retro glazed sliding doors and sensual, organic curves are hot and are set to become even more important in kitchen design. Both will form part of Magnet's 09 collection.


Despite celebrating its 15th birthday this year, the shaker kitchen is still `on-trend' Similarly, oak is making a come back and is tipped to dominate the timber market and continually evolving with new colours updated with fresh new door designs and finishes keeping it bang up to date in the traditional sector. Magnet is launching a and styles. new style in 2008, the Appleby and more W H AT ' S innovations for shaker style ranges will be H hitting the high streets next year. A P P E N I N G


As important as what's in - is what's out.

IN The thickening of stiles K I T C H E N S ? and rails..

is a movement we identified last year that's gathering pace. New looks will be launched later this year with cream, oak and birch finishes.






Magnet's new take on the Shaker style of kitchen, the Appleby, launched in June 2008.

Magnet's green Urban Citrique kitchen is the tip of the colour iceberg. look out for more exciting colours to come.

Cubista Teak

K I T C H E N T R E N D S R E P O RT 2 0 0 8 - 9

K I T C H E N T R E N D S R E P O RT 2 0 0 8 - 9

Intergrated handles will become more popular in coming months.

Sloping Handle


The polarisation in the thickness of worktops is still a major direction - there's no middle ground, worktops need to be either deep or shallow! The slim worktop sector is dominated by glass and compact laminate, while thicker worktops tend to appear in oaks and dark timber or specialist materials like the Magnet Roxx product oak and darker. Textures are also a key movement in worktop design. Like kitchen doors, more funky worktops, brave solid colours (laminates) and unusual materials for worktops are becoming en vogue. Curves on worktops will also be hot news.


It's almost a case of anything goes when it comes to knobs and handles - or even lack of them as the trend for hand-less doors also takes pace. The expansion of handle fashion is great news as they are a vital ingredient in the personalisation of kitchens and a key way to add a modern twist to a more traditional kitchen. While chrome won't be exiting the high street, there will be more variety with unusual hand-crafted looks - from moulded chrome handles to sloping designs set into slab frontals. Other key handle fashions to look out for are leather, mock animal skin, rubber, aluminum and coloured acrylics. 70s styles are also around the corner - with flush designs and larger curved cup handles.

Worktop edging is very en vogue.

used on the top and edge achieves a great two tone effect and makes a real kitchen statement. Kitchen lighting is a massive trend! There are two key aspects in lighting - LED lights and positioning. Consumers updating their kitchens can't afford to not consider adding W or orange. green, blue, redH AT ' S LED lights that change colour to create different moods. P P E N I N G HA And where we put lights to create a feature of certain areas of the KITCHENS? kitchen is vitally important as a cost effective way to make a room look extra special. Lighting integrated into carcase panels, lights at the base of the cabinet, uplighting plinths, lighting in plinths, sinks, taps and cupboards are all the latest aspects to kitchen design.


Edging - be it glass, timber or coloured acrylic - is another other big story to look out for. This look instantly updates worktops and forms an integral feature of the worktop design. Contrasting the materials


Curved worktops are hot news.

Kitchen lighting is a massive trend.

K I T C H E N T R E N D S R E P O RT 2 0 0 8 - 9

Perspex Handle Curved Handle Leather Handle Crocodile effect handle

K I T C H E N T R E N D S R E P O RT 2 0 0 8 - 9


Kitchen appliances are another area of exciting innovation, be it `showy' new gadgets to make our lives easier and more environmentally friendly, or stunning new styles that make a real design statement. Space ­ The Final Frontier Where space isn't an issue, big and bold appliances are emergent and are being used to inject some style and colour into consumers kitchens Large cooler centre and range cookers in vibrant colours are all the rage. Falcon's new American style fridge freezer ­ the SXS ­ comes in a variety of shades but doesn't' just look good, it's functions are astounding ­ from an `Express Chill' to quickly cool products like warm bottles of wine, to the `sweet spot' ­ a shelf that can be used to keep ice cream frozen. At the opposite end of the scale, the trend for compact appliances is growing as more and more manufacturers tap into consumer demand for space saving solutions.The UK has been in love with twin cavity double ovens for many years however they can be space hungry and to combat this a number of manufacturers are introducing large capacity ovens that take up the same space as a single oven. One of the most innovative is the Hotpoint Open Space range which has a clever divider tray which creates 2 cooking zones that can be set at different temperatures ­ so you can grill and bake at the same time! (insert image of this product) Environmental Concerns Steam ovens are growing in popularity, as are induction hobs, partly as a result of an increasing pressure to reduce our carbon footprint.They are superb eco-friendly appliances which can be easily incorporated into any kitchen design. And it doesn't mean that yet another appliance has to be squeezed into the kitchen.The AEG B98205 single oven includes full steam cooking functions. Café Culture We've seen how the rise of coffee outlets has influenced the popularity of free standing and integrated coffee machines but now home refreshment is becoming more creative with integrated refreshment centres that don't only dispense crushed ice and filtered water but also beer (insert image of this if we can get hold of one) Form And Function With the open plan living trend set to continue, consumers are searching for kitchen appliances that combine cutting edge technology with stunning design.Take for example cooker hoods which are increasingly looking more like modern sculptures. Elica are leading the way with hood design and their new Victoria, Gold Stream and Black Stream lines are evolving this trend into a new dimension. Incorporating illumination, blown glass, organic shapes and leather and metallic finishes elegance, the new Elica collection are really challenging the way we view cooker hoods and all combine originality with an advanced 'technological heart' (insert a couple of pics of these) Finally an illumination trend is around the corner as LED lights feature increasingly in appliances and even sinks and taps (image of the illuminated sink)

Triple AAA rated appliances are also vital. Products like the AEG F88010Vi dishwasher are not just eco friendly in terms of electricity W H AT ' S consumption but also reduce the volume of ING And talking of clever appliances, one H A P P E N water required to just 12 litres! Appliance of the latest cookers to hit the market is the N manufactures are increasingly switched on to I Smart Oven ­ an intelligent oven which works T C H E N S ?need to be not only energy efficient but out the KI cooking times and helps even the worst also performance improved. cooks produce a decent meal


Kitchen lighting is a massive trend.

K I T C H E N T R E N D S R E P O RT 2 0 0 8 - 9

K I T C H E N T R E N D S R E P O RT 2 0 0 8 - 9


For further press information, photographs or to talk to Magnet's trends spotters in more detail, please contact: the Magnet press office at Brazen PR on 0161 923 4994 Or email [email protected] K I T C H E N T R E N D S R E P O RT 2 0 0 8 - 9


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