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Upcoming Lodge Events: Perfect Ashlar Award It was my true privilege on the Grand Master's behalf to present to Brother Dick Wright the 2012 Perfect Ashlar Award. I can think of no other Brother who better exemplifies the Masonic concepts of Service and Charity. Here are the Grand Lodge of Virginia's guidelines for nominating a worthy Brother for Perfect Ashlar Award. "The Perfect Ashlar award will be limited to one living Virginia Mason per year who is not a Past Master and who is not currently serving in an elected officer's position. The Worshipful Master will thoughtfully consider the Brethren in his Masonic District whose lives best represent the ideals of Freemasonry. Unselfish service, brotherhood, absolute fidelity to the Craft in word and deed, willingness to serve, as well as the ability to communicate harmony are some of the qualities to be considered in selecting the Brother to be nominated for the Perfect Ashlar Award." Brother Dick Wright was escorted to the East by Junior Deacon Jace McFerran and Tim Brown. Both Brethren have benefitted from Brother Dick's dedication to instruct new members on the Virginia Ritual. During Lodge we held a door prize in which the winner was allowed to pick his choice between several Masonic educational books. This month's winner was Dick Laaken. As my year as Worshipful Master comes to a close in the next few weeks. I would like to thank the Brethren for providing me with the opportunity to serve this outstanding Lodge. It has been a distinct Privilege and Honor and it would not have been possible without your support. December 6th ­ Stated Communication - Elections December 13th - Called Communication - Installation Reflections from the East Greetings Brethren, I want to thank everyone that came out this past Stated Communication. We enjoyed a nice dinner catered by Chicken Out. The dinner theme was to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal together with our Brothers before the holidays and to be thankful for family, friends and brethren that support us during our life. November's Stated Program: Veterans Night ANDREW JACKSON MASONIC LODGE No.120, A.F. & A.M. We had the National Sojourners, Inc. present to the Lodge a Flag Presentation of 15 different American flags used in different engagements throughout the founding and building of this great nation and at the conclusion the Lodge pledged allegiance to the Flag of our Country. The Lodge would like to thank Kent Webber, Ralph Smith, Joe Spruill, Woody Bentley, Lester Albers for organizing and providing an outstanding program to the Lodge. OAKTON, VA 22124 After the Lodge program. The Worshipful Master requested that all veterans and those who have served in the Armed Services would come to the East to be recognized. Due to their previous service and dedication our Nation continues to be well protected. The Worshipful Master recognized Douglas M. Woodley, District Deputy Grand Master of District 1A in the East and saluted him with Grand Honors. 3110 Hunt Road

George Washington Masonic Memorial, Alexandria, Virginia

David N. Silver, PDDGM Secretary

These Lodge projects & events were accomplished during my term as Worshipful Master: 1) Created a Membership Survey to ask for input regarding activities 2) Upgraded the Andrew Jackson Website to include Paypal & Calendar functionality 3) Created a revised Lodge Committee structure (Communications, Ritual, Service and Events) 4) Working on implementing a Lodge Outreach Program to its Brethren 5) Supported the Local Alexandria Food bank with monetary support ($3,000) which purchased over 15,000 pounds of food and supplies to help needy families and supported the local food pantry on 2 different occasions. 6) Provided Masonic Relief to the Grand Lodges of NY and NJ after Hurricane Sandy 7) Consolidated Lodge Bank Accounts to allow for direct deposit 8) Enhanced the electronic Trestle-board to include pictures from various Lodge events 9) Established a Memorial LMIP for RW Samuel K. Shay Charter Master of Andrew Jackson Lodge 10) Implemented an Opt-out program to save on postage regarding the Trestleboard 11) Created an inventory process for New Candidate materials and cleaned up the Ante room supply cabinets 12) Completed purchasing frames for Portraits of Andrew Jackson and Henry Knox Field 13) Raised 2 new Master Masons (Brother Myers and Carmelli) 14) Created a Lodge Masonic Education Book Raffle at Lodge Stated Meetings

Andrew Jackson Lodge Social Events held during 2012: 1) Happy Hours after Planning meetings 2) Andrew Jackson - Super Bowl Party (Feb 5th) 3) Wine Tasting (Not Lodge sponsored) (May 3rd) 4) Ladies Night (June 30th) 5) AJ 120 Cookout (July 4th) 6) Grand Master's Picnic (Aug 11th) 6) Stan Johnson Memorial Golf Tournament (Aug 16th) 7) Trip to New York (Oct 20th) 8) Grand Annual Communication (Nov 6-7th)

I hope you were able to come to Lodge at least once this year and enjoy Brotherly fellowship at these events in 2012. Remember that you are always welcome to stop by your Lodge and we would love to see you again. On a personal note I want wish everyone a safe and wonderful holiday season. God Bless You and Your Family! Adam C. Duncan, Worshipful Master MW Louis Kerford Campbell Grand Master of Masons in Virginia

Programs during 2012 1) January - George Washington's Last Will and Testament 2) February - Corporate Recruiter - Resume and Interview Workshop 3) March - Official Visit of the DDGM 4) March - Andrew Jackson Day Celebration 4) April - Alive Inc. (Alexandria Food Bank) presenting their outreach support in Alexandria 5) May - Masonic Table Lodge 6) June - Private Tour of the GW Memorial, Holy St. John's Program 7) July - Famous Masons & Re-dedication of Master Mason Obligation 8) August - Masonic Appendix Bodies (Commandry, Shriners, Scottish Rite and Sojourners) 9) September - Freemasonry during the Civil War 10) October - Past Master's Night, LMIP Memorial for Samuel K. Shay (Charter Master) 11) November - Veterans Night and Thanksgiving Dinner DON'T FORGET TO PAY YOUR DUES! Annual Dues may be paid to the Secretary at: 3110 Hunt Road, OAKTON, VA 22124 Dues are $53.00, and need to be paid by the end of the year. Paypal is now operational. If you desire to pay online please visit the Andrew Jackson Website: and select the Donations page and click on the Paypal icon. A Word From The Secretary: Brethren, I want to thank each one of you for your support of me this year. I know that were many disappointed that I was not there during the year, but I had to go where my work took me. Rest assured all of the duties of the Secretary have been fulfilled and Grand lodge is happy with us. I am very thankful for my Brothers of the Lodge and the trust placed in me. See you all soon! Fraternally Yours, David

We started the year with a Membership survey to the craft yielding the following results (sorted in terms of votes) that the Brethren would like to see occur in 2012: Ladies Night; Alexandria Food Bank (Charity) ; Andrew Jackson Day Wine Festival/Winery Tour; Happy Hour(s) ; July 4th BBQ/Picnic Community Outreach; Trip to New York

12) December - Elections & Installation of Officers


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