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(M.T.M. Ismail (D.O.B. 16.4.1951)


M.B.B.S. (MADURAI) South Indian (1970 - 1977) Diploma in Reproductive Medicine (D.R.M.) (JHPIEGO/LPPKN/College of General Medicine, Malaysia (1984 1985) W.H.O. Postgraduate Certificate in Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health (University of Debrecen, Hungary 1991). FELLOWSHIPS: Who Research Fellowship in Clinical Andrology and Semenology, Mônash Medical Research Centre, Prince Henry's Hospital Melbourne, Australia. (January - July 1987)


Consultant Clinical Andrologist. Reproductive and Sexual Health Specialist. Men's Health Clinic Damai Service Hospital 115-119, Jalan Ipoh. Kuala Lumpur.


Conferred the 'Member of the State of Terengganu Royal Court' in 1995 by the Sultan of the State of Terengganu on services rendered to the Terengganu Citizens (Ahli Mahkota Terengganu AMT)


Head, Specialist Clinic, Specialist Reproductive Human Research Centre National Population & Family Development Board Bangunan LPPKN, 12 B, Jalan Raja Laut 53050 Kuala Lumpur. Visiting Consultant in Clinical Andrology and Infertility for the Family Development Foundation, State of Terengganu, Malaysia (since 1990). Visiting Consultant, Specialist Reproductive Research Centre. Kuala Lumpur and LPPKN Family Clinic Shah Alam, Selangor.


Executive Council Member of Asian Society of Andrology (founder Member and Life Member). Presently Hon ­ Treasurer of the Society (since 2001) Associate Member of International Society of Andrology. Associate Member of the International Society of Sexuality and Impotence Research. 1

· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·

Associate Member of the Asia Pacific Society of Impotence Research. Associate Member of Australian Fertility Society. Associate Member of the Asian Society of Sexology Executive Council Member of Malaysian Society of Andrology. Member of the Obstetrics and Gynaecological Society of Malaysia. Member of the International Society for the Study of the Aging Male (Member of the Scientific Committee (since 2000) Executive Council Member of the Asia Pacific Society for the Study of the Aging Male (since 2001) Member of the Malaysian Erectile Dysfunction Advisory Council and Training (MEDACT) Member of The International Society of Sexology(WAS) Member of The Asian Society of Sexology Member of the Malaysian ISO Committee of Standardisation of Medical Devices:- Contraceptives Condom and IUCD (since 1996) External Consultant to New England Research Institutes, Mass, Boston, USA in the Study of Male Erectile Dysfunction - MALAYSIAN STUDY. (Since Sept. 1997) Consultant to the Family Development Foundation of Kuala Trengganu in the area of Reproductive Health and Andrology. (since1990)

JAKIM resource person in the area of Family Health:- Reproductive and Sexual Health for JAKIM Premarital Course Pusat Islam. (Since 1996). A Member of the Coordinating Committee for the Research on Eurycoma Longifolia (Tongkat Ali), Institute Medical Research, Ministry of Health (since 1997) An Associate Fellow of IKIM (Institute of Islamic Knowledge) as a Lecturer in Reproductive and Sexual Health. Scientific Advisor to a few Nutritical Companies like Mayfirst and PowerRoot.

PUBLICATIONS · · · · · ·

Illustrated Guide for Infertile Couple (1985) Infertility Guide for Couples (1986) Manual for Infertility Management (Prepared for ICOMP) (1987) Clinical Andrology: Comprehensive Manual in the Management of Men's Health sexual and infertility problementitled "Pengenalan Dan Rawatan Sakittuan",Utusan Malaysia Publications (Written in Bahasa Malaysia) (1995)

A Men's Guide to Sexual Health( A Guide Book for Men's Health Sponsored by Pfizer) 2004 Introduction to Sexual Health and Sexual Problems(written Bahasa Malaysia) PTS Publications 2005-09-07

· ·

Lelaki Unggol, a Compedium of Men's Health issues,Warta Perdana Press 2005-09 Panduan Menjaga Kesihatan Seksual, a manual of managing sexual health for men and women,written in Bahasa Malaysia.PTS Publication 2006-08-09.


Towards Enhancing Fertility: A comprehensive manual in the current treatment and management of Infertility entited "Panduan Meningkatkan Kesuburan"Utusan Malaysia Publications (written in Malaysian language) (2001) · ·

VCD entitled Love, Marriage and Sexual Health in the local language, prepared for premarital Couples who attend the Premarital Course.. Write articles in local magazines and newspaper. Have several permanent columns in local papers Harian Metro,Warta Perdana,Berita Minggu, Bacaria,Ma&Pa,Harmoni,Variasi,Al-Islam, Mingguan Wanita, Health & Beauty.

· ·

Manual of Sexual and Reproductive Health, Chief Editor (LPPKN 2003) Male Sexual Dysfunction: Focus on Impotence and ED entitled "Derita Dalam Diam"(written in Bahasa Malaysia) Pustaka Wira Publications.(2004) ·

Member of the Editorial Board of Asian Journal of 2

Andrology (From 1999 ) · A prospective study of the acceptability of TODAY vaginal contraceptive sponge among Malaysian women. Health · (Malaysian Journal of Reproductive 6 (1) 1988) A single puncture A preliminary Report. · ·

normogonadotropic and/or asthenospermic males. (VII World Congress on Human Reproduction, June 26 July 1,1990, Book of Abstracts).

Effectiveness of Sustanon 250 in management of depressed sexual functions associated with true Andropause (male climacteric) : Experience. A Malaysian

Filshie Clip Sterilization laparoscopic approach

(Chinese Journal of Andrology

(Malaysian Journal of Reproductive Health. 6 (2) 1988). · · An evaluation of Bioself 110 Fertility Indicator. (Contraception, Vol. 39 (1) 1989). A study of the acceptability and effectiveness of NORPLANT Lumpur, · contraceptive implants in Kuala of · ·

Supplement to Vol. 6 No. 34, 1992) PADAM and HRT CLINIC for the Males The

Malaysian Experience (Asian Journal of Andrology, Supplement, 1996) Clinical Application of Asian Medicine in E.D. The Malaysian Multicultural experience. (International Journal of Impotence Research, Vol. 9, Supplement 1 October 1997). The Aging Male: Malaysian Experience in the (The Aging Male Official




Reproductive Health 8 (1) 1990). A comparative study of Marvelon Vs Triquilar (Malaysian Journal of Reproductive Health 9 (2) 1991). · A multicenter study on the acceptability of an oral contraceptive containing 30 mgm of Ethinyl ·

Management of PADAM.

Journal of the International Society For The Study of the Aging Male, Vol. 1, Supplement 1, February 1998). Problems related to the Aging Male. (The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research. Vol. 24 Supplement No. 3) 1998. Oral · International Differences in the Epidemiology of Male Erectile Dysfunction ­ The Malaysian Result (International Journal of Impotence Research Vol.10.Supplement 3) 1998 · Epidemiology of Erectile Dysfunction: The

Estradiol and 150 mgm of Desogestrel (Marvelon). The Malaysian result. · (Malaysian Journal of

Reproductive Health 12 (1) 1994). Prospective Study of a monophasic

Contraceptive pill containing 20 mcg Ethinyl Estradiol and 150 mcg Desogestel (Mercilon) Tm (Malaysian Journal of Reproductive Health, Vol. 13 (1) 1995.) · Training Programme in Norplant insertion for doctors conducted by NPFDB, State in Johor, Malaysia: The state of the art. VII Th. World 9, ·

Malaysian Result ­( The Aging Male Official Journal of the International Society for the Study of the Aging Male, Vol.3.Supplement 3) 2000 Glycoprotein Water-soluble Extract of Eurycoma Longifolia Jack as a Health Supplement in management of Health aging in aged men.(The Aging Male Official Journal of the International Society for the Study of the Aging Male, Vol.6 Supplement 3)2002 · Water soluble Extract of Eurycoma Longifolia in enhancing testosterone in males.(International

Congress on Human Reproduction April 4 1993, Books of Abstracts. ·

A one year study of sperm count profile of male subjects of sub fertile/infertile couples of various ethnic groups in a Fertility Clinic in Kuala Lumpur. (Medical Bulletin of National University of Malaysia, Vol. 4 Sept/Oct. 1985).


A comparative study of standard methods and Automated (Cell soft) semen analysis. (Malaysian Journal of Reproductive Health 6 (1) 1988).

Trade Show and Conference, Supply Side West, The · Venetian, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA-


Effects of 'Friend' feminine wipes on sperm viability in vitro. (Malaysia Journal of Reproductive Health 8 (2) (1990).

Supplement Book), 2003 The Sexual Needs of the Aging Males, Medical and Complimentary therapies.(Health Worlds Asia


FSH as a predictive indicator of efficacy of Tamoxifen in the management of idiopathic

Conference 2004,International Health Exhibitions and Congress)2004 3


Extended Clinical Studies on Eurycoma Longifolia Jack.(International Trade Show and Conference, Supply Side West, The Venetian, Las Vegas, Nevada. USA- Show Guide Booklet), 2004. ·





(Malaysian Journal of Reproductive Health, 4 (2) 1986). A clinical trial on Lisuride, a dopamine agoinst on selected hyperprolactinemic patients with and without galactorrhea and lactating patients for

· · ·

Standardised Water soluble extract of Eurycoma Longifolia (LJ100) on men's health. Abstracts of 8th International Congress of

secondary a lactation

A preliminary report.

Andrology, Volume 28 suppl.1 June 2005 A retrospective evaluation of the various methods of treatment protocols for pelvic endometriosis at a Fertility Clinic in the year 1983. · (Malaysian ·

(Journal of The Asean Federation of Endocrine Societies, Vol 5 (1) 1986). Detection of Urinary Luteinising Hormone (LH) surge using and enzyme linked monoclonal

Journal of Reproductive Health, 3 (2) 1985). Clinical evaluation of Tamoxifen, a pure ·

antibody dipstick (ovustick). (Malaysian Journal of Reproductive Health 7 (2) 1989). Clinical evaluation of Buserelin, A. GnRH analogue in the management of moderate to severe Pelvic Endometriosis. A Malaysian Experience. (XIII 6

antiestrogen compound in the managements of ovulatory dysfunction in sub fertile Malaysian women. · (Malaysian Journal of Reproductive

Health, 4 (2) 1986). A clinical trial of Lisuride, a new dopamine agonist

World Congress on Family and Sterility, IPPF 1 October 1989 Book of abstracts)

JOB EXPERIENCES · · · · · · ·

Horsemanship in General Hospital Johor Bharu (1979


Medical Officer in Paediatrics (6 months) Orthopaedics (18 months) and Traumatology (8 months) in General Hospital (1980 1982). 1983)

District Medical Officer in Kota Tinggi District, Johor State, Malaysia (1982 Medical Officer in charge, Chest Clinic, General Hospital, Johor Bharu (1983)

Medical Officer and Clinical Research Officer, Specialist Reproductive Research Centre, LPPKN (1984 Senior Medical Officer and Deputy Director of Specialist Reproductive Research Centre (1987 1991)


Director, State of Johor, National Population and Family Development Board, State of Johor. Malaysia (1991 1994) · As a State Director, involved in coordination of Family Planning activities with Ministry of Health and Johor Family Planning Association, being Secretary of the State Family Planning/MCH Coordinating Committee. · Directly involved in developing strategies in promoting and propagating materials and public forums, dialogues etc. in family planning especially in rural areas where the acceptability of reliable methods of Family Planning is low. · · · Developed training programmes for extension workers to motivate them to discuss about reliable forms of family planning to their social groups in the rural areas. Directly involved in the preparation of marriage manual by State Muslim Religious Department to include all reliable methods of family planning. Directly involved in the introduction of newer methods and reliable methods of family planning by arranging and conducting training of doctors in IUCD and Norplant insertions in districts Health/MCH Centres. · Acting Director of Specialist Reproductive Research Centre from 1995-2002.


Head, Specialist Clinic, Specialist Reproductive Research Centre (SRRC), LPPKN, Kuala Lumpur. (Since 2002 4

till 30th.September 2004) · · · · · · · · Master trainer in IUCD insertion and Norplant insertion/removal and in NSV (Non Scalpel Vasectomy). Involve in the training of Midwifery Nurses and doctors in Fertility Regulation. Resource person in training in family planning conducted by the local Family Planning Association. Member of the Central Family Planning/MCH Coordinating Committee, based in Kuala Lumpur. Council member of a Diplomate Training Program with Academy of General Practice in Diploma in Reproductive Medicine (1994) Involved in the training of postgraduate medical officer and registrar from OBGYN (UKM) in the Family Planning Management - Counselling and Family Planning Methods. Supervisor for Postgraduate Students in Family Medicine in UM, UKM and USM in Reproductive Health and Sexual Medicine. Performing Clinical duties in managing infertile couples, reproduction health issues like genital tract

infections, sexual dysfunction, reproductive cancer screening, menopause and sexual and reproductive health problems of · · · · male (Clinical Andrology)

Part time lecturer for Malaysian Religious Council (JAWI) in delivering Reproductive Health talks to would be couples (Premarital Courses). Part-time lecturer for Postgraduate Course in UKM and UM in Social & Preventive Medicine. Hon. Lecturer for Medical Students of UPM in Sexual Medicine since 2003 Training Consultant for Puteri Islam Malaysia in preparing Training Modules in Women' Health (2003- 04)



Certificate of merit in Psychiatry. (Final MB, BS). Introduction to Ultrasound - Pelvic Ultrasound. (University Hospital, University Malaya. ( 1984 ) Laparoscopy - Training Certificate (Raden Saleh Clinic, Dept. OBGYN, University Indonesia, 1985). ·

1997 as a Co-moderator). Contraceptive Technology Update Workshop for Malaysian Service Providers. (FHI - LPPKN

Pre-AOCOG Workshop). 13 - 14 June 1998 in Kuala · Lumpur as the Principal Workshop

Coordinator and Moderator. Second Perak Mental Health Convention (9-10 October, 1998) ­ Reconvention Workshop on Sex Related Disorders and Offences ­ as Research: Clinical Trials · Workshop Lecturer Second MOH ­ AMM Scientific Meeting


Norplant - Training Certificate. (Raden Saleh Clinic, 1985). Dept. OBGYN, University Indonesia



Method - A Certificate. Singapore 1985). · Advance Pathology

(National University of

Academy of Medicine of Malaysia "Symposium Colposcopy and · and Family · · · Laparoscopic Sterilization · on the New Era in the Management of Erectile Dysfunction" ­ Presented a paper, 2000. Implanon Training Course ­ A Certificate (Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia 18-19/1/2001 Training Workshops in Male and Female Sexual Dysfunctions, 6th Congress of the INVITRO European Society for Sexual Medicine, Turkey, 16-19 Nov.2003 Training in Advance Health Management

Cytology - A Certificate (Ministry of Health Malaysia and WHO, 1985). · Advance Course in Reproductive Medicine - A Certificate · (National Pop.

Development Board, Malaysia 1986). Workshop in

FERTILIZATION - Certificate. (Singapore K.K. Hospital, 1986). · Workshop in

Programs, Ministry of Health (PTK 4) 2003 GCP Certification, UMMC 2004.

Procedures - A Certificate (SAC, Tokyo, Japan, 1988). · · · · Workshop in Operative Endoscopies, Masean Meet, - A Certificate (Malaysia 1988). Workshop in Reproductive Endocrinology - A Certificate (Singapore 1988). Advance Course in Male Infertility - A Certificate (University Kebangsaan Malaysia, 1992). Non Scalpel Vasectomy - Training Certificate (Nepal Fertility Care Centre, Nepal, AVSC Sponsorship, 1993). · Training in Male and Female Sexual Dysfunction (Singapore - 1994 - in conjunction with VI World Meeting in Impotence). · · Training in the Penile Implant Insertion Operation (5th APSIR. meeting in Perth, Australia, 1995.)

Advance Norplant Training Course (National Resource Centre - Raden Saleh Clinic, Dept. OBGYN, University Indonesia) (1996.)


Asian Traditional Treatment in Male Erectile Dysfunction (6th APSIR meeting in Kuala Lumpur 6


CV Dr. Ismail Tambi - Malaysia

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