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YEAR YEAR 2009 2009

The Perfect Start to a Great FinishTM The Perfect Start to a Great FinishTM

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Winners announced in the October 2009 Issue! Winners announced in the October 2009 Issue!

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Another award...

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ho-hum... Everyone's got an award for something. Award shows are all over television. Seems you can't swing a dead cat without hitting an award of some kind. There's probably even an award for swinging dead cats... Well, hopefully that's not your attitude, because we're doing this for you. How so, you ask? Simple. We started this publication to help you run your businesses better. We do this in a variety of ways. We show you new products. We explain how to use them. And, finally, we show you contractors all over North America who are operating great businesses. How does this help you? Well, hopefully you're reading each and every issue of TPC and finding lots of good ideas, products and techniques that you can apply in your business. If you're doing that successfully, we're doing our job here. To further that, we decided to start a process that would enable us to find a very successful painting contractor and show you how he does what he does. Again, seeing how a successful contractor operates should give you ideas on how to conduct your own business. So, we came up with The Paint Contractor's Contractor of the Year Award. We've been advertising it in almost every issue this year and collecting applications. The fine folks at Masterchem, makers of the Kilz family of coatings, believed in the award, too, and signed on as the sponsor. For that, we give them a tremendous thanks. Starting up an award program from scratch in a start up magazine is a big undertaking, and Masterchem's support has been invaluable throughout the process. Did we get the overwhelming number of applications for this year's award we'd hoped for? No. Did we get enough to find a contractor worthy of the first TPC Contractor of the Year Award Sponsored by Kilz? Yes. Are we hoping that readers will see this first year's award winner and enter next year? Absolutely. So, what does it take to be The Paint Contractor's 2009 Contractor of the Year? Well, first, you have to enter. And supposing you did enter, like Steve Thompson did, what does it take? It's not how big your company is, or how many employees you've got. It's how you use what you've got, how you present yourself to your public and customers, and what kind of attitude you bring to the job. For this, we congratulate Steve Thompson, Olathe, KS, on being named our TPC's 2009 Contractor of the Year. With more than 30 years of painting experience, he and his wife Laurie go out into the world as "A Neighboorhood Painter." That's how he presents himself. The guy down the block, the guy around the corner, the guy who can help spruce up the neighborhood. In this case, Steve, Laurie and assistant Mark Graham spruced up a million-and-a-half-dollar home in South Leawood, KS, just across the border from Kansas City. As well as helping Steve on the job, Laurie also owns a Handyman Matters franchise in Kansas City. She and Steve are on the same page--she was just awarded Female Contractor of the Year by the National Association of Professional Women. The good news is, they can have just one party to celebrate both awards. Congratulations, Laurie! It's been a rewarding--and awarding--partnership; one company can finish what the other company starts. Thompson got this job when Laurie's company started making repairs on the home's exterior building materials. With the whole family involved, service was paramount. But then again, it's the same for every job. "I always go above and beyond," Steve's not afraid to say. "We got the paint for them, color-matched it, and took care of every aspect of the job. When we were finished we spent a whole day cleaning and putting things back like they're supposed to go. The only thing they had to do was walk the house and inspect it." Along with that, Thompson gave them a taste of his off-hours hobby and threw in a free grandfather clock


Steve Thompson: family man, grandfather clock fixer and painter. Based in Olathe, KS, his company "A Neighborhood Painter" exemplifies the qualities we sought in determining the recipient of the Contractor of the Year award: painting skills, business acumen, excellent customer service, and attention to doing the job right--and on time. Turn to page 8 for the house described in this article.


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YEAR YEAR 2009 2009

the weather was often mild, but also punctuated with episodes of wind and cold. Throughout this project, Thompson white trim, shutters. black entry door and Materials used were Kilz Premium waterkept in touch with his clients, again, base stainblocking primer, Sherwin-Wiljust like a guy in the neighborhood. "In liams Super Paint, Glidden latex semigeneral my customers love me," he says. Winners announced inpoles, gloss, Purdy brushes and extension Winners announced in "I talk to them on the phone, and email the October 2009 Issue! Shur-Line roller sleeves, 3M tape and the October 2009 Issue! them every night, and make sure they sanding sponges, Titan 440 airless sprayers and Sherwin Williams Skinny Rollers. know exactly what's going on. I always show up on time--sometimes we're even They sprayed out the body and brushed in the trim. The project took 30 gallons of body paint, they Really Like Me! too early!" The week-long job Thompson sub- 5 gallons of trim and 1 gallon of black trim. It's paid off--when "A Neighboormitted contained several challenges; hood Painter" started up, it spent a lot for instance painting 30 feet up in of money on advertising. Now a lot of the air and competing for that airspace with high trees. There that's saved and Thompson has worked up a good bank of were also a lot of different surfaces, including stucco, rough referrals. He's satisfied these customers so well that they're cedar, T1-11 siding and shutters around the windows and going to hire him again this winter for the inside. Again, congrats to Steve--the staff of Mugler Publications doors. All the surfaces were primed with exterior Kilz. and the fine folks at Kilz are proud to give him and his crew "We primed every bit," he asserts. The job was completed in early November, when the Midwest lives up to its reputation of this inaugural award. Stay tuned next year, the chance to win "if you don't like the weather wait five minutes." Fortunately is yours! If you enter, that is. tpc

Application available at Stats and products: House was painted Application available at its same colors: light celery body, Dover

repair. "I repaired it for no charge because I know they're going to be good customers." Perhaps the biggest service he provided was financing the payments. "With times as tough as they are, if we see they're good customers we're happy to help them. Laurie and I financed the job for six months--ourselves--no bank--to get the project done."

The Perfect Start to a Great FinishTM The Perfect Start to a Great FinishTM


"Really enjoyed the new mag. Look forward to the next issue."

Ron Hill, President --Hill Painting, Inc.

"I received your inaugural issue a day or two ago. I believe I'm gonna like. Y'all talk like me. Can't wait to get the rest read."

Mike Williams--Mike Williams Painting

"Seems like you speak the customer's language and not above them. Good articles dealing with today's issues."

Mike Starner--MAB Paints

"I have 40 years experience and your magazine is one of the best I've ever gotten. You're to be congratulated from what I've seen of the rst two issues. I think it's a fabulous magazine."

Mike Parlette--Mike Parlette Painting

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