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Carp Fishing Catalogue

Carp & Match Fishing Index

Index .................................................................. 1 Wychwood Carp Rods ........................................ 2 Wychwood Carp Reels ....................................... 3 Wychwood Accessories ...................................... 4 XL Carp Accessories .......................................... 5 ESP, Kamsan, XL Carp & Monster Carp Hooks... 6 ESP Accessories ................................................ 7 Tandem Baits Ground Baits, Boilies & Pellets ..... 8 Drenan Match Fishing Accessories ..................... 9 Drennan Polemaster Poles and Match Gear ....... 10



Solace Carp Rods EPIC Carp Rods

The Solace rods feature a progressive power action made from a multimodulus carbon blank. Whether you want to cast to the horizon or lower a bait close in to the margin, you can feel assured in the knowledge that the Solace rods will deal with this as easily as they do the lunges of a carp's last bid for freedom. Unconditional lifetime policy.

WA9080 WA9081 WA9082 WA9083 -

Solace Solace Solace Solace

Carp Carp Carp Carp

12 12 12 12

ft ft ft ft

2.5 lb 2.75 lb 3.0 lb 3.5 lb

Epic rods are high performance carp rods manufactured from trans-weave 40 tonne carbon cloth resulting in amazing performance blanks with semi parallel butt and parabolic actions. Features genuine Wychwood braid-friendly SVT SLIM double leg rings, designed with narrow SiC rolled inserts for extra strength and improved line flow. Unconditional lifetime policy.

WA0380 WA0381 WA0382 -

EPIC Carp 12 ft 2.75 lb EPIC Carp 12 ft 3.0 lb EPIC Carp 12 ft 3.5 lb

MAXimiser Carp Rods

Signature Carp Rods

Market leading looks matched with unparalleled performance. Maximiser rods are truly built without compromise. Capable of casting huge distances and still retaining a forgiving tip for those close-in moments. Fuji screw lock reel seat, custom SVT braid-friendly rings, multi-modulus blank, gunmetal trim rings. Unconditional lifetime policy.

WA9086 WA9087 WA9088 WA9089 -

Maximiser Maximiser Maximiser Maximiser

Carp Carp Carp Carp

12 12 12 12

ft ft ft ft

2.5 lb 2.75 lb 3.0 lb 3.5 lb

The latest additions to the Wychwood line, the Signature Carp rods offer awesome value. The rods feature a super slim high gloss midnight black blank with matching reel seat, lined rings, and shrink wrap trim. Unconditional lifetime policy.

WA9120 WA9121 WA9122 -

Signature Carp 12 ft 2.5 lb Signature Carp 12 ft 2.75 lb Signature Carp 12 ft 3.0 lb

Wychwood Unconditional Lifetime Policy

At Wychwood we believe in a fair, unconditional, after sales policy. Should the worst happen and your rod is damaged in any way, we offer replacement sections available at a nominal charge. The broken rod, in its entirety, and the original dated receipt must be returned postage paid to Anglers International Inc. for repair or replacement. A fee of $60.00 will be charged if the entire rod is replaced. Taxes and return shipping charges apply. Wychwood reserves the right to amend prices or this policy at any time. Return Instructions from the USA 1) Please send the rod insured for full replacement value and ensure a tracking number is provided by the USPS. Send your rod via United States Postal Service (do not use a courier service) to the following address: Anglers International Inc. 7-841 Sydney Street, Suite 321 Cornwall, Ontario K6H 7L2 CANADA 2) Make sure the parcel is well packaged (with packing paper or bubble wrap) in a sturdy tube or box so the Post Office can't break it. The ends should be solid, not just tape. 3) Please include all rod sections, so we may ensure the replacement section has a perfect fit. 4) On the box, clearly mark: "FISHING ROD FOR REPAIR - NO VALUE FOR DUTY & TAX 9992/66". 5) USPS Customs Declaration and Dispatch Note - CP72 (provided by the post office): In section (1), write 9507109010 fishing rod / 9992 / GST code 66 / FOR REPAIR. Check "Returned goods". 6) There is a $35US charge to replace a section. If we cannot find a suitable replacement piece, the entire rod is replaced at a charge of $60US. Return shipping is via Expedited Post, insured. We accept payment by VISA, MasterCard, personal check or INTERNATIONAL money order. 7) Kindly include your daytime telephone number and complete return address with the rod so we can confirm receipt of the rod and the total amount for repair.



9' Extricator Carp Rod Exorcist Big Pit Freespin Reel

An absolute animal of a reel, is the only way to describe the Exorcist. Built primarily for venues where you need an really tough and rugged reel with a massive line capacity and the benefit of a freespin. From the machined aluminum side plates, to the massively over-sized machine cut main gears, the Exorcist oozes rugged appeal. With a total of 11 ball bearings, the Exorcist is incredibly smooth with perfect line-lay and a silky smooth multi-disc front drag.

The Extricator stalking rod has a lovely soft tip combined with unbelievable power for those snaggy heart stopping moments. Multi-modulus carbon construction gives fish turning power while the braid-friendly triple leg rings are custom spaced for close-in margin work. Amazingly light. The perfect rod for short to medium range. Unconditional lifetime policy.

WA8010 -

WC0901 - Exorcist Big Pit Reel

Extricator Stalker Rod 9 ft

Despatch Spod Rod

Riot Big Pit Reel

The Despatch Spod Rod is designed to have good balance and accuracy for baiting at both short and long range. Features full length Japanese shrink wrap handle, screw lock reel seat, extra large butt ring and power taper high modulus blank. An absolute necessity for effective long range baiting. Unconditional lifetime policy.

An uncompromising distance reel ruggedly constructed with precisely engineered gears to give trouble-free service year after year, even when fishing extreme venues. Thanks to the unique design of the spool and the superb line-lay, line flies off almost silently when casting as the line leaves the spool in tight loops. Ideal for both spodding and traditional long range fishing (no free spin).

WC0042 - Riot Big Pit 65

WA9071 - Despatch 12 ft 4.5 lb

Signature Freespin Reel

Baiting Spods

Moulded from shatterproof plastic and an ultra buoyant nose cone. With its unique rear taper design it can be cast farther with greater accuracy and less chance of losing your bait on the cast. A fully loaded Particle Spod can be cast in excess of 100 yards, the Distance Spod has nearly double the range. To ensure accurate range, cast out to the required distance, clip the line into the line clip on the spool and retrieve. Every following cast will stop at exactly the correct distance. Remember to feather the line at the end of the cast to avoid hitting the clip to hard.

The Rage freespin combines superb line-lay and casting performance with precise engineering, to provide fantastic value for money. Features a slim-line chassis, loaded with a 10+1 ball bearing drive system to ensure super smooth performance straight from the box. Coupled with our over-sized main drive gear and machine cut drive-train to achieve perfect balance and instant start up.

WC0027 - Signature Freespin

WX0491 - Particle Spod WX0492 - Distance Spod

Wychwood Rig Box

Neoprene Rod Wraps

Soft neoprene rod wraps with Velcro fastening. The simple way to store and transport fully rigged rods. Prevents tangles and protects rods from accidental breakage. Sold in pairs.

A fully integrated rig box designed to hold every conceivable item of terminal tackle specifically designed for carp anglers. Holds over 50 pre-tied rigs and sports extra strong stainless steel hinges. Includes two small and one medium fully adjustable internal tackle box.

WX0062 - Neoprene Rod Wraps

WX1209 - Wychwood Rig Box

A must for any serious carp angler (tackle not included).


Riot Landing Net


Extremis Bite Alarms

Stylish good looks and unfailing reliability are hallmarks of the Extremis bite alarms. Features fully weather sealed electronics, twin magnet roller wheel, on-off latch. Available in Volume (V), Volume and Tone (VT) and Volume, Tone and Sensitivity (VTS)

Features a 1.8 m carbon pole with a machined stainless steel spreader block. Supplied with ultra-soft green mesh on woven carbon arms with reinforced ends. Extra deep hex mesh netting with reinforced carrying handles. Carrying case included.

WQ0102 - Riot Landing Net 36" WQ0103 - Riot Landing Net 42"

Rogue Landing Net

Features a 1.8 m fibre glass handle. Supplied with tapered fibre glass arms, with reinforced Wychwood overfit spreader block and an ultrasoft green mesh. Carrying case included.

WX0317 - Extremis V Alarm WX0318 - Extremis VT Alarm WX0319 - Extremis VTS Alarm

Runs on a 9 volt battery (not included).

WQ0098 - Rogue Landing Net 36" WQ0099 - Rogue Landing Net 42"

Rogue Rod Pod

Net Float

The Rogue rod pod comes complete with both buzzer bars and carrying case. Fully adjustable height and leg width. Excellent value for money.

WH0476 - Net Float

Control both the net from sinking and play the fish safely, even when fishing solo. This water repellent padded net float keeps your net bouyant and gives you more time to focus on the task at hand.

WX8050 - Rogue 2-Rod Pod WX8051 - Rogue 3-Rod Pod

Mole Drive Bank Sticks

Extra strong large diameter bank sticks with screw points for use in hard ground. Supplied with T-bar for extra leverage. Secure lever lock design to easily adjust height. WX9061 - 12"

WX9062 - 18"

Baiting Spoon

Screws on to landing net handles to chuck particles at short range or throw balls of groundbait a long distance. Strong moulded design with metal threading. WX0447 - Large Baiting Spoon

Complete Tackle Box

The original Wychwood tackle box complete with 4 medium internal tackle boxes. The perfect solution for many specimen anglers, allowing you to personalize your own layout.

WX0793 - Medium Complete Box Set


XL Carp

Drop-Off Indicator


Heavy Weight Indicator


Telescopic Bank Stick 50-90cm

Clips on the line, behind the buzzer or head rest, to keep slight tension on the line at all times. Pops off on the strike.

Use this heavy weight drop-off indicator for fishing in windy conditions or on rivers. Features a fully adjustable tension knob on the line clip.

CXBS50 Black aluminum telescopic bank stick. All brass fittings. Universal threading will fit virtually all buzzers, rod rests and keepnets.

Rod Rest Front

CXRRFR These rod rests feature a centre groove to allow line to run through unhindered. Rounded arms help prevent tangles.

Rod Rest Back

CXRRBK Smooth rounded back rod rest holds cork butt sections perfectly. Ideal for both feeder rod and float rods.

Rod Rest Flexi

CXRRFL Flexible back rod rest holds traditional carp rods secure in rod pods or on bank sticks. Great when using bait-runner reels.

Boilie Hook & Drill Set Rig Threader

The drill is used to drill through boilies, maize or other hard baits. The boilie hook is designed to pull the "hair loop" through the bait. Knurled for easy handling.

XL CARP Spring Feeders

XL CARP spring feeders are designed for use in still water. Pack them with your favourite groundbait to attract carp to the hookbait. These feeders are best used with a "running rig" set-up. CXFSSM - Small, 5.5 cm CXFSMD - Medium, 6.5 cm CXFSLG - Large, 7.5 cm

Heavy Duty Swivel

CXBDHK CXTH90 Fine extra long wire (90-cm) rig threader used for pulling line through bolt rig tubing. A really handy tool for any serious carp angler.

These super strong carp swivels are virtually indestructible at over 100 lbs breaking strength. A perfect fit for the XL Carp Ribbed Method Feeders.


XL CARP Weighted Spring Feeders

Swivel Clip Link


Reach for the XL CARP weighted spring feeders when fishing at longer range in still water. The center weight adds casting distance and holds stable in windy conditions. CXFWSM - Small, 5.5 cm, 15 g CXFWMD - Medium, 6.5 cm, 20 g CXFWLG - Large, 7.5 cm, 40 g

Connect your hook length and main line swivels onto the clip to form an easy-to-use quick change link. Makes changing hook lengths a snap! 30 lbs breaking strength.

Pear Lead

Carp Bomb

Gripper Lead

XL CARP Ribbed Method Feeders

These heavyweight in-line ribbed feeders have the heft to drive in the hook when fished as a bolt rig (works best with XL No.2 Carp Swivels). The cage design allows it to be packed with virtually any type of groundbait and is most effective when lots of loose particles are incorporated into the mix. CXFMSM - Small 60 g CXFMMD - Medium, 80 g CXFMLG - Large, 100 g

The standard in-line "semi-fixed" lead for bolt rigs - will side up the line if snagged. Painted in a "nospook" black finish. CXPL70 - 70 g CXPL100 - 100 g CXPL125 - 125 g

The typical "carp bomb" can used for both free running or fixed with ESP Bolt Clips. Flat sides prevent to weight from rolling along the bottom. CXCB20 - 2.0 oz. CXCB25 - 2.5 oz. CXCB35 - 3.5 oz. CXCB45 - 4.5 oz.

The ideal river lead, holds tight in current - perfect for big rivers like the St. Lawrence. Use with ESP Bolt Clips. CXGL60 - 60 g CXGL90 - 90 g CXGL12 - 120 g CXGL17 - 175 g



XL CARP Wide Gape Hooks

Chemically sharpened, black-nickel finish, high carbon steel, beak point, extra strong, short shank, down eye, wide gape hook. XL CARP Wide Gape hooks are fantastic at hooking and holding big carp. Ideal for running rigs or under the float. Available in a complete range of intermediate sizes to perfectly match the bait and fishing conditions. 25 hooks per pack. XCHWG1 XCHWG2 XCHWG3 XCHWG4 XCHWG5

E-S-P Raptor Carp Hooks


CURVE-SHANX Teflon coated, ultra sharp, extra heavy wire, special curved and forged for extra strength. Possibly the best all around carp hook ever designed. Penetrates instantly and holds incredibly hard. LONG-SHANX Teflon coated, ultra sharp, extra heavy wire and forged for extra strength. LongShanx are perfect for all sorts of anti-ejection rigs. Maximizes the hook-up potential of any rig.




Teflon coated, ultra sharp, extra heavy wire, medium length shank and forged for strength. Quick penetrating and hard holding. Perfect for running rigs in the smaller size and great for bolt rigs in the larger sizes.


B725-02 B725-04 B725-06 B725-08 B725-10

The B725 features a long curved shank and down eye that work together to create a deep penetrating hook that really holds. Perfect for pop-ups or bottom baits.

B745-02 B745-04 B745-06 B745-08 B745-10

Long shank, down eyed and Teflon coated for perfect anti-ejection rigs. The B745 delivers incredibly high hook-up percentage when used in conjunction with bolt rigs.

B775-02 B775-04 B775-06 B775-08 Sizes 4 to 8 10 hooks per packet. B775-10

Featuring an extra heavy wire, swept shank and beak point to ensure the ultimate in holding power. Best used in snag filled venues to pull monsters out of cover.

Sizes 4 to 8

10 hooks per packet.

Sizes 1 to 6

10 hooks per packet.

Strip Teaze Coated Braid

Strip Teaze is a dyneema braid with a high tech polymer coating. The translucent coating can be easily stripped back to expose the soft woven core. Used for anti-tangle rigs. 20 m spools.

Two Tone Coated Dyneema

Two Tone is slightly stiffer than regular Strip-Teaze dyneema braid making it even more tangle free. The best choice for long range tactics and heavy bolt rigs. 20 m spools.

Universal Perfection


Maximum Power


ESST20 - 20 lbs

ESTT25 - 25 lbs

Sinklink Sinking Braid

Monster Carp Hooks are designed to deal with huge fish in the toughest conditions. The long curved shank combined with its chemically sharpened needle point maximizes hook-ups. The down eye position relative to the bend ensures the best hold possible. Deadly with both pop-ups and bottom baits. Maximum Power series hooks feature a 2X heavy wire for those impossibly tough conditions. 10 hooks per pack.

Sinklink hook link material is designed for tying top quality hair rigs. This dark coloured, super supple, sinking braid allows for a natural bait presentation. Great for running rigs. 20 m spools.

Braid Scissors

The best braid scissors we've ever used. Effortlessly cuts through braid without fraying. A must for any serious carp angler.

ESSL15 - 15 lbs ESSL25 - 25 lbs





ESP hairstops have tapered ends making it easy to thread into the end loop of a hair rig. One of the best hairstops available. 200 stops per packet.

Pop-Up Corks

30 per packet

Highly buoyant natural cork pop-ups designed to lift the bait off the bottom.

Mega Pult

Pound out piles of bait with accuracy. Great for building up a swim quickly at short to medium range.

Marker Float


ESPU12 - 12 mm


Clip-Links 12 Bore Tubing

Large diameter sinking rig tubing helps protect line from zebra mussels and nasty snags. Can easily fit virtually any size braided line or mono. Use a rig threader for quick and easy rigging.

ESP Clip-links make changing hair rigs super quick and easy. No re-tying, no lost time. A must for any tournament angler. Connects between the bolt clip swivel and hair rig swivel.

Particle Pult

Used in combination with a heavy sliding carp lead, the marker float helps determine the depth and features of the swim. Cast out (with a spare rod) and left in the water to "mark" the spot for feeding and casting. An essential tool for long range carp fishing. Includes 3 exchangeable tops to match the light and water conditions.



Ultra Fine Baiting Needle & Drill Carp Swivels

High strength carp swivels designed to work perfectly with ESP bolt clips. 25 per packet.

Double walled elastic and a large pouch make this catapult ideal for accurately launching large amounts of particle baits at range. Recommended for maize, sweet corn and pellets.


Gripmesh Feeders

DRFGSM - 20 g DRFGMD - 25 g DRFGLG - 30 g


The ultra fine drill quickly drills through boilies and maize, leaving only a fine hole. The slender baiting needle is perfectly matched to pull the "hair" through the bait.

Boilie Pult

The perfect tool for feeding boilies and large pellets at medium range. Clusters bait tightly and accurately.



The perfect river feeder. Its natural colouration avoids spooking fish and its pliable construction helps reduce snagging on the bottom. Fished either upstream or directly across the current, takes are usually indicated by a sudden slack in the line. Best rigged "locked in place" with a split shot on one side and a swivel (attached to a leader) on the other.

Bolt Clips

A safe way to attach heavy carp leads to the line - if the lead gets snagged, it can pull free preventing the loss of the fish. Bolt clips also help reduce tangle-ups when casting at long range. Matches ESP No.9 carp swivels.

The ideal baiting needle for multiple baits on a hair rig or PVA string. Also great for feeding hook lengths through PVA bags to ensure proper placement of the bait after the cast.

XL Bait Stick Needle

These rubber shock beads are recessed to cover the eye of the swivel and protect the knot. Available in large diameters for use on sliding or "running" rigs. Perfect for use with spring feeders. 25 per packet

Shock Beads

Method Feeder



10 per packet.


ESBD50 - 5.0 mm ESBD80 - 8.0 mm

Weighted on two of three sides this method feeder always lands right side up. When packed with sticky groundbait and used in combination with a short hair rig "the method" rig becomes one of the deadliest carp fishing techniques. 50g, available unpackaged.


Tandem Baits


These soluble bags are filled with dry or oily baits, attached around the weight (sealed with a little moisture) and cast out. The perforations in the material allow air to escape as the bag drops to the bottom. Within a minute, the bag dissolves completely, leaving free offerings and the hook bait in perfect position. 15 bags per packet.

Impact Boilies

Tandem Baits offers great quality boilies in the hottest fishcatching flavours and two sizes. In a resealable 1kg bag to maintain freshness.

Evolution Hair Rigs

The perfect pre-tied hair rig featuring the Tandem Baits exclusive No.4 Evolution hooks, premium components and sinking braid. All connections are shrink wrapped to protect the knots and offer a super subtle presentation. Works great with both bolt rigs and method feeders.

TB05253 - Evolution No.4 Hair Rig

12mm Boilie

TB10090 - Strawberry TB10098 - Pineapple & Peach TB10091 - Total Scopex TB10096 - Vanilla & Cream TB10107 - Banana Cream

16mm Boilie


TB10001 - Strawberry TB10002 - Pineapple & Peach TB10004 - Total Scopex TB10005 - Vanilla & Cream TB10015 - Banana Cream

Premium Groundbait & Feeder Mix

TB10907 - Hot Hempt TB10908 - Pure Fish TB10909 - Bird Extreme

PVA String

Water soluble 6 ply PVA string ensure perfect placement of free offering by the hook. Great for long range casting.

Impact Pop-Up Boilies

High buoyancy version of the standard Impact boilies. Works great as a hook bait floating above a bed of ground bait. 200 ml jar.


12mm Pop-Up

PVA 32 mm Mesh Kit

Includes 6 m of soluble mesh and dispenser. Makes perfect "bait sticks" that are attached to the hook and cast out to deliver pellets/ crushed boilies directly around the hook bait. Dissolves in about 5-10 seconds.

TB10170 - Strawberry TB10181 - Pineapple & Peach TB10171 - Total Scopex TB10177 - Vanilla & Cream TB10187 - Banana Cream

Highly attractive groundbait and feeder mix. PVA friendly oil based particles break down quickly to draw carp to the swim. Squeeze it onto your favourite feeder and hang on for some fast action. It can be mixed with other groundbaits or particles.

16mm Pop-Up


TB10101 - Strawberry TB10103 - Pineapple & Peach TB10105 - Total Scopex TB10106 - Vanilla & Cream TB10126 - Banana Cream

Impact Carp Pellets

Slow dissolving carp pellets draw fish in quick without over feeding. A perfect complement to a bed of boilies. Use a spod for long range baiting and a catapult for short to medium range. Available in both fruit and fish flavours.

Impact Dip

Made to complement the boilie range, these highly concentrated flavours make the hook bait more attractive by increasing scent dispersion. Soak hook bait overnight for extra potent and long lasting attraction. 90 ml jar.

TB11730 - Strawberry TB11732 - Pineapple & Peach TB11737 - Total Scopex TB11738 - Vanilla & Cream

PVA Mesh Kit Refill


Fruit Flavours: TB10732 - 12 mm TB10734 - 12 mm TB10736 - 12 mm TB10744 - 12 mm TB10752 - 12 mm

Strawberry Total Scopex Vanilla & Cream Tutti Frutti Banana Cream

6 m of replacement PVA mesh.

Ultra Fish Flavours: TB10660 - 6 mm Ultra Fish Pellet TB10662 - 12 mm Ultra Fish Pellet


Drennan Match Fishing

Match Caty

Match catapults are the best tools for accurately feeding small particles at range. Perfect for sweet corn, maize, pellets and maggots.


The ultimate still water float for windy conditions. Fished slightly overshotted with the last shot resting on the bottom. Most takes are usually indicated by a lift and pull under.

Durable pole float designed to take the abuse from hard fighting carp. Ultra sensitive, perfect for any finesse fishing situation.

Carp 5 Series Pole Float

DRMCSO - Medium/Soft DRMCST - Med/Strong

DRDB10 - 2 g, 2 AAA DRDB20 - 2.5 g, 3 AAA DRDB30 - 3.5 g, 2 Swan DRDB40 - 4.5 g, 2.5 Swan

DRC505 - .50 g DRC507 - .75 g DRC510 - 1.0 g

Giant Crystal

This super sensitive waggler float is designed for targeting finicky, light biting fish. It should be shotted so just the coloured antenna sits above the water, to indicate the slightest nibble.

Giant Waggler

The perfect all-round still water float. Should be shotted so just the coloured tip sits above the water. Takes are typically indicated by a clean pull under or to the side.

Artifical Maggots and Casters

DRGC40 - 1.6 g, 2 AAA DRGC50 - 2.4 g, 3 AAA DRGC60 - 3.2 g, 2 Swan

DRGW20 - 2.1 g, 2.5 AAA+ DRGW30 - 2.5 g, 3 AAA+ DRGW40 - 3.4 g, 2 Swan+

These pineapple flavoured artificial maggots and casters are deadly on their own or with a kernel or two of sweet corn. They are slightly buoyant to counteract the weight of the hook and make it easy to inhale by feeding fish. A must for any serious match angler. 27 Maggots or 28 Casters per packet.

Puddle Chucker Insert Antenna

The ultra sensitive version of the Puddle Chucker. Its thin antenna shows the lightest takes instantly. The perfect float for stalking spooked fish in shallow still waters.

Puddle Chucker

The ideal float for shallow still waters. Its short, stocky design allows for longer casts and less surface penetration. Cocks quickly and is instantly ready for action.

DRPC70 - 2 g, 2.5 AAA DRPC80 - 2.5 g, 3 AAA DRPC90 - 3 g, 4 AAA

DRPC10 - 2 g, 2.5 AAA DRPC20 - 2.5 g, 3 AAA DRPC30 - 3 g, 4 AAA

DRMGNT - Natural DRMGFL - Fluorescent DRMGBR - Bloodworm Red DRMGCA - Caster

10 ft Matchfishing Keepnet

Super soft fine mesh sacking, Four quick sink weighted base rings. Large diameter stake-out tabs to take a bankstick. Fail-safe angle tilt. Folds up neatly to 16 x 20" carrying size.

DRKN10 - 16" x 20", 10' Long


Drennan Polemaster

Polemaster 13m Power Carp Pole

A top quality, surprisingly light carp pole that handles beautifully. It is the ultimate weapon for finesse fishing. Tip sections can be cut back to fit any size elastic (maximum rated for No.20 elastic). Included cupping kit, spare top-2 section and fully padded rod bag.

Carp Pole Float Silicone

3 special sizes of silicone tubing for Carp Pole Floats with fine diameter stems and tips.

Polemaster Winders

Pole float winders help keep rigs tidy and ready to go. Used with rig anchors. 4 rigs per pack.


DRWD16 -

16mm x 180mm


Polemaster Rig Anchors

Polemaster 8.5m Margin Carp Pole

Surprisingly tough pole for hard and fast action close to shore. Has the power to run No.25 elastic for turning big carp from cover. Can easily handle most fish up to the 20-lbs class. Deadly for dropping baits around cover and steep drop-offs close to shore. Includes one spare top section and a short fishing insert for dealing with heavy fish.

Polemaster rig anchors are incredibly supple and retain their elasticity. Their special soft-stretch properties minimize the pressure of pole rigs. 10 per bag.

Bungee Bush

Teflon bushing for pole tips, allows smooth movement of the elastic through the pole.


DRCBBL - Large DRCBBX - XLarge


Connector Beads Telescopic Pole Roller

Use this telescopic pole roller to handle the back end of the pole when fully extended. Side rollers help protect the pole from rolling off, especially in the wind. A must for any serious pole angler.

Winder Bung

The combination of a semi flexible bead and a tough nylon connector attachment provide the ideal set up for all diameters of Polemaster Carp Bungee. Works best with a Bungee Bush.

Fits tight into the second section of the pole to hold the elastic. The tension can be adjusted with just a few wraps on the winder.

DRCBLG - Large for size 14-20 DRCBXL - X-Large for size 18-25




Polemaster Pole Pots

Polemaster Carp Bungee

3 sizes (100ml, 150ml & 250ml) of interchangeable pole pots. The pots attach with a screw fitting at the very tip of the pole enabling accurate baiting with virtually any type of bait.

Polemaster Carp Bungee is a tubular twin-walled pole elastic with a hollow core and highly visible fluorescent surface. Carp Bungee makes the perfect power-play shock absorber and helps to subdue big fish rapidly.

Lightweight and extremely robust, these special foam rests have been designed to retain pole sections securely. Fits standard bank sticks.

Drennan Rig Rest


DRCB16 - Pink Size 14-16 DRCB20 - Red Size 18-20 DRCB25 - Orange Size 25

DRRR15 - 15mm cut out DRRR25 - 25mm cut out



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