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Abbreviations: AM ­ Angus Macleod TGSI ­ Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness N.D. ­ No date N.P. ­ No publisher Personal Papers, Manuscript and Typescript Material, etc. Pairc History MS Book of historical notes, quotations and summaries from Monro, Martin and others. (With 9 MS pages of [Scottish?] history inserted at end). "This Book came into my possession after Rev. Peter Chisholm Gravir and Keose passed away at Keose. It was given to me by a relative of Mr Chisholm but I cannot remember who precisely it was." [AM] "I do not know who wrote the notes in the Book, but it seems to me there were more than one writer and I do not know if it was Mr Chisholm that was one of them, or perhaps the only person." [AM] MS Notebook ­ Gaelic topics most of which are indexed inside front cover. MS Notebook ­ Local history and Gaelic topics, contents listed inside front cover. [AM] MS Notebook (No.2) ­ Notes on tweed, local history, Park, education etc. [AM] MS Account Book of Donald Kennedy, 2 Calbost, the Calbost shoemaker. Entries, including names of customers and price of work done, from 1894 to 1899. [For his tools ­ see Museum].* MS Minute Book of the Pairc Association 1955-1975, with some inserted papers and draft letters MS Notebook ­ with a few bits of English verse Scrapbook, with newspaper cuttings, chiefly from the Stornoway Gazette during the 1950s, some loose cuttings and miscellaneous other papers of similar period. Scrapbook, with newspaper and other cuttings re. landraid memorials, museum items, Calbost history etc. Scrapbook, with cuttings and photocopies of articles re. history of religion/Christianity c2000-2002 Scrapbook, with newspaper cuttings and photocopies of articles and letters c2000-2002, 1963 -1967 Folder 1: Chapters for a Pairc history (listed inside front cover). Folder 2: Chapters for a Pairc history (as Folder 1) Folder 3: Chapters on `The Land-Struggle in the Pairc Peninsula'

Cuimhneachain Nan Gaisgeach ­ Memorial Cairns Plans: 1. 2. 3. Memorial cairn to the Aignish Farm Raiders 9th January 1888 Memorial cairn at Balallan ­ Park Raid 1887-1888 Memorial cairn at Gress River

Letter from MacDonald Maciver & Co, solicitors, to A M, with copy of Crofters Commission decision regarding boundaries of a croft at Kirkibost, Bernera, and plan. 27 February 1984 Copy of draft article on land struggle history by AM (sent to the Stornoway Gazette?) N.D. In blue folder entitled `Cairns'. Card with Gaelic outline of the Cairns project 1989 Bundle of copies of correspondence and associated papers 199 1-1992, 1999 Folder: Correspondence, Accounts, and Notes 1993-1998 Folder: Correspondence, Accounts, Notes etc. 19971998


Ring binder: Minutes of meetings of Cuimhneachain Nan Gaisgeach committee, with correspondence and site maps 1989-1993 Submission for Financial Assistance from Leader and Western Isles Enterprise September 1993 Two copies of photograph showing building of Park Raid cairn, A M looking on; notice of television programme on back 1994. Further copies of photographs and prints from negatives re. Opening of Park Raid cairn 1994 Original copy of piping composition by Ian Crichton: The Deer Raid Marchers 1994 Ring binder: Originals and copies of `information' regarding the Park Raid cairn ­ contains further copies of material included elsewhere, plans, cuttings, correspondence 1994 Ring binder: Accounts, Notes, Correspondence ­ subjects include fund-raising 1994-1997 Loose papers: newspaper cuttings 1994-1996, two copy letters 1990 AM (with memorandum) and 1994. Diary for 1996, with early entries. Unveiling/opening of Cairns programme brochures: Pairc Cairn, 26 May 1994 (2 copies); also accounts of background and construction ­ record of speeches at the opening ceremony (3 copies) Aignish Cairn, 16 August 1996 (2 copies); also bilingual record of speeches at the opening ceremony, and a translation of a Gaelic play by Norman M MacDonald ­ `The Aignish Riot' ­ performed as part of the ceremony. Large bundle in folder: Papers ­ notes, historical accounts, correspondence etc. relating to all cairns, with texts of Joni Buchanan's book `Na Gaisgeach' Envelope: Two copies of the Environmental Regeneration Award 1997 certificates for the cairns, with three copies of notes on `The Paintings' and a message from Will Maclean. Final Report from Proiseact Nan Eilean: Aignish Cairn Opening 16 August 1996, with copies of newspaper reports. Copy of The Scottish Farmer 19 December 1998, with article on the Cairns and A M.

Scottish Crofters Union(SCU) and Lewis Crofters Folder of newspaper cuttings re SCU Grant of the MBE to A.M. 31 December 1986, with accompanying folder of congratulatory letters, Statutes of The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, and The Chapel of the Most Excellent order of the British Empire by F Hood - printed at Oxford 1979. Rules of the Lewis Crofters Ltd. (2), and Official Handbooks of the Federation of Crofters' Unions 1971 (4), 1973, 1974 (2). Two SCU membership cards 1989, 1991. Final draft typescript of The Claim of Crofting by James Hunter, sent by JH to AM 1 March 1991, with letter from JH Folder of papers relating to the emergence of the SCU, with early minutes of the Western Isles Crofters Union, 1972 ­ 1986. Includes history of the movement by AM. Annual Report and Steering Group Report, Federation of Crofters Unions 1984-1985. SCU newsletters, agenda etc. 1991-1995 SCU papers: A Better Crofting Future (1987); SCU Review Document 1994; and a few SCU papers Printed SCU folder of SCU papers, notes by AM, articles and copy of The Crofter 1995. SCU Development Plan 200 1-2003, with correspondence, AM notes, newspaper cuttings, related papers. (in clip) Miscellaneous notes and a few letters re the state of things 1979 - 1999 Scottish Crofting Foundation folder/membership pack. Harris Tweed Opinion for petitioners: The Crofter Hand Woven Harris Tweed Company Ltd. & others v. John Veitch & another 1939 Letter from The Patent Office re the `orb' trademark, with poor copy of regulations 30 August 1954 Personal Conclusions of County Development Officer on Brief Enquiry into Harris Tweed Industry ­ February


1960 (sent to AM 29 March 1960) Typescript extracts from Home Industries in the Highlands and Islands (report 1914), lent by H A Moisley - 6 October 1960 (2 copies) Notes on the Historical Development of the Harris Tweed Industry and the Part Played by the Harris Tweed Association Ltd. (By J [ames] S [haw] G [rant]?) 1961 Harris Tweed Case: Opinion of Lord Hunter in the case of Argyllshire Weavers Ltd. & others v. A Macaulay (Tweeds) Ltd. & others 17 July 1964 Minute Book of the Harris Tweed Producers meetings 19 June 1968 ­ 1972 A Handbook for Weavers in the Harris Tweed Industry Inverness 1987 INBUCON Draft report on Development of Harris Tweed Marketing Organisation 5 vols 197 1-1975 An Appreciation of the Promotional Prospects for Harris Tweed in the West German and North American Markets ­ copy sent to AM 5 March 1973 Report on Harris Tweed Promotion, 1973/1974, United States and Canada. Stornoway Loom Trials ­ Project Report, July 1975 Highlands and Islands Development Board (HIDB): Main Committee revised restructuring proposals and notice of meeting, 6 July 1975 Copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Harris Tweed Association Ltd. (revised), sent to AM 16 May 1979.


Memo of the Harris Tweed Industry ­ by A.M. Typescript 1975 (4 copies) Notes on the Harris Tweed Industry prepared for use in 1993 for a Community talk on the Industry at Leurbost school - by AM (with c12 copies) Lewis Association report on the Harris Tweed Industry and its importance in Lewis, 13 October 1944 (3 copies) Cutting from Stornoway Gazette 27 October 1944 on the Harris Tweed Trade. Handwritten notes for talk on the Harris Tweed Industry at Balallan 1993 Sheet bearing title: Harris Tweed ­ a growing Highland industry by H A Moisley [no article] Seven copies of the report by H A Moisley on the History of the Harris Tweed Industry N.D. Envelope containing miscellaneous papers on Harris Tweed and the Harris Tweed Authority, including Moisley's contributions. Copy of the draft Bill for Harris Tweed sent by The Harris Tweed Association to A.M. 25 February 1992 Folder: newspaper cuttings, mostly photocopies, re Harris Tweed 1944 -1995 Scrapbook of newspaper cuttings, mostly from Stornoway Gazette, on tweed issues e.g. weavers contracts 1996 Folder, containing numerous copies of pictures illustrating the manufacture of `Old Hand-Made Cloth'


`Early History of Harris Tweed' with notes of questions and general points. `The Origin of Harris Tweed' `What is Harris Tweed?' `Harris Tweed Association Ltd.', `Single Width', `Small Producers', `The Proposed Weaving Holding Company'. Minute of meeting of Harris Tweed Small Producers 12 September 1995 Two further papers - on `Ancient History' ­ of Calbost and district; and on the attachment of the crofting community to the land. Copy of letter from AM to the Stornoway Gazette 11 January 1992 on the church in`Kearness'. Miscellaneous Loose Papers: Harris Tweed Association ­ Yardages stamped 1911-1977, 1911-1995 (2 copies), 1911-1978 with notes. Illustrated Article by AM: Harris Tweed ­ An Clo Mor N.D. Sheets of `Questions' (3 AM manuscript and 1 copy), and draft letter probably to Gazette. Introductory sheet (AM manuscript) to Memo on the Harris Tweed Industry.


Typescript copy of letter from AM to C Scott Mackenzie Jnr. on re-classification of weavers 28 January 1970 Distributed photocopy of pp.58-59 `Der Spiegel' 1973 Printed folded brochure: A Tweed Tale ­ The story of Harris from wool to wearer N.D. Draft letter from AM to? Re `Orb' trademark, spinners etc. N.D. Eleven pages entitled `During the Second World War' (from The Islanders and the Orb by Janet Hunter Stornoway 2001 pp.15 1-164 ­ Chapter 10) sent as draft to AM. Photocopy of letter from AM to Stornoway Gazette 1976 on Power-woven Double-width Tweed. Envelope containing photocopies of AM's letter to Gazette 1976, yardage lists and other Tweed papers listed above. Sheet of some principal events and dates in Harris Tweed history. Photocopy of four typescript sheets of Harris Tweed history. Two cuttings from The Scotsman (30 August 1962) re Norway development. Five personal cards ­ AM Harris Tweed Manufacturer representative Letter from Helen Maclennan, student in Glasgow, about Harris Tweed, with copy reply, November 1993. Letter of invitation from Ian A Mackenzie, Harris Tweed Authority, 15 October 2001, to the launch of The Islanders and the Orb by Janet Hunter.


Folder 1: Genealogical records of the townships in Pairc, entitled Fieldwork Notes. Covers Habost, Kershader, Garyvard, Caversta, Cromore, Marvig, Calbost, Gravir, Lemreway, Orinsay. Folder 2: Records as 1, entitled Genealogy of Park, covering Shieldinish, Habost, Kershader, Garyvard, Caversta, Torostay, Crobeg, Cromore, Marvig. With introductory chapteron the district of Pairc. Folder 3: Continuation of 2, covering Calbost, Gravir, Lemreway, and Orinsay, with historical sections, notes on pre-clearance Lemreway and Orinsay, 1841 census, etc. Folder 4: Accounts of the clearance of Orinsay, Lemreway, and Steimreway, records of the present occupation of Orinsay and Lemreway, and a brief description of Crossbost. Folder 5: Genealogical notes on Marvig and Calbost, with descriptions of Murdo Macfarlane (Marvig), Planasker School, banishment of Marvig girl, old soldiers of Uig. Folder 6: Entitled `Old Discarded Chapters, now rewritten for Park Peninsula ­ i.e. historical accounts of Calbost, Park land and deer raiding. Park - physical features, early occupation, Lewis landlords, clearances, crofting tenure, kelping, land-use. Folder 7: Genealogical and settlement history of Park townships ­ Steimreway, Orinsay, Lemreway, Crossbost. Includes introductory map (from J B Caird etc.) and pages, and information on clearances. Folder 8: As 7. With introduction, tables, map, and comments on Eilean Ewart Folder 9: As 7. With historical notes introduction and including Lemreway settlement in `Glen Tolsta'. Folder 10: Genealogy of Cromore and Crobeg, and Torostay, with notes, Ross family details from Bill Lawson, notes on St Colm's Isle. Also account of the Bruces of Cromore, and newspaper cutting re `Melancholy Accident' in Lochs. Folder 11: Genealogy of Balallan, Shieldinish, Seaforth-head, Kintarvay, Airidh-Bhruaich Folder 12: Genealogy of Keose and Laxay ­ by Angus Smith, Keose Folder 13: Genealogical Notes on Habost, Kershader, Garyvard and Caverstay, with a history of Kershader. Folder 14: Genealogical Notes on Habost, Kershader, Garyvard, Caverstay, Shieldinish Folder 15: Genealogical Notes and brief historical account of Gravir and Glenside, Gravir. Folder 16: Genealogical Account of Crossbost (postal district), with sections on land-raiding etc. Folder 17: Genealogical notes on Crossbost Folder 18: Genealogy of Crossbost, in folder entitled: `The Eviction of the crofters of Lemreway and Orinsay in 1843 and the


original settlement of Crossbost and Glen-Tolsta in 1843'

Township and District Histories (Calbost, Steimreway, Orinsay, Lemreway - Pairc)

Folder 1: A History of Crossbost, including the clearance of Lemreway and Orinsay. With introductory notes, correspondence, place-names, chapters headed Fishing, Religion and Education, and 17 historical chapters. Folder 2: Aspects of the History of Calbost ­ a completely depopulated crofting village. Containing maps, place names and chapters on virtually every aspect of the township, with a list of contents at the beginning. Folder 3: Calbost Place-names. With contents, place-names index, historical account, note on population, clearances in Park etc. Folder 4: As 3 ­ master copy. With genealogical and historical notes. Place-names include those of fishing banks. Folder 5: A Pictorial Memento of Calbost, a depopulated crofting village in Lochs, Isle of Lewis. Contains genealogical accounts of the crofts, notes on aspects such as kelp and Gaelic teaching, with rolls of honour. Illustrated throughout with copies of photographs showing people and scenes. Folder 6: As 5 ­ master copy. With index, introduction, supplementary notes, original extract of baptism certificate (dated 25 June 1910) of Anne Macleod born 20 May 1841. Also historical notes on Calbost. Folder 7: A Partial Pictorial History of Calbost. With copy letter to Rev Angus Mackay, Stornoway; and a Dedication to Ishbel MacLeod, daughter to AM and his wife Annie. Contains chapters on the early history and peoples of the Pairc peninsula, early history of Calbost, inshore fishing, story of the stowaway in southern Park, Calabost place names, former residents of Calbost, genealogy, illustrations etc. Folder 8: Reminiscences, based on Calbost, of growing-up on a croft in the 20th century. Contains sections on crofting activities, houses etc. Note of subjects attached to front cover. Folder 9: Aspects of Crofting Life, based on Calbost Folder 10: A Genealogy and Photographic Memento of Calbost. With sections on fishing boats and the Roll of Honour. Largely photocopy. Folder 11: The Clearances from Steimreway, Orinsay and Lemreway (some duplication from other files. Folder 12: As Folder 10 Folder 13: Notes for reference on the history of Park in the form of 25 chapters. Folder 14: Descriptions of crofting life and activities in Park, with some history and account of introduction of services. Folder 15: Clearances ­ The Highland Clearances newspaper articles, Park land-raiding, Clearances from Lemreway and Steimreway. Folder 16: On Calbost and Calbost genealogy.


Folder 1: The Herring Fishing and Park Drownings ­ 40 chapters Folder 2: Drift-Net Herring Fishing and Fishing, with list of Calbost fishing boats and other lists Folder 3: The Herring Fishing ­ (good copy) and Park Drownings

Miscellaneous Folders and Files

Folder 1: Newspaper Cuttings, chiefly from The Stornoway Gazette. Note on first page by AM: `In this Book I entered a number of papers that came to light as I was clearing up in November 1985. Then there are cuttings of interest from November 1985.' Folder 2: Folder entitled `Press-Cuttings', some photocopied, on subjects of interest to AM. Folder 3: Alphabetically arranged notes on a variety of subjects including place-names, crofting, people, landlords of Lewis etc. Folder 4: Records of the Drownings of Pairc (spare copy)


Folder 5: Newspaper Cuttings ­ aspects of Lewis history, including sequence of articles on education by K N Paterson, from the Stornoway Gazette. Folder 6: Songs/Bardachd ­ mostly loose papers, some printed, some manuscript. List inside front cover. Folder 7: Notes etc. on Post Office and Telephones (Crossbost) Folder 8: Collection of articles ­ medicine, crofting, croft housing, herring girls, education etc. Folder 9: Collection of articles by Angus Macleod ­ written at various times. 30 items listed inside front cover. Folder 10 Newspaper cuttings and some manuscripts described as `Surplus of Articles published by Angus Macleod'. Many duplicate copies. Folder 11: Notes on Religion, Education and Medical matters ­ for reference. With original source material clipped to front cover. Folder 12: Entitled `Old Notes' ­ 28 sections relating to AM's involvements and interests. Folder 13: Labelled `Press Cuttings'. Articles on the crofting system and other Highland and island topics by Donald Cameron, James Hunter, Brian Wilson, and Finlay Macleod etc. C1976-1985. Folder 14: Labelled `Fishing'. Folder 15: Labelled `Religion'. Folder 16: `Reference File', containing notes, miscellaneous letters, articles, drafts for articles etc. relating to Lewis, including letters from Bill Lawson, birth records of Calbost. Folder 17: `Reference File', containing large quantity of various interesting papers for reference, including photocopies of South Lochs township marches, newspaper articles, Angus Macleod notes, index to some local stories and information, landownership, crofting, articles by Iain Robertson on popular protest, letter re. Chisholm name in Pairc etc. Folder 18: Photocopies of maps and plans

File 1: File 2:

Photocopied illustrations with typescript or manuscript accounts ­ of a variety of subjects Entitled `Miscellaneous' but as 1

Files A: Census records copied by AM ­ Crossbost, and 3 files covering Park Files B: 17 files of photocopied illustrations and other documents, with duplicates, as File 1 above covering each croft in Calbost and 3 further houses (Buala, Half Way, West End).

Ceilidh-House Stories

Folder 1: Stories, articles and letters in Gaelic and English relating to South Lochs (Pairc). Listed on inside of front cover, but the order of the contents does not correspond exactly. Folder 2: Additional stories in Gaelic and English, some listed inside front cover. Folder 3: Supplementary File of Ceilidh-house stories. Listed inside front cover; further list of missing items. Folder 4: Stories, Cuttings, Wartime etc. Some duplication of material in Folders 1-3 and elsewhere. Listed on first page.

Personal Papers A

Letters and papers relating to sheepskin processing, with notebook. Recipe for Sowens. Small sheet of memories relating to `tigh geal' near Steimreway, etc. Note of vote by Lewis District Committee October 1923 on Lord Leverhulme's offer to the people of Lewis.


Memorandum (typescript) on Tourism and the Church, February 1969. Letter from Marvig Grazings Committee 8 December 1979 about ram damage to a fence. Envelope of papers relating to radio and other interviews with Angus Macleod. Two photocopies of guide form `Writing Your Book', one partly completed. Letter of 16 August 2001 from Angus Macleod to Roberta Mori, New York, on emigration and historical aspects of South Lochs. Letter from Hilary Ruben, London, 23 January 1992, with extracts of her proposed article, and Comments by Angus Macleod. Letter from Rob and Sybil, Shieldaig, Lochcarron 31 January 1992. Correspondence, chiefly letters from Margaret Noy, Australia, regarding the MacKay family of Calbost, with copies of information assembled by Angus Macleod c1994. Letter from Donald John Macleod, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen, 1995, on various Lewis subjects, with comments added by Angus Macleod. Letter and paper regarding the fate of Lewis Castle from Donald John Macleod, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen, 1995. Further letter from Donald John Macleod, mostly on naval and military episodes and people during and after the Second World War, 1996. Copy of letter from Donald John Macleod, 26 February 1993, with extracts from The Times, regarding the `Clearances'. Letter from Donald John Macleod, 31 January 1995, on wartime topics and clearances, with accompanying papers. Copies of two letters from Angus Macleod, 13 January and 19 December 1995, to Donald MacAulay, Western Isles Enterprise, regarding Community Project, Calbost. Typed and manuscript pages of notes chiefly on Calbost families, with part of an article mainly on `The Calbost Mackenzies'. Printed wartime sheet: `If the Invader comes ­ what to do and how to do it'. Refill pad with notes on Glen Tolsta. Note on lobster creel construction Copy of rough draft of a Deed of Trust (1990) relating probably to a development suggested by Scoraig, Wester Ross. Envelope containing papers from Jessie Imrie. Note by Angus Macleod: `The envelope contains papers given to me by Jessie Imrie in 1994 (Jessie Morrison 16 Steinish) mainly regarding family of Calum `Ruadh' Mackenzie 4 Calbost'. Letter from Margaret Sullivan, Brisbane, Queensland, 5 October 1996, relating to Lillicos and Laidlaws in Pairc, with accompanying extracts from the census etc. Letter from Angus MacDonald, Glasgow, 12 March 1998, with draft article on Angus Macleod and the memorial Cairns, and copy reply from AM. Copy of article by Angus Macleod on a `Body found in southern Park in 1887' in `Dioghlum' March 1998. Letters from J F M Macleod, Bona Lodge, Aldourie, Inverness, October 2000, regarding Lewis families and other matters, with copy replies from Angus Macleod. Copy letters to various from Angus Macleod on Gaelic radio programme February 2001. Index sheets relating to pictures intended for a pictorial account of Calbost (and Pairc). Picture on card of the `distaff'. Various sheets of songs, other compositions, articles, copy cuttings, cards etc.


Series of articles, including copies, duplicates: The practice of medicine in Lewis in earlier times The Park Deer Raid of 1887 The Clearance of Lemreway and Orinsay in 1843 Master-copy guide to crofting life Landlords of Lewis Calbost Fishing Boats and Fishermen Crofter Housing Introductory chapters to an account of Calbost Miscellaneous pages mostly relating to Calbost, beginning with copy of Calbost march Paper on Calbost in the Park setting, read to the Gaelic Society of Inverness 1999


Bundle of various papers with list of contents, relating to Park history Bundle of miscellaneous papers, mostly relating to Calbost, including notes and genealogy Large bundle of `Surplus Items', mostly copies of papers listed elsewhere on Calbost, crofter housing, fishing, social changes etc. Small bundle of `Surplus Items', mostly relating to Park people; also placenames, kelp, Calbost fishing boats


Bundle of notes on some aspects of the history of Lewis (and of Calbost), Park Deer Raid etc.[2 copies] Bundle ­ composing a history of Calbost and its people, together with sections on placenames, village history houses and people Bundle described as the last written work of Angus Macleod, including: autobiographical pages, aspects of Lewis history, Park and the Park sheep farm, aspects of crofting life


Miscellaneous papers, including: Exercise book re. Gravir, Park district, general notes Article by James Hunter ­ `Politics of Highland Land Reform' ­ with notes by Angus Macleod Royal Commission (Highlands and Islands, 1892) ­ extract Minutes of Evidence (Photocopy) `Napier' Commission ­ extract of meeting at Keose 12 June 1883 ­ with notes by Angus Macleod (Photocopy) Memorandum and Articles of Association of Stornoway Fish Products and Ice Company Ltd. Photocopies and notes by Angus Macleod ­ military papers, quarterly pay sheets, invalid soldiers Photocopies of source papers, mostly ex Seaforth Papers and Gillanders Papers, in NAS Final Report (second draft) ­ Investigation of Proposals for Gaelic Resource and Interpretative Provision June 1985 Copy of article `Scotland's Outer Hebrides' from National Geographic. Highland Fisherman's Union membership card Copies of The Crofter (1985-2002), Blue Banner, Fios a Bhaile, Seanchas, Tional, Fios, Mod Nan Eilean 1989 Various Tourist journals etc.


Loose papers, including: Original design sketch for Pairc Cairn ­ by Will MacLean, with letter* Extract from Inverness Courier A Comunn Eachdraidh constitution Letters from the Council re Planasker School 1977-1978, and Marvig School Pairc School and Community Association newspapers Co-Chomunn na Pairc papers Coronation announcement cards Environmental Regeneration Award Certificate 1997 ­ Memorial Cairns Voluntary Action Lewis ­ Certificate of Appreciation to Angus Macleod Comhairle nan Eilean ­ Financial Implications of Closure of BCCI etc. List of those present at the first meeting of the Crofters Union Steering Group 30 January 1985 List of contacts at setting up the Crofters Union ­ late 1970s­1986 Macaulay etc. family tree Occupants of no.8 Calbost Directory of sheep earmarks of Pairc 1986 Talks and articles on local history and other local subjects including `the shieling of the one night', clearance, fishing, crofter housing etc. Photocopies of page from Ordnance Survey Name Book: Mol nam Braithrean, Pairc Photocopy of a pamphlet: `History of Settlement', Western Isles Photocopied extracts from newspapers regarding Lewis and Pairc List of Calbost placenames Paper on `St Colm's Isle' Radio account of Angus Macleod Photocopies of letters, with transcripts, relating to Lochs Articles from West Highland Free Press 1974 Pencil copy of a chapter on eviction from Lemreway and Orinsay 1843 Early inhabitants of Park Landlords of Lewis Aspects of social life in a Lewis village Copy of Survey Report by Ross County Council Planning Consultant on part of South Lochs Copies of talk on clearances from Lemreway Information from 1881 census Tenants of the Park Sheep Farm Part of Iain Robertson's thesis Information for a history of Marvig Gaelic account of `An Tigh Dubh' Transcripts of recordings made by R L of Angus Macleod (autobiographical) Paper on Rob Donn and the `village bard', with copy of article `The Poetry of Rob Donn Mackay' from Scottish Gaelic Studies ­ by Donald John Macleod Account in folder of the Harris Tweed Industry Outline scheme for writing an autobiography ­ see A above



Copy of `Past and Present Aspects of Life in a Crofting Village' with list of contents Copy of short stories, tales and `Taigh-Cheilidh material collected by Angus Macleod ­ with contents list Manuscript and typescript copies of work by Angus Macleod on Crofting and Crofter Housing Copies of maps


Printed Works

Children's Britannica ­ Complete set of twelve volumes. Vol.12 Index. London 1960 [In excellent clean condition] The Younger Children's Encyclopaedia ­ Advisory Editors: J C Hill, M G Rawlins, W G Moore London N.D. Children's Encyclopaedia of Knowledge ­ Book of Nature London 1970 Encyclopaedia Britannica ­ A Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and General Literature Ninth Edition Incomplete set of twelve volumes. Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black 1875-89 Bookplate of George Campbell. Loose worn boards, with rough repairs. Worn spines. Wanting Vols. 3,6,7, 8, 11. Index volume [13] present. Newnes' Pictorial Knowledge ­ General Editors: R H Poole, Peter Finch, Walter Shepherd Art Editor: A H J Humphreys Complete set of ten volumes London N D (c1956) [In excellent clean condition] Immortal Heroes of the World ­ Being Volume 1 of The Children's Treasure-House edited by Arthur Mee London Heron Books Series, with introductions and frontispiece portraits Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice 1968 Emily Bronte: Wuthering Heights 1966 Benjamin Disraeli: Coningsby __ 1968 George Eliot: The Mill on the Floss N.D. Oliver Goldsmith: TheVicar of Wakefield N.D. W M Thackeray: Vanity Fair N.D. William Shakespeare: The Complete Works In four volumes. N.D. Reader's Digest Series (Condensed Books) Twelve volumes, published 1973-2000, with four or five titles per volume One volume: Best Loved Books (Treasure Island, The Call of the Wild, Oliver Twist, The Diary of A Young Girl) published 1980 Miscellaneous The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. ... To which is added The Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides By James Boswell, Esq. (edited by P Fitzgerald) London 1897. [A reprint of the sixth edition] The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. By James Boswell, Esq. (A new edition, elucidated by copious Notes. With illustrations by Julian Portch) London 1867 The Complete Poetical Works of Lord Byron With an Introductory Memoir by William B Scott. London 1887 The Poetical Works of William Wordsworth With introduction by Edward Dowden. London N.D. The Poetical Works of William Wordsworth (edited by W M Rossetti) London N.D. [Inscription inside cover with date 1st January 1898] A Century of Sea Stories edited by Rafael Sabatini [Lacking half-title and title page] Waverley By Sir Walter Scott N.D. Sherlock Holmes ­ The Complete Illustrated Short Stories ­ by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle London 1985 Reprinted 1986 Aesop's Fables (Stories for Children) London etc. 1910 Exploring Britain ­ Yesterday and Today by Philip A Sauvain (Hulton's Environmental Studies) Secrets of the Sea Reader's Digest Association London etc. 1995 Book-Keeping by R G C Hamilton and J Ball New and Enlarged Edition Oxford 1896 Pocket Manual of Rules of Order for Deliberative Assemblies ­ Part 1. Rules of Order Part 2. Organization and Conduct of Business by H M Robert Chicago 1905


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Various loose papers:

Proof columns entitled `Moderator's Opening Address'; to be published Proof columns entitled `Moderator's Opening Address' and `Closing Address'. Single sheet: `An Earnest Appeal', with signature Kenneth A Macrae, Session Clerk. Group of papers sent to `my very dear friend Angus, "The Historian of Calbost ' From `Neil' 3/4/1 979. Neil was evidently Neil Macleod whose parents were of Calbost. The papers include an account of `The Very Rev. Neil Macleod'; his `Moderatorial Address' delivered at the 108th Session of the N.S.W General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Australia 1 May 1973 (2 copies); Notes about him by Angus Macleod; leaflet entitled `An Open Reply to Mr Gunn's "Memo"' with a message to Angus re. Church issues in Australia; five copies of `The St Giles' News' (Feb.1973 ­ Oct.1974); typescript `Analysis of the Claim of Right'. Proof (?) of sermon by Rev. Donald Nicolson, Glendale, - Free Presbyterian Magazine Photocopies of sections of Stornoway Gazette 10.11 & 17.11.1933 ­appreciations of late Rev. N C Macfarlane.


Bundle of copies of: Marbh-Rann do an t-Urramach Iain Domhnallach, Sgire-na-Pairc, Leodhas 10.11.1969; Marbh-Rann le Murchadh Macleoid. Cutting from Stornoway Gazette ­ `Marbhrann do'n Urramach Iain Domhnallach' Photocopy of The Monthly Record [Free Church] March 2000 containing illustrations of the 27 ministers who remained in the Free Church in 1900. Stornoway Free Church ­ Financial Statements 1992 Stornoway Free Church ­ printed accounts 31 December 1996 (2 copies) A Hymn Book (wanting title and early etc pages)


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Natural History, Landscape, Interpretation, Forestry, Land Use


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Dissertations etc.

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Community Activities, Services and Local Policies

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`Gaelic Made Easy' A Guide to Gaelic for Beginners Written and compiled by J M Paterson Part 4 Second edition (revised) 1967, and Part 3 Third edition 1971 Bardachd a Leodhas ­ Air a cruinneachadh 's air a deasachadh T MacLeoid (`Am Bard Bochd') Glasgow 1969 An Toinneamh Diomhair ­ Na h-Orain aig Murchadh MacPharlain, Bard Mhealaboist Stornoway N.D. Moll is Cruithneachd ­ Bardachd a' Phuilein Aonghas Caimbeul (Am Puilean) Mac Alasdair Mhurchaidh oig a Suaineabost, Nis, Leodhas Glasgow 1972 Na Balaich air Ronaidh Fionnlagh Macleoid Aberdeen 1972 Creach Mhor nam Fiadh T Domhnallach Stornoway 1973 Gaelic Proverbs Babi Nic Leoid Inverness 1973 An t-Adhar Ameireaganach is sgeulachdan eile Iain Mac a' Ghobhainn Inverness 1973 Suathadh ri Iomadh Rubha Eachdraidh a bheatha le Aonghas Caimbeul (Am Puilean) Glasgow 1973 Sgial is Eachdraidh C I M MacLeoid Antigonish 1977 [wants title page] Call na h-Iolaire T C Domhnallach Stornoway 1978 'S Fheairrde Duine Gaire T Macleoid Glasgow 1978 A' Bhiorach Leurbost Centenary Magazine 1879-1979 (2 copies) Cailleach an Deacoin ­ Murchadh Macmhathain Glasgow 1979 Dain Iain Ghobha - The Poems of John Morison G Henderson (edit.) Reprint Edinburgh N.D. Eilean Fraoich ­ Lewis Gaelic Songs and Melodies Stornoway 1982 An Cogadh Mor 1914-1918 Stornoway 1982 An Comunn Gaidhealach: Gaidheal ­ Sgeul nam Priomh Albannach Inverness 1986 Harris Tweed: Orain Luaidh ­ Waulking Songs Stornoway 1986 Dain Mhurchaidh ­ Murchadh Macpharlain Bard Mhealaboist Stornoway 1986 Oighreachd agus Gabhaltas Aberdeen N.D. Caoran ann an cliabh Mairead Hulse Stornoway 1986 Eoin an Aite Stornoway 1986 Seann Taighean Tirisdeach A Boyd Tiree 1986 Clann-Nighean an Sgadan T C Domhnallach & Leslie Davenport Stornoway 1987 Leabhran Fhonaichean is Chomharraidhean Cheann a' Loch Comunn Eachdraidh Cheann a' Loch 1987 Air Druim an Eich Sgiathaich Pol Mac a'Bhreatunnaich Stornoway 1987 Tri Dealbhan Cluiche Alasdair Caimbeul Sleat 1990 Uisge an Fhuarain by J Thom(p)son, Tong. (Series of articles in Gairm Nos.178-185) Sgeulachdan a Seisiadar (Tales from Sheshader) C & B Lawson (edit.) Northton 1990 Somhairle ­ Dain is Deilbh ­ A celebration on the 80th birthday of Sorley MacLean Stornoway 1991 Hostail agus sgeulachdan eile Tormod Caimbeul Stornoway 1992 Hiort ­ Far na laigh a'ghrian C MacFhearghuis Stornoway 1995 A' Bhuaile Fhalaich Torcuil MacRath Stornoway 1995 Orain Red Coinneach Macleoid (Coinneach Ruadh Choinnich Ruaidh a Pabail ann an Eilean Leodhais) Stornoway 1998


VIDEOS 1. - The Truth Shall Make You Free-English- History of the Free Church of Scotland 2. - The Scottish Reformation Society-English 3. - Ceilidh a Sgire Na Rubha Gaelic-Concert in Point following Cairn Opening 4. - The Lewis Land Struggle,Aignish Riot-Bi-lingual 5. - Islands of The Heart-Bi-lingual-Past and Present Glimpses of Western Isles. 6. - Britain's Offshore Islands-English 7. - In Search of Herring-English-2 videos. 8. - Camara-Gaelic- Programme on Angus Macleod 9. - T.B.-Gaelic- T.V. programme on the illness 10. - Ceilidh- Bi-lingual-Cairn Celebration 11. - Steimreway-Gaelic-Calum Ferguson with Angus in the village-2 videos 12. - Scotland 2000-English-Debate by Dr Hunter on Future of Crofting 13. - Balallan Cairn Opening-Bi-lingual-Ceilidh 14. - An Sgoth-English-History on the boat 15. - Aonghas Air a Bhocsa-Gaelic-Interview by Martin Macdonald-3 videos 16. - Calabost-Gaelic-Angus giving tour of Calbost- Steimreway and Calbost-Bi-lingual-Comunn Eachdraidh days out 17. - Reothart-Gaelic-History of Harris Tweed 19 - Interview with Professor Donald Macleod-Gaelic-by Dr Finlay Macleod 20. - Gach Stri A Rinn Iad-Gaelic-Interview with Angus on Cairns-2 videos 21. - The Blood is Strong-English-Highland History 22. - Herring Fishing-English 23. - Coire Na Comhairle-Gaelic-BCCI Crisis of 1991 24. - Lord of The Isles-English-History 25. - Calbost Museum-English-Sam Maynard with Angus 26. - Gress Cairn-Bi-lingual-Christine Kennedy and Angus 27. - Interview with Angus-Gaelic-by Dr Finlay Macleod-2 videos 28. - Pairc Cairn Opening-Bi-lingual-Events of the day-3 videos 30. - History of Cairns-Bi-lingual AUDIO CASSETTES History of Park-1 History of Park-2 History of Park-3 History of Park-4 History of Calbost-1 History of Calbost-2 History of Crossbost-1 History of Crossbost-2 History of Lochs from C. Maclean- Ranish-1 History of Lochs from C. Maclean- Ranish-2 History of Lochs from C. Maclean- Ranish-3 History of Lochs from C. Maclean- Ranish-4 The Congregations of Lochs Calbost- Depopulated Village-Gaelic Society of Inverness Religion in Lochs Clearance of Lemreway and Orinsay Steimreway Steimreway Steimreway Steimreway Crossbost- 1891 Raiding School of Scottish Studies - R. Macaulay- Crossbost- 1 School of Scottish Studies - R.Macaulay ­ Crossbost-2 Park Deer Raid-1 Park Deer Raid-2 Cuimhneachan Nan Gaisgeach Cairns Discussion between Angus and Jim Crawford Land Heroes Commemoration The Rise and Fall of Park-Stornoway Gazette Pairc Cairn- Songs Planasker School- Marvig Planasker School- Commemoration Tiree Remembers Land Raiding


Marvig Post Office History by Mrs Macfarlane Calbost Museum History Land Songs- Gaelic Allan Finlayson- 8 Marvig-Folklore Folktales by Rev Macfarlane, John Macleod, Angus Morrison Peter McGillvary-10 Marvig- Piping Murdani Mast and Domhnull Dubh- Folklore Hugh Fraser- Gravir- Folklore Murdo Macleod (Peadar)- 8 Calbost on Fishing Barbara Macmillan ­ Lemreway- Folklore Finlay Shoval on Park Angus Maclennan, Canada on Religion and Education Herring Fishing Fishing Girls Waulking Songs Ministers with Spiritual Songs by Angus Opening of Pairc Cairn- Interview with K. Maciver-Radio Gaelic words and Customs- Interview with John Maclean Muirneag Interview with John Macleod Harris Tweed Radio Programmes Calbost Ministers by Angus The Ceilidh House by Angus Conference on Gaelic with Dr F. Macleod and R. Morrison Caithris Na h-Oidhche with Angus on Radio Caithris Na h-Oidhche ­2 Scotland 2000 by Dr Jim Hunter and Angus Murray- Shawbost Dr Jim Hunter B.B.C.debate on Commission in Gaelic McGregor Gathering Iolaire Disaster-1 Iolaire Disaster-2 Shops of Old Stornoway Gaelic Religion in Western Isles by Channel 4 Airigh Air Urram- Interviews on Angus Macleod- 1 Airigh Air Urram - 2 Airigh Air Urram ­ 3 Airigh Air Urram ­ 4 The Western Isles ­ Songs in Gaelic and English Murdani Mast ­ Gaelic Songs Cailleach an Deacoin ­ Concert in Town Hall ­ 1965+1974 x2 Murdo Macfarlane ­ Bard Mealabost ­ Gaelic Songs The Lochies...Home To Lewis ­ Gaelic Songs The Lochies...Lewis Folk ­ Gaelic Songs The Lochies...Slainte Mhath ­ Gaelic Songs The Tannahill Weavers...Dancing Feet The Tannahill Weavers...Land Of Light The Tannahill Weavers...Cullen Bay Dena Maciver ­ Gaelic Songs Donald Macrae ­ Gaelic Songs Willie John Macaulay ­ Gaelic and English Songs The Macdonald Sisters ­ Gaelic Songs There are also about 300 religious recordings on cassette and reel that are on a separate list in the archive. PHOTOGRAPHS Albums, with explanatory notes 1. A Photographic Record of the Village of Calbost ­ Crofts 1-8 (Many photographs removed) 2. A photographic Record of the Village of Calbost ­ Croft 9 onwards 3. `This Book 1 of Photographs of Calbost People is preserved as part of the Calbost Pictorial Project'. 4. `This Book 2 of Photographs of Calbost and its people is preserved as part of the Calbost Pictorial Project'. Lacks notes etc., but contains some documents and photocopies. 5. `This Book 3 of Photographs of Calbost and its people is preserved as part of the Calbost Pictorial Project'. Lacks notes etc. 6. `Souvenir' album of Calbost 1965, with Stornoway and later family photographs. 7. Calbost Landscape 1 8. Calbost Landscape 2 9. Fishing ­ people, boats, Coronation Cup, etc., with letters and notes. 10. `MBE Decoration' album, with visit to Madame Tussaud's. 11. The Pairc Cairn 1994 12. Aignish and Gress Cairns, Tiree, Eishken and various projects 13. Memorial Album of Ishbel Macleod ­ 1947-1963 14. Calbost Museum 15. Six albums: Calbost Collection ­ Artefacts in Stornoway Museum Album: Photographs of Angus Macleod, some newspaper cuttings, birth and other certificates including Finlayson family papers, papers relating to the death of Ishbel Macleod, and other Macleod family papers.


Loose Photographs Large photographs of Cairn Celebrations Framed and glazed photograph of the first Council of the Scottish Crofters Union, Inverness November 1985. Early Calbost photographs with duplicate sheets 1930s ­ 1973 2 large prints of Cairns * Requires conservation



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