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No-kill Shelter Listing

Couftesy of AHS

Cats/Dogs Naperuille Mt Propect CalslDogs Cats/Dogs Cats./Dogs Oak Park Naperyille Huntley McHenry

[email protected] Pal6 Park

(630) 375-7976 (630) 355-2299 (844 6738999 (3O9)797-6550 (/08) 84e-8155 {630) 341-3411 (847)961-5541 (815) 385-0005 O08) 636-8586 908) 361-9330 (815) 455-941't (61$ 931-7030

A Carirg Place Humane Society ADOPT AdoprA-Pet Animal Aid Humane Society Animal Care League Animal Heartline Humane Assrc Animal House Shelter. lnc Animal Outreach Animal Welfare League Animals for Amren$ A$isi Animal Foundation A$oc. forthe ProtectionofAnimals LowCGtSpay,/Neutrer acr{ AnimalOutreachSociety. org Low Cost Spay/Neutrer [email protected]


CatslDogs CatslDogs Cats/Dogs/Rabbits Cats/Dogs Cats/Dogs Exotics only Cats/Dogs CatsJDogs Cats,/Dogs Cats only Cats only Dogs only CatsJDogs

Cryshl Lake Granite City Evanston Lombard Lacrange [email protected]

assrsr-org Catc uardians. hvoermart. net petfinder-orglsheltersJll2s2.html [email protected]|L81 .html FosterPetouteach. oro

(844 705-26s3

(630) 543-3395 C/08)352-3914 Cf73)294-9305


CatGuardians Inc Cat Nap from the Heail Chicago Canine Rescue Dekalb County Humane Soc Felines Inc. Foster Pet Outreach Fried's Animal Shefter Friends of Strays Furry Friends Foundadon HappyEndings Hamony House for Cats HeartlandAnimal Shelter Helping Paffi Kindness lnc Lake ShoreAnimalShelter Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary P.A.C.T PAWS Chiego PlainfieldHumane Seiety Quad City AnimalWelfare Center Rtrycling Animals in Need Red Door Animal Shelter Second Chance Pet Adootion St. Francis Smiety Strays Halfway House

Tails of Hope '

(815) 784-s924

(773) 465-4132 ([email protected]\ 682-1122 {219\ 874-6932 (815) 643-2237 (312)397-1001 (414)744-3287


Cats only CatsrDogs

Michigan City,lN Princeton


Cats only CatslDogs Cats,/Dogs Cats only CatslDogs Cats/Dogs Cats/Dogs CatstDogs CatslDogs Cats only Cats/Dogs CatslDogs


[email protected], Wl Chicago Northbrook Crystal Lake Elgin

Chicago Rekford w. petf heartland.

frrc) 463-6667

(847) 296-6400 (815) 388-4400 (84n 888-2750 (312)409-1162 (815)962-2767 (630)375-7017 Q73) 935-747 (815) [email protected] (309) 787-6830 (815)286-3042 (773)754-2242 (630) 415-2978 (262) 857-7260 (630) 351-3150 (844 549-1711 (847)813-726 f/73) 728-6336 (773)7U-5489 (630) 960-S00 (815) 7414695 (773-991-1837 ElginArea. org/kindness,/

@[email protected]/NoahsArL/

DomeF Grove

Chicago LowCostSpay/Neuter Pa$

[email protected]

Hinckley Chicago Elk Grove Village Mequon, Wl Schaumburg Gume' Arlington Heights Chiago' Chigo DowneF Grwe ShorMod Chicago

Cats,/Dogs Cats/Dogs,/Rabbits Cats only CatsJDogs CabJDogs Cats/Dogs *

Cab only

SecondchancePetAdoption. g of LmCmtSpaylltleutrer Low Cost SpaylNeutrer

The BuddyFoundation Touched by an Animal' Tre House Foundation W. Suburban Hum. [email protected] Will County Humane [email protected] windy City Animal Foundation

Cats only * Cats only Cats/Dogs Cats/Dogs Cats/Dogs

To locate a low-cost spay/neuter clinic in your area LUV-A-PET Inc. (Chicago) LUV-A-PET Inc. (Suburbs)

SPAYUSA at PetcoPet Stores at Petco Pet Stores

(800)248PAY c/73) 935-7388 (847) 759.8700

Chicagoland Stray Cat Coalition Sterile Feral Alleycat Allies ASPCA and

TNR Program National TNR Resouces TNR Resouces

s17-5199 c/73) (309) 663-4406

lllinois General Shelter

259-2907fftAninalShefrer (630) 897-5695 H)mn NtinalControl (630) 892-9445 FoxValby AoinalLeague 879-8500llomes r Enda rcd& Log to nge {630} {s0}893-0m0 FelResaie F;trWis 201-6536 {817} (3mI664-7387 Hurnane Sociely Cenfar ot rr*h([s (630) 759-03328,,fingP,ook Mhnat$efier (312) (SFCA fifrorb) 644-8338 AnlicruetySociely of (7731764-2242 [email protected] Conmunw Cenbr Hunane (3121747-1446 of [email protected] CW Aninat CarcandCantnl (312) 993-1 Lake 181 Slo|e Foundatbn Animals (312) 993-1 frans-Speoes 181 Unrmired (708) 755-7387 Soull, Subudan Humane Socjet 636-8586 AnimalwelFarc League {708) * Arphansoftbe gom (847) 94S0235 (815) 288-7387 I Cou him al Prctedio TR nty n (847) hrinal Shefrer 86$5080 Euanslon 'ylq.{,henson (815) 232-6164 County ffunare Sodely (815124s-5221 ProkdsAninalShetrer Pet (630),ciey (309) 246-4275 Nk The (708) 301-1594 Tender Louing CarcNimal Shefrer SJde Sodefy ?0q7n-2140 Soutl, Hurna,e (815) 942-9214 Grundy County Minal Contuol 420-8989 peNilleHumane Na Soeiety {630} 409-1 Lake 162 S,'ore Ar?,:nal She/ter {312) 436-3250 Plainfren TWPDog Pound {815} 625-2562 Rod<Falls Controt Dog {815) 877-3073 Winnebago CoudyAninalSeNc {815} 879-8500 H.E.L.P {630) 697-2880Ande$on AnifialShetter LQWKLL {847} 625-3507 lfhites,Ue Counfy Found {815} (630) Greyhou Noption nd 46e,t022 Midwed (815) 464-7298 A W. (ft ophsMin al Wefia &ciety) P. S re (847) CdntyDept. Heafrh of 949-9vr5 Lake (630) Anlnal Conttol 682-7197 PW County Du (815) 33+4470Mdlen Coi.t Animal ntol A ry nty (630) 553-9256 lGndallCounty AninalShelter Alington Heighb Aurora Aurora LCSMrNR Bata/h Eoomingdde Rouod Lake Hoomington LCSN Bdingbrook Chi,tago LCSMNR Chicago Chhago Chirago Chicago Chicago Heighb Chicago Ri{e Deerfdd Dixon E\ranston Freepoft Grand Rkte Hinsdde Lacon Loclport Mafteson Monis NapeMle Park Ridge Hainfidd Rock Fdls Roc*ford St.Chafles South Bgn Sterling gove Sugar Tinley Pak Wauc,onda Wheaton Woodstock Yorhde

rt/ra [email protected] mrw.anticrudly.oru/ www.petfi www.orphansoft

[email protected] t!r,lnilgeocilies.c0rn/Heartand/9902ilc. htrfl |

www.comportone.comirycas/ www.ande$

[email protected] ol/

* Orphans peb locd contds doesn't sunendered tom owne$directy, goth.ough animd bke they

Wsconsin General Shelter

4)733-1 (608) 356-0331 ilak0ounty Minal Sheler (414J 887-7447 BeaveDan Huna Soeie9 r ne (4141ffi2-2224 Awutliw,HlibCenter (414)782-9261 -B,ook Eln Huna sadely ne (414) 849-2390 Cafumet HunaneSoeiety (608) HunaneSociey 9311381lowaCounty (262) Shelte r 72338S Lal<ela Animal nd (4141922-8873 duLacHwnane Sociey Fond (2643n-75fo Ozaukee HunaneSociey (414) 469-31 hy AreaHunaneSociely 10 (414129+3042 CounvAninalShefter Ti (6081752-ffi?2. County Rod( HunaneSocEU (4141674-2048 Hunane Society -,btre|n County Sodety Frand's An;,nal 14141857.7260 ofSainf (4141 Humare Sooety 694-4047 Kenosha Counv (414) Fellow Wildlite Rehab 248-5055 MortaE (608) HunaneSocieg 838-0413 Dane County (608) 246-3340 adison ,t Humare Sodely (608) PrctedAnimalUfe 249-4156 684-5401 Lakesiorc Humane Sod?{y {414) 453-7177 tuMalmoidiwLea0iue 1414\ MsconsnHumane Sooet {4141?64-6?57 (608) 325-9600Gree Cou t*,tna socry n nty ne Sheter $1417n-$44 A{,inalWetarc (414)72ffi)2 SfadyAdesAniral Steffer (414) 567-4401 [email protected] AninalShelter (4141n+n42 FiendsoftheSheter (9201424-21m Oshkosh Afli'natStetbr (608) County HunaneSociety 742-3666 Colunbia (414) Cou Hum ety 554-6699 ntryside ane Soci (212\634-4571 Safuhause Hqpe County Hufirane fuciety tsza\458-2012 (414167743f,8 Washington Courw Hunane Sooefy (414].261-1274 fto$nHum ne Society Wate a (262) 542-8851 Huna Aninal ne Welh .sociey re (414) 338-3369 nrwylandHunanegciety Bsfuo Bea,er Dam BigBend Brookfidd Chlton Dodgevile Ekhorn Du Fond Lac ffion Green Bay Green Lake Janesrntre Jefferson Kenosha Kenosha Lake Genara Madison Madison Madsoo |!lanitowoc Mlv{aukee Mltraukee Monroe Neenah Neenah Oconomotrroc Oshkosh Oshkosh Porhge Racine Racine Shawano Singer Watertor/vn Waukesha West Bend htF:/irvww.sauk corn/humanesociety/

htF/ vww.ebhs.orgl h[pllrr$ .org/ htF://tl,}rdeah !,w.puppyhomel.crrv htb://wt hSltwmy.rockcou umanesocbty.mml ntyfi htFliirww.

htF:/ htF:/vww.$

htb:/ vwfoahs-org/ htb:/lvwwpdacenet.neilcrhg htF:/\flrv*[email protected], hbJl[ilflr.pefi nder-orglshdtersnitF0.hhrd gtonclunllft htbltrcwvr.wGhin umane.orgl h&:nrn!ftY.findanom.dgl htb.firirww.

To locatea low-cost spay/neuter clinicin your area (S00)24S-SpAy LUV-A-PET Inc. (Ghicago) at PetcoPet Stores (7Z3)935-7338 LUV-A-PET Inc. {Suburbs} at PetcoPet Stores (S4A 759-3700

ChicagolandStray Cat Coalition Sterile Feral AlleyCatAllies ASPCA Spay and Stay

TNR Program National TNRResouces TNR Resouces

(773) s17-s199 (309)663-4406


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