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for receipt of filled-in Applications:




1. A form of Application for registration for the University Examinations to be held in May, 2012 is enclosed. The filledth DATE OF COMMENCEMENT Demand Draft should 19 MAY ­ 2008 in Application along with Examination fees by way of OF EXAMINATIONS:be sent directly by Registered Post to the Controller of Examinations, Annamalai University, Annamalainagar-608 002 so as to reach him before the due date. Applications may also be downloaded from the University website. 2. Late Applications and Fees will be accepted in the Office, at the Candidate's own risk with a late fee of Rs.110/- upto 7 days from the due date, and with additional late fee @ Rs. 60/- per day for the next 8 days. In exceptional cases, candidates will be permitted to register for the examinations, even after the final date with fine, on payment of a late fee of Rs. 660/-, but they can take up the examinations only at Annamalainagar. The actual date of receipt of the application in the office, will be the criterion for arriving at the rate of late fee. The Answer Papers of candidates who appear for the examinations without registering for the same will not be valued. The University will not be responsible for the loss of Applications in transit. 3. Candidates should register for the examination only after remitting the Tuition fees due to the Directorate of Distance Education. If they appear for the examinations without clearing their tuition fee arrears, a penalty of Rs. 500/- will be levied by the DDE. The Demand Draft for Tuition fee arrears should be drawn in favour of the Director, Directorate of Distance Education, Annamalai University and the Demand Draft for examination fees should be drawn in favour of the Controller of Examinations, Annamalai University, payable at Indian Bank / ICICI Bank, Annamalainagar or on any Bank payable at Chennai and sent to the respective officers. Candidates should write their Name and Enrolment No. on the reverse side corner of the Draft, and are advised to preserve photo copies of their Application and Demand Draft for future reference. 4. At the first appearance, candidates should register for all the Papers of the respective Year / Semester, and pay the fees for all the Papers, whether they intend to appear for all the Papers or not. Once a paper has been passed, it should not be registered again during the course of study. The fee once paid, will not be refunded or carried over to a subsequent examination. 5. A photo copy of the Attendance Certificate issued by the Directorate of Distance Education for having attended the Compulsory Personal Contact Programme (of Courses for which attendance is compulsory), should be enclosed with the examination application form. Those who have not attended the compulsory PCP are not eligible to appear for the examination and even if they appear, the examinations written by them will be cancelled. Even in case, the PCP is not completed at the time of submitting the application, the examination application must be submitted within the due date. A copy of the Attendance Certificate may be sent separately after the PCP is over, along with a covering letter, before the commencement of examinations. 6. Candidates must enter their Enrolment No., full Name and Address correctly in the Application form. If a change of name has been approved by the University during the course of study, the name under which the Candidate was enrolled in the University records should also be given. 7. Candidates can opt for any Centre. But, a Centre once selected, should not be changed under any circumstances. If a candidate writes the examination in a Centre other than that opted in his Application, his/her Answer Papers will not be valued. 8. Candidates should take care to write their correct Register No. / Enrolment No. in their Answer script. If it is discovered later that a wrong or incomplete number has been entered in the Answer script, a penalty of Rs. 750/- per Paper will be imposed on such candidates. 9. Advertisements will be published in leading English and Tamil Dailies about the Examination Centres and Venue on ten days before the commencement of Examinations. The information on Examination Centres and Registered candidates including their Register No., Papers registered etc. will be available in the University Website. 10. Hall-tickets will not be sent directly to the candidates. An Intimation Card with details of the allotted Examination Centre, Venue and Exam. Fees due if any, will be sent by post to all registered candidates. They must obtain their Hall-ticket from the respective Examination Centre three days before the commencement of examinations. Hall-tickets will be issued only on production of the Identity Card issued by the Directorate. If a candidate who has applied for the Examination and paid all the fees within the due date, does not receive the Intimation Card, he/she may first visit the University Website for ascertaining his/her Register No. Otherwise, he/she should go to the Venue with copies of his/her Application and Demand Draft one day before the commencement of examinations and obtain permission from the Chief Superintendent / University Representative to appear for the examination with his/her Enrolment number. 11. After publication of the results, the Statement of Marks and Provisional / Pass Certificate (if eligible) will be sent to the candidates through Registered Post. The University will not be responsible for their loss in transit.


2 12. There is no provision for revaluation of answer papers. However, retotalling of the marks awarded will be made, if an application along with a fee of Rs. 500/- per paper is received either within 30 days from the date of publication of results or 15 days from the date of despatch of mark sheet, whichever is earlier. Such requests received beyond this time limit will not be entertained. 13. Students will be permitted to take up Improvement Examinations one time only, if there is no change in the syllabus and regulations, but only after successfully completing the course. They should obtain prior written permission from the Controller of Examinations before submitting the Application for Improvement Examinations. If improved, mark list only will be issued. Revised provisional certificate or degree certificate will not be issued. 14. The University shall have the right to cancel or modify any of the above instructions and such decision will be binding on all the candidates appearing for the University Examinations. If examinations cannot be conducted at a centre due to unforeseen circumstances, candidates who had opted for that centre will be asked to write the examinations at the nearest centre or the examinations may be rescheduled at the discretion of the University. 15. For any clarification regarding examinations, certificates, etc., candidates are advised to write only to the Controller of Examinations by his designation. [Phone: 04144-237368, 238027, Fax: 04144-238145]. Candidates can also register on-line at 16 (a). EXAMINATION FEES:

B.A., B.Sc., B.Lit., B.Com., B.B.A., B.B.S., B.M.M., B.C.A., B.A.L., B.B.L., B.G.L., B.Music., B.Dance Degree Examinations (Including Dual Degree/ Lateral Entry/Double Degree Courses) Per Paper (Theory) Per Practical Project Report / Viva-voce Certificate Course Examinations Per Paper (Theory) Per Practical Diploma / Post-Diploma Examinations (including Lateral Entry Courses) Per Paper (Theory) Per Practical/Project Per Practical (Diploma in Yoga) P.G. Diploma/Advanced Diploma Examinations Per Paper (Theory) Per Practical/Record/Project Per Practical (PG Diploma in Yoga) P.G. Diploma in Health Sciences Examinations Per Paper (Theory) Project / Log Book & Viva-voce Pre-Foundation / Foundation Course I & II Year Examinations Per Paper (Theory) M.A., M.Sc., M.C.A., M.Com., M.H.R.M., M.M.M., M.F.M., M.L.M., M.S.W., ML/LLM, M.Music, M. Dance Degree Examinations (including Lateral Entry Courses) Per Paper (Theory) Per Practical (3 hrs.) Per Practical (6 hrs.) Per Practical (M.Sc. Yoga) Project Report/Dissertation M.B.A., All Post Graduate Degree Programmes offered through Collaborating Institutions (Except Computer related programmes), M.Phil. Degree Examinations Per Paper (Theory) Practical / Internship Dissertation & Viva-voce Master of Health Science Course Examinations Per Paper (Theory) Project / Log Book & Viva-voce B.L.I.S. Degree Examinations Per Paper (Theory) Per Practical M.L.I.S. Degree Examinations Per Paper (Theory) Per Practical B.Ed. Degree Examinations Per Paper (Theory) Practicals (Unit I or II or both) Rs. Ps. 100.00 120.00 330.00 100.00 120.00 130.00 170.00 340.00 170.00 220.00 440.00 420.00 790.00 60.00

170.00 180.00 420.00 850.00 420.00

420.00 500.00 790.00 480.00 850.00 120.00 210.00 170.00 240.00 300.00 830.00


Examinations of all Under Graduate Degree Programmes (Except Computer - related Programmes) offered through Collaborating Institutions (Including Lateral Entry and Double Degree Courses) Per Paper (Theory) 210.00 Per Practical (3 hours) / Record / Project 240.00 Per Practical (6 hours) 400.00 Examinations of all Diploma and Certificate Programmes (Except Computer - related Programmes) offered through Collaborating Institutions Per Paper (Theory) 150.00 Per Practical (3 hours) / Record / Project 180.00 Per Practical (6 hours) 240.00 Examinations of all Advanced Diploma and P.G. Diploma Programmes (Except Computer - related Programmes) offered through Collaborating Institutions (Including Lateral Entry Courses) Per Paper (Theory) 240.00 Per Practical (3 hours) / Record / Project 360.00 Per Practical (6 hours) 480.00 16 (b). OTHER FEES: All Candidates have to remit the following Fees IN ADDITION to the Examination Fees: (÷uºÄU Pmhn® uµ RÌUPsh Pmhn[PøͲ® AøÚzx ©õnÁºPЮ ö\¾zu ÷Ásk®) 1. Examination Application Registration Fee 50.00 2. Postal Charge 90.00 3. Mark List Fee 90.00 (Candidates who appear for arrear papers also should remit mark list fee at the rate of Rs. 90/for each Year/Semester mark list). 4. Provisional or Pass Certificate Fee 170.00 (All Final Year/Semester and One Year Course Candidates only [except Foundation Course I Year] should remit this fee. Failed candidates need not pay this fee, if they have paid it previously) 5. Centre Fee a) Centres in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry States 170.00 b) Centres in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka & Kerala States 270.00 c) Guwahati. Tinsukia (Assam), Agartala (Tirupura), Port-Blair (Andaman) Centres 660.00 d) All other Centres 370.00 6. Membership Fee 50.00 (Supplementary candidates who have completed the course in the previous years should remit @ Rs. 50 per year) 7. Penalty for late submission of applications a) If submitted within 7 days from the due date 110.00 b) If submitted within the next 8 days - Additional Fine, per day 60.00 c) If submitted after 15 days from the due date, but before Exams. begin (Annamalainagar Centre only) 660.00


÷uºÄPÒ xÁ[S® |õÒ : ÷© 19, 2012 1. Á¸® ÷© ©õu®, 2012&À |øhö£Ó¸US® £ÀPø»UPÇPz ÷uºÄUS £vÄ ö\´ÁuØPõÚ Âsn¨£¨ £iÁ® Czxhß Aݨ£¨£mkÒÍx. §ºzv ö\´¯¨£mh Âsn¨£¨ £iÁ·® Pmhnz öuõøPUPõÚ Á[Q Áøµ÷Áõø»²® ÷|µi¯õP £vÄz u£õÀ »® ÷uºÄU Pmk¨£õmk A¾Á»º, Asnõ©ø»¨ £ÀPø»UPÇP®, Asnõ©ø»|Pº & 608 002 GßÓ ·PÁ>US ·uÀ £UPzvÀ SÔ¨¤h¨£mkÒÍ ÷uvUSÒ Aݨ£¨£h ÷Ásk®. Âsn¨£¨ £iÁ[PøÍ £ÀPø»UPÇPzvß Cøn¯uÍ ·PÁ>°¼¸¢x® £vÂÓUP® ö\´x öPõÒÍ»õ®. 2. uõ©u©õP Aݨ£¨£k® Âsn¨£¨£iÁ·®, Pmhn·®, SÔ¨¤h¨£mh Pøh]z ÷uvUS¨¤ß, HÊ |õmPÒ Áøµ, uõ©uU Pmhn® ¹. 110/& EhÝ® Auß ¤ßÚº Akzu Gmk |õmPÐUS JÆöÁõ¸ |õÐUS® ¹. 60/-& GßÓ ÃuzvÀ uõ©uU PmhnzxhÝ®, ©õnÁºPÎß ö\õ¢u ö£õÖ¨¤÷»÷¯ ö£ØÖU öPõÒͨ£k®. uºUP C¯»õu ÷|µ[PÎÀ CUPøh] ÷uvUS¨ ¤ßÚ¸® ©õnÁºPÒ uõ©uU Pmhn® ¹. 660/& Ehß, ÷uºÄUS¨ £vÄ ö\´¯ AÝ©vUP¨£kÁº. BÚõÀ, AÁºPÒ Asnõ©ø»|Pº ø©¯zvÀ ©mk÷© ÷uºÄ GÊu»õ®. Âsn¨£¨ £iÁ® £ÀPø»UPÇPzvØS Á¢x ÷\¸® |õøÍU öPõs÷h uõ©uU Pmhn® {ºn°UP¨£k®. ÷uºÄUS £vÄ ö\´¯õ©À ©õnÁºPÒ ÷uºÄ GÊvÚõÀ AÁºPÍx ÂøhzuõÒPÒ ©v¨¥k ö\´¯¨£h©õmhõx. Aݨ£¨£mh Âsn¨£¨ £iÁ[PÒ Á¢x ÷\µõø©US £ÀPø»U PÇP® ö£õÖ¨£õPõx. 3. öuõø»yµU PÀ C¯UPPzvØS ö\¾zu ÷Ási¯ ·Ê PÀÂU Pmhnzøu²® ö\¾zv¯ ¤Ó÷P ÷uºÄUS £vÄ ö\´uÀ ÷Ásk®. PÀÂU Pmhn £õUQø¯ ö\¾zuõ©À ÷uºÄ GÊvÚõÀ, öuõø»yµU PÀ C¯UPPzvÚõÀ

4 A£µõu©õP ¹. 500/& Á`¼UP¨£k®. PÀÂU Pmhn £õUQø¯ "The Director, Directorate of Distance Education, Annamalai University" GßÓ ö£¯¸US®, ÷uºÄ¨ £vÄU Pmhnzøu "The Controller of Examinations, Annamalai University" GßÓ ö£¯¸US®, C¢v¯ß Á[Q (A) I]I]I Á[Q, Asnõ©ø»|Pº (A) Cuµ Á[QPÒ, ö\ßøÚ BQ¯ÁØÔÀ ©õØÓzuUP uÛzuÛ Áøµ÷Áõø»PÒ »® ö\¾zxuÀ ÷Ásk®. Áøµ÷Áõø»°ß ¤ß¦Ó ø»°À ©õnÁ>ß ö£¯º, ÷\ºUøP Gs GÊu¨£h ÷Ásk®. §ºzv ö\´¯¨£mh Âsn¨£¨ £iÁ®, Á[Q Áøµ÷Áõø» BQ¯ÁØÔß Aa_ ö£¯º¨¦ |PÀ (Photo Copy) ©õnÁºPÒ Á\® C¸¨£x |À»x. 4. J¸ PÀ BsiØPõÚz ÷uºÂØS ·uß·u¼À £vÄ ö\´²®ö£õÊx, ]» £õh¨¤>ÄPÎÀ ÷uºÄ GÊu Ez÷u]UPÂÀø»ö¯ßÓõ¾®, AÆÁõsiß AøÚzx £õh[PÐUS® E>¯ ÷uºÄU Pmhnzxhß £vÄ ö\´uÀ ÷Ásk®. ÷uºa] ö£ØÓ G¢uöÁõ¸ uõøͲ® ©Ö£i²® GÊxÁuØS¨ £vÄ ö\´uÀ Thõx. J¸·øÓ ö\¾zu¨£mh Pmhn® GUPõµnzøu ·ßÛmk® ÷ÁöÓõ¸ ÷uºÄUS ©õØÓ¨£h÷Áõ, v¸¨¤ AÎUP¨£h÷Áõ ©õmhõx. 5. Pmhõ¯ ÷|º·P ÁS¨¦PÐhß Ti¯ £õh¨ ¤>ÄPÎÀ £°¾® ©õnÁºPÒ, ·uß ·øÓ¯õP ÷uºÄ GÊx®ö£õÊx, ÷|º·P ÁS¨¦PÐUS Á¸øP u¢uuØPõÚ \õßÔuÈß |Pø» Âsn¨£¨ £iÁzxhß CønUP ÷Ásk®. CzuøP¯ £õh¨ ¤>ÄPÎÀ £°¾® ©õnÁºPÒ Pmhõ¯ ÷|º·P ÁS¨¦PÎÀ P»¢x öPõÒÍõ©À ÷uºÄ GÊvÚõÀ, AÁºPÒ GÊx® ÷uºÄ µzx ö\´¯¨£k®. ÷uºÄ Âsn¨£zvøÚ Aݨ£ ÷Ási¯ Pøh] ÷uv Áøµ ÷|º·P ÁS¨¦PÒ |h¢x ·i¯ÂÀø»ö¯ßÓõ¾®, §ºzv ö\´¯¨£mh Âsn¨£¨ £iÁ·® Pmhnz öuõøP²® Pøh]z ÷uvUSÒ Aݨ£¨£h ÷Ásk®. ÷|º·P ÁS¨¦PÒ ·i¢u ¤ßÚº, Á¸øP¨ £vÄ \õßÔuÈß |Pø», J¸ Cøn¨¦ Piuzxhß ÷uºÄPÒ xÁ[S® ·ßÚº ÷uºÄU Pmk¨£õmk A¾Á»¸US u£õÀ »® uÛ÷¯ Aݨ£ ÷Ásk®. 6. ©õnÁºPÒ, ÷uºÄ Âsn¨£¨ £iÁzvÀ u[PÍx ÷\ºUøP Gs, ·Ê¨ ö£¯º, ·PÁ> ÷£õßÓ Â£µ[PøÍ uÁÔßÔ SÔ¨¤h ÷Ásk®. ÷\ºUøPUS¨ ¤ß ö£¯º ©õØÓ® £ÀPø»UPÇPzuõÀ A[RP>UP¨£mi¸¨¤ß, HØPÚ÷Á ÁÇ[Q¯ ö£¯¸® SÔ¨¤h¨£h ÷Ásk®. 7. ©õnÁºPÒ ÷uºÄ GÊu G¢u J¸ ø©¯zøu²® ÷uºÄ ö\´¯»õ®. BÚõÀ GUPõµnzøu ·ßÛmk® J¸·øÓ ÷uºÄ ö\´u ø©¯® ©õØÔzuµ¨£h ©õmhõx. ©õnÁº ÷uºÄ ö\´u ø©¯zvÀ AßÔ ÷ÁÖ J¸ ø©¯zvÀ ÷uºÄ GÊvÚõÀ AÁµx ÂøhzuõÒPÒ ©v¨¥k ö\´¯¨£h ©õmhõx. 8. ©õnÁºPÒ, ÂøhzuõÎÀ £vÄ Gsøn AÀ»x ÷\ºUøP Gsøn GÊx®ö£õÊx AÁØøÓ PÁÚzxhß uÁÔßÔ GÊu ÷Ásk®. AÁº uÁÓõÚ Gsøn÷¯õ AÀ»x ·Êø©¯øh¯õu Gsøn÷¯õ GÊv C¸¨£x ¤ßÚº öu>¯ Á¢uõÀ JÆöÁõ¸ uõÐUS® ¹. 750/& Ãu® A£µõuz öuõøP Á`¼UP¨£k®. 9. ÷uºÄUS ·¢øu¯ 10 |õmPÎÀ H÷uÝ® J¸ |õÎÀ ÷uºÄ |øhö£Ö® Fº, Ch® ÷£õßÓøÁ ·ßÚo uªÌ, B[Q» ö\´vz uõÒPÎÀ ÂÍ®£µ[PÍõP öÁΰh¨£k®. ÷uºÄPÒ |øhö£Ö® Ch[PÒ, ÷uºÄUS AÝ©vUP¨£mh ©õnÁºPÒ, AÁºPÍx £vÄ Gs ©ØÖ® £vÄ ö\´¯¨£mh uõÒPÒ ÷£õßÓ uPÁÀPøÍ £ÀPø»UPÇP Cøn¯uÍ ·PÁ>°¼¸¢x® öu>¢x öPõÒÍ»õ®. 10. ÷uºÄ ~øÇÄa ^mk, ©õnÁºPÎß Â»õ\zvØS ÷|µi¯õP Aݨ£¨£h ©õmhõx. ÷uºÄ ø©¯®, Ch® ©ØÖ® Pmhn {¾øÁ ÷£õßÓ uPÁÀPÒ ©mk®, £vÄ ö\´u GÀ»õ ©õnÁºPÐUS® Ag\À Amøh »® Aݨ£¨£k®. ÷uºÄUS ·¢øu¯ ßÖ |õmPÎÀ AÁµÁºPÒ ÷uº¢öukzu ÷uºÄ ø©¯zvÀ, u[PÍx Aøh¯õÍ Amøhø¯U Põs¤zx ~øÇÄa ^møh¨ ö£ØÖU öPõÒÍ»õ®. Âsn¨£¨ £iÁ® ©ØÖ® Pmhn® SÔ¨¤h¨£mh Pøh]z ÷uvUSÒ ö\¾zu¨£mi¸¢x® H÷uÝ® J¸ PõµnzuõÀ uPÁÀ Amøh J¸ ©õnÁ¸US Á¢x ÷\µÂÀø»ö¯ßÓõÀ, AÁº ·u¼À £ÀPø»UPÇP Cøn¯uÍ ·PÁ>°À uÚx £vÄ Gsønz öu>¢x öPõÒÍ ÷Ásk®. CÀø» GÛÀ AÁº uÚx Âsn¨£¨ £iÁ®, Á[Q Áøµ÷Áõø» BQ¯ÁØÔß |PÀPÐhß, SÔ¨¤mh ø©¯zvØS uÚx ÷uºÄUS ·uÀ |õÒ ö\ßÖ ·ußø© PsPõo¨£õͺ AÀ»x £ÀPø»UPÇP¨ ¤µv{vø¯a \¢vzx ÷uºÄ GÊu AÝ©v ö£Ó»õ®. AzuøP¯Áº uÚx ÷\ºUøP Gsøn¨ £¯ß£kzvz ÷uºÄ GÊu ÷Ásk®. 11. ÷uºÄ ·iÄPÒ AÔÂUP¨£mhÄhß, ©v¨ö£s £mi¯À, ©ØÖ® uØPõ¼Pz ÷uºa] \õßÔuÌ (uSv°¸¨¤ß) £vÄ Ag\À »® Aݨ¤ øÁUP¨£k®. ©õnÁºPÐUS Ag\ÀPÒ ö\ßÓøh¯õø©US £ÀPø»UPÇP® ö£õÖ¨£õPõx. 12. ©v¨¥k ö\´¯¨£mh ÷uºÄzuõÒPøÍ ©Ö£>^»øÚ ö\´¯ C¯»õx. BÚõÀ, ÷uºÄ ·iÄPÒ AÔÂUP¨£mh 30 |õmPÐUSÒ AÀ»x ©v¨ö£s £mi¯À QøhUP¨ö£ØÓ 15 |õmPÐUSÒ CÁØÖÒ Gx ·¢øu¯÷uõ, AUPõ»U öPkÂØSÒ ©õnÁºPÒ ©v¨ö£s ©ÖTmhÀ ö\´¯, JÆöÁõ¸ £õhzvØS® ¹. 500/& Pmhnzxhß Âsn¨¤zuõÀ ©Ö TmhÀ ö\´¯¨£k®. CUPõ»U öPkÂøÚU Ph¢x ö£Ó¨£k® Âsn¨£[PÒ £>^¼UP¨ £h©õmhõx. 13. ©õnÁºPÒ u[PÍx £õhzvmhzvß AøÚzx uõÒPξ® öÁØÔö£ØÓ ¤ßÚº, AzuøP¯ £õhzvmhzvÀ GÆÂu ©õØÓ·® ö\´¯¨£hõ©À C¸¢uõÀ, ÷uºa] ©v¨ö£s \uÂQuzøu E¯ºzx® ÷uºÄ (Improvement Examination) J¸ ·øÓ ©mk® GÊu AÝ©vUP¨£kÁº. ÷uºÄU Pmk¨£õmk A¾Á»>ß ·ß AÝ©v ö£ØÓ ¤ßÚ÷µ, AzuøP¯ ÷uºÄ GÊu ©õnÁºPÒ ÷uºÄ Âsn¨£¨ £iÁzvøÚ \©º¨¤UP»õ®. ÷uºÂÀ AvP ©v¨ö£s ö£ØÓõÀ, ©v¨ö£s £mi¯À ©mk® ÁÇ[P¨£k®. v¸zu¨£mh uØPõ¼Pz ÷uºa] \õßÔu÷Çõ AÀ»x £mha \õßÔu÷Çõ ÁÇ[P¨£h©õmhõx. 14. ÷©ØTÔ¯ SÔ¨¦PøÍ ©õØÓ÷Áõ AÀ»x µzx ö\´¯÷Áõ £ÀPø»UPÇPzvØS ·Ê AvPõµ® Esk. AzuøP¯ ·iÄPÒ, ÷uºÄ GÊx® AøÚzx ©õnÁºPøͲ® Pmk¨£kzx®. H÷uÝ® uºUP ·i¯õu Põµnzøu ·ßÛmk, £ÀPø»UPÇPzvÚõÀ J¸ ÷uºÄ ø©¯zvÀ ÷uºÄPøÍ |hzu C¯»õ©À ÷£õÚõÀ, A®ø©¯zøu ÷uº¢öukzu ©õnÁºPÒ, £ÀPø»UPÇPzvß ·iÂߣi A¸Põø©°¾ÒÍ ø©¯zvÀ ÷uºÄ GÊu ÷PmkU öPõÒͨ£kÁº AÀ»x ÷uºÄ |õmPÒ ©õØÔ¯ø©UP¨£k®. 15. ÷uºÄ, ©v¨ö£s, ©ØÖ® \õßÔuÌPÒ \®£¢u©õP H÷uÝ® ÂÍUP[PÒ ÷uøÁ¨£iß, ÷uºÄUPmk¨£õmk A¾Á»øµ Piu®, öuõø»÷£] (04144&237368, 238027), öuõø»|PÀ (04144&238145) »® öuõhº¦ öPõsk, AÀ»x Cøn¯uÍ ·PÁ> : »® AÔ¢x öPõÒÍ»õ®. ÷©Ø£i ªßAg\À »·® ©õnÁºPÒ u[PÍx ÷uºÄ Âsn¨£[PøÍ £vÄ ö\´x öPõÒÍ»õ®.

Annamalainagar - 608 002 Date: 01.03.2012 Dr. R. MEENAKSHISUNDARAM



2012-may-instruction to canddiates

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