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Element B Perkamentpapier Viooltjes Parchment paper Violet Purple

No. 61570




Element A Gewoon Perkamentpapier Ordinary parchment paper

Anneke Oostmeijer © 1467 Author - Designer - Registered Parchment Teacher

FANTASY WHITE WORK no 1650 General: The card is made of ordinary parchment paper and the insert of Parchment Paper Violet Purple No. 61570. The 3-D elements: A is made of ordinary parchment paper. B Parchment Paper Purple Violets No. 61570. ? Tracing: White pencil: fold line, leaves, outline card. Tinta Tinta Pearl Red + Blue (mix) = Tinta Pearl purple: 3-D element Tulips, diagonal lines between the perforations. Perfotaing shallow: With the perforating tools 4-needle, 5-needle and Semi Circle according the pattern. Embossing: Embossing shadows in the leaves and Tulips (see color example). Motifs in the perforation pattern, fold line and outlines of the card. Perforating deeply: Again with the perforating tool 4-needle and Semi Circle. The 5-needle perforations: rotate during deep perforation the needle slightly to the left and then slightly to the right. With the perforation tool 2-needle: the outlines of the 3-D elements A and B. Cutting Cut crosses into the perforations and slots. The outlines of the 3-D elements A and B. Finish: Attach an insert sheet made of parchment paper Violet Purple inside the card with Spra Glue. Floding the card. Perforate the card outlines shallow with perforating tool 2-needle (trough 3 layers). Perforate with perforating tool 1-needle bold a second time, deep this time. Cute the outlines out along these perforations. Confirm with Perga Glue the 3-D elements together and glue it on the card. Good luck! Anneke Oostmeijer


White work Pat 1650

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White work Pat 1650