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A. Begin by bending and inserting

the fiberglass rod into both pockets and horizontal sides of the banner. Caution: Hold rod securely while bending so it does not snap back and cause injury. created in the heading along the vertical to the halyard by using a Large Snap Hook and the loop that is in the top corner of the banner.

B. Attach the top of the banner

the halyard to align with the second loop on banner. For 4'x8' and 5'x10' Extend-A-Banners only, position another Small Snap Hook on the halyard to align with the third loop. (3'x6' and 5'x6' banners have only 3 loops).

C. Position a Small Snap Hook on

D. Attach a Large Snap Hook to

the loop in the bottom corner of the banner. Do not attach this snap hook to the halyard. Attach one end of the bungee cord to this Large Snap Hook.

dangle freely then attach the last Small Snap Hook to the halyard approximately 8 inches from the bottom of the bungee cord.

E. Allow the bungee cord to

F. Raise the banner to the top of the

cleat, make sure that the end of the cord is pulled very tight. If there is excessive play in the halyard, the banner will not fly snug to the pole.

pole. Before tying off the halyard to the halyard that is attached to the bungee



G. Extend-a-Banner flies with or

without a breeze. D


Attach Snap Hook to Halyard

Mounting Accessory Kit Contains:

Fiberglass rod (1) Large nylon snap hooks (2) Small nylon snap hooks (2 with 3x6 ft. or 5x6 ft. kit) (3 with 4x8 ft. or 5x10 ft. kit) Bungee cord (1)

Patented System - Annin & Co., Roseland, NJ 07068

Copyright 2009


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Extend Banner Instruction.indd