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ANSC 481 -- Contemporary Issues in Animal Sciences

Fall Semester 2012 Course Syllabus Tuesdays at 1:30, 2:30, or 3:30 in LILY 3-102

INSTRUCTORS: Dr. Alan Mathew 3-114 Lilly Hall 49-44806 Office Hours - ph. 49-44806 [email protected] Barry Delks Lilly Hall 3101 49-67234 Office Hours ­ call or email [email protected]

COURSE DESCRIPTION: ANSC 481 is a senior seminar class that identifies current issues in the animal industry, requires team presentations and enhances student communication and industry networking skills.

OBJECTIVES: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. To gain a better understanding of contemporary issues in the animal science industry. To enhance teamwork and problem solving skills in addressing current issues encountered by the animal industry. To establish professional contacts for solving industry related problems and to enhance networking with industry, faculty and peers. To improve presentation and communication skills. To gain an appreciation for the value of life-long learning and how to find appropriate resources to solve problems in industry. To prepare an objective summary of a contemporary issue that can be used to educate the public and policy makers.

COURSE REQUIREMENTS: 1. Prepare a résumé for the Senior Résumé CD and career web site or write a personal statement for your vet or grad school application. A draft is due August 28. The final version is due September 11; submit an original resume hard copy and EMAIL A WORD DOC, name it your last and first name, ANYTIME BEFORE SEPT 11 to [email protected] . You must enter your final résumé on LINKED-IN and the Center for Career Opportunities web page ( Final copies will be prepared for the Senior Résumé CD that will be distributed at the Career Fair. Please let us know if you do not want your résumé and or photo distributed. Those planning to attend vet or graduate school can turn in a personal statement instead of a resume. 2. Attend the Book Harmon seminar on October 23 or another animal-related research or contemporary issues in the animal industry. You must submit the completed "Workshop/Seminar Attendance & Participation Form" in class within two weeks after the workshop or seminar. 3. Team presentations - each student will participate in team presentations on challenging topics of current interest in the Animal Science industry. This will involve oral presentations. TEAM PRESENTATIONS: Students will join a team of up to 4 students. All topics must be approved by the course instructors. Presentations will be oral. A list of topics from which students may choose will be provided, but students are encouraged to select a topic of interest to them. Team communication - an important part of this assignment is that you learn to schedule meetings, conduct business and work with busy schedules. Regardless of your future career path, you will be required to work in groups. Teamwork and learning how to solve problems are key to a successful presentation. Procedures - each team will present all sides of an issue in the following manner: Initially, investigate the topic and prepare an outline of the issue and email your outline to Dr Mathew ([email protected]) at least 1 week before your presentation. Use `ANSC 481' in the subject line of your email message; and insert the outline into the body of the email message text (i.e., do NOT attach the outline as a file). Five points will be deducted from the overall project grade for each day the outline is late. The oral presentation must be on the same topic for which the outline was developed. Presentations should be made using PowerPoint or other professional format. Presentations should be 15-17 minutes long with 5-10 minutes for discussion. Within your presentation, 1) clearly define the issue, 2) support arguments with the best data available, c) make recommendations where appropriate. Creative presentations are encouraged, but this should not be a substitute for quality content and balanced team participation. 4. Guest Speaker Activity - The purpose of this activity is to network with employers, learn more about companies in the animal science industry, gain communication skills and improve your team and group work skills. Each group will be required to: Activity Evaluated by (a) Contact and confirm the speaker(s) ­15pts get contact info from 481 web site and CC [email protected] and [email protected] (b) Meet the speaker(s) before class ­ 15 pts observed by instructors (c) Introduce the speaker(s) ­ 15 pts observed by instructors (d) Ask questions during the seminar - 15 pts observed by instructors (e) Send a thank you to speaker(s) ­ 20 pts give thank you card to instructor to mail (f) Work as a group ­ 20 pts complete the team form and turn in the day you host

CLASS SCHEDULE: August 21 Syllabus, presentation sign up and Graduate/Vet School panel August 28 Senior Planning ­ Stephanie Farlow, CCO Resume/personal statement exchange ­ draft due September 4 Dr. Meghan Wulster-Radcliffe, CEO, American Society of Animal Science and Dr Radcliffe ­ ASAS video tape Senior photos ­ 1:00 ­ 6:00 in Lilly 3113B ­ RESERVED September 5 Senior photos- 1:00 ­ 6:00 in Lilly 3113B September 11 Communicating to the public about the hot issues in industry. Dr Linda Chezem / Janet LynchRippe - Director of Research Final résumé due - email WORD DOC ANYTIME BEFORE SEPT 11 to Aimee at [email protected]; turn in a hard copy; name your resume your last name. Permission to post résumés and photos ­ P Reid. September 18 Student Presentation September 25 Dr. Neil Evans and Mrs. Joyce Wason from the University of Glasgow October 2 Contemporary Issues Industry Panel Industry networking ­ 4:30-5:30 pm ISPA, Harlan, IPP, LOL, Alltech, Pfizer, Belstra October 9 Fall Break October 16 Student Presentation October 23 Book Harmon Seminar, Pfendler Auditorium, Clayton Yeuter; 12:30 ­ 2:00 and 6:00 ­ 7:30 October 30 Student presentations November 6 Student presentations November 13 Student presentations November 20 Student presentations - Thanksgiving week November 27 Student presentations December 4 Student presentations Finals week Final exam COURSE GRADING: Course Work Associated with Grading Guest Speaker Team Activity Forum/Workshop/Seminar CCO/Linked In ­Résumé/Personal statement Current Issue - Team presentations: Self-evaluation Peer evaluation Instructor evaluation Class Participation / Attendance Final Exam TOTAL

Points 100 100 100 100 100 100 300 100 1000

Letter grades will be assigned as follows: A=>90%; B=80-89%; C=70-79%; D=60-69%; F<60%. Attendance and classroom participation are required and highly important to the success of the course; therefore, each student is expected to attend all classes. Excused absences must be approved with a written explanation. Excused absences must be approved in advance unless the circumstances prevent advance notice. Unexcused absences will result in a lowering of the final grade (remember, a total of 400 points are used for participation and attendance). In the event of a major campus emergency, course requirements, deadlines and grading percentages are subject to changes that may be necessitated by a revised semester calendar or other circumstances.


ANSC 481 -- Animal Sciences Contemporary Issues

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