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MRI Made Easy

Govind B Chavhan

Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada

KEY SELLING POINTS Concise explanations of MRI Handy pocket-sized format Clearly written, easy reference Free Photo CD ROM

BOOK INFORMATION Price: £ 15.99 ISBN 13 - 978 1 905740 61 1 Pub Date: May 2007 Format: Paperback Extent: 264p 154 images

MRI Made Easy is an excellent portable pocket guide which can be consulted by the reader when monitoring scans on screen and during interpretations of images. The book is a simple overview of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, which explains the fundamentals in a clear, concise manner. It has been written to serve as an introduction to the subject, specifically useful for beginners to MRI, particularly radiology residents. The book is divided into two sections: the first covers basic principles, instrumentation of the MR system, sequences, artefacts and MR interpretation. The second explains how MRI has advanced in recent years, and its applications across diverse disciplines. Contents: 1. Basic Principles 2. T1, T2 Relaxation and Other Parameters 3. Instrumentation 4. Sequences I: Basic Principles 5. Sequences II: Few Common Sequences 6. Artifacts 7. MR Safety 8. MR Contrast Media 9. Principles of Interpretation: Neuroimaging 10. Principles of Interpretation: Body imaging 11. MR Angiography 12. MR Diffusion 13. MR Perfusion 14. MR Spectroscopy 15. Cardiac MRI 16. MRCP 17. Miscellaneous MR Techniques

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