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Installation Aids

Easier Connections with Attachment Tool Kits

The connector interface is one of the most critical factors affecting transmission line operation. Even experienced technicians can make mistakes when equipped with makeshift devices or an inadequate array of simple hand tools, and it only takes a single faulty connection to degrade performance and threaten your operation's revenues. With the HELIAX® connector attachment tool kit, workmanship is no longer compromised by tools never meant for the job. The kit contains the same specialized tools used by our factory technicians to make connector attachment faster and easier and produces a reliable assembly that matches the quality of the HELIAX cable system serving the operation. Tool can be ordered individually by type number or in kits. Kit type numbers are listed in the top row and include the tools indicated with an "X".

Type Numbers for Individual Tools Description KIT TYPE NUMBERS 224351 224352 224353 224354 224355 224356 224390 224391 224392 224393 224394 Tool Box Safety Knife Wire Snips Inch/Millimeter Rule Greasing Brush Point File Leather Buffing Strap Emery Cloth - 1 ft (30 cm) Flare Hammer Flat Hammer Beveled Hammer Tip

Complete Tool Box

Basic Tool Box




LDF5 Kit

LDF6 Kit

Air & Waveguide Kit TB-AW-KIT

TB-COMP-KIT TB-BASIC-KIT TB-DIN-KIT x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x


x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

MCPT-78 LDF5 EASIAX® Cable Tool MCTP-L4 LDF4 EASIAX® Cable Tool 207865 224358 224360 224361 224362 224363 224368 224373 224377 224380 224395 114468 114469 241953 FSJ/FSJ4 EASIAX® Cable Tool Tapered Drill Punch 3/4" Pin Alignment Tool Cutoff Guide 7/32" (5.5 mm) LDF4/FSJ4 Cutoff Guide 8/32" (6.3 mm) Cable Flare Tool LDF4 Cable Flare Tool LDF5 Cable Flare Tool LDF6 Soldering Pliers Pin Depth Gauge N-Male Pin Depth Gauge N-Female Pin Depth Gauge DIN Male Pin Depth Gauge Female Chamfer Tool FSJ4



cable installation accessories

Installation Aids

EASIAX® Cable Prep Tool For Fast, Precision Cuts in 15 Seconds EASIAX® Plus Automated Cable Prep Tool For Reliable Cable Preparation in 10 Seconds



Type: MCPT

Now cable installers and system designers can dramatically reduce cable preparation time and expense while improving overall system performance with the EASIAX® Plus Automated Cable Preparation Tool. Fit the EASIAX Plus Tool to any standard power drill, and it removes the cable jacket, outer conductor, and foam then cuts back and chamfers the inner conductor to the correct dimensions for connector attachment ­ all in less than 15 seconds. The EASIAX Plus automated method of cable preparation means cable connections that are more consistent, more reliable, and more repeatable.

Tool Type No. CPT-F4* Description Automated tool compatible with FSJ4 Version 2 connectors only. Replacement blade kit part number CPT-BK Automated tool compatible with N type and TNC connectors only for N tool DIN for DIN tool. Replacement blade kit part number CPT-BKS1 Automated tool compatible with LDF4 RingFlareTM connectors only. Replacement blade kit CPT-BKS1 Automated cable prep tool compatible with standard and RingFlareTM connectors. Replacement blade kit part number CPT-BK5 Automated cable prep tool compatible with standard and RingFlareTM connectors. Replacement blade kit part number CPT-BK6 Automated cable prep tool compatible with standard and RingFlareTM connectors. Replacement blade kit part number CPT-BK6 Manual handle 1/4" ­ 1/2"

EASIAX® precision cutting tool is the only cutting tool made exclusively for HELIAX® coaxial cable. It's Accurate ­ Cuts precisely at crest of copper corrugation at the exact distance required for easy connector attachment. Clean cut makes flaring easier than ever. Precise blade depth makes it impossible to cut inner conductor. It's Consistent ­ Every cut by every technician on every interface of any cable will be exactly the same. It's one more way to ensure consistent electrical performance for your cable system. EASIAX Cutting Tool Ordering Information

For HELIAX Cable Types




Cutting Tool Type No. 207865 241372 MCPT-L4 MCPT-78

Features Cuts jacketing and outer conductor Cuts jacketing and outer conductor

Replacement Blades Kit of 5, Type No. 209874 209874


FSJ1, FSJ4, ETS1, RXL1* Series FSJ2, FSJ4, ETS2 Series LDF4, HL4RP-50, RXL4** Series LDF5, RXL5 Series


CPT-HANDL MCPT-BK4 MCPT-BK5 for jacket cutting

Cuts outer conductor and scores jacketing Cuts outer conductor and inner conductor and scores jacketing

Recommended drill size for tools for 1/4" through 1/2" cables is 3/8" torque value with 12 volt minimum. Cordless drill 14.4 minimum voltage, 400­650 RPM. Recommended drill size for tools for 7/8" through 1-5/8" cable is 1/2". Cordless drill 15.4 minimum voltage, 400­650 RPM. For detailed information on cable preparation, request Special Publication 50262. See Services section (pg 27­28) to order. * Compatible with FSJ4 version 2 connectors only ** Compatible with RingFlareTM connectors only

* Except RXL1-1RNT Except FSJ1RN

** Except RXL4-(1, 2 or 3) RNT Except FSJ4RN


Installation Aids

Connector Attachment Torque Wrenches ­ Preset to Andrew Specifications

System Timing

Andrew GPS antenna kits

Obtain a complete GPS antenna system packaged in a single comprehensive kit. The GPS Antenna System Kit features everything required to establish GPS capabilities for PCS applications. This weatherproof system is designed for outdoor use. It has been tested to meet the following specifications:

Test Thermal shock: Test Specification MIL-STD-202, method 107, condition A-1, -55OC to +85OC IEC 529, Class IPX4S

Moisture resistance:

Andrew torque wrenches attach any type HELIAX® connectors to HELIAX LDF4.5, LDF5, LDF6, LDF7, and LDF12 coaxial cables. All are designed with a mechanism to audibly notify the installer that the proper torque has been reached and release the pressure.

Type No. 244373 244374 244375 244376 244377 244378 244379 245154 244372 244459-7 244459-6 244459-5 Contents 2-5/8" torque wrench 2-1/4" torque wrench 1-7/8" torque wrench 21mm torque wrench 1-1/4" torque wrench 1-1/4" torque wrench 13/16" torque wrench 7/8" torque wrench Includes below wrenches 2-1/4" wrench 1-7/8" wrench 1-1/4" wrench Attachment LDF12 connectors LDF7 connectors LDF6 connectors LDF4.5 connectors Coupling torque DIN connectors LDF5 connectors Coupling torque N connectors LDF4 Din type ring flare Wrench kit LDF7 connectors LDF6 connectors LDF5 connectors

Kits include: · GPS antenna integrated with a 26 dB low-noise amplifier with a Type N female connector · HELIAX® connectors,(1/2" LDF4, 1/2" FSJ4, 7/8" LDF5, or VXL5) · HELIAX cable hangers · Grounding kit · 3MTM Cold ShrinkTM self-applicating weatherproofing kit · Antenna mounting plate · Mast shroud A 5-volt dc bias is required via the center conductor to power the integrated low-noise pre-amplifier. HELIAX cable is ordered separately to length. GPS antenna kit, Ordering Information


Crimping Tool

Crimping Tool. Used to attach crimp-on lugs for standard and SureGroundTM series. Not required for kits having factory-attached lugs.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Type No. 207270




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