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July 28, 2005


OneNation Benefit Administrators, Inc. (ONBA) (formerly known as Anthem Benefit Administrators) has been pleased to provide administrative services to clients in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky. However, ONBA is dissolving and terminating its client services, and OneNation clients are selecting new carriers at their 2005 renewal date. ONBA will end all claims processing services effective December 31, 2005. The following is information concerning how claims for OneNation members should be handled: · Claims incurred for OneNation members should still be submitted to OneNation for processing, following current procedures. Many OneNation clients have transitioned to a OneNation affiliate, and for these clients OneNation is working with the new administration to ensure any claims submitted within timely filing limits will be processed. Some OneNation clients have chosen other carriers. In most of these cases, clients have engaged OneNation to provide 90 days of claims run out processing services after their OneNation termination. Providers should continue to submit claims for dates of service through the claims run-out processing period to OneNation following current procedures, and OneNation will process claims received during this run out period. Any claims, regardless of date of service, received by OneNation after the end of a run out period will be returned to the provider, with a letter explaining that the claim was received after the end of OneNation's processing period. A box will be checked that contains the following information, "Claims need to be filed with another payer. Please ask the member to confirm who the payer is for their health plan and then submit your claims accordingly." The member will be responsible for working with their employer to determine what arrangements may have made with their new carrier to handle claims received after the OneNation claims run out processing period.



If you have questions after December 31, 2005, you can still contact Customer Service or Provider Inquiry at the phone number listed on the back of the member's card.


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