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The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

This unit is designed with first or second graders in mind. Many of the websites offer hands-on learning. The objective is for the students to have an understanding of the four stages in the life cycle of a butterfly and to be able to identify each stage. Students can use some of these sites on their own. Others, because of the reading level, are better used as whole group instruction using a crystal projector to present the material.

Internet Sites

Enchanted Learning Students can click on their state to see butterflies that live in their area. Some pictures show all 4 stages of a particular butterfly from caterpillar to butterfly. Enchanted Learning Students can label a butterfly diagram Natural History of Orange County Large pictures of each stage of development

Howard Hughes Medical Institute This site uses hands-on projects that explain how caterpillars become butterflies. It also has an animated life cycle. Earths Birthday Cut and Paste activity putting the butterfly life cycle in order.

Captain's European Butterfly Guide This site contains slide shows of the butterfly life cycle. I would encourage you to skip over "Life" as it may not be appropriate.

Muscogee County School District-Michelle C Obert This contains a butterfly's life cycle scavenger hunt. (Student collaboration. Have students from an upper grade assist younger students) Scholastic This site includes vocabulary, making habitats, graphing activities as well as sources to purchase butterflies. Kings Local School District A scramble of the four stages which students put in order. (Self-Checking) Tooter 4 kids This site has a great game (on the same line as Jeopardy) for 2 players. It also has fun facts, vocabulary, poems. The quiz is based on information that the kids read within this site. The Butterfly Pavilion and Insect Center This site has a 360* view of a butterfly pavilion. It also offers a variety of butterfly pictures and corresponding names.



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