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November 13, 2009 -- Antiques and The Arts Weekly -- 83



Saturday, November 14th

Route 20 & 22 New Lebanon, New York Preview: 9am Start: 11am

Globes: Calso Gas Globe; Sky Chief Gas Globe; Acto Gas Globe; (2) 16" Mobil Glass Lenses; Plastic Flame Globe and More! Gas Pumps: 1950's Refinished Martin & Schwartz Co. Fire Chief Gas Pump w/Globe; 1950's Refinished Fire Chief Super Premium Pump w/Globe; 1950 Bennett Texaco Pump w/Globe; Child's Texaco Fire Chief Gas Pump; (2) 1950's Gas Pumps (Need Restoration); Porc American Gas Co. Air & Gas Island and More! Coke/Pepsi Machines & Coolers: Vendo 44 Coke Machine (Partially Restored); Cavalier C551 Coke Machine; Cavalier Coca Cola Model CSS64FS Machine; Blue 10 cent Pepsi Cola Machine; 10 Cent Pepsi Machine; Coca Cola Picnic Cooler; Pepsi Cola Picnic Cooler; Coca Cola Motor Boat Cooler; Coke Jr. Chest and More!! Slot Machines: KIT AC Slot Machine; Sm Nevada Slot Machine, Comet 1 Cent Slot Machine; and More! Gumball Machines: 7' Texaco Gum Ball Machine; 5 Cent Select-o-matic Gumball Machine; 1 Cent Gumball Machine; Magna Vender 1 Cent Gumball Machine and More! Pedal Cars: Farmall 300 Pedal Tractor; Castelli Pedal Tractor; Jet Flo Drive Pedal Fire Truck; Garton Pedal Tractor; Jeep Pedal Car & 7 Other Pedal Cars and More! Porc Signs: Porc Double Sided Chrysler Plymouth Sign; Porc Double Sided Hyde St. Road Sign; Porc Double Sided Socony is Standard Sign; 1934 Porc Double Sided Amalie Sign; Porc Double Sided Shell Credit Card Sign; Porc Double Sided Leader Sign; 48" Porc Double Sided Gulf Sign; Porc 1954 Single Sided Sky Chief Gas Sign; Porc Single Sided 7-20-4 Cigar Sign; Porc Double Sided Gargoyle Sign; (2) Single Sided No-Nox Pump Signs; Porc Single Sided Atlantic White Flash Sign; Porc Single Sided Socony Motor Gasoline Sign; Porc Single Sided Nationwide Food Sign; Porc Single Sided "Please Drive Slowly" Sign; Porc Single Sided Barber Shop Half Round Pole Sign; Porc Single Sided Good Year Tire Sign; Porc Single Sided Baker's Vanilla Sign; Porc Single Goodrich Tires Sign; Porc Single Sided Railroad Express Sign; 1954 Porc Single Sided Texaco Farm Lubricants Sign; 1949 Porc Single Sided Atlantic High Arch; Porc Single Sided Stop Arrow; Porc Single Sided Tobacco Sign; Porc Single Sided Thumbs Up Sign; Pr of Porc 1914 & 1915 Massachusetts License Plates; Porc 1915 Massachusetts License Plate; 1940's Porc Texaco Fire Chief Gas Sign; 15" Porc Rd Black T Texaco Sign; Porc 1955 Texaco Fire Chief Super-Charge Petrox; Porc Texaco "No Smoking"; Porc Railroad Crossing Sign; Porc Socony Motor Oil Crank Case Service Sign; Porc Dairy Sign; 48" Porc Coca Cola Button and Much, Much More! Tin Signs: Tin Double Sided Tire Values Sign; Tin Double Sided MTS Rest Motor Travel Service Sign w/Bracket; Tin Double Sided Curtis Key Sign; 1967 Tin Double Sided Oilsman Sign; Tin Double Sided Ariens Sign; Tin Double Sided Lipschutzs 44 Cigar; Tin Double Sided Fire Chief Sign; Tin Double Sided Texaco Restroom Sign; 1960 Tin Double Sided Coca Cola Hanging Sign w/Bracket; Tin Double Sided Pennzoil Street Sign; Tin Double Sided Diesel Sign; Round Double Sided Kendall Motor Oil Sign; Tin Double Sided Quaker State Tombstone Sign; Tin Double Sided Wolfs Head Sign; 1966 Tin Single Sided Texaco Gasoline Localized Sign; Tin Single Sided Nesbitts Sign; Tin Single Sided Salem & Winston Cigarette Sign; Tin Single Sided Redman Tobacco Sign; 1950's Tin Single Sided Fishtail Coca Cola Sign w/Bottle; 1954 Tin Single Sided Goodyear Tire & Battery Service Sign; 1947 Tin Single Sided Atlas Tire Battery Sign; Tin Single Sided Gates Sign; Tin Single Sided Victory & Cavalier Cigarette Sign; 1956 Tin Single Sided Pepsi Sign; 1950's Tin Single Sided Coca Cola Sign; Tin Single Sided S&H Green Stamp Sign; Tin Single Sided Building Materials Sign; 1940's Tin Single Sided 7-Up Sign; 1956 Tin Single Sided Squirt Sign; Early Tin Single Sided Coca Cola Sign; Tin Single Sided Morton Mineral Products Sign; 1944 Tin Single Sided AC Spark Plug Sign; Tin Single Sided Mule Hyde Sign; 1935 Tin Single Sided AC Spark Plug Sign; Tin Single Sided Ethyl Sign; Tin Single Sided Ballantine Beer Sign; Tin Single Sided Kendall Tires Sign; Tin Single Sided Exide Battery Sign; 1938 Tin Single Sided Coke Sign; 1959 Tin Single Sided Oilsman Sign; 1964 Tin Single Sided Sir Walter Raleigh Tobacco Sign; Tin Single Sided Mohawk Tire Signs; 1940's Tin Single Sided Pepsi Cola Sign; Tin Single Sided Richardson Root Beer Sign; 1948 Tin Single Sided Goodyear Tire Sign; Tin Single Sided Texaco "Stays Full Longer" Sign; Tin Single Sided Texaco "Asphalt, Shingles" Sign; Tin Single Sided Mobil Oil "World's Largest" Sign; Tin Single Sided Kendall Motor Oil Sign; Tin Single Sided Texaco Marine Lubricants Sign; 1947 Tin Single Sided Coca Cola Bottle Sign; Tin Single Sided Marfax Lubrication Sign; Tin Single Sided Hire's Root Beer Sign; Tin Single Sided Kelly's Tire Sign; Tin Single Sided Texaco Tune Up Sign; Tin Single Sided Texaco Kerosene Sign; Tin Single Sided Kelly Tires Sign; 1965 Tin Single Sided Oilsman Sign; Tin Single Sided Texaco Vision Sign; Tin Single Sided American Brakelock Sign w/Dog; Tin Single Sided Hershey Ice Cream Sign; Tin Single Sided "It's Cott to Be Good" Sign; 1948 Tin Single Sided Coca Cola Sign; Tin Single Sided Hire's Root Beer Sign; Tin Single Sided Kendall Motor Oil Sign; Texaco Tin School Crossing Lollipop Sign; Tin Texaco Restroom Sign & Key Holders; Tin Coca Cola Sign; Tin Yellow Stop Sign w/Jewels; 36" Tin Coca Cola Button; 1964 Tin Delco Battery Sign; 24" Tin Quaker State Motor Oil Button; 37" 1953 Tin Coca Cola Button; 1964 Tin Pepsi Cola Bottle Cap Sign and Much, Much More! Flange Signs: Porc American Express, Money Orders Flange Sign; Porc Bell Telephone Flange Sign; Porc Long Distance Telephone Flange Sign; Tin Double Sided NAPA Parts Flange Sign; Tin Garco Service Station Flange Sign; Tin Bendix Flange Sign; 1953 Tin Wolf Head Motor Oil Flange Sign; Tin Borden's Ice Cream Sign w/Elsie; Tin Indian Village Flange Sign; Tin Kohler Sales Flange Sign; 1951 Drink Coca Cola Flange Sign and More!

Other Misc Signs: Masonite Double Sided Mobil Gas Pegasus Shields Sign; Arctic Ice Cream Sidewalk Sign; Fiberboard Single Sided Mobil Sign w/Pegasus and More! Toys: 40 Lots of Lionel, Marx, All State Trains (Most in Orig Boxes); 4 Pc Folk Art 6' Train; Buddy L Coke Truck; Buddy L Texaco Tanker Truck; Buddy L Freight Liner Carrier Truck; Buddy L Texaco Tanker Truck in Box; Wyandotte Tractor Trailers; Marx Ride on Air Force Truck; Tin Wind-up Marx Dozer; Lumar Army Truck; Lumar #9 Ladder Truck; Structo Steam Shovel; Structo Ladder Truck; Nylint Pepsi Truck; Nylint Missile Carrier; Nylint Guided Missile Carrier; Nylint Travel Loader; Doepke Ladder Truck; Hubley Spike Driving Truck; 1950's True Scale Farm Implements; Keystone Chemical Pump Engine; Keystone Steam Shovel; Keystone Toy Garage; Keystone Ride Up Steam Shovel; Keystone 6400 Ride on Locomotive; Tonka Fire Truck; Tonka Toys; International Tractors & Farm Implements; Texaco Tanker Boats in Box; Texaco Fire Truck in Box; Texaco Toys in Boxes; Tin Turner Fire Truck w/Ladders; Ford Tractor; Superior Tin Airport; Fisher Price Rise on Train; Model Ladder Truck; Pressed Steel Dump Truck; Pressed Steel Delivery Truck; (2) Pressed Steel Heinz Delivery Trucks; City Service Tow Truck; Leaded Cowboys, Indians & Soldiers; Early Iron Tractor w/Man; Big Bang Cannon; Chien Wind-up Drummer; Wind-up Seal; Tin Wind-up Rollercoaster; Tin Wind-up Arabian Horse Sulkies made in West Germany; 1930's Speedy Boy Wind-up Cycle; Dinky Tow Trucks, Trucks, Cars, Army Trucks, Airplanes, Tanks, etc; Boxes of Hot Wheel & Matchbox Cars; Hess Trucks and Much, Much More! Thermometers: Porc Prestone "Your Safe & You Know It" Thermometer; Porc 5 Roses Thermometer; Porc Prestone "Set Safe & Sure" Thermometer; 28" Tin Orange Crush Bottle Thermometer; Bowes Cooling Tin Thermometer; Tin Orange Crush Thermometer; (2) Tin Royal Crown Cola Thermometer; Fiberboard Coca Cola Thermometer; Coca Cola Bottle Thermometer; 1939 Drink Coca Cola Silhouette Thermometer; Winston Cigarette Thermometer in Box; 1955 Bottle Cap Pepsi Cola Thermometer; Early Coca Cola Thermometer; 29" Coke Bottle Thermometer; Wally's Trucking Thermometer; Walker's Bourbon Thermometer; Double Cola Thermometer; "More Bounce for the Ounce" Pepsi Thermometer; Frost & Root Beer Thermometer and Much More! Menu Boards: Tin Dad's Root Beer Menu Board; Tin Camel Cigarette Menu Board; 1967 Pepsi Menu Board; 1950's Pepsi Menu Board; Squirt Menu Board; Green Spot Orange Menu Board; Orange Crush Menu Board and More! Banners: Texaco Banner w/Frog; General Electric Wiring Banner; Ford Truck Banner; Dodge Car World's Fair Banner; Economy Run Banner; High Mileage Banner; Ford Tractor Banner and More! Display Racks: Anco Wiper Display; Prestone Antifreeze Display; Texaco Automotive Bulb Display; Fold Away Basket Display w/Baskets; Quaker State Motor Oil Display w/Cans; STP Display; Texaco Oil Display; Good Year Tire Display; Johnnie Walker Whiskey Display; Holfast Wooden Display; National Wooden Display; National Battery Display Rack; High Volt Battery Display; Trico Wiper Display; Tin Good Rich Tire Display; Coca Cola Display Rack w/Bottles; Gates V-Belt Display and More! Light- Up Signs: 1950's Coca Cola Light-Up Sign; Chevy Light-up Sign; Miller High Life Light-up Sign; Plastic Sunoco Light-up Sign; Wisconsin Light-up Sign w/Horse and More! Clocks: Ballantine Light-up Clock; 7-Up Light-up Clock; True Temper Light-up Clock; Coca Cola Light-up Clock; Bulova Light-up Clock; Champion Spark Plugs Clock; Barrett Roods Light-up Clock; Kendall Motor Oil Light-up Clock; Tin Saturn Style Coca Cola Clock; AC Spark Plug Clock; Four Roses Clock ; Quaker State Motor Oil Clock and More! Neon Signs: Coca Cola Neon Sign; Neon Payday Sign and More! Oil Cans: 5 Gal Oil Cans to Inc: Texaco, Havoline & Mobil; Sinclair Oil Cans; Falcon; 1920's Standard Oil Emergency Gas Can and More! Misc Items to Inc: Ideal 1 Lung Engine; Art Deco Iron Floor Scale; Wooden Phone Booth; Porc US Stamp Machine; Beaverwick & Dobler Beer Trays; Early Coca Cola Tray; Road Maps; Texaco Map Holders; Case of Richfield Paint; 6' Cardboard Texaco Man Display; 1936 Cardboard Shell Poster; (2) Early Pepsi 6-Pack Carriers; New York Times Newspaper Rack; 4' Mintex Air Tower; Eco Tire Inflator Pump; Mobil & Texaco Uniforms; Texaco Attendant's Hat; (4) 1946 Texaco Paper Fire Hats; Early Planter's Peanuts 2 Gal Can; Early Planter's Peanut Jar; Delco Battery Box; John Deere Bicycle; Plastic CITGO Letters; Plastic & Tin Letters; Early License Plates; (60) 19361953 Bicycle License Plates; Porc Salada Tea Door Push; Oak Root Beer Barrel; (4) Ice Cream Parlor Stools; Porc Candy Dispenser; Early Racing Trophies; Texaco Umbrella; 50's, 60's & 70's Car Manuals; Texaco Grease Oil Cans; Texaco Tire Ashtrays; (2) 1942 & 47 Texaco Lubrication Charts; Hamilton Beach Porc 3 Head Shake Mixer in Green; Oscar Shake Mixer in Green; Pepsi Tin Garbage Can; Manure Bags w/Cows; Boxes of Sm Texaco & Gas Related Items and More! 500 Lots**Refresh. & Deliv. Avail Everything sold as is where is w/absolutely no returns Cash**Check**MC/VISA**12% BP--2% disc for Ca/Ck (518) 766 5002***Email: [email protected]*** Accepting Quality Consignments for Future Auctions.



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