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CASING HEAD Function: During drilling operation, casing head is an important equipment for controlling wellhead pressure. Raw Material: Carbon steel or low alloy steel comply with API Spec. 6A. Applied Casing Program: 20" x 13 3/8" x 9 5/8" x 7" X 5 1/2", or as user's requirements. Bottom Connection: welded type, slips type, thread type. Outlet connection: thread type, flange type (c/w VR plug thread) 1. Casing Head-Bottom Slips Connection Characteristics: (1) Connect surface casing by type WD slips. (2) Adopt type BT secondary seal structure. (3) Accurately calculate casing string's length is not necessary. (4) Can not be affected by surrounding environment, climate, etc. (5) Easy, rapid, safe and reliable in installation. Can apply to different sizes casing, such as:30",20",13 3/8",12 1/4",9 5/8",7",5 1/2" Can apply to different sizes casing as :13 3/8",9 5/8",7",5 1/2", etc. We can manufacture a variety of bottom thread such as CSG, LCSG, BCSG, TM, for the connection between casing head and surface casing. 2. Casing Head-Bottom thread connection Characteristics: (1) Bottom of the casing head connects surface casing by various types of threads, such as CSG,LCSG,BCSG,TM,etc. (2) Convenience and rapid in installation, safe and reliable in operation. 3. Casing Head-Bottom welded connection Characteristics: (1) Bottom of the casing head connects surface casing by sleeve welding. (2) There's pressure test hole, which can test welding effect, in welding annular space. Bottom can be connected to surface casing by the method of sleeve welding. Pressure testing holes are designed for the test of welding effect. Applied casing program: 20",133/8",95/8",7",51/2", etc.

Casing Head Cross Characteristics: (1) The secondary seal of casing head cross adopts BT type seal structure to ensure the safe and reliable seal. (2) Users have a choice between slips type and mandrel type casing hanger as their actual requirements. Can connect various of sizes casing.

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Casing Hanger Casing hanger is used for the connection of casing head and surface casing,there are two types of structure: slips type and mandrel type. 1- Type WD Casing Hanger Slip inserts embrace the surface casing tightly driven by external force. It has advantages such as convenient in installation and dismantling, safe and reliable in operation, seal can be triggered by manual operation, etc. Reliable, safe and convenient in seal. 2- Type W Casing Hanger Seal function can be trigged by gravity of casing string. Reliable, safe and convenient in seal. Adequate for working conditions of deep well and high pressure.

Inland Casing Head Specifications

Offshore Casing Head Specifications


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