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36-E-0001 36-E-0002 53-E-1988-1 53-E-1988-1-W 53-L-1979-1-F 53-E-1988-2 53-L-1979-1-W 53-L-1980-2 FGIS-5 FGIS-33 FGIS-38 FGIS-153 FGIS-400 FGIS-404-1 FGIS-500R FGIS-903 FGIS-905-1 FGIS-908 FGIS-909-1 FGIS-909-2 FGIS-937 FGIS-943 FGIS-945-1 FGIS-955 FGIS-956-1 FGIS-957 FGIS-961


Envelope White 4 1/8 x 9 1/2 Envelope Kraft 9 x 12 FGIS BRM White Envelope 4 1/4 x 9 1/2 FGIS Envel., White, 4 1/4 x 9 1/2 No Postage FGIS-Letterhead Bond (Field) FGIS BRM Sulphate Envelope 9 x 12 FGIS-Letterhead Bond (DC) FGIS Field Letterhead-Manifold Application and Agreement For Monthly Payment of Administrative Fee Supplement to Official Weight Certificate Monthly Service Point Sample Log Corrective Action Report (Obsolete) Report of Estimated Earnings Field Office Weekly Revenue, Costs, and Margin Records of Microcomputer Equipment Maintenance Divider Test Official Grain Inspection Certificate, Lot Inspection Application for Appeal Inspection or Board Appeal Inspection and Review of Weighing Official Export Grain Inspection Certificate (Divided-Lot) U.S. Grain Standard Act Official Export Grain Inspection Certificate Work Record Application for License Under the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946 Continuation Sheet for Additional Interstate Business Application for Inspection Under the AMA 1946 Rice Inspection Service Certificate Commodity Inspection Certificate Official Grain Weight Certificate (Divided)

Friday, February 08, 2008

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Form Number

FGIS-970-1 FGIS-970-3 FGIS-970-4 FGIS-970-6 FGIS-970-11 FGIS-970-12 FGIS-970-15 FGIS-970-16 FGIS-970-17 FGIS-970-19 FGIS-971 FGIS-996 IN-50 IN-149 IN-244 WH-16-1


Mailing Tag Board of Appeals and Review Fees Paid Shipping Tag, QCTB Shipping Tag, Board of Appeals and Review Shipping Tag, Board of Appeals, Kansas City, MO FGIS BRM Tag-Buff FGIS BRM Tag-Green (Beltsville) Shipping Tag, BRM, Purple Shipping Tag, Brm, Gray Shipping Tag, Brm, Orange FGIS, Label Grey Motomco Moisture Determination Official Grain Inspection Certificate Submitted Sample Inspection (Cont. feed) Radio Accountability Log Sampling Ticket Sanitation Inspection Report (Processed Products) Grain Weight By Barge

Friday, February 08, 2008

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