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Dodd-F Frank Ce ertification n

The following information is requ uested by th federal go he overnment in accordanc with the D n ce DoddFrank Wall Street Re eform and Consumer Protection Ac (Pub. L. 1 C P ct 111-203). Y You are requ uired to furnis this info sh ormation. The law pro T ovides that no person shall be el ligible to receive assistanc from the Making Home Afford ce e H dable Progr ram, author rized under the Emerg gency Economic Stabilizatio Act of 20 (12 U.S. 5201 et seq.), or any other mort on 008 .C. tgage assist tance program authorized or funded by that Act, if such perso in connec y f on, ction with a mortgage or real estate tra ansaction, has been con nvicted, with the last 1 years, of any one of the following (A) hin 10 g: felony lar rceny, theft, fraud or forg gery, (B) mo oney launder ring or (C) ta evasion. ax

Bo orrower

ve w st I hav not been convicted within the las 10 years of any one of the following in y f conn nection with a mortgage or real e esta transactio ate on: (a) felony larcen theft, frau or forgery f ny, ud y, (b) money laund m dering or (c) tax evasion t

Co o-Borrower r

I ha not been convicted within the la ave n ast 10 years of any one of the following in y con nnection with a mortgag or real h ge est tate transact tion: ry, (a) felony larce eny, theft, fra or forger aud (b) money laun ndering or (c) tax evasion n

In making this certific cation, I/we certify unde penalty of perjury that all of the in er f t nformation in this n documen is truthful and that I/ nt /we understa and that the Servicer, the U.S. De e epartment o the of Treasury or their ag y, gents may in nvestigate th accuracy of my state he ements by pe erforming ro outine backgrou und checks, including automated searches of f a federal, stat and coun database to te nty es, confirm that I/we hav not been convicted of such crime I/we als understan that know t ve o es. so nd wingly submittin false infor ng rmation may violate Federal law. y _______ ___________ __________ ___________ ____ Borrower Signature r _______ ___________ __________ ___________ ____ Co-Borro ower Signatu ure _ ___________ __ Date _ ___________ __ Date


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