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2012- 2015

Demo CDs: Excerpts of CHORAL Works

Vol. I -- Treble and Male Choirs Vol. II -- Mixed Choir Vol. III -- Treble, Male & Mixed single titles available upon request from API Free for the Asking

We are at your service as a small and personal company maintaining live communication between composer, publisher and musicians. Let us know your musical needs. For personal service, feel free to contact us.

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API has a full line of sheet music --Classical and folk music for all ages and abilities from beginners to professionals, sacred and secular--for: Band Orchestra Choir Vocal Solos and Duets Instrumental Solos and Ensembles Keyboard instruments

Of special interest are the works of a number of prominent Czech and Slovak composers not to be found anywhere else--our specialty. This is music from the `conservatory of Europe' representing more than 80 national artists. All music under contract is listed within although not all is published at this time.

Alliance Publications, Inc. in Sinsinawa and Fish Creek, Wisconsin, was founded in 1989 by music educators, Anita Smisek and Joel Blahnik, to bring quality music to all. Presently, the API catalogues include the music and recordings of more than 200 selected artist-composers from here and abroad.

Greetings from API!


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Our Jesus is Here, Raymond Wentworth


from Alliance Publications Inc.



Vocal 3-pt w Kybd AP-1566 $1.10 3-pt w Piano AP-1274 $1.30



Pax Hominibus (Peace for Humankind), Lana Walter (Latin) Quam Dilecta (Ps.83¶84), Mary Edward Blackwell¶ed. Smisek TTB w Piano AP-1264 $1.50 3>36 Quam Dilecta Tabernacula Tua (Ps. 84), Cecil Steffen TTB a cap AP-192 $1.25 1>38 The Master, the Swabber, the Boatswain..., Bryan B Hays

TTB Madrigal a cap AP-1793 $1.50 TBB a cap AP-1051 $1.25

1>40 1>16 (t> The Tempest, Shakespeare)

The Piper, Warren Gooch (tx Wm Blake) Three Lovely Things, R. Paul Drummond

TBB a cap AP-1012 $1.25 1>48

Christ, Whose Glory Fills the Skies, Bryan B Hays (t> Chas Wesley)

Two Equal Medium High Vcs w Organ AP-1800 $1.50 TB Madrigal a cap AP-1791 $1.50


Three Old Czech Chorales, arr. Jir"â Laburda

TBB a cap AP-1247 $1.25 TTB a cap AP-1609 $1.25

5>00 Czech Pronun CD AP-1247 CS $3.00 2>21

Sigh No More, Ladies, Bryan B Hays (t> Much Ado about Nothing,


What Wondrous Love Is This= arr. Axel Theimer


TTB Changing Voices


It Takes a Worried Man (Folksong), arr. Gordon Krunnfusz

TTB Chg Vcs AP-1150 $1.50



0>54 3>25 (Latin) 4>37 2>45 3>13 2>40

Lil\ Liza Jane (Folksong), arr. Gordon Krunnfusz

TTB Chg Vcs AP-1151 $1.25 1>15

Arise, Everyone, Arise, James Machan

TTBB a cap AP-1943 $1.30 TTBB a cap AP-1558 $1.50 TTBB a cap AP-1928 $1.50

Lullaby ¶ Ukole;bavka, Antonân Dvor"a;k ¶ arr. Smisek (Czech &Eng)

TTB Chg Vcs AP-1265 $1.25 TTB Chg Vcs AP-1365 $1.25

1>50 Cz Pron CD AP-1265 CS $3.00 2>21 1>21

Aunt Dinah\s Quilting Party, Roy B. Hinkle Cantate Domino ¶ O Bone Jesus, Axel Theimer Colorado Trail, Lana Walter

TTBB a cap AP-1214 $1.25 TTBB a cap AP-1369 $1.25

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, arr. Gordon Krunnfusz Vive L\Amour, arr. Gordon Krunnfusz

TTB Chg Vcs w Pno AP-1154 $1.25 TTB a cap AP-1609 $1.25


What Wondrous Love Is This= arr. Axel Theimer When the Saints Go Marching In, arr. Gordon Krunnfusz

TTB Chg Vcs w Pno AP-1155 $1.25 1>55

Cyfarchion (Welsh Greetings), Gordon Krunnfusz Die Lorelei (The Lorelei), arr. Roy B Hinkle

TTBB w Soprano solo & Piano AP-1505 $1.45 TTBB a cap AP-1218 $1.30 TTBB a cap AP-1504 $1.50 TTBB a cap AP-1594 $1.50

18>28 3>00 1>55 3>46 6>30 Czech Pron CD AP-10109 CS $5.00 1>30 3>15 1>36 E 4>20 3>08

Dov\eæ Quel Bambine;lo (Italian Christmas Song), Jir"â Laburda Elfenlied ¶ Elf Song, Roy B Hinkle Flow Gently, Sweet Afton, arr. Charles E. Ruzicka Four Folksongs for Men\s Choir, Leos" Jana;c"ek

TTBB a cap AP-10109 $1.80






As I Was Walking Along the Seashore, R Paul Drummond

TBB a cap AP-1008 $1.25

Die Waldler Messe (The Forester Mass), Neumaier-Hubrich¶Paulson

TBB w Zither, Guitar & Keybd (German) AP-1165 $3.00

Doz"inkova; (Harvest Song), Jir"â Laburda

TTB a cap AP-1245 $1.50

3>00 Czech Pronun tape AP-1245 CS $3.00 6>53 Cz Pron CD AP-1852CS $5.

Freemen Bold, Robert J Dvorak

TTBB a cap AP-1472 $1.25 TTBB a cap AP-1428 $1.50 TTBB a cap AP-1408 $1.25 TTBB a cap AP-10003 $1.35

Dragouni (Cavalry Officers), Zdene"k Luka;s"

SSAA & TTB a cap AP-1852 $1.70 TTB a cap AP-10297 $1.50 TTB a cap AP-1573 $1.25 TTB a cap AP-10030 $1.50 TTB AP-1148 $1.25

2>05 3>02 (Cz-Eng.) 3>08 1>48 3-pt Canons) 20>00 Czech Pronun CD AP-10030 CS $5.00

From Age to Age, Robert J Dvorak Gaudeamus Igitur, Axel Theimer Goin\ Home, Dvor"a;k-Fisher¶arr. Joel Blahnik Good Night, Beloved ¶ Dobru noc, Vera Kistler (Czech-Eng) Hoj, vlast\ moja! ¶ Hoj, zem drahu;! Schneider-Trnavsky;

TTBB a cap AP-1932 $1.50

3>02 Slovak Pron CD AP-1932 CS $5.00 3>10 2>05

Es was im Bo/hmerwald (In the Bohemian Forest), arr. Anita Smisek Hodie Christus Natus Est, Axel Theimer Hospodar"u`v rok (The Farmer\s Year), Jir"â Laburda (20

TTBB a cap w Violin or Bb Clarinet obligato AP-1045 $1.00

Hullabaloo Balay (Sea Chantey), arr. Gordon Krunnfusz Jede, Jede (Riding, Riding), 3 Czech Partner Folk Songs, arr. Anita Smisek

3 part a cap AP-1280 $1.25 3-pt a cap AP-1741 $1.50

Horo, My Brown-Haired Maiden, Gaelic¶arr. Sarah M Hughes

TTBB w Piano AP-1870 $1.50

Jonathan Bing, Phil Martin (t> Beatrice Curtis Brown)

2>32 1>42

Hullabaloo Balay, Sea Chantey, arr. Gordon Krunnfusz

TTBB w pno, opt AP-1149 $1.25

Kyrie, Marie Antoinette Hogan ¶ ed. Joel Blahnik

3-pt choir w Organ AP-189 $1.10 TTB a cap AP-1158 $1.25

1>15 2>12 (tx Rosa Rauth)

Jaro se otvâra;, Zdene"k Luka;s"

TTBB w Vln AP-1851 $2.00 TTBB a cap AP-10218 $1.50 TTBB a cap AP-10217 $1.00 TTBB AP-1857 $1.60

0>00 11>05 Czech Pron CD AP-1851 CS $5. 2>00 1>00

Lil\ Liza Jane (Folksong), arr. Gordon Krunnfusz My Shepherd Lord Will Lead Me, W A Mozart¶arr. Smisek

3-pt Canon a cap AP-112 $1.00 TBB a cap AP-1011 $1.25

1>21 1>50

Kde domov mu``j, Frantâs"ek S"kroup (t> Czech National Anthem)

arr. Jindr"ich Jindr"ich arr. Jindr"ich Jindr"ich

Kdoz" jste boz"â bojovnâci, Hussite chorale (t> Czech) Kdyz" c"lovek zpâva;, (When a guy sings), Zdene"k Luka;s"

Czech Pron CD AP-1857 CS $5.00 3>35 Czech Pron CD AP-1854 CS $5.00

None of Us Cared for Kate, R. Paul Drummond (tx Shakespeare) O Sing a New Song (Ps. 95), Cecil Steffen

Vocal 3 pt w Organ AP-183 $1.35


Kdyz" pris"lo jaro; (When spring came), Zdene"k Luka;s"

TTBB a cap AP-1854 $1.50

Alliance Publications, Inc. Kolem Sobe"slavi (Around Sobe"slav), Jir"â Laburda

TTBB AP-1209 $5.00

23>00 (9 So. Bohemian Fksgs)

Zamilovany;¶Enamoured (2 Songs on Moravian folk poetry), Jir"â Laburda

TTBB a cap AP-1509 $2.50

5>00 Czech Pron CD AP-1509 CS $5.00

Czech Pron CD AP-1209 CS $15.00 3>15 4>00

Land of Freedom, David Resnick

TTBB w Piano AP-1347 $1.50

Let Our Gladness Banish Sadness (2 Slovak Carols), ed. Smisek

TTBB a cap (English texts by J Vajda) AP-10270 $1.50

Lil\ Liza Jane (Folksong), arr. Gordon Krunnfusz

TTBB AP-1152 $1.25

1>15 3>21 4>45 3>00 1>00

Missa Brevis, James Machan

TTBB a cap AP-1930 $1.60 TTBB a cap AP-1613 $1.70 TTBB a cap AP-1477 $1.50 TTBB a cap AP-10219 $1.25 TTBB a cap AP-1947 $1.50 TTBB AP-1153 $1.50

Missa Brevis (Based on Chant Mass XIII), arr. Axel Theimer My Heritage, Robert J Dvorak (t> Wm Rosene) Nad Tatrou sa blyska, Slovak Folksong (t> Slovak National Anthem)

arr. Jindr"ich Jindr"ich

Neplac" mila (Don\t Cry, Dear), Schneider-Trnavsky; (Slovak Fksg)

2>08 Slovak Pron CD AP-1947 CS $5.00

Nobody Knows the Trouble I\ve Seen, arr. Gordon Krunnfusz

3>42 (Spiritual) 2>42

Ol\ Ark\s A-Moverin\ (Spiritual), arr. Gordon Krunnfusz

TTBB w pno, opt AP-1156 $1.30 TTB div. a cap AP-1944 $1.70 TTBB a cap AP-1774 $1.50 TTBB a cap AP-1242 $3.00 TTBB a cap AP-1317 $1.25 TTBB a cap AP-1945 $1.50

Padol kamen" ¶ Sedmdesiat sukien", arr. Schneider-Trnavsky;

3>19 Slov Pron CD AP-1944 CS $5.00

Pâsen" C"echa (Song of Bohemia), Antonin Dvor"a;k

3>40 Czech Pron CD AP-1774 CS $5.00 15>00 Czech Pron CD AP-1242 CS $15.00 Romanian

Poutnâk (The Pilgrim), Jir"â Laburda (t> Rabindranath Tagore) Doamne, doamne, ceresc tata; (Prayer), F Donceanu

0>00 Rom. Pron CD AP-1317 CS $5.00 2>07 Slovak Pron CD AP-1945 CS $5.00

Pri potoku sedela (Sitting by the stream), Schneider-Trnavsky; (Slovak) Roger Young, Robert J Dvor"a;k

TTBB (div) AP-1528 $1.50 0>00 Sacred Motets for Men (4), Richard K Murray TTBB a cap AP-1495 $1.50 6>05

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Sea-Fever, Walter Dworakivsky Shenandoah, Angela Fox

(t> John Masefield) 2>00 3>02

TTBB w pno AP-10182 $1.70

TTBB w Tenor Solo a cap AP-1634 $1.60

Star-Spangled Banner, David Resnick

TTBB a cap AP-1343 $1.30

1>30 10>40 2>40

The Cadet Prayer (Cantata), Robert J Dvorak

TTBB, Soli w Piano AP-1485 $3.00

Fax 608-748-4491

The Holly and the Ivy, Axel Theimer

TTBB or SATB w¶piano AP-1407 $1.50

The Lonely, Bernard Brindel

TTBB w pno AP-1461 $1.50 TTBB a cap AP-1948 $1.30 TTBB a cap AP-1473 $1.25 TTBB a cap AP-1583 $1.25 TTBB a cap AP-1157 $1.00

3>10 (Geo Wm Russell)

The Snow Lay on the Ground (Irish Carol), arr. Jim Machan

1>25 2>30 1>15 1>33

The Star-Spangled Banner, F. S. Keyes ¶ arr. R J Dvorak The Star-Spangled Banner, F. S. Keyes ¶ arr. Axel Theimer There\s Fire Down Below (Sea Chantey), arr. Gordon Krunnfusz Three German Songs (Wohlauf noch getrunken, Drei Lilien, Horch, was kommt) arr. James J. Machan TTBB a cap AP-1784 $1.60 8>17 Two Male Choruses (Czech Folk Texts), Jir"â Laburda

TTBB a cap AP-1511 $1.60 TTBB a cap AP-1941 $1.30

4>00 Czech Pron tape AP-1511 CS $5.00 1>53 6>30 Czech Pron CD AP-10108 CS $5. 4>25

Veni, Jesu (Come, Jesus), Luigi Cherubini¶arr. J. Machan (Latin) Vy; hru`z"ka (C"tver"ice muz"sky;ch sboru`), 1886), Leos" Jana;c"ek

TTBB a cap AP-10108 $1.80

Where Is He= Robert J Dvorak

TTBB w Piano or Organ AP-1433 $1.50



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