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What led us to this decision? The leadership of the Southlake Church approached The

Hills Church of Christ on September 15 about the possibility of our church becoming a campus of The Hills. Since our initial conversation with leaders from The Hills much time has been spent in prayer, discussion, reflection, and a process of due diligence to discern if this was indeed the right move for both churches to consider. We are pleased to announce that a decision was made to move forward with this process.

What does becoming a Campus of The Hills really mean? We would be choosing an exciting new vision and strategy as a church. We would become part of their multi-site strategy of fulfilling the great commission. One of the strengths of The Hills is the clarity they have regarding Mission/ Vision/Values. We would be uniting under the same DNA that has helped them make an impact in their immediate community and beyond -- "growing followers of Jesus through worship, community and service". For the past few years their 2020 Vision has propelled them in to making an even greater impact in the kingdom and they have recently added fuel to that vision through their Greater Things Campaign. You can learn more about both of these by going to or So, Southlake Church would dissolve and The Hills Church Southlake Campus would form. What happens to our current staff? It is the intent of the leadership of The Hills to incorporate our current staff. Our staff will become employees of The Hills, and will become part of their staff team. They may or may not remain on the Southlake campus. What happens to our current elders and leadership structure? The elders at Southlake Church would immediately resign their "official" position as elders after the church vote and oversight would come from The Hills eldership. Another strength of The Hills is their leaders and leadership structure (they currently have 22 men who serve as elders -- some on the Governance Council and some as Shepherds). For more details about how they operate please take some time to review this at It is the intent of The Hills to have an elder selection process for the Southlake Campus in the fall of 2011. In the meantime, the oversight would come from The Hills eldership. What does being affiliated with "Churches of Christ" mean for us? Isnt that something we moved away from in the past? What will our new name be? The Hills isnt ashamed of their heritage with the Churches of Christ. However, the mission of growing followers of Jesus is more important than denominational allegiance. The ultimate goal is for The Hills to reach as many people as possible with the life saving message of Jesus. We are moving forward with more clarity than before. The name on the sign at this campus would be: The Hills Church, Southlake Campus. What will change with our Sunday morning schedule? Very little will change with our worship gathering. We will continue to provide a great environment for worship and community. The messages will primarily be video driven (high quality, HD Video messages). These messages will be the same as the ones delivered at The Hills North Richland Hills campus each week (primarily by Rick Atchley, with occasional lessons from The Hills teaching team). There will be an increased emphasis placed on adult Bible classes, with our schedule remaining the same for the immediate transition. Will we notice any immediate changes to the facility? Since there are a number of things that would need to happen prior to the potential launch in January we are going ahead in "good faith" to do the work on the audio/video side of things in anticipation that the church will affirm the direction the leaders of Southlake Church are recommending (note: these are things that could be undone/returned depending on the church vote at the December 19 family meeting). 1

How can I learn more about this potential change? Between now and December 19 all members of the Southlake Church will have the opportunity to learn more about The Hills, ask questions, provide feedback and input and then eventually vote. See the timeline below for more details.

Timeline of Possible Transition: November 21" Announce our intent to become a campus of The Hills. Elders/Ministers of SC will be " " available after church to answer any immediate questions. November 22" Elders Business Meeting, 7pm. This time will be set aside for a time of prayer and to " " have a conversation with any SC members seeking more information. Plans for casting the Mission/Vision/Values of The Hills will take place on the first 3 Sunday mornings in December (class times and worship gatherings including Rick being here live at 10:30am each of those Sundays to do the same Christmas series they will be doing on the North Richland Hills campus, God With Us). December 5" " " 9am Class time (Seven Values by Rick Atchley) 10:30am Worship Gathering (God With Us by Rick Atchley)

December 12" 9am Class time (Vision / Grace Oriented Culture by Mike Washburn and Chris Hatchett) " " 10:30am Worship Gathering (God With Us by Rick Atchley) December 13" Southlake Church Elders Business Meeting, 7pm December 19" 9am Class time (Spirit Led Leadership by John Willbanks) " " 10:30am Worship Gathering (God With Us by Rick Atchley)" December 19" Family Meeting to Officially Vote, 5pm (followed by a time of fellowship and a meal). Our

hope is that this will be a time when the whole church will affirm the decision our leaders believe God has been guiding us towards since September 15.

December 26" Holiday Weekend (Nino and Erich to coordinate) Assuming the church approves this move in our December 19th meeting, our schedule in January will begin in conjunction with The Hills North Richland Hills campus. In January, Rick Atchley will begin a 5 week series on 1 Peter called Strange. In the meantime, nothing will be done that cant be undone or returned depending on the outcome of the vote on December 19th. January 2" January 9" Week 1 of a new series on 1 Peter by Rick Atchley (via video) Official Launch of The Hills Southlake Campus, 1 Peter series continues via HD Video.

To learn more about The Hills Church of Christ we encourage you to spend some time browsing their website (read about their mission, vision, and leadership and take some time to watch and/or listen to past messages by Rick Atchley).



The Hills : Southlake Church FAQ

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