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BlazerVac Coating Removal System


If you have a coating abatement project then BlazerVac is the tool for the job. The patented BlazerVac system uses our WaterLazer technology where small volumes of water are pushed through advanced tooling at 40,000 psi. This ultra high pressure/low volume water jetting in combination with a vacuum collection system virtually eliminates all airborne pollutants and the need for air enclosure systems. You save on expensive prep costs. You reduce downtime, reduce water consumption, reduce waste and increase productivity. Abrasive blasting, and chemicals are a thing of the past. Costly scaffolding is eliminated because BlazerVac coating removal can be done from man lifts, swing stages or even track automated. Only BlazerVac gives you the efficiency of hazardous coating removal and waste containment in a single pass system...all at up to twice as fast as conventional methods while using half the manpower.

Lightweight unit packs a heavy weight punch.

BlazerVac's light weight housing requires no tool balancers or extra cabling systems.

Designed, Built, Maintained and Supported Onsite by WaterLazer Technicians

BlazerVac is Better

Eliminate airborne contamination problems Eliminate generated waste material Only dispose of actual material removed Eliminate all secondary containment costs Reduce labor requirements by 50-75% Up to twice as fast as conventional methods Brings back the original finish Will not damage concrete surfaces Uses extremely low volumes of water Remove heavy or light coatings with accuracy

BlazerVacTM Coating Removal System

The BlazerVac system consists of a movable housing, high-pressure fluid cleaning mechanism and vacuum unit that is heavy-duty enough to remove 100 percent of coatings and all effluent ­ leaving no mess, odor or cleanup. A 40,000-psi WaterLazer pump generates the high-pressure fluid needed to clean without the need for harsh chemicals or solvents.

BlazerVac is Safe

No need for respirators No vision restrictions Automate high-risk tasks

BlazerVac Takes it Off

Asbestos Lead Coatings Paint & Primers Mastic & Glues PCB's Rubber Coatings Traction Surfaces The Perfect Surface Prep for Painting

w w w . h y d r o c h e m . c o m /w a t e r l a z e r

Call our WaterLazer group at (330) 854-4526 to learn how we can apply our coating removal expertise for your advantage or contact your local branch at (800) WE-CLEAN or visit our website at


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