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Class Notes

Georgene Pilling, Associate Director of Alumni and Parent Relations, serves as Class Notes Editor. She can be reached at 215-572-2946 or via e-mail, [email protected]


In Memoriam: Arcadia University notes with great sadness the passing of the following alumni. We extend our deepest sympathy to their families and loved ones. Dorothea Brown Kurtz '30 Catherine Hall Downs '31 Frances Snavely Schindel '32 Carol Peters Miller '33 Marion Virginia Ranken Christman '35 Charlotte Bozarth Weber '41 Winifred Boye Wilkie '42 Frances Brown Walker '48 Polly Grew Brodigan '54 Lindsay Parker Neiswender '91 Charles C. Ziccardi '01 MAC Lauren Joceville '04


June 3­5, 2005 Dorothy Requa Ellen has been living at Heath Village, a retirement community, for 1 1/2 years, and is holding her own. She volunteers at the Village library and gift shop, walks every day, and participates in most of the planned activities. She hopes to attend her 70th Reunion in June.


Dorothy Love Grover 1137 Coates Street Sharon Hill, PA 19079

Elizabeth Hyde Dermont writes, "I will be 91 years old in December. My 90th birthday party the previous year was a blast!"


Alberta Gladeck 1307 Twin Silo Drive Blue Bell, PA 19422


Eugenia Rothwell Gray 2215 Shipley Road #231 Wilmington, DE 19803

This reporter sends hearty and sincere thanks to Eleanor Teague McGlaughlin, who was kind

enough to write the class news items for the past several quarters. I collapsed in late March of last year with a stroke, heart attack and pneumonia, and still have little use of my right hand. Other class members have suffered losses. The class sends sympathy to Dorothy Lease Burns, whose husband passed away last May. Dee writes, "It is with deep regret that I let you know that Bob passed away while we were on vacation in Hawaii. As you all know, Bob loved to fish and snorkel, and he was snorkeling at Ke'e Beach on the Island of Kauai when he drowned. There were a lot of people who rallied around me and helped me until I could bring Bob's ashes home. A memorial service was held on June 5, and he was interred at Arlington Cemetery on July 1, 2004." Mary Alice Crittenden Weikel enjoyed attending Reunion last June. She writes, "It was fun remembering the old days. Three great-grandchildren are due in January and February. Our family is growing!" Virginia Cochran Sanner lives in Stratham, N.H., in the summer and in her Naples, Fla., condo during the winter. She keeps busy in both places. Her grandchildren have been coming to her condo since they were babies and they think of it as their second home. Jane Sprecher Baltzley lives independently near her son in Florida. Her move from Maryland to Florida was prompted by her husband's wish to play more tennis. She enjoys reading, playing bridge, volunteering at her church, and she still drives. Eleanor McGlaughlin is an angel to Jane as she calls her weekly. In addition to her son, Jane has a daughter living in Washington, D.C. Thankfully, there was little damage from the hurricanes in her area. Janet Wilson Donahue and her friends, Eleanor McGlaughlin, Reba Ryder Eighmey, Ann Allison Kelder and Florence Seifer Hastaba, were unable to meet this fall but have already made plans for their annual gettogether in the spring. Janet helped to renovate the church library, which involved discarding many books, and the task occupied much of her time. She is also engaged in the projects of the Presbyterian Church of New Rochelle, N.Y. She managed a booth at the Thomas Paine

Cottage during the Colonial Fair on such a windy day that the tarpaulin roofs blew off all the booths. Frances Shaw Marshall moved from Florida to Virginia and is now living in Chamdrel Assisted Living near her daughter. She continues to maintain her home in Florida. She is recovering from a back fracture that occurred while visiting her daughter in Massachusetts. Mary Elizabeth Cole Shaw continues to travel and visit her family. Her son lives nearby in Louisiana and her daughter lives in the Netherlands. She has three grandchildren and five greatgrandchildren. Louise Holderman Gardner enjoys life in Arizona. She has a daughter in a nearby town, a daughter in Wyoming, and a son in Idaho. Jenny Wright Cooper is enjoying her golden years. She has retired from membership on the New York City Board of Education and enjoys playing bridge, traveling, and visiting with her young granddaughter. She sends her best wishes to her former classmates, whom she happily remembers. Eleanore Rosenstein deVadetzsky well remembers chapel days at the college when Rosenstein and Rothwell sat next to each other and shared many happy times. Eleanor continues volunteer work at three Philadelphia hospitals.


Elizabeth Twelves Miller 371 Church Road Rockledge, PA 19046-4318 [email protected] Ruth Twelves Nevergole 2609 Narcissa Road Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462

We were delighted to hear from our Class of 1939 friends, Jeannette James White, Jane Henry Goehrig, Marion Robertson Kuester and Marjorie Tams Kollock. Dorothy Bischoff Hussa's letter was returned to us for insufficient address. We will try again. Jeannette James White writes that her two daughters and her daughter-in-law attended Arcadia. Jeannette lives in Cokesbury, Del., near her three children. Her husband Henry died in 2002. Our sympathy and well wishes for you,

Jeannette. If we all live long enough, Jeannette hopes to see us at Reunion 2009. Jane Henry Goehrig lost her husband, Jack, in 2003. Our sympathy goes out to her and we wish her well in her recent move to a retirement home in Sarasota, Fla. She felt very safe during the hurricanes. Living at the same retirement home is former Beaverite Jeannette Steinberg '41. Jane and Jeannette have become great friends, sharing memories of college days. Marion Robertson Kuester had planned to come to Reunion last June and spend the weekend at the college. Unfortunately, she became ill at the last minute and couldn't attend. She has traveled the world, so we expect her to come to Reunion in 2009. Marion has been widowed since 1963, but her three children and eight grandchildren are just great. She lives in Silver Springs, Md. We were sorry to hear that Marge Tams Kollock suffered a stroke six years ago and is being cared for in her Philadelphia home by "Life Care at Home." Her daughter-in-law took the time to read our letter to her and pass on her response to us. Marge's husband died three years ago. She is in a wheel chair, paralyzed on one side, and able to watch TV, but not able to do much else. If anyone wishes to write to Marge, Marion, Jane or Jeannette, please contact the Alumni Office for their addresses. Your editors, Ruth and Elizabeth, are having a busy fall. Ruth is still sorting out her accumulated belongings in her beautiful Plymouth Meeting home, "Wee Farm." Yard and barn sales, massive throwaways and hopeful giveaways accompany this sort-out in preparation for her move to Cathedral Village in December. Elizabeth has enjoyed camping and canoeing and looking through our class yearbook as letters went out and messages were received. We hope that the rest of you who read this news will want to see your name in print. Please write!


June 3­5, 2005

Betty Wahl Lowry 19385 Cypress Ridge Ter. Unit 918 Lansdowne, VA 20176 [email protected]


Hello everyone! Aren't you getting excited when you think of the wonderful opportunity to go back to campus--just for a day or two--in June? When I think back over those 65 years, I can hardly believe that it will really happen. One thing that will make it most meaningful is communication between as many of us as possible. I have been asking for news and letters over and over again, but the trickle that comes to me really just whets my appetite for more, more and more. I am like a sponge. I am sure that our mail carrier would be glad to deliver your news to me. Dottie Fairlamb Smith sent me a photo of her and her husband, and word that things were going well for them. I would just love to have the same from every one of you. I am going to write a sample letter, so here goes! I turned 86 in August, just like some of you, but my birthday had a special addition. A baby boy was born that very evening to my grandson Bob and his lovely wife, Sarah. He has his father's name, Robert Grayson Lowry. He also has a 2-year-old sister named Grace. Another family baby was delivered on March 31 at the Birthing Inn at the Loudoun County Hospital. It happens that I am a volunteer there, and it was my day to work as a Chaplain's assistant. I found out later that he arrived at 1:36 p.m., the time that I signed in. This was not prearranged, but funny things just happen. My granddaughter Melissa and her husband Matt are the parents of this new baby boy. He is their fifth child and, if I do say so myself, they are a beautiful family. Do any of you have seven G-G's, as I call them? I had the fun of watching and helping as Julia, my 26-year-old granddaughter, was married in July to a young man she met while they were both in Moldova in the Peace Corps. They were living in Arlington during the year. She was teaching Head Start in Washington, D.C., while he worked on his master's degree in agriculture and drove a school bus in Fairfax. The wedding took place on the veranda of the Weller home in North Manchester, Ind., on a perfect July day. She is now Mrs. Chad Pfitzer and they live in Indiana. Her brother, Ben, came home from Korea, where he had been teaching English for two years. Now Ben is in Washington and has a job at American University, as

does his cousin Alex (Don and Virginia's son). Don and Virginia still live in Great Falls. They drove around Europe for a month this summer. Bob and his wife Ruth plan to move into a new home in Leesburg. Since Bob is a consultant, he will run the business from home and needs more space. His younger son Steve is living and working in Atlanta, Ga. I don't get to see them often enough. My youngest granddaughter Kelly lives in Leesburg with her dad, so I get to see more of her. She is a high school junior and is turning into a beautiful young lady. Last but not least is Marie Weller. After being Julia's maid of honor, she went back to her junior year at NYU. This is her year to study abroad and she is attending the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. Her mom and I may go over to see her if she performs while there. You can see that I am busy, still at Leisure World and loving it. I swim, help at church and travel every chance I get. In October, I am going on a Danube River cruise. Two days after I return home, I will travel with a church group to Oregon, where we will cruise through the Lewis and Clark Country in a paddle wheel boat. In June I look forward to seeing all of you at Arcadia University for our Reunion. Happy New Year and love to all.


Edna Purvis Nelson 9 Gilpin Road Willow Grove, PA 19090 [email protected]

Here we are in the year 2005! One more year and the Fabulous Class of '41 will celebrate its 64th Reunion. There is some sad news to report. Elizabeth Calverly Hobensack and Mary Putman Whalen died in mid-2004. Both were noted in the Fall Herald. Betty had been very active in the children's swim program at the Hatboro YMCA for over 50 years. Mary was an avid golfer and when her husband, Jack, called to tell me about her death, he said she always remembered fondly her four years at college and the excellent education she received. Helen Campbell Ames and her granddaughter returned to Korea in May to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the college her dad founded there. The

college, located in Daegu, now has over 40,000 students. Honey keeps busy with all kinds of activities at Rydal Park, where she lives. A note from Eleanor Price Mutchler, better known as Topsy, says that her life is the same. She and Jim still have their business, Timbercreek Oil Company, at their home address, but their son runs the business. Jim and Topsy are in good health except for arthritis in her knees. They have three granddaughters and four great-grandchildren. They are involved with many church activities, plus Topsy plays bridge in two different groups. Last February, Margery Doernberg Bruno had a hip replacement, and then sadly, in July, she lost her sister. Margery lives in Scarsdale, N.Y., where she has a garden and a porch. Her two sons, David and Robert, live in Connecticut and both are doing well; one owns a camera store and the other is an industrial designer. She sometimes sees Peg Eckstein Lemle. "I still have a strong voice and all my marbles," quips Janet Morrison Tyre when she called one bright Saturday morning. She lives an exciting and fulfilling life at Quadrangle, the retirement community near Philadelphia. She does a great deal of volunteer work there, and stays busy in Florida during the winter months. Many years of smoking finally caught up with Barbara Frost and she now has emphysema. No more 2-mile fast daily walks for Frostie; she now does a 1-mile slow walk. Luckily, every street and intersection in Rhinebeck, N.Y., has a fire hydrant so she has plenty of places to sit and rest and become a local icon. Last April, she had her gall bladder removed by means of a new laser procedure, and she was a 6-day wonder. Frostie's brother told her to "take one step at a time," and she does. It was so good to hear Jean Wallace Dickinson's voice on the phone. She called to say that she recently had open heart surgery and she is doing fine. The only bad part of her life is rheumatoid arthritis, which has slowed her down a bit. To celebrate their 61st wedding anniversary, Doris Sniffen Pryke and her husband Bob took a 15-day cruise to Hawaii. They sailed on the Regal Princess and visited five of the islands. At dinner on their anniversary, they

were surprised with a delicious cake and all the waiters sang "Happy Anniversary" to them. Their grandson is in the Navy and he, his wife, and baby daughter visit them frequently. Doris and Bob are expecting their son and his wife, their granddaughter and her husband from Iowa, and their Navy family for Thanksgiving. In September, the New Vernon (NJ) Volunteer Fire Company had a huge auction, and Anita Schwitters Schroeder was busy helping in many ways by planning, selling, and cleaning up after the event was over. She was in charge of glassware and, as she said, "It's big!" All the things that were left over were crushed by a bulldozer. The volunteers were treated to a nice dinner afterward. Swiss also tells us that in 2002, she was hit by a drunk driver on Christmas Eve and thrown seven feet into the air. She suffered multiple breaks in her leg, but she worked hard to walk again and by summer, she was back digging in her garden. Lois Esau Kornet and Fred are well and physically active, playing golf three times a week. They are the proud great-grandparents of two little ones. They have two daughters, one in Hawaii and one in Mississippi, where Lois and Fred recently moved. One evening I received a phone call from Tucson, Ariz. It was Audree Boehm Lyon. I hadn't heard from her in 63 years! In fact, I had no idea where she was for years and years, until someone sent me her address about 10 years ago. I sent her notes on a regular basis, asking for news. Then this call. She called to say how much she appreciated all the work I have been doing over the years. I was so flabbergasted I didn't ask her what she was doing. I hope more of you from the Fabulous Class of '41 will surprise me with a phone call!

Arlene Parker Kirk survived Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne. Her home received minimal damage compared to several friends' homes that were destroyed. Arlene writes, "It was a very scary experience." Elizabeth Chapman Singer sailed on the QM2 with 8th Air Force members last May and observed the 60th anniversary of D-Day. She toured London for four days.



Josephine Schmidt Walton still makes her annual trek back east to catch up with Albany, N.Y., children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Great-grandchild number 12 arrived July 31. Jo writes, "It's great to see them all, but so good to get back home to `Big Sky' country!"


Marjorie Williams Purcell 115 Old Oak Road Newark, DE 19711 Anne McLaren Ray 127 Sutton Road New London, NH 03257 [email protected]

Co-editor Anne shares this news: Bette Diament Turner and husband Bud are excited about having a beautiful new granddaughter-in-law. Grandson Patrick married a lovely girl from Rumania, who is studying for her doctorate in psychology. They are going to visit granddaughter Beth Ann, who is attending McDaniel College in western Maryland. Son Richard works at the Pentagon for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. His wife is working on her doctorate in psychology. Betty Schwinhart Rank and her husband Barry had a safe haven at Shell Point Village, Ft. Myers, Fla., during the hurricanes. However, areas close by were hit hard. Their younger son and family have moved from Denver, Colo., back to Pennsylvania, and enjoy seeing the fall colors again. Betty recalls with joy the cruise they took last summer with their family. Jane MacFarland Moore and husband Don visited the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C., this summer and found it to be a very worthwhile trip. Later they had a most interesting journey to Italy and Tuscany. Jane was making grape juice when contacted and said that now she is ready to stay home. Mary Berlin Benjamin just returned from a stockholders meeting in Vermont, where they have a summer vacation resort. Her son and his wife drove her there, where they were joined by daughter Trish. She enjoyed seeing her two grandchildren (4 and 6 years old) and watching her son, his wife and Trish join the Polar Bear Club swimming in chilly Lake Champlain! Mary visited

Anne McLaren Ray and husband Fred on her way home, and they journeyed to the White Mountains of New Hampshire, a new experience for Mary. She had a surprise call from Fannie Rockefeller Gabriel, who lives nearby. Time was too short for a visit, but they hope to get together when Mary comes again. The fall foliage enhanced the drive home. Anne McAllen Ray and Fred just returned from seeing son Peter in Seattle, Wash., actually on the Island of Vashon in Puget Sound. From there they joined a Tauck Tour to Vancouver, Victoria, Jasper, Lake Louise, Banff and Calgary. Ideal weather and fresh snow on the mountains made the trip picture perfect. Co-editor Marjorie adds this news: Cherry Magner Lefferts still lives in her Glenside house, now 47 years, because she can host her eight children and their families when they visit. Her son Peter was director of major gifts for Arcadia, but has moved to Naples, Fla., where he works at Florida Gulf Coast University. Cherry is busy with groups at her church. In August, Winifred Allen Reuschle enjoyed a tour of London and Scotland. They visited the Isle of Skye and took a cruise on the Thames. They rode the huge Ferris wheel, the London Eye, with her brother-in-law. What an experience! Camille Houck enjoyed visiting with her sister in Pennsylvania last summer. Last June, her sister attended her 50th class Reunion at Arcadia. In November, Cam suffered from a cerebral aneurism. She was informed that it would take six months to feel better. Her visit with her sister for three months helped greatly. She had a cataract removed in September, but she walks every day and has physical therapy. We all wish you well, Cam; you deserve it! Dorothy Bidwell Molt is happy to report that she has a daughter who lives close enough to visit with her often and a granddaughter who ran in the Chicago Marathon. Dorothy also has two great-grandchildren. Most of her appointments are with doctors. We wish you well, Dorothy. Your co-editor, now known as Marge (I had to shorten my name when I ran for state legislature back in 1962!), is busy helping a candidate for that office for this

November. I have also joined the efforts of my daughter Leslie-- who is trying to save the wetlands in California--working for environmental issues in Delaware. This August I enjoyed a great visit with grandson Connor in Massachusetts (2 1/2 years "going on 12"), weekly visits at the Women's Prison and summer Zoe Day camp for "moms and kids." Now am busy with the CROP Walk. Busy true, but love it!

ready! Here it comes! Our 60th Reunion will be on June 3, 4 and 5. Our class president is Flora Ewart Raunborg; our Reunion chairperson is Gladys Parry Cross; our Reunion committee members are Jean MacAulay Clymer, Helen Liacouras Lambros, Ruth Schuster Quemore and me. We are looking forward to seeing you there because it will be more fun if many of us are in attendance.


Gloria Hay Schwartz 2310 Devonshire Way Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418 [email protected] Beatrice Refsnyder Wolynec 40 Admirals Court Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418 [email protected]


Jean Bump Panek 1261 Madison Drive Yardley, PA 19067


June 3­5, 2005

Lois Hinlein Hirsch 823 Elkins Avenue Elkins Park, PA 19027

In September I attended the Leadership Training and Appreciation Luncheon at Arcadia, which was very nice. We were introduced to our new president, Dr. Jerry Greiner, who was most interesting as he explained his ideas to us. After lunch, Reunion chairs and committees met for a Reunion workshop. Get

Dorothy Moffett was inducted into the Delaware County Athletes Hall of Fame on October 28 at the Concordville Inn in Ardmore. Dorothy was our college superstar during a time when there were few organized sports for women. She was the star player in field hockey and basketball at Springfield High School, and in college she played field hockey, basketball, tennis and golf. Dorothy made the Philadelphia All-College Hockey Team in 1944­45 and then spent 20 years touring with the U.S. hockey and lacrosse teams all over Europe and South Africa. Nancy Gubb Frederick has suffered from glaucoma and macular degeneration and is legally blind. She writes, "I have been so active, and not being able to drive has been a real blow."


An August gathering of Alums who live in the Reading area. Pictured from left to right: Isabelle Osborne Howard '36, Nancy Smith Fichthorn '63, Anna Jones Owens '50, Betty Dennison Snow '35, Betty Birch Leuffen '60, Betty Heavener Hottenstein '49, Elaine Kauffman Wynosky '58 and Ruth Dietrich Prutzman '39.



In June, Betty Rothenberger Beifuss and Charley drove to Idaho to visit their daughter Susan. Unfortunately, Yellowstone National Park was closed because of high winds and blowing snow--in June! They spent the last days of summer in Ocean City, N.J., to celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary on October 12. Gertrude Silberman Bernstein is still involved in the League of Women Voters. In this presidential election year, she was part of the big effort to register new voters in the high school and nearby colleges.


Betty Green Jennings 2206 Knox Court Warwick, PA 18974 Shirley Kern Streeter 7645 Upton Court New Port Richey, FL 34654 [email protected]

I received two letters from classmates who were hit by the hurricanes. Marion Biow Spoont says they were very fortunate in their area of Boynton Beach, Fla., compared to others. Hurricane Frances gave them six days without power. First, they tried to finish all the ice cream before it melted (fun part) so they could then indulge themselves with their dry crackers and bread supply. The second big blow, hurricane Jeanne, was kinder. They were without electricity only one day, and they watched a tree blow back and forth on their property before falling with a thud that was difficult to hear with the wind blowing. On a happier note, Marion went on a cruise last July to Scotland and Ireland. She said it was better than the land tour they did previously, where everyone had to be on the bus at 8 a.m. The food on the ship was great and her South Beach diet went North. She said it was worth it. Frannie Heyl Powell had a total knee replacement on August 31. All went well except her immune system reacted to the metal which, in turn, caused her leg to swell. She called her leg the "mighty oak." She was due to go into a nursing home/therapy center when hurricane Frances hit them right there on the Treasure

Coast. Frannie had to stay in the hospital for 10 days because there was no safe place to go. The whole town had lost power, water and telephone service. The power returned to the hospital 24 hours later and she was sent to the nursing home/therapy center. Frannie went through all her therapy and was hoping to get home when the unthinkable happened. Hurricane Jeanne was heading the same way that Frances did. Because her house had no storm shutters, she had to stay in the nursing home, while her husband Dick was holed up at home in their safe room (the bathroom). Once again, there was no water, no power, no anything for two days. When it was safe for Dick to come and get her, the generator went off at the nursing home and there was no way to call him. She finally found a nurse with a cell phone and got in touch with Dick. But her problems weren't over yet. As Dick was taking her out in the required wheel chair, a big fan fell off the nurse's station and hit her in the head. She saw stars but survived it all. Frannie wants all her friends to know that all is okay there in Paradise, as they used to call Port St. Lucie, but the town took quite a beating and it will take time to get back to normal. Ruth Yearsley Williams writes that her First Presbyterian Church Choir presented a concert of spirituals last September. She enjoyed their handbell tour to England last summer and they plan to tour France and Germany in June. Yours truly (Shirley) fared very well through all the hurricanes. Many trees went down, but none right near us. It was a mess to clean up afterwards with all the pine trees around here. I am looking forward to the Columbus Day weekend when I go to New Jersey for my 60th high school reunion. I haven't been back in 35 years, and look forward to seeing all the old faces. Jennifer, my granddaughter who had the tumor, is going with me. It's her reward for winning the battle and for maintaining a 3.6 average in college (she's doing better than her grandmother ever did). Besides the class reunion, all of my nieces and nephews who live in Jersey and Pennsylvania are getting together with us on Sunday. Jennifer hasn't seen them in about 20 years and it's been about eight for me. Needless to say I'm very excited. I pray that all of our classmates near and around the hurricanes fared well.

1949 1950 REUNION YEAR!

June 3­5, 2005

Barbara Bronson Danziger 316 Hillside Avenue Livingston, NJ 07039 [email protected]

A reminder for all of you: save June 3­5, 2005 for our 55th Reunion. It's a biggie, so mark it on your calendars and try to make it. Anna Laura Neidert Thompson is working hard to make our Reunion a fun time for all. You will be getting more information about Reunion in the mail as well as a questionnaire to fill out for our Memory Book. Sad news to report. Connie Schaengold Stein passed away in July 2003. Lyn Collins Stewart sent me the news. We send our condolences to Connie's family. Lyn lives in Minnesota and reports that this was one of the coldest summers in the 40 years that she has lived there. She is spending Thanksgiving in Pennington, N.J., with her daughter and family, and Christmas in Atlanta, Ga., with her son and his family. Lyn plans to attend Reunion. She stays healthy by walking four miles a day, five days a week. Good for her. Lyn heard from Sheryl Toth Noorland, who is counting on attending Reunion. Jane Workman Nelson is also going to try to make it. She is busy gardening, hooking rugs and biking. She reports that three of her six grandchildren are in college this year. Penny Sonntag Hahn is happy the summer vacationers have left. Penny lives down the shore. She says now the streets are safe to drive on. She and Fred will go to Florida in the winter to visit with their daughter and her husband. I heard from Alberta Hamscher Lindsay, who is keeping busy and also hopes to make Reunion. I hope that all of you who were in the path of those hurricanes came through safely with only the loss of electricity. Marge Brown Wehner lives in Alabama, and the night that Ivan came through, Don had just come home from hip surgery. When the electricity went off, it was difficult to care for him with only a flashlight. Fortunately, their son's power came on the next night and, since he lives only a few miles away, they went over

to stay there. Marge's electricity came on six days later. Marge herself is a candidate for hip surgery. Bobbie Klein Fraser worked on a fundraiser for the Friends of Music Board. She also volunteers at the hospital. She heard from Andy (Joan Anderton Ash) and Molly Illingworth Luxton. Molly is happy to be living in New Jersey near her family. Jeanne Bertolet Steinruck and Norm traveled to Colorado in October to attend the wedding of their granddaughter, Emily. She adds, "Another milestone on our journey through life. Best wishes to our new President, Jerry Greiner." Norma Perkins Kent reports that she will not be able to attend our 55th Reunion in June. She will be teaching that weekend in New Hampshire for Lesley U., in their Creative Arts in Learning National Graduate Program. Norma has been teaching there for 11 years. From June through October she gets up at 4 a.m. in order to be on the water by 6 a.m. to row with eight women in a 55foot shell in Northampton, Mass. Gutsy, our Norma. Sad to report that Bobbie Tuft Boguslaw lost her husband suddenly in January last year. Our sympathy to you and to your family, Bobbie. Hope that you didn't experience much damage in the hurricanes that came your way. Bobbie lives in Tarpon Springs, Fla. Irene Strong Graham will not be able to attend Reunion due to a conflict with her grandson's high school graduation. Last fall, she and her husband enjoyed a wonderful trip through six European countries. One of the highlights was viewing Paris from the Eiffel Tower. Not much new at my end. I have four grandchildren in college (two graduating this year), one going next year, and an 8th grader at home. My grandson, a senior at The College of New Jersey, was selected for the Golden Key International Honor Society for students who maintain a 3.85 average or better. Burt's big excitement is that he shot his age in golf (81) which is quite an accomplishment. Finally, our thoughts are with those of you who are experiencing illness. Remember to donate to the Alumni Fund. Have a good year.



Betty J. Tomlinson Lebegern 32 Teaberry Lane Levittown, PA 19054-2208 [email protected]

A loyal member of our Delaware Valley Arcadia University Club, Peggy Burdekin Zahn '52 died in August (as was noted in the Fall Herald), and we send our sincerest sympathies to her husband and family. Peggy was a quiet lady who supported our Club by her presence and willingness to help. Lenny Bobik Vannoy graciously hosted our Delaware Valley Club with a covered dish luncheon at her home, co-hosted by Pat Jaynes Hobson '53. As usual, the variety of dishes was superb with casseroles, salads, and homemade desserts taking center stage. Besides Lenny and myself, other Class of '51 members who attended were Doris Parsons White, Shirley Musson Brower and Ginny Fulmer Haist, our Club president. Also partaking of the delicious food were Ruth Swartley Maxson '46, Jackie Strohauer Lenox '53, Gilda Battaglia Rorro-Baldassari '62, Martha Cormie Evans '38, Barbara Peterson Rockel '53, Pat Jaynes Hobson '53, Jean Stahl Noble '47 and Peg Bliss Conaway '48. As we sat around the tables, we had a grand time discussing our college years. Naturally there were plenty of laughs with some "complaints" mixed in. We all agreed that they were great years! We have a few Club members who are struggling with illness, surgeries, and scheduled and unscheduled hospital visits. I won't go into detail, but encourage you to keep them in your thoughts and prayers: classmates Nancy Nagel Dager and Marie Brunner Schneider, Jean Bump Panek '46 and Charlotte Compton Spencer '47. Peg Conaway is still limping, aided by a cane, as she recovers from a pinched nerve following knee surgery. She still drives and keeps up with activities. Gilda Baldassari continues to pursue her important and busy Italian Consulate work. Shirley Brower's husband Walt will represent Rider University at the inauguration of our 19th president, Dr. Jerry Greiner, on December 4th. Lenny Vannoy had a recent Los Angeles visit, with many visits to other California spots. Her

son Chris was touring with the Rock and Soul Revue 2004, and in the future will be working with Elton John and Hall and Oates. Janet Nief Law says hello to all! Nine years ago, she and her husband retired to North Scottsdale, Ariz., and live in the Sonoran Desert. She is active in the Desert Foothills Land Trust and the Cave Creek Museum. Janet keeps in touch with roommate Jackie Johnson Swenson and suitemate Natalie Gumport Holtzman as well as Jane Ernstthal Padwee. She hears from Ginny Fulmer Haist and Betsey MacLeod Kelly at Christmas. Doris White and I were recently involved with the 200th anniversary of our hometown, Morrisville. Doris, in particular, worked with the planning and execution of activities at historic Summerseat. We also sang at Holy Trinity Catholic Church with other local choirs. A beautiful bronze statue of Robert Morris, our founding father, was dedicated. The statue was sculpted by a local sculptor (and friend) James Gafgen. Jack and I spent a timeshare week in Dubois on Treasure Lake. We finally saw a young elk, not at the protected elk area, but coming down the mountain and crossing the road. Spending some additional time at our Pocono home afforded us more deer and wild turkey sightings. On one of our visits, a bear crossed our front yard area. Occasionally we spot a bobcat. Vivian Berchtold Schroeder and Bill joined us in the Poconos for a few days and took some short rides to see the fall foliage. Viv and Bill will be heading for Florida in the near future. We will spend a week in West Virginia, very close to Morgantown and WV University, where granddaughter Amy is a freshman. We plan to attend their homecoming and Temple/WV football game. Amy already has requested a homemade meal cooked by her Nana--moi! Keep in contact--please!

El Cajon, CA 92019 [email protected] Joan Heil Prall 440 Lees Mill Road Hampstead, MD 21074

Co-editor Joan Prall sends this news from the East Coast. Once more, thanks to the marvels of modern technology (the cell phone), there is some news. But I would love for you to call me, or

send me a postcard or letter! I continue working toward the day when the Hampstead Train Station Museum and Visitor's Center is completed and holds its Grand Opening for the public. The class sends sympathy to the husband of Barbara Ford Welge. He said that after a 7-year battle with cancer, Barbara finally died on March 23, 2004. Muriel Downing Silvia has been a widow since 1986, when



Marion Stiles Hemphill 6699 Roberta Road Ocean Isle Beach, NC 28469 [email protected] Lillian Howarth-Pagano 3049 Camino de la Piedras

"I initially painted landscape in the mid-1980s," states Kay WalkingStick '59. She asked herself, "What does landscape visually imply? What does the earth convey to us metaphorically, and how can I use this visual trope to express my personal take on the 20th century experience?" Her questions led her on a personal quest to connect the uninhabited landscape with abstract shapes and later, the human figure, both of which, she discovered, have the innate power to connect with the eternal and portray the unknowable. Her collection of artwork, spanning 40 years, is testament to her philosophical exploration. In October 2003, WalkingStick received the Distinguished Artists Award from the Eiteljorg Museum of Indian and Western Art in Indianapolis, Ind. She is the first woman to receive this major national award. This exhibit, plus other artwork from her collection, will be on display at the University Museum in Terra Haute, Ind., from March 16 to April 8, 2005. WalkingStick will retire from Cornell University this spring, where she has been a full professor of art. She taught the fall 2003 semester in Rome, Italy, with the Cornell in Rome Program as she did in 1996 and 2000. She writes, "Living and working in Rome, and traveling with the students was a highly rewarding and inspiring experience. I hope to return in the future." WalkingStick has been honored for her work at the School Art League of New York City and the Grace Rainey Rogers Auditorium of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Her recognition and acceptance remarks encourage young people in the public schools to reach for the stars. "My wish has been to express our Native and nonnative shared identity. We humans of all races are more alike than different, and it is this shared heritage, as well as my personal heritage, I wish to express. I want all people to hold onto their cultures--they are precious--but I also want to encourage a mutual recognition of a shared being." You can learn more about her and view her work at

Photo by Kathy Morrris


Harry died. She has three sons. Robert is a captain in the fire department; Donald is an engineer; and Harry, Jr. is a deputy sheriff in charge of alternative incarceration. Murry was blessed with three granddaughters and three grandsons. She helped her husband operate his welding business until his death; then she found employment as a bookkeeper. Marjorie Updegrove Kaskey is also a widow, and has moved to a condominium townhouse. She continues to volunteer with the Brandywine Museum, the historical commission and the new museum of the Underground Railroad. She also works part time for the township. She has two granddaughters in Australia. Nancy Jane Parke keeps busy in her 19th year of retirement. She serves Meals on Wheels, works nine hours a week at the Hawley (PA) Library, takes pictures of activities on Lake Wallenpaupack, and belongs to the Wallenpaupack Historical Society. She takes care of the church altar, including the flowers, each week. She sees both Patty Darling Kile '56 and Joan Haly Glazier '56 in church, and keeps in touch with Ruth Dow Walton and Priscilla French Curry by telephone. Pat Geiger Stephenson reports from Bethlehem that she and her husband took grandsons Alex (15) and Luke (11) on a wonderful trip out West this summer. Their trip included stops in Monument Valley, Mesa Verde, where they all climbed almost 100 feet on ladders to see the homes of early cliff dwellers. They also took a 2-hour train ride from Silverton to Durango and took a rubber motorized raft up the Colorado River. The Stephensons have granddaughters in Edgewater, Md. Jean Quig Henzey retired from teaching first grade in 1992 after 34 years. The beginning of her career, she recalls, was in East Orange, N.J., with Carol Dunham Caliandro and Carol Irwin Eynon. She is a member of the DAR and the Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees. She said that Carol Caliandro now lives in Portland, Maine, with her sister Betty (after Carol's husband's death). The Caliandro children include one in Portland and one in New England. Yvette Ballerat Riviere and her husband Jean have been tour-

ing Sardinia, south of Corsica. She says the island has an "unspoiled beauty." They have tasted "all kinds of pasta and cheeses and have visited many archaeological remains." The Rivieres still live in France. Carol Irwin Eynon and her husband celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on July 31 by taking their whole family to Duck, N.C. One month later their children and grandchildren gave them a surprise party in Haddonfield, N.J. Carol saw Suzanne Divine Williams recently; the two have a get-together about once a month. E-mail keeps Carol in touch with Janet Morris Weber and Dorothy Reisgen Marshall. Annabel Flesher Lindy and her husband took their two granddaughters on a Harry Potter tour of England. Annabel has been auditing senior courses in political science and jazz at the University of Pennsylvania. She and her husband are now both retired from running their real estate management enterprise. Your editor proudly placed some of her roses at the tombstone of Edgar Allen Poe during a commemorative ceremony on October 2nd. The roses were placed as a tribute from Arcadia University. Poe died in Baltimore in 1849, where he also lived for some time on Amity Street. Co-editor Lillian Pagano sends news from the West and Southwest. Gwen Crane Sweeney and her husband Harold live in Menlo Park, Calif. They took a river barge on the Ohio and Cumberland Rivers for three weeks in June 2004. Then they spent a week with their daughter and grandson in Ohio. In midOctober, they plan to go on a 2week trip to Turkey on an IGM Tour, "In the Steps of Paul." It sounds very interesting. I hope she will tell us about it soon. From Prescott, Ariz., Janet Morris Weber e-mailed that she and her husband, Arnie have moved into a new home. It is half the size of their former home, which was 3,100 square feet, and they love it. They are out of the forest area and away from extreme fire dangers they were experiencing. She says it has been a busy summer unpacking and finding space for all of their "stuff." They look forward to a cruise on the Columbia, Williamette and Snake Rivers out of Portland, Ore. Their son, Todd, an Elderhostel coordi-

nator and lecturer, will be the historian on their cruise on the Sternwheeler paddle boat. They will get to "see him in action." Todd's eldest son, Seth and his wife, Chelsea will make Janet and Arnie great-grandparents in December 2004. They are thrilled! Next time perhaps we will hear about the baby. We love hearing and reading about everyone, and we want to hear from you. Please send us news about you and your family by mail or e-mail, or give any of us a quick call. Without you, we have no business in the news!


Rosemary "Bebe" Steunenberg-Laporte 233 W. Great Western Road Yarmouthport, MA 02675 [email protected] Barbara Peterson Rockel 29 Woolsey Court Pennington, NJ 08534-1423 [email protected] Molly Kern Sabia 878 Andorra Road Lafayette Hill, PA 19444

children, she and Walter get to see them too. Emilie writes, "I had a phone call from Barbara Hart and Barbara Finigan Laird when they were together in Colorado Springs for Barbara (Laird) and Bert's 50th wedding anniversary festivities. This prompted a phone visit with Sarah Virkler Yeoman. Such a treat to hear the familiar voices." Suzanne Burnison Burrows enjoyed the 2004 Florida Reunion in Naples with Bette Landman, and now looks forward to meeting the new President Dr. Jerry Greiner at the 2005 Florida Reunions. She gets together with Suzi Ketz Foster and her husband, Howard several times a year. Suzanne's husband Bill is in cardiac rehab after suffering a cardiac arrest while visiting their children. She writes, "Fortunately, he was in the hospital at the time of the attack. A two-week vacation turned into an eight-week stay. He is using a walker and gaining strength. Hope to hear from any of you who pass through Naples."


Emilie Grootendorst Barry tells us that classmate Barbara Langdon Hart has a son and daughter living near her in "Chicagoland." Now when Barbara and Bob come to see their

Miriam Stybel Grossmann 19 First Avenue Haddon Heights, NJ 08035 [email protected]

Carolyn Manzelman Brown sends us the sad news that her college roommate, Polly Grew Brodigan,


Physical education alumni travel from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland to meet at Miki Waldman DeBaise's '66 home in Newtown. Pictured left to right going down the steps: Mary Jane Miller Bainbridge '66, Judy MacCrate Stephens '66, Betsy Mackerell Ruch '67, Marcia Krysa Hamilton '64 and Miki DeBaise '66. Pictured left to right going up the steps: Mary Fetter Semanik, PE instructor, Mary Roberts Marino '64, Diane Duffy Hoch '66 and Betty Jean Duffy '63.


died in October. The class sends deepest sympathies to her family. Betsy McCann Lundquist, our new class president, writes, "Our 50th Reunion brought a few classmates who have never attended Reunions and the `usual' supporters. It was wonderful to see all of you; we are eternally young." Kudos to Eleanor Murphy Workman, Carol Wrigley Young and Marilyn Sunners Cranin, and the Reunion Committee for planning a special day. And thanks to Fred and Peg Johnson Sutor for opening their home to us so we could catch up on what we are doing. Bruce and I are getting ready to audit Red Cross chapters in Massachusetts, Ohio and Wisconsin. We'll pack our bags and best advice and be on the road starting in November. We have seven grandchildren in colleges: Penn State, Vanderbilt, Georgetown, Lehigh, Drexel, University of Virginia and Lynn University. The one at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Fla., traveled through Hurricane Frances to get there on time. Better her than me.


50TH REUNION YEAR! June 3­5, 2005

Joan Peppelman Clougherty 559 Maple Avenue Doylestown, PA 18901 [email protected]

Our sympathy goes to the family of Sally Woodward Miller. Sally passed away last February. Sally was a vital and vibrant member of our class. Roma Gizang Green said memories of her "across the hall" still make her smile. Roma and Phil celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in June. Since they live in California, many family and friends went West for the party. Being retired gives them lots of days to enjoy children, grandchildren, new friends and gardening. Phil does volunteer work at a local Rotocare Clinic. Leah Kresge travels and is active in her community. Leah is on the board of the Lancaster Optimist Club, and she recently attended two Optimist Club conventions. She is an artist and had several pictures in the Senior Exposition. Writing poetry is another art form for Leah; there is also music. As a member of the

Musical Art Society she assists in auditions for the youth orchestra. Leah keeps in touch with Mrs. Trean Matz, the freshman French teacher from days of our youth. Leah plans to be at our 50th Reunion. Amy Levy Rogovin finds retirement fun and different. Spending leisure time reading the newspapers is a treat. Because Amy lives in the city, concerts, meeting friends for lunch and gardening fill her days. At present, going to a Kerry rally is part of her involved citizenship. Amy looks forward to Reunion. Joan Christopher Aliotta is well and happily retired. Some of her grandchildren live nearby and she visits them often. Joan is making a request as class historian. She would like each of us to send a current photo--alone or with family. She is doing a great job keeping our class scrapbook. Emmalane Ewing is excited about a trip in April. She and a friend will spend time in the French and Italian Riveria and in Monaco. In January, she will stay in the Cayman Islands, a delightful place to be for sun and boating. Emmalane plans to see us all at our big 50th. Anne Cornell Swalm, Elsa-Lu Greenblatt Berkowitz and I will be getting in touch with all of you. Please start now to save for your plane ticket, put the date on your calendar (June 3­5), get maps out, inform your families, and head for Arcadia University. We have a lot to celebrate.


Patricia Darling Kile 103 Laurel Hill Drive Greentown, PA 18426 [email protected]

Joan Haly Glazier and Dick have moved into their new larger house next door to their old house. She is giving me all her moving boxes as she unpacks, so that is a big help to us. In between supervising construction, Dick and Joan were able to take the usual Elderhostel trips and timeshare vacations, and visit their son and grandson in New Jersey. Joan has been president of the local branch of AAUW, sings in the church choir and plays golf and bridge. We were pleased to enjoy an evening with Gerry Steward (Joan's sister from Fairbanks, Alaska). Susan Rhodes Sommers and

Gordon were able to spend a day with us this summer catching up on their travels and families. Joan Sweiger Toth reported that her house survived the hurricanes, but she did lose some large trees. In July, Elinor Towell Chevalier wrote: "Am looking forward to our 50th Reunion, if I last that long! Right now I am enjoying a beautiful summer here on the river. We are being overrun with deer and fawns, but the local fox have taken care of the Canada geese and the rabbits. Unfortunately, my daylily bed is a favorite of the deer. In January, when we are in Florida, we live in Key West and in Miami Beach, so we are not available for West Coast get-togethers. In February, we fly down to enjoy a parent's weekend in Lake Wales. One son drives from St. Louis to Destin to vacation and the other son drives almost 10 hours from Miami Beach to meet him. In May, Althea Trutner Gerrard and I attended a museum-based Elderhostel in Philadelphia." (Sounds like one I did last year, replies Patty.) "Regarding the hurricane, our granddaughter's school got hit with the first two and hasn't re-opened yet, but is scheduled to open soon. Our son in Miami Beach lost his trip to his in-laws in Venezuela when the airport in Miami closed. Doesn't compare to the major losses all over the state." Barbara Dean Schuler enjoys her retirement with trips into New York City (Metropolitan Museum of Art and other venues) and her multitude of activities at home, with her high school alumni and in the community. As with most retired teachers, September is especially pleasant knowing you don't have to go back to school! Barbara Zoubek Surmonte writes concerning their Florida condo and the hurricanes. "My brother and wife live in Hobe Sound, Fla., and they stayed at our condo because they did not have electricity; then they had to come back during Jeanne. We did all right during Charley, but my brother noticed a line on the ceiling in our unit. We are on the top floor (3rd) and hope that it does not mean that there's water damage since some roof tiles did blow off. We went on a walking trip in Quebec Province with an Elderhostel. Started in Montreal and then went to the Eastern

Townships, up to the whale watching area of St. Lawrence, and then back to Quebec City, which we really love. The Queen Mary II came in to dock while we were there so got to take some pictures. It is so huge!" Harriet Swoyer Horner Baisch e-mails, "We rented a house for a week in Cape May, N.J., in July. I had the most fun I could ever imagine with all nine grandchildren in one place at one time (without their parents). It was noisy, fast moving, crowded and so much fun. I cooked simple things, we played games, went to the beach in Ocean City, Avalon, and Cape May--the surfing beaches, that is. The kids really got to know each other by the end of the week. They are 17, 16, 15, 14, 12, 12, 10, 8, and 6--six boys and three girls. I can't wait to do it again next summer." Catherine Gunsalus Gonzalez e-mails, "Regarding Hurricane Ivan, parts of Atlanta, Ga., were seriously flooded and many big trees were down. We lost electricity for about 12 hours, overnight, on Thursday. We took showers by candlelight, and then the power came on. Now we are in Rome, Ga., going back home this afternoon. I teach for two weeks in November and again in June in the Doctor of Ministry program, which I have been doing since I supposedly retired, but I enjoy it. It is just enough. Parts of me-- mostly my knees--think a 50th Reunion could not be far off! The rest of me seems to be holding together pretty well. I went to my 50th high school reunion just after retiring. I think high school students should attend such things to see how people turn out that may be different from what you expected at the time." Tana Kresge Pratt writes, "I am working at Reifsneider's, a store that sells Steinways and many other beautiful pianos. My position involves scheduling piano tunings and working with student instrument rentals. Part of the fun is that I know so many of the clients with whom we deal. I have Tuesdays free, so I can attend my Lancaster Optimist Club meetings. In the Pennsylvania-Upper Delaware PAUD District level, I am continuing as Lieutenant Governor for our zone. I still volunteer with the Lancaster Musical Art Society as a performer and participant in various functions. In January '05, I'll go off the board


of our Gaelic American Society. Our "Three for Coffee" trio is still active, and we are planning two upcoming programs. Along with a fellow Optimist Club Member, I provided entertainment at the conclusion of the PAUD District convention in August. I presented various comic readings, while my friend provided back-up music on the keyboard. Because Art is still working at the Amish Farm and House, we don't always have the same time off, so we are having fun scheduling our times together to plan our activities. In October, we expect a visit from our son Alex, who works in Las Vegas, Nev. We're looking forward to that because we haven't seen him since December 2003. (Yes, we keep the phone lines busy, along with sending e-mail.) I've helped with auditions for the Musical Art Society-sponsored Youth Symphony and Junior Orchestra. Both my sister, Leah, and I are helping to sign up students, and see that they get to the correct place on time for their auditions." From your editor: In June our 11-year-old granddaughter, Jill, and I took an intergenerational Elderhostel to England. Like many young people Jill's age, "Harry Potter" consumes much of her reading pleasure. The Elderhostel concentrated on the filming of the movies. We visited Oxford, York, Alnwick, Whitby and Lindisfarne (Holy Island) to see the sights in the films. We explored many additional castles, abbeys, and other historical places I had never seen. The 20 other young people (ages 11­13) and an equal number of grandparents helped all of us make new friends. Before the trip, many of my friends questioned my sanity for subjecting myself to that many "tweeners" for two weeks; they were great and it was fun to explore that age again. Wils and I are busy, as usual, but this time it is packing, cleaning out and hoping that someone will come to buy our Pocono house! Our new home, in the Masonic Village in Elizabethtown, will be ready in May 2005, so we do have time, but perhaps it will take that long to sell our house. It is stressful; seems that we no more than get settled and sell again. I still have too many arts and crafts items (photography, paper cutting, genealogy, fabric and doll house miniatures). I doubt that I will live long enough to finish half of these projects. We plan to keep

our Florida house for the winter season. (It did not sustain any damage during the eventful hurricane season of 2004.) Hurricane Ivan about which Catherine wrote continued north to the Pocono area and dumped at least five inches of rain within 24 hours. Our Pocono area experienced washed-out roads, flooding, power outages and uprooted trees--not as bad as Florida, but it was devastating for some. (And then along came Jeanne with an equal amount of water for the East Coast.) Probably as you read this, snowstorms are doing their damage in the Northeast. Next year we will be planning our 50th Reunion in 2006, so start to prepare mentally and physically for that momentous occasion!


Shirley Radcliff Momiyama 1855 El Rancho Drive #324 Sparks, NV 89431 Freda Friz Schopfer 1337 Sylvan Road Perkasie, PA 18944-3938 [email protected]

From co-editor Freda: We need to pat ourselves on the back. The class of 1957 out-did itself again. We were the class that gave just over $100,000, which was the largest gift increase over the year before and we had the highest percentage of participation (79 percent). WOW! Phyllis Blumenfeld Hoffman moved to a three-bedroom condo in Warminster, and loves the "no steps." Her neighbors have been delightful. She has not been able to get office work since her old place went out of business. Now she is playing bingo for the first time every Monday night and learning to play canasta again. Her children are well and grandchildren (five boys and a princess) are wonderful, but wearing us out. She knows why we had our children young. The youngest grandchild is her daughter's 1year-old. They all came to help Grandpa celebrate a big one in August. In December, they plan to cruise from San Diego, Calif., down the Mexican Riviera. She hopes that we are all keeping well. Honey Koota Donziger is having a wonderful time playing tennis and kayaking every day that weather permits. She lives right on the Potomac River, so it's

very convenient to launch and paddle. Her grandchildren visited for one week and they all did the "sights" in the Washington, D.C., area. She is usually on a merry-go-round visiting her son Steven in New York and her daughter in St. Louis, Mo. Big news from Irene Moore Pedrick--she and Perk are building a home in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., and will move there in August. They will still spend summers in their Ocean City, N.J., beach house. She writes, "I can't believe we are going tropical after 40 years in the Nation's Capital!" Meanwhile they have traveled to Prague and will be in England in April 2005 for the V & A's largest-ever international arts and crafts exhibition. Sounds like fun! Rosemary Deniken Blankley had the honor to experience many heartwarming events commemorating the retirement of Dr. Landman; Bette's final Trustee meeting and final Reunion as President of the University. Rosemary found it interesting to meet members of the class of 1954 who were seniors when we were freshmen. Her family has been busy with Laura, now employed by the Los Alamos National Laboratory. This entailed selling one townhouse and buying another. Stephen also changed homes, but only two miles away. He now has a larger home with a lovely backyard which, after many months of construction, has a pool and an outdoor kitchen for entertaining. The grandchildren are only one hour away so they see a lot of each other. A big trip was a river cruise to Russia, beginning in Moscow and traveling to St. Petersburg. She adds, "It was an easier and more enjoyable way to learn the history of Russia than the course we took in college." Beatrice Carpenter Blackman retired on August 31, 2004, and returned to Wyeth as a contractor on September 1! She looks forward to a four-night cruise to Freeport and Nassau--a Christmas present to her children and grandchildren. As for Bud and me, we went back and forth from Pennsylvania to Florida over the fall and winter months, checking out any damage from the summer hurricanes. All seems OK and holding tight! Proud to have another Arcadia graduate in the family. Daughter Heidi received her master's degree

during the summer of 2004, and is busy teaching reading in Bristol Township. It seems almost like deja vu! We have fun exchanging different techniques, but we also realize that many kids are the same as those I taught many years in the past. From co-editor Shirley: Bernice Markin Garber spent this past summer at home in the mountains of Telluride, Colo. Son Brandt, an architect, helped produce the Telluride Film Festival. Son Peter spent the summer building a house. Two grandchildren, Fern (4) and Kyla (12), were Bernice's companions. The fall leaves were beautiful there. Marcia Clist Hardy and her husband, Larry have made a few trips cross-country to the East Coast--New Jersey to visit relatives and Arcadia to visit the campus and friends. Living in California, their children Laura and Larry also live in the San Francisco area. Granddaughter Claire (2) visited this past August. Gail Leonard Williams and her husband took an American Queen trip a year ago, from Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, Ohio. Gail attended her 51st high school class reunion in September. Her daughter Deb received a "Volunteer of the Year" award for operating a free clinic in Washington. Gail is very proud of her, as we all are. She hopes to attend our next Reunion. Eleanor Jane Perrine Cox joined friends for a week at Three Mile Island on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. There was no electricity, and the outhouses were located in an Appalachian Mountain Club facility. Sounds like rough living, Eleanor. Jean Stout Fletcher has had an interesting year. She and her husband bought a condo in Naples, Fla., in the winter. They then decided to sell their Chatham, Cape Cod home. They spent most of the summer there and sold it October 1st. Next summer they'll rent a place near where their daughter and son-inlaw own a summer home--in Chatham! They plan to spend their winter months in Naples, more time in New Jersey and several weeks in Chatham. Jean's children and grandchildren are great. They went to Italy with Lynne and family and are planning a Costa Rica trip in 2005 with Bruce and family.


Betty Siebener Kleman moved to Naples, Fla., in August, and loves the warm weather, but not the hurricanes! Finally, Emma Jane Murphy Burns and Phil write about their experience with the Florida hurricane season. "Can't tell you how much it has meant to have had so many people concerned for all of us Floridians! It has been quite something, but Phil and I were very lucky. First of all, we have been told that the World Golf Village, where we live, is the highest point in St. John's County (whatever that means since all of Florida is one BIG swamp!). Then we have been reassured that St. Augustine has never been directly hit by any hurricane since they have been keeping records (1868). Now that doesn't mean that we aren't directly in the path of the eastern parts of the storms, which are the most deadly! Anyway, we were very lucky in this part of Florida; not a lot of damage although the beaches took a beating from Jeanne. Actually, I think she was the worst of the four. We have friends all over the state and the stories vary, but it is true that the whole state has suffered greatly and its residents have suffered psychologically, if not physically."


Pat Fletcher Lyford 114 Bergen Avenue Voorhees, NJ 08043 [email protected]

Hi classmates. I hope you all had a good summer. Joann Degroff Curran told me over the phone about her background in education, having taught 5th grade in Cherry Hill before moving to the "country" in Lebanon in '65. She and her husband have two children and seven grandchildren. They have enjoyed vacationing in Duck, N.C. (in the Outer Banks), with five grandchildren. Her daughter has a Ph.D. in Developmental Molecular Biology and is a professor at the University of Wisconsin. Her husband is in the field of botany. Joann is working for the city of Lebanon. Patty Bothwell Beatty wrote in August that she and Doug had just returned from a week "breathing in some salt air" in Delaware. She chatted with Charlotte (Charlie) Gehlhaus Winchester and, as of mid-August, all was well

with her in Vero Beach, Fla. Patty and Doug celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary in early September. Congratulations! Ellen La Rowe Mintz and her husband, Leon, keep in touch with Nancy Burnett Carr and husband Ed. Nancy and Ed weathered Hurricane Frances with damage to some trees and shrubbery. The Carrs were without power, but when they found out that their son Chris, who lives in a nearby apartment, had power, they packed up their perishables to take to him. In September, the Carrs were in Wilmington, Del., and spent a nice day with Ellen and Leon. With a phone call to Barbara Ficken Olsen, I learned she had been a teacher of 4th, 5th and 6th grades, and is now retired. She keeps close ties with Suzanne Skidmore and they see each other every six weeks or so. She has a passion to help find a cure for Alzheimer's. Last Christmas she, along with her husband, daughter, and Suzie Skidmore, did a Tauck Tour of Australia. Suzie Skidmore is president of the Nathan Hale Garden Club and enjoys every moment of it. The aims of the club are to create an active interest in the cultivation of plants and flowers, to encourage civic plantings, and to conserve native trees, plants and birds. The club maintains a butterfly garden as well as an historic marker in honor of Nathan Hale, and Suzi stays busy with monthly meetings and a bi-annual Standard Flower Show. Suzie invites all who are on Long Island in October 2005 to come to Huntington for the flower show. Last Christmas she traveled with the Olsens to Australia. She also went to Houston for the 8th birthday of her great-nephew and the 10th birthday of her greatniece. She is facing an operation for a torn rotator cuff--too much gardening? What a great conversation I had with Jo-Ann Reinheimer Campbell. She is very active and healthy and having a wonderful time with her life. She has been married to Lou for 27 years, has two children (a son and a daughter) and five grandchildren. She is active on several boards, is president of the Regional Auxiliary on the State Board of the Hospital Auxiliary, and is involved with various conferences. Also, she is an Elder in her church. She

worked for 15 years, as she puts it, "pushing drugs." She managed a wholesale drug company in Harrisburg and retired in '91. She enjoyed her 50th high school reunion, "It was wild." Dwaine Fry Sutherland relocated three years ago from Ridgewood, N.J., to the Trenton area to be near her family. She has two daughters and two grandsons, 10 and 13. She was a teacher and then turned to the business world as an office manager. Now that she is in the Trenton area she has enjoyed reconnecting with an old high school friend. News from some of our Florida classmates. Norma Kovacs Thornton, like many Floridians, was faced with Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne. She was hit hard by these storms for six weeks. Fortunately, she had no damage in Gulfport. Marcia Merdinger Fox reports from the Sarasota area that she, too, came through the storms with no damage. Carole Freedman Rachlin writes, "It was one heck of a summer. We took everything the hurricanes threw at us and then some." She was spared any significant damage, but her neighbors weren't so fortunate. She was concerned about her brother and friends and family on the east

coast. She feels for Sanibel and Captiva, which she tells us took a major hit. But not so lucky was Barbara Mick Steiger and her husband Bill, who were hit in Lumberton, N.J., with the "1,000year storm." Their home sits on the Rancocas River and, like most of that area, was flooded. They were evacuated and have not been back since. Fortunately, they have a home in Maine, where they have been living while their home in New Jersey is being rebuilt. Eileen Glover Schaible reports from Orange Park that "Hurricane Jeanne left us with a damaged roof, bulkhead, boat and dock. But we were safe and that's much to be thankful for." We wish all well. Shirley Renninger Cressman and her husband, Bob, would like everyone to know that they are doing as well as can be after the sudden and unexpected death in April of their son, Chris, who died as a result of complications due to ulcers. Shirley and Bob, along with a team of friends, recently spent a week preparing lunch and dinner for 125 people. This was for a missionary conference, "World Wide Evangelism for Christ." They will be spending four weeks in California to visit their son Kent in San Francisco.


"AU Loves the 80s!" 80s alumni meet in the Castle Mirror Room for a wine and cheese social and focus group to explore programs that would reconnect 80s alumni to each other and to the University. "Outside-thebox" thinking generated lively discussion and a broad range of program ideas that address academic and social needs. Family-oriented events, a revival of Woodstock on campus, a weekend travel program, alumni art sale, and a series of workshops on various topics were just a few of the ideas that the group discussed. For more information or to take a "trip down memory lane," please visit the 80s Web site at Pictured from left to right: Beverly Fisher Dennis '88, Laura Fisher Korman '89 (Chair), Lili Velez '86, Janice Lenich Storms '89 and Claire Baliban '81.


After Christmas they are off to Florida to spend the winter in Ocala. In September, Shirley and I attended Arcadia's Volunteer Leadership Training and Appreciation Day. While there we had lunch with Arcadia's new president, Dr. Jerry Greiner. I feel the University is in good hands. Gweneth Brown Curley and her husband took a 52-day trip in their motor home to the Oregon and Northern California coasts. They visited Lewis and Clark sites on the way out. They moved to Cape Cod, Mass., almost a year ago, and they love living there. Judith Keenan was selected to present her third one-woman show at the Medford Leas Art Gallery last July. The show was entitled, "Here, There and Everywhere: Oils and Watercolors by Judith Keenan." Her 27 pieces of art ranged from a portrait of her daughter dressed in a kimono to works inspired by the landscape and scenery of northern Florida. Judith lives in Moorestown, N.J. The Reverend Lois Montelius Dodge and husband Bill became grandparents in June 2004. They continue to serve a Reformed Congregation at Fultonville, N.Y. They had a wonderful trip to Iona and Sterling, Scotland, last summer.

I spent the summer working in my garden and taking a trip to Vermont and Maine. My husband, Larry, spent the summer living in a firm plastic brace after back surgery. He did fabulously with all that and now is back to his old self. Our son, Stephen, bought a house nearby, but our Alaskan gang remain far away. I am back to doing my substituting and attending our favorite orchestras, The Philadelphia Orchestra and the Haddonfield Symphony. I had the pleasure of attending a Women's Health Symposium held at the church that Alma Alabalikian attends in Wynnewood. Alma and the church's Women's Guild did a fabulous job. In October I joined Joann "Pepper" Mintz Faust at the home of her son and daughter-in-law, who live near them, for a fun furniture-painting project for her granddaughters' rooms. As many of you have seen, I have an e-mail class list underway, hoping to make it easier to reach you. I've received some good responses to this idea. Becky Winn King responds, "So glad to learn our class has come into the computer age." Chris Nordstrom Stainton writes, "Super idea; one way of getting more news." And Barb Heylmun Longstreth adds, "I love

the idea." Thanks to all for your kind words. I hope you all will take advantage of e-mail and let me hear from you.


Lillie M. Ludman 62 Norristown Road Blue Bell, PA 19422


Arcadia alumni soak up some sun in Northern Italy at Plan de Corones, where they met for a week of good times and incredible skiing. A truly international gathering, 90s alumni and their families came from all over the world--Gaia Cioci '92 lives in Bologna, Italy, and helped to arrange the trip with Chuck Nineve '92; Grazia Cioci '92 traveled from Cambridge, England; Warren '92 and Sissel Karin Walderhaug Schmidt '94 arrived from Norway; and Michelle Schleicher '92 flew in from the States. Gaia brought her daughters, Ludavica and Benedetta, and Warren and Sissel Karin brought their daughter Julia and twin boys, William and Jonathon. These alums learned their lessons well, proving that Arcadia's focus on international travel and experience transcends the college years.

I wish to extend our sympathies to the family of Sandra Hall Conover on the loss of her mother, who died in October. Best wishes and speedy recovery to Mary Lou Pickell Nelson. Carolyn Gailey Lingenfelter writes, "I retired in 2000 after teaching for 33 years. I taught, at various times, all grades from 3rd through 8th, and enjoyed lots of rewarding experiences (and a few frustrations along the way). One of the most rewarding was my involvement with the National Writing Project at Kent State University. The NWP is a terrific professional community for teachers of writing. Through it I improved as a teacher and made many good friends. Since retirement, I have been active in my Methodist church where I am currently lay leader and a coordinator of the Alpha Course. I've heard that retirement can keep you so busy that you don't know how you managed to get everything done when you were still working. Bob and I still live in Eastlake, Ohio, and our three daughters are married with children of their own, ranging in age from 7 to 20. The newest member of our household is Gulliver, our 2-year-old Springer spaniel. We don't return to the Philadelphia area very often, but we had a wonderful time at our 45th Reunion in June 2004. It was great to see old friends, share memories, and tour the beautiful campus. I hope many more '59ers can make it to the 50th Reunion in 2009." Claire Woodcock Dearing and husband John enjoyed a relaxing cruise to Bermuda in June. Another enjoyable summer event was their annual family reunion. Grandson Alexander continues to keep everyone busy. Betsy Owens Baker retired in '98, after 30 years as a probation/parole officer. Now she enjoys spending time with her family--daughters Kelly, Dawn, Jennifer and Rebecca, and seven grandchildren.

We send our sympathy to Betsey Walker Salberg, whose husband David died in February 2004. The Pennsville School District and community renamed the high school gymnasium in his honor. David was the former athletic director of the high school and was recognized for his contributions as a coach who taught good sportsmanship, a teacher who was a valuable mentor, and a neighbor who was a good citizen and friend.


June 3­5, 2005

Elizabeth Holton Weiss 18 Woodhill Drive Willow Grove, PA 19090

Our 45th Reunion is just a few months away, and your Reunion committee hopes you are making plans to attend. If you've attended Reunions in the past, you'll find that the format has changed for this one. There's more to do on Friday and on Saturday. Our class will be able to visit with each other in our own private location throughout the day, and not just during a class meeting segment. With more events on Friday, it might be fun to experience 21st century dorm life--why not arrange with your close friends to stay together either in the dorm or at a hotel? Spouses will find more activities available. Whether or not you attend Reunion, please respond to the questionnaire that will be bound in our own Memory Book. We all enjoy reading about each other's lives through the years. Our sympathy is extended to Judy Jackson. Her brother passed away in August. In September, a mini-Reunion of college friends was held in Ocean City, N.J., at the home of Joan Borton Hoffman and Fred. Julie Snyder Craig and Jim, Marianna Harder Peckmann and Betty Holton Weiss joined the Hoffmans for two wonderful days. Joan is a gourmet cook. She and Fred have four children and one grandchild. Jim and Julie recently attended a banker's convention in San Antonio, Texas. Julie enjoys her part-time position in the Greencastle Library. Marianna and Hans enjoyed a 2-week river cruise along the Danube. Betty was thrilled to participate in the International Tennis Federation


Senior World Cup held on the grass courts of the three Philadelphia cricket clubs. Thirtythree countries were represented with over 1,500 players ranging in age from 55­90. Betty and her partner reached the quarterfinals in the 65 and over division. Karen "Punky" Horlacher Ohlman celebrated her youngest grandchild's second birthday with a family reunion in the Florida Panhandle. Punky, an excellent amateur artist, has had her artwork accepted in the Bluff Park Show in Birmingham, Ala. Pretty special for a Phys. Ed. graduate. Carol M. Elkins writes from Florida: "For once, those of us who live in the Miami Beach area have not been impacted from the Hurricanes as severely as other parts of the state. The damage from winds and the lingering flooding problems from Bonnie, Charley and Frances are enormous. We know people, even in the northern part of Miami-Dade county, who are still without electrical power from Frances. We just got lots of rain, some wind damage to our trees and plants, and we are beginning to feel winds and rain drops from the current monster, Ivan. Miami Beach had to evacuate for Hurricane Frances, as we are considered barrier islands. We were headed to Pennsylvania anyway for a wedding in Bethlehem, but we left a day earlier than originally planned. We were all prepared to evacuate again yesterday to a hotel west of Miami International Airport when it became clear that this would not be necessary."


Suzanne Decker Fenimore 13514 - 127th Avenue SE Snohomish, WA 98290 [email protected]

Diane Gackenbach Kidd sent big news: "On September 16, 2004, the Hayes Center for the Arts was dedicated at Tiffin University in Tiffin, Ohio. Within the building, the Diane Kidd Gallery was dedicated as well as the George Kidd, Jr. Prayer Chapel. The new 1200square-foot art gallery was named `in honor of Dr. Diane Kidd, who as founder and director of University Gallery, introduced the visual arts to the University and the community at large.' (University Gallery was the first and smaller gallery on campus.)

The George Kidd, Jr. Prayer Chapel `honors the service of Dr. Kidd who served as President of Tiffin University from 1981­2002 and whose life was guided by personal prayer.'" Diane continues, "It was a lovely day seeing a lot of old friends. Even my painting teacher from Toledo, who had seen a write-up in the paper, came for the event. There was an unveiling of a plaque at each area dedicated and my name is etched on a very large glass wall as you enter the gallery. I even had to make a speech. It's all quite humbling." Congratulations, Diane and George, that's really inspiring news. Eva Oehrle Fronk and Loren went to North Carolina for their grandson's first birthday in October. I continue to enjoy training new instructors in AARP's driver safety program. I am going to Salt Lake City, Utah, for a 3-day conference tomorrow (I'm writing this in October). That should be interesting. Frank is going to lead a local hiking group. Our daughter Lois and her husband are vacationing with friends in the Virgin Islands for 10 days. She is "between jobs" at the moment-- her company restructured one too many times. We're looking forward to a couple of family weddings next year. One is in Maui and the other in Pensacola, Fla., so we'll be traveling quite a bit. I was relieved to hear that Mary Lou Kollmer Carroll had no damage from the hurricane that hit Punta Gorda, Fla. I hope the rest of you in Florida were equally fortunate. I wish more of you would send news. E-mail is quick and easy. If you don't have a computer at home, most libraries have them. You can call me collect, and of course snail mail always works. Remember this year's Alumni Fund and be as generous as possible. In a creative mind I end our column with a Haiku and a limerick. Alumni Fund Haiku: Class of '61; Arcadia needs money. Please be generous. Here is a limerick (sort of) to end the column: Arcadia is, as always, in PA. She's there to show us all the proper way. Now it is our turn. To use what we earn, and give her our love and money today.

Boca Raton, FL 33433 [email protected]


Lynn Kronenberg Rubin Berman 7932 Seville Place Unit 2104

Cynthia Mindel Auerbach and Joan Dretler Rubinstein participated in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer on October 2 and 3. Joan writes, "The weekend was a real high! `We could have danced all night.' No pain! It was moving to be with so many people wearing pictures and signs for loved ones who did or did not beat the disease. I am proud to have been a part of this amazing event. I walked all 26 miles, and could have kept going. We will walk again next year if anyone wants to join us." Cynthia tells us, "Our weekend was great! Our team of four walkers raised over $12,000 to contribute to the over $7,000,000 raised in New York City, N.Y. Though we didn't stay in the village on Saturday night-- we wimped out and stayed at the Avon hotel in Brooklyn--we met some wonderful participants and heard inspiring stories from survivors and husbands walking for wives, and so many walking in memory of loved ones. The volunteer crew was super, the organization of the event was impressive, and the enthusiastic support was encouraging as we walked through parts of New York City that we had never seen. We were so psyched that we're talking about walking again in 2005." Virginia Bruno writes from England: "Thanks for the e-mail about Joan and Cynthia participating in the Avon Walk. I have participated in one here in London for the last five years. It is the Flora Fun Run for women, and is 5k or about 3 miles around the Serentine in Hyde Park. My best time--walking, I hasten to add--was 55 minutes! The front runners, who are professional athletes and some of whom had just returned from the Olympics, did it in about 15 minutes. Never mind, I tried, and enjoyed it very much. I also `ran' for a breast cancer charity because, as you know, I was diagnosed in December 2002, with breast cancer. My cousin in Philadelphia was diagnosed in June of this year and has just had the same operation and treatment as I had. So far, almost two years on, everything seems to be fine for me and I have gotten used to the Tamoxifen, which I will continue to take for another three years. I was in the States in October seeing Pat Allen and Kathy Kurtz

and visiting my cousin and her family. Linda Keller Morrow shares, "Jim and I are doing fine. This summer we took a trip to Copenhagen, Oslo, Bergen, Lillehammer, Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Moscow and London. Had a great time. We returned home about a week before the two Russian planes crashed. Pittsburgh got hit pretty hard with Hurricane Ivan, but we live up high and had no problems. Our house is open to anyone who cares to visit. Our free time is spent with our four wonderful grandsons and playing golf." Barbara Blumenthal Stern tells us, "We are in London now, babysitting for my granddaughter, Isabelle. Rachel and Richard moved here from Tokyo in January. We still have our son and daughter-in-law, Josh and Molly, in Oakland, Calif. Our middle son, Adam, his wife Alisa, and grandson Ethan, live near us in Mt. Kisco, N.Y." Gilda Battaglia RorroBaldassari is as busy as ever. "I'm organizing the Columbus Day celebration for the city of Trenton, N.J., speaking at the National Italian American Foundation Conference in Washington, D.C., and at Rutgers University, and then I leave for a tour of western Sicily. And to think I'm retired!" Pat Christensen Kuzela informs us, "I have moved from public-school teaching and am now teaching English as a Second Language for a nearby college. My students are almost entirely refugees, and are from all the countries that have experienced warfare and political turbulence over the past 10 years or so. My specialty, so to speak, is in helping to create literacy among the nonliterate. I find it especially meaningful because so many of the non-literates are women. I see it as just one facet of opening the way for the return of the Divine Feminine on the planet. We live in very exciting times." Susan Davison Lundborg shares, "I have just survived three hurricanes in three weeks-- Frances over Labor Day, Ivan when I went to the mountains of North Carolina the following week, and Jeanne as soon as I came back. Luckily, our home suffered only landscaping and some roof damage. I had an e-mail from Gail Williams Tattersfield to


check on my hurricane status. Gail is doing great, living in Illinois, and spending lots of time traveling with family and friends. And, as you know, Gail has family and friends everywhere. Her children live in Illinois, Tennessee and North Carolina, and her extended families are all over, including the British Isles. My son, Walfrid III, and his wife had a baby girl in August, making me a grandmother for the first time. They live in Westhampton Beach, N.Y., and for the first time in over 10 years I stayed in my house in Quogue, N.Y., for about six weeks last summer for the event. I also spent two weeks in Russia in early summer. It was much different than I had expected and one of the last `major' places I had not visited. I had a wonderful time visiting Moscow and St. Petersburg. Courtney Jones McKeldin and Ted had taken a similar trip two weeks before I did and also loved it. Last March, I met Courtney and daughter Caroline and her two beautiful, smart grandchildren in Sanibel, Fla., where they were visiting for a week. I don't think we look like two grandmas." Suzanne Willis e-mails, "Husband Ed and I are leaving Irvington, N.Y., in early November and moving to a 110year-old brick carriage house with a gorgeous swimming pool in Garrison, N.Y., five miles south of Cold Spring. It is a nice, small community along the Hudson River, where New York's governor resides. My third grandchild arrived in June and is named "Will" (Parker Willis Min Sheehy)." Joyce Orenstein Sobelman writes, "I am once again a citizen of Northern California after eight years in Orange County. I had moved there when I married my late husband's brother, but most of my family is up here while his children are in the south. He agreed to move with me since he felt it's my turn to have children nearby. So now I can attend soccer games and school plays in which my great-grandchildren take part. We live in El Dorado Hills, slightly east of Sacramento and on the way to Lake Tahoe. If there are any alums living in this area I'd be glad to make contact." Janet Copeland Zinman writes, "We just bought a place in Boynton Beach and I will be in

touch so we can get together in Florida." From Kathy Kurtz: "Ginny Bruno will be here for a visit the end of October with Pat Allen. I will have some paintings in a Small Works Show in December at the 3rd Street Gallery in Philadelphia. Receptions are on Friday December 3 and Sunday, December 5. I've moved into a studio of my own and am enjoying having the space to paint." Stanley and I (Lynn) will be great-grandparents by the time the next Herald article comes in early summer. Let's have another Arcadia get together in Florida this winter. Let me know if you want to attend and please keep in touch. We all want to hear from you.


Linda Mann 53 Monmouth Street Squantum, MA 02171 [email protected]


Gail Nazzaro Biggs 30 Sherwood Drive Morristown, NJ 07960 [email protected]

Fran Rakin Meiselman and her three children are doing well. Her daughter and son-in-law recently moved to Westfield, N.J., and she is thrilled that at last one of their children lives nearby. Her son Jamie is busy building an indoor surf pool in Orlando, Fla. Her daughter lives in Paris with her French husband and their two boys, but they do enjoy long summer visits. Fran's husband enjoys flying which enables them to travel easily in a short time to places that would be many hours by car. Donna Wojec Danielewski teaches AP History and loves it. She enjoyed her school-sponsored cruise workshop last summer to the Mediterranean Sea. She plans to teach another four or five years and then retire. Her physician husband continues to practice, but does also talk of retirement. Her son Christopher got married on October 9, 2004, a great family event. Son Paul is in the National Guard and is also attending college. Barbara Quillen Dougherty often travels from Rehoboth, Del., to visit her son and family in Connecticut. This fall she included side trips to visit Arcadia classmates. After a visit with Joyce Chabora Barr in Morristown, N.J., she headed for a visit with Robbie Kresch in Vermont in time for the glorious fall foliage.

In June, Wayne and Susan Patt Mountz traveled to the Mediterranean on a cruise that took them to Venice, Rome, Dubrovnik and more. "A great trip," according to Sue. A cruise is on Sandra Krebs Hirsh's agenda, too. Sandy writes, "I will be in Germany with my sister, Helen Krebs Bruant '62, in December for a river cruise down the Rhine to visit the Christmas markets in Germany and Munich. I am revising five books and feel fortunate that publishers still want to publish them. My two daughters have started an affiliated business--Hirsh Works LLC--writing and consulting." And more people at sea. Jim and Phyllis St. John Skok took a Radisson cruise ("a delightful experience") up the East Coast from New York to Boston, Mass.; Bar Harbor, Maine; Nova Scotia; Quebec and Montreal. Jim has retired from the Penn State faculty, but Phyllis continues to work as assistant director for Budget Analysis in the PA Governor's Budget Office. She is also active in the Leadership Development Institute for Women in State Government Alumni Association. Their daughter, Dr. Deborah, teaches American History at Hendrix College in Conway, Ark. Basically, that is my "live" news; the following items come from the Reunion Memory Book. Elizabeth Rose Carey is retired; her significant other, Wayne Greaves, retired from restaurant management and has a new parttime career in massage therapy. They love to travel, and in the spring spend a couple weeks in Aruba, and in October, Hilton Head. They also visit his two children in Los Angeles, Calif., and Betsy's daughter Laura in New Jersey. She works for Novartis Pharmaceuticals and is active in several community theaters. Last summer, Wayne and Betsy took a trip to New England and met with Margo Gillespie Woodson, Sally Luce Bonynge '65 and Sarah Mahler Henderson '65 and their husbands on Martha's Vineyard. "It was great to get together and catch up." Tom and Dianne Vose

Durawa were Peace Corps volunteers in Nigeria and Ghana (1966­68). When they returned home they moved to Martha's Vineyard, where Dianne worked for the town of Edgartown--first for the Planning and Personnel Boards and then for 20 years as director of a day program for island seniors in need at the Edgartown Council on Aging. She has retired, but continues to volunteer in many island organizations: church, school, hospital, historical society and more. Her husband is about to retire from teaching science and social studies. He was a town Selectman for 15 years. Their son Nathan lives on the island with wife Beth and children Daniel (11) and Amelia (5). Son Matthew, wife Robin and daughter Molly (1) live in New York City, N.Y. Linda Rosenheim Perlman is an avid tennis player and golfer in Houston, Texas. "I have been married to the same wonderful man for 35 years. We have two children. Our daughter lives in New York and our son lives in California. Both have master's degrees; neither is married yet." Jane Littman Ritter writes, "I still live in New York City, N.Y., having moved from the Westside (where my mother Nanette Roos Littman '34 still lives) to the Eastside. I have been working in international compensation since I graduated from Arcadia, first full time and then three days a week. I have always been busy with the theater, ballet, opera and museums. In the last few years, I have been traveling a lot to Turkey, the Galapagos, China, Egypt, Europe and, just last December, to Costa Rica. I was married for 29 wonderful years to my late husband, Robert Ritter; we had no children. I met a wonderful widower, Ed Radlauer, who started as a friend but who is now my `spousal equivalent.' Ed came with three children and six grandchildren. All my friends were jealous because I had grandchildren before them." Marie Clayton Smith and her husband, William, have been married for 63 years. Congratulations! In 1978, Marie retired from 40 years of teaching, and moved to Arizona. She joined seven organizations, serving on committees and executive boards, and was president of five. She teaches genealogy and Bible study for adults. Among her awards are


Valiant Woman of CWU, Outstanding Woman in her church, Arizona Outstanding Christian Educator and Who is Who in Arizona. Her daughter Suzanne is a retired financial director at UCLA Medical Center. She and her husband, Peter Rummel, live in New Bern, N.C., and enjoy sailing their boat in Mexico. Daughter Gwendolyn retired as vice president of the French Bank of New York and now is a realtor in Montclair, N.J. Her husband, Laruent Vander Zyppe, likes hunting and fishing, while Gwen enjoys horseback riding. Earlier, Marie enjoyed traveling the world but now feet and legs are a problem. She still enjoys reading, handwork, oil painting and china painting. Last October, Linda Baumgardner Bills exhibited her work, "Curiosities," at the Adkins Arboretum in Stevensville, Md. Her one-person show included sculptures and works on paper that she created over a 12-year period, and which showcased her unique way of responding to the natural world. She experiments with natural materials, such as bark peeled in strips from a tulip poplar tree, or pine needles caught in plastic netting and hung on the wall in loose folds. Linda has exhibited in museums and galleries across the U.S., and has received numerous honors, including three Maryland State Arts Council grants and three fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts. She is resident artist in the Post Baccalaureate Program at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

when my daughter Shayne and her husband, Brian, had Brooke Catherine Dougherty. I already have many adventures planned. Ironically, Margaret Wolpert Rutkowski's son Kurt (my godson) and his wife Josie had Alissa Louise on November 1, 2004. Margie and I had many wonderful conversations through pregnancies, births and early months. How great to share another bond with Margie and have these beautiful babies to love."



Gail Agerton 10 Greythorne Woods Circle Wayne, PA 19087-2914 [email protected]


June 3­5, 2005

Rebecca Just Wagner 7598 SW Stillman Road Powell Butte, OR 97753-1637 [email protected]

Arlene Schwartz Jacobs lives in Roslyn, N.Y. She has two married daughters, Lauren and Michelle, and two granddaughters, Sofia and Sydney. Arlene retired from teaching English in 1999 when Sofia was expected.


Judy Simon King writes, "Wow! I'm a Nana as of October 1, 2004,

Zandra Maffett Fennell writes, "Really weird reading about classmates' grandchildren and retirement. Been single-parenting three sons for many years. Oldest attends Villanova, middle is at Florida Tech and 11th grader attends Delaware County Christian School. Youngest keeps me busy with elite-level soccer and track and field. Live in King of Prussia. In my 23rd year with a Johnson & Johnson company. The wanderlust for multicultural experiences fueled by the semester in London continues. I have traveled extensively globally for work; annually for the last 10 years with U.S. State Department Humanitarian Aid delegations to former Soviet Union countries; and have done lots of independent treks to Europe, Mexico and Southwest USA with the boys when they were still willing to be seen with me. Locally, I am in a French conversation group that meets at a Barnes and Noble, and I am active in my neighborhood Presbyterian Church. Would love to reconnect with classmates." Prentiss Schofield Halladay and her husband Chris moved to Southport, N.C., in December. She writes, "Chris has taken early retirement and hopes to spend time in his boat. I hope to spend time painting on the beach." Judith Gandek Bittorf's daughter Jennifer graduated from Vassar College in 2002, and received her master's degree in children's literature from Simmons College in May 2004. Judith's son James graduated from Bucknell University in May 2004, and is at Virginia Tech working on his master's in mechanical engineering.

Three years ago, Darlene Rozzi '86 decided she needed a change in career and scenery, so she applied to the Department of Defense Dependents Overseas schools, landed a job as an educational technologist for DODDS at the U.S. Army Base, and moved to Seoul, South Korea. She learned Korean, climbed the Great Wall of China, visited Beijing, and has enjoyed becoming part of the culture. For work, Rozzi travels often to Japan and Okinawa and she looks forward to a spring trip to Bali and Shanghai. Her new career is quite a switch from her 13 years as an art and computer teacher in South Carolina and adjunct faculty member for Coastal Carolina University in Conway, S.C. Rozzi is pictured with her Korean friend, Choi Eun Ha.


Linda Zelson Marple 11 Crofton Drive Mantua, NJ 08051 [email protected]

Although you will not be reading this article for several months, I am writing it in October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Babs Senker Krug reports that she has started the first of eight chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer. She found a lump in June, had a lumpectomy in August and a mastectomy in September. (January report from Babs is that she is about to finish her treatment. She feels good and has managed to teach everyday except treatment days.) Babs, you are in our thoughts. Let us know how you are doing. For Babs and the other cancer survivors in our class, and those classmates that we have lost, please remember to do self-exams monthly and remember to schedule a mammogram yearly. Let's do what we can to fight breast cancer and all the other cancers. Cindy Livingston wrote that several of our classmates had a mini-reunion in mid-July. Their first and foremost reason was to celebrate Eileen Rosenberg-

Black's very successful two-year mark after a bone marrow transplant--three big cheers for Eileen! In addition to our happy memories, Cindy reminds us that many of the same qualities and personalities that we had 40 years ago are still there. To report just one impression for each of us: Andy Schwartz Waldman­very funny; Ronnie Weinberg Eisen­voice of reason; Eileen RosenbergBlack­mother nature; Judy Little Danneman­lover of animals; Lynne Petrolle Cannon­Ms. Sophisticate; Donna Cohen Scott­dead-right insights; Allison Rossett­master teacher; Cindy Livingston­good-natured. Stay tuned for more info, but this group, Cindy writes, is ready for senior adventures! Eileen Rosenberg-Black reminded me that she transferred to Arcadia (still Beaver to us) as a junior. She remembers having almost the same schedule as Cyndi Scharmann Childs, whom she bumped into on a skiing vacation several years back. Bob and Cyndi visited with the Krugs this fall. Talk about coincidences-- Cyndi's sister is going to be assistant principal in Hatboro Horsham High School, where Babs and Mel's daughter Amanda teaches Spanish.


Louise O'Neil Heermann's son Jason Seraydarian, executive chef at Philadelphia's New Wave Café, is featured in the September issue of Runner's World magazine. Sympathy goes out to Ann Pilert on the loss of her mother this past July. She sends thanks to all of you who had heard of her situation and kept her in your thoughts. Marion (Betsy) Yick Rosenbaum had a great genealogy trip to Lafayette, Ind., and Milford, Ill., to honor the gravesites of her great-great-grandparents. She hopes to publish one of these days. Betsy's youngest stepson, Noah Marlier, just left for a two-year stint in the Peace Corps in Malawi. She says she has finally played enough golf so she now has a handicap and can't cheat anymore. (Betsy, I have a handicap too--no hand-eye coordination!) Betsy and "little sister" Carol Grossman Bowman '70 will reunite in a few weeks on a golf course in the Poconos. Harriet Hix Kraybill is curriculum facilitator for mathematics at Concord High School in New Hampshire. Their daughter recently had identical twin boys, and their son got married last summer. She and her husband Dick just celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary. I loved hearing from so many of you. Stay in touch. See you all at our 40th in '08.


Chris Hill Connell 217 Willowridge Ct. Oakville, ON L6L 5L1 [email protected]

Led by "People to People Ambassador Program," Susan Edwards accompanied a delegation of dispute-resolution professionals to South Africa in November 2004 for a two-week exchange. They studied Africa's emergence from decades of apartheid and South Africa's development of a democratic society. They also observed South Africa's truth and reconciliation programs, and shared ideas with their counterparts. Susan is a family mediator and attorney, and lives in Berwyn. Hope to hear more about this program, Susan. News from Reunion. Susan Rodgers Fleming is a grandma! She has a 6-month-old granddaughter, Edith, who is just gor-

geous. She and husband Rob still live in their beautiful home in Chestnut Hill, and they graciously hosted our Reunion dinner. This has become a tradition for the Class of 1969, and we don't know what we'll do if they move away! Thanks to Sue and Rob from all of us for your generosity and hospitality. Ruth Fireoved Marino has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and has worked for 13 years as coordinator of school psychology. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and three cats. She has traveled to France, Finland and Lapland, and she went to England this past summer for clinical school psychology conferences. She teaches a graduate class at Holy Family University. Susan Ginsberg Berk's oldest daughter, Nancy, teaches 4th grade at a Jewish school. Nancy is getting married in December in Zurich, Switzerland, and is planning to wear Sue's wedding dress. Her second daughter, Lucy, just got her M.Sc. in school psychology. Susan and her husband Lee moved to Santa Fe, N.M., this past June, after 33 years in Boston, Mass. Sue reported that June Mamana is retiring from teaching next year and that Nancy Jo Katz Feinberg teaches high school history. She also sees Patti Brownstein Rothman, who started a computer consulting business. She shared news of Niti Seth Saloway, who is a psychologist and teaches at Cambridge College. Marsha Green Utain works full time as a psychotherapist in private practice and her husband, Arthur, is semi-retired. They live in Long Beach, Calif. Marsha has traveled to Brazil, Hawaii and New York. She still competes in ballroom dancing. Charlene Pulis McClain's husband had double by-pass surgery and is on disability. They are moving to Florida next year. Their oldest son graduated from college in 1998 and will be finishing at Methodist Seminary next year. Their youngest son got married four years ago. Nancy Switzky Goodman has sadly suffered from a stroke since our last Reunion, but she did attend and seems to be doing quite well. Her daughter, also an Arcadia graduate, is a lawyer and has currently suspended her law career to be a stay-at-home mom. Nancy has two grandchildren and

is married to Chuck, who attended the luncheon as well. Linda Klevit Hahn's son Daniel recently got married in Chicago, Ill. Emily Solomon Farrell attended. Both Linda and Emily enthusiastically reported that they danced just like the old days. Elaine Kaplan Schlissel writes, "We have moved from a `done' house in a blue state (New York) to a `fixer upper' in a red state (Georgia). We love the warmer climate and being near our two little granddaughters." We're not finished yet! There's more Reunion news to come. If you have anything you wish to share, no matter how large or small, we are all interested to hear from each other. So please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail.

April Klarman Hand is human resources manager at a small manufacturing company. Her daughter is married and sells real estate and mortgages. April plays tournament bridge all over the country.


Judith Odonovich 44 Voscek Court Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 [email protected]


June 3­5, 2005

Anna Deavere Smith has been busy on screen and in one-woman plays. One of her latest onewoman shows was her portrayal of Elaine Young, a real-estate agent, in "Twilight: Los Angeles," about the city's 1992 riots and her witness to the fires that ensued. She has also appeared in the films "Dave," "The Human Stain" and "The Manchurian Candidate" and on TV's "The West Wing." Anna is a professor at New York


Cynthia Wilson '98 has come full circle. While at Arcadia working on her communications degree, she worked in the Atwood Library and held her first photography show in the gallery there. After graduation, she did freelance work, writing and taking pictures for the Times Publishing Group in Bucks County, and then went back to school to pursue her master's degree in library science. Throughout this past year, she has had photographs in various publications including Philadelphia Magazine, Footwear News and Main Line Life. In addition, she has exhibited her work at the Well Fed Artists Gallery, the Coffee Room Café, and one of her pictures was included in the Philadelphia Sketch Club's PHOTOgraphy 2004 group exhibit. Finally, combining both her love of photography and interest in library science, Wilson is writing a book called I Am a Librarian! The book is a photo essay that captures the diversity of librarians throughout the United States and attempts to divert focus away from the librarian stereotype. Wilson is a Member Support Coordinator with PALINET, a nonprofit library network located in Philadelphia, covering Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and West Virginia. You can view her work at


University and, last fall, presented a lecture-performance in Minnetonka that "explored the relationship of language to identity, to find out who we are in the rhythms, tones and colors of speech." The Reverend Carolyn Gibson Jones is interim worship minister at St. Paul Episcopal Church in Munster, Ind. She was ordained as a priest in 1986, and works alongside her husband, the Reverend Bennett Jones II, who is pastor of St. Paul Episcopal Church. She oversees the music program, is an organist and pianist for the assembly, and fills in at the pulpit when necessary.

what we liked best about our 25th--catching up with each other. Save the date and join us! Interested? Ideas? Please e-mail me and let's get our plans rolling.


Karen Schwartz Scheiner 1216 Liberty Bell Drive Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 [email protected]


Arlene Johnston 7936 Cedarbrook Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19150

Lawrence Knier has been named conductor of the Salisbury Symphony Orchestra (SSO) at Salisbury University. He has more than two decades of conducting experience and has performed as a trombonist with the SSO for 1 1/2 years. As a trombonist, Knier toured with the Glenn Miller Orchestra and performed with the Maryland Symphony and Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.



Agnes Slevin Mauro 8 Ellen Place Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Barbara Kearney 437 Norfolk Street Holliston, MA 01746 [email protected]

From January 5­13, 2005, Marie Duke Murphy took eight students to explore the Costa Rica ecosystems.


Jack Goldman 783 Eaton Road Springfield, PA 19064 [email protected]


Carol J. Muller 121 Timothy Circle Radnor, PA 19087 [email protected]



June 3­5, 2005

Patricia Roberts Lucas P.O. Box 1747 Kaunakakai, HI 96748 Linda Collier Strickland 29 Line Creek Way Sharpsburg, GA 30277 [email protected]

Laurie Silverman Friedell 388 Lexington Street Auburndale, MA 02466-1526 [email protected]

Patricia Mayr Moore

155 Hunt Drive Horsham, PA 19044 [email protected]

Laurie Silverman Friedell and her husband have a 6-year-old daughter in kindergarten. She is a stay-at-home mom, but works part time at an upscale woman's clothing store in Massachusetts. Laurie recently renewed her friendship with freshman roommate Susan Alexander and her husband. Deborah Dancy Ingram writes that she is the North America Domestic Customer Service Leader for Celanese Corp./Ticona Polymers, LLC. Her two daughters are college students, the younger one a freshman at Arcadia! She recently transferred from her home in New Jersey to northern Kentucky. In 2002, Debbie took a trip with classmate Caryn Best to Hawaii. Lisa Drucker Rosenbaum is busy with family life raising her twin boys. She resides in Texas with her husband and sons. Lois Sloan-Novak graduated from Penn's Veterinary School and has a small-animal practice in New Jersey. She was married in 2002. Ellen Sproule Taylor has a daughter and a son in college and is married to Frank, a biology teacher. Ellen is director of Continuing Education and Conference Services at Radford University in Virginia. Andrea Perlman Wolff tells us she is a senior vice president of Healthworld Communications Group, a medical marketing company in Manhattan, N.Y. She is married to a producer at "60 Minutes II" and has a 7-year-old daughter. Jan Steelman Zubak teaches in Haddenfield, N.J. She has been married 23 years and has three sons. One is at Arcadia.


Amy Lemmons Richard 106 Iron Hill Road East Weymouth, MA 02189


Mary Stillman Sundra 2115 Shore Road Northfield, NJ 08225 [email protected]

Class of 1983, where are you? I sent out postcards to each of you looking for news, but no responses. Surely something must be happening in your lives related to travel, career and/or family. Please get in touch me so I can post your news in our column.


David Eatough 11 Tapley Avenue Revere, MA 02151 [email protected] Christine Stepenaski Besack 1 Friendly Lane Levittown, PA 19055 [email protected] Bridget Foley Rincon 5 Lenape Road Flemington, NJ 08822-4637 [email protected]


June 3­5, 2005

Crystal A. Slasor 435 West Krepps Road Xenia, OH 45385 [email protected] Bea Rincon Young 1816 North Shore Court Reston, VA 20190 [email protected]

From co-editor Linda: True to the last 30 years, there is little or no news to report about the class of 1975. Five years ago we gathered at Arcadia for our 25th Reunion. Though the group was relatively small, we had a GREAT time on a beautiful weekend in Glenside. I want to use this space to invite everyone to our 30th Reunion at Arcadia U. on June 3­5, 2005! The Reunion schedule has been updated and refreshed-- proposing activities and time for

Our 25th Reunion took place last June. Here is what we learned about some of our classmates from their Reunion questionnaires: Chris McCrea Krolik is married and has two sons. She was involved in the theatre in New York for a while and even taught theatre at Arcadia. Now she is involved in civic affairs and resides in California. Cheryl Baisden resides in Clarksboro with her partner Victoria in a 175-year-old farmhouse. She worked for 17 years as a newspaper reporter and is managing editor of the New Jersey Lawyer.


YEAR! June 3­5, 2005

Kathy Kidd McNamara 6202 Devonshire Heights Road Harrisburg, PA 19112

Bonnie Sparrow Stevenson lives in Freetown, Mass., with her husband Bill and sons Teddy (5) and Willy (3). She works part time for two veterinarians on the Cape.

Patrice Bologa Pladsen M.A.Ed. has been named principal of the Newtown Elementary School in the Council Rock School District.



Fred Harran 2400 Byberry Road Bensalem, PA 19020-3211 [email protected]

Kathleen Stewart Gorski 4478 Perkiomen Creek Road Collegeville, PA 19426 [email protected]


Fred Hofstetter 7 Hillcrest Drive


Randolph, NJ 07869 [email protected]


Michele Bilofsky Edelson 1410 West Wynnewood Road Ardmore, PA 19003 [email protected]

Hello everyone. Hope that you had a happy and healthy holiday and I wish you a Happy New Year. There has not been too much news to report but I have started teaching art to the kindergarten class at the Phebe Anna Thorne School at Bryn Mawr College. My youngest daughter Rachel attends the school, so it works out for the both of us. I received an e-mail from Bill Goodwin. He and Shawne McGinnis Goodwin '90 excitedly announce the birth of a beautiful baby boy, Jake William, on September 8. Both Shawne and Jake are doing great, as are their daughters Emma (7), Anna (5) and Sophie (3). To add to their year, they have just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. We wish them many blessings with all of their exciting news. Ramona Weber Wilson and her husband Tim are happy to announce that they are expecting their first child in February. Ramona is an instructor at Utah Career College and enjoys teaching anatomy & physiology and biology. Best wishes for you and your new baby!

performing short pieces. My partner and I have written and are writing on the issue of violence (physical, domestic, date rape, bullying, cyber-bullying, etc). We are getting nonprofit status and have a wonderful executive board and a growing advisory board, since we are reaching beyond the arts into the social sciences. In addition, Tonya and I just got a house in Tinton Falls, N.J., and plan to open a theatre school, along with the theatre company, that will begin classes next fall."


Karen Rossi Brager 102 Apple Lane Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054 [email protected]


Alice Visco Jacobs 84 Woodlawn Avenue Chalfont, PA 18914 [email protected]

Shira Rachel Lipton-Yacker writes, "My husband Scott and I have just moved to Forks Township, Northampton County, where our daughter Arielle (5) is attending kindergarten. I teach 7th grade learning support in the Pen Argyl Area School District and welcome the big change in our lives." Congratulations to Scott Vogin who married Nancy Gunther in August. They honeymooned in Walt Disney World. Scott is an unemployment tax agent for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The class sends sympathy to Mike (her husband) and family of Lindsay Parker Neiswender, who died of a sudden illness in August. Lindsay was a kindergarten teacher in the Wissahickon School District before becoming a pharmaceutical sales representative. She enjoyed sailing, sailboat racing, deep sea fishing and cooking.

Heard from Bonnie Melrose who has been teaching for 12 years and currently teaches preschool. Great weddings are usually judged not by the wedding ceremony, but by the reception; by then the bride and groom have calmed down, and can actually enjoy the day. Yet, during the wedding of Angela Marshall and Jason Finnerty, friends and family seemed to be having fun the moment Angie was led down the aisle by her mother. The ushers and the bridesmaids--including Susan Moore '94--beamed brilliantly. It was a pleasure to see Angie so happy. Perhaps that is why there were no tears, but laughter and smiles. The laughter and smiles, of course, proliferated during the reception: a laid-back, but beautiful affair. Those of you who remember Angie will not be surprised to hear that everything at the reception hall matched. Although weddings are huge events, you need not wait for special occasions to contact me. Note that my address and phone number have changed, but my e-mail address is the same. I can't wait to hear from you.

Maria Iaquinto 7373 Ridge Avenue Apt #233 Philadelphia, PA 19128 [email protected] Celia Silvestre Graham 111 Tennis Avenue Ambler, PA 19002 [email protected]


Stacy Lombardi Johnston 109 Westminster Drive North Wales, PA 19454 [email protected]


Sandra Raisch Potts 827 Regency Court Toms River, NJ 08753 [email protected]


June 3­5, 2005

Linda Vandegrift Gazzillo 11 Paxson Avenue Hamilton Square, NJ 08690 [email protected]


Sandy Menzak 46 Sam Bonnell Drive Clinton, NJ 08809 [email protected] Brandi Taggart 117 East Laurel Road, 2nd Floor Stratford, NJ 08084 [email protected]

Joe Madia has exciting news to share. "My closest friend has joined my wife Tonya and me in starting a theatre company. We have been rehearsing with 20 of our most talented teenage students (one of whom is seriously considering Arcadia's theatre program!). Next spring, we will tour the state (and hopefully beyond),


My second (and hopefully latest of many to come!) article has run in the November issue of ePregnancy. The piece on "Embryo Donation" was the first one I ever successfully pitched directly to the editor on my own, without a liaison or foot in the door. Because it was such a weighty subject matter, it was also the hardest thing I've ever written. It was originally slated for the January 2005 issue, but I was happily surprised to open my mailbox and see my piece listed on the COVER! Talk about an ego boost. Congratulations are also in store for Heather Kubic, who was married to Michael Skapyak last April in the English Gardens at Newberry Estates in Dallas, Texas. Heather is a designer with Highland Associates in Clarks Summit. Michael is a prepress specialist with Panel Prints, Old Forge.

Adam Chosed '96, M.Ed. '01 earned a Pa. Certification for Reading Specialist in 2003. This is in addition to the Pa. Certifications that he has for elementary education and for special education. Adam continues to teach at the Silver Springs-Martin Luther School in Plymouth Meeting. Kellie Jablon was married last January 31, 2004 to Tom Lewis '93. She recently received her Webmaster's Certificate from Penn State University. Congratulations to Karen Woodeshick Orkin and her husband David, who proudly announce the birth of their son, Connor Gabriel, on October 11, 2004. They live in West Chester, Chester County. Karen adds, "Connor is constantly doing things that make his parents laugh and smile." Carrie Allgeier will be married on April 16 to Rob Cardillo, a Penn State grad and engineer.


Tracy Reed 1024 C Fox Chase Road Jenkintown, PA 19046 [email protected]

Jenyfer Blatt Kennedy 834 W. 65th Avenue Apt. B Philadelphia, PA 19126 [email protected]


June 3­5, 2005

Rachel Glaser '97, '99 MSPT has been working for Sacred Heart Visiting Nurses for over one year and for Sacred Heart Health Care Systems since 2000. She recently bought a home in the west end of Allentown. She adds, "Yi Lu '99 MSPT and I took our third vacation together and went to Italy. Last year we cruised to Bermuda and in 2002 we traveled to China." On November 21, Adam Hyman competed in the 27th marathon of his career and the 7th time running in Philadelphia. He suffers from Zollinger-Ellison


syndrome; his system produces too much acid and he must carefully watch what he eats before a race and cannot eat or drink at all during a race. Over the years he has endured 16 operations, including the removal of his stomach and 90 percent of his small intestine. In spite of his setbacks, Adam continues to train and push himself to the limits of endurance. Adam is a nurse in the oncology unit at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Cheryl Lyman M.Ed. is a business education teacher at William Tennent High School in Warminster. In October, she was named a semifinalist in an annual contest sponsored by Technology and Learning magazine. The contest identifies teachers nationwide who integrate cutting-edge technology with learning experiences for students. Nicole Ackerman and Peter Stuckey were married in July 2004. Peter is an engineer and Nicole works as a loan officer in Arlington, Va. They were married at the Hyatt Dulles in Virginia and they spent their honeymoon in Grand Cayman.

clinic, Monroe Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation, in Trumbull, Conn. The state-of-theart clinic specializes in adult and pediatric orthopedic injuries.


Heather Goodman Brown and Jarod are happy to announce their marriage on September 12, 2004 in Balboa Park's Rose Garden, San Diego, Calif. They reside in San Diego, Calif.

Since graduation, I have been working at SEI Investments in the brokerage department, trading stocks and bonds. Professors like Mr. Brinker and Dr. Morra must be doing something right at Arcadia, because I had no other background in the field other then

what I learned in the classroom. I recently got engaged to a man I met on New Year's Eve 1999, Salvatore Donato. He proposed to me in August 2004 at sunset on the beach while vacationing in Maui. It was quite a moment to remember. We are looking forward



June 3­5, 2005

Tricia Kershner Luddecke 4637 Acton Ct. Bensalem, PA 19020 [email protected]


TaraJean Tweddle Trzaskawka 71 Hawthorne Lane Levittown, PA 19055 [email protected]

Gretchen Hubbard Glenn LSW was married in September 2003 to Ryan Glenn, and they live in the Willow Grove area. She obtained her master's degree in social work from Rutgers University in 2000, and is the social worker for a Parkinson's Disease Center in Philadelphia. Colleen Waldron Ronkowski and Frayne Ronkowski are proud to announce the birth of a baby boy, Brayden Francis Ronkowski. He was born on March 14, 2004 in New Jersey. After graduation, Holly Salloga went to the Pennsylvania College of Optometry and served her residency at the Wilmington Veterans Administration Hospital. She focused on ocular disease. Holly is a member of the American Academy of Optometry, American Optometric Association and Delaware Optometric Association. In 2003, she joined Simon Eye Associates. Raymond Weitekamp MSPT and two colleagues opened a new

Hi Everyone! I hope you enjoyed the holiday season. In July, Christopher Conklin graduated from PCOM with his M.S. in organizational developmental leadership. Chris and his wife, Emily Bergson-Shilcock, reside in Ft. Washington. Don Pullano MAE is the new principal at Coeburn Elementary School in the Penn Delco School District. He previously taught English at Sun Valley High School and was principal at Parkside Elementary School. Now that the renovations are completed, Kurt and I enjoyed hosting our first holiday party in our new home. Besides home remodeling, I kept myself busy this fall teaching parasitology at Manor College. On November 20, I was back at Arcadia for a Reunion workshop. It was nice to see some of you there. Just a reminder to save the date for our 5-year Reunion this June 3­5.

Kelly Paulin Neal '00 married Jason Neal on May 22, 2004. Pictured left to right: Angela Davis Stokes '01, Beth Wrable McNichol '00, bride Kelly and groom Jason, Leah Arbeter '00 and Dr. Shelly Chvotzkin '98.


Jennifer Bach 1370 Kilmington Court Alpharetta, GA 30004 [email protected] Mandy Schorle 1114 Cathedral Lane Norristown, PA 19403 [email protected]

Bridghet Fisher writes, "I love to read the updates in the Herald, so I thought I would add my story.

Katie O'Connor O'Brien '00 and Pat O'Brien were married on August 28, 2004 in Philadelphia. Pat works as an OR nurse at FrankfordTorresdale Hospital and Katie is a psychiatric office coordinator for the Albert Einstein Healthcare Network. Arcadia friends in attendance were Jennifer O'Connor '02 (maid of honor) and Tom Glaze '01 (usher), Emily Bergson-Shilcock '00 (bridesmaid) and Chris Conklin '00, Kurt '98 and Trisha Kershner Luddecke '00 and Dottie and Bob Ettinger from Arcadia's Psychology Department. The couple honeymooned in Walt Disney World, although their time was cut short due to hurricane Frances. They reside in Northeast Philadelphia. Pictured left to right: Pat and Katie O'Brien, and Jennifer O'Connor and Tom Glaze.


to buying a home together and planning a wedding. Sal has two sisters, Anna and Angela, and two brothers, Ralph '98 and Tony '03. Although Sal did not attend Arcadia, both his brothers are alumni. Each of us is from a different graduating class, with a different major, and each of us has a different experience to share about college. This University has established a foundation for my career, but also has strong ties into my personal life." Chris Ubbens writes in September, "This past weekend was the Emmy Awards and, unfortunately, I did not win my first Emmy. I was runner up to an NCAA basketball show produced by Fox Sports. Even though I did not bring home the statue, I am still honored to have been nominated for such an award." Sara Ganougn MSPA married Brian White last May in Wilmington, Del. Sara is a physician assistant for Delaware Family Care Associates and Brian is manager of product development for Clark Cooper Division in Cinnaminson, N.J. They live in Wilmington with their Golden Retriever, Buddy. We send sympathy to the family of Charles Ziccardi MAC, who died in August. Chad was a training specialist for Certa Pro

Painters. His hobbies included a fascination with cars, woodturning and dancing.


Tiffany Miller Strahan 4101 Fawn Square Apt. M Harrisburg, PA 17112 [email protected]

Melanie Kerstetter and Keith Hollowell are planning a spring 2005 wedding. Melanie supervises the Denver office of Basciano, Hickes and Byers Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation of Lancaster.


Congratulations to Trae Rigby and Katherine Joy Fawcett, who were married on July 31. They live in Hatfield. Trae works for a home building company in the Philadelphia area and Katherine entered the school psychologist master's program at Lehigh University in August. Nicole Sims was recently engaged to Steve Houghton '04. They will spend five months traveling to Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia starting in November 2004. They are planning a November 2006 wedding.

Bre Donnelly Catawba College 2300 West Innes Street Salisbury, NC 28144 [email protected] Erica Fajge 50 Legacy Oaks Drive Richboro, PA 18954 [email protected] Katy McGowan 504 Farnsworth Ave. Bordentown, NJ 08505 [email protected]

Jordan Cupelli 928 Water Street Lebanon, PA 17046 [email protected] KerryAnn Braunstein Smith 845 Girard Avenue Lansdale, PA 19446 [email protected]



Corinne Royer Greskiewicz '02 and Jonathan Greskiewicz '99 were married on October 22, 2004 at Landis Valley Museum in Lancaster. They reside in Swarthmore. Shara Sweitzer '02 and Nicole Sims '02 were among the six bridesmaids. Justin Greskiewicz '06 was a best man, and John Cryan '99 and Kevin Hagan '00 were among the groomsmen. Melissa Thomas '99, Michael Thomas '99, Amy Heinlein '00 and Matthew Anderson '99, Shawn '00 and Molly Reimer Benning '00, Jennifer O'Connor '02, Tom Glaze '01, Steve Houghton '04, Lisa Brown '02, Elizabeth Bruccoleri '02, Erin Stieber '02, Cheryl Holmes '02, Leann Tumminia '02 were among the 160 guests. Jon and Corinne honeymooned in Los Cabos, Mexico.

(Katy) Hey Folks! These past few months since graduation have certainly flown by, and already many of you are enjoying new and exciting experiences. Lisa Forberg has moved into a new apartment in Jenkintown while she attends Temple University's masters program in social work. Christy Guinan and Heather Miller '03 have rented a house in New Jersey. Christy will be teaching third grade at an elementary school in Neptune, N.J., as a longterm substitute. Keep your fingers crossed that it turns into a fulltime position! Jeff Liano works at Towers Perrin as a training associate. Jason Gaynor works for the BBEST program through Arcadia and teaches at Edmund Elementary School in Philadelphia, while he finishes his masters in education. He plans to stay active in the Arcadia Special Athletes Association. I (Bre) have experienced a big change in my life--I recently moved to Salisbury, N.C., for a job at Catawba College as an area coordinator and assistant to the director of student activities. It was a big move, but I love everything about my job! It's exciting because I get to experience the other side of college life, but I certainly miss everything from Pennsylvania (especially Wawa and cheese steaks!). I have an apartment on campus in one of the residence halls. My apartment is actually MUCH larger than I anticipated. It's very exciting, and

I'm decorating/furnishing it little by little. Hi everyone (Erica). Since our last update, graduates have been keeping busy. I recently obtained a new position as a writer/editor for Atlantic Security International Investigations, Inc. (ASIII), a private investigations and consulting firm in Bensalem, while still taking graduate classes at Temple. I really enjoy the job and love using the writing and editing skills I gained as a print communications major and Writing Center consultant at Arcadia. I also work in the mornings for Medallion School Partnerships, where I have been placed at Churchville Elementary School in Churchville as a program assistant for their beforeschool enrichment program. Dave Paone tells me that he has been working as a mental health therapist at Milestones Partial Hospital in Glenside since graduation. He had actually interned there his senior year and then secured the job. A very active member of extracurricular activities at Arcadia, Dave still keeps connected by working as a certified coach with the Special Athletes Association, an organization he was involved with as a student. Dave Owens recently secured a job as a technical aide, working with computers, at a local high school. Good job, everyone! Finally, it is with great sadness that we inform you of the untimely death of our fellow classmate Lauren Joceville. Lauren died on October 4, after struggling for the past six months to overcome the cancer that took her health in the end. But it never took her spirit. Lauren was a model educator, beloved friend, fantastic organizer, and just one of those people you are glad you had the chance to meet. Her passing has left a hole in many hearts.

Items in Class Notes have been compiled from reports by your Class Editors, newspaper articles and the notes you make on your Business Reply Envelope Forms. The Alumni Office reserves the right to edit information as space allows.



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