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Board News

· Claiborne Perrilliat has been re-elected as President of the Board of The Catholic Foundation. Also reelected were Vice-President John J. Weiler, Secretary John "Jack" Dardis, and Treasurer Michael E. Nolan. · Archbishop Hughes has appointed Emmett B. Chapital, Jr., M.D., MBA, Mason G. Couvillon, James C. Exnicios, Brian W. North, Leon J. Reymond, III, and Mark C. Surprenant to the Board of Directors. · Betty Lauricella and Jack Dardis were honored at the People For Others Luncheon on January 28th , 2007 sponsored by the Jesuits of the New Orleans Providence. · Jerry Reso awarded the Jerome Reso Scholarship to Dustin Hoffpauir, a senior at St. Stanislaus College. · Joseph S. Exnicios, chairperson of the Archbishop's Community Appeal, successfully met the ACA 2006 goal of $1.25 million!


· Jack and Ann Dardis were recently featured on the cover of the Legatus Magazine. Mr. and Mrs. Dardis, along with three of their children who have religious vocations were featured in a story about nurturing vocations. · John Weiler was voted as one of the top tax attorneys in New Orleans by fellow lawyers published in the magazine Super Lawyers.

March 2007


Parish and School Endowments

Are pastors thinking about the future?

dents. We feel that we are preparing for the future by s of 2006, The Catholic Foundation established 50 continuing to grow our endowment." endowments for the benefit of 21 parishes and 31 Frosch also enjoys working with the Catholic schools. Endowment funds in the Catholic Foundation while her school's endowment fund grows. Foundation now total 104 with a value at the end of 2006 "The staff at The Catholic Foundation has been wonderful of over $18 million. to work with. Peter Quirk is always available to answer In addition to the parish and school endowments, the our questions...We are also extremely pleased with the rate Foundation has in place endowments for Catholic of return on our investment." Charities, Second Harvest Food Bank, Notre Dame Endowment funds are put into the Archdiocesan Seminary, Boys Hope/Girls Hope, Affordable Housing at Investment Pool which is invested for long term Wynhoven and Metairie Manor, Aged and growth of principal. At the close of the 2006 Infirmed Priests, St. Joseph Abbey, and Chateau fiscal year, endowments had an investment de Notre Dame. Endowment funds can be used growth of 11.1%. Growth in excess of the five for needs such as: Church and school operations percent distributed is reinvested in the fund to and maintenance costs, scholarships and tuition grow the principal fund balance. The support, early childhood development, and supArchdiocesan Investment Pool is managed by a plemental pay for teachers. group of professionals who are volunteers with Father Rodney Bourg, previously the pastor skills in this area. The Investment Committee at St. Luke the Evangelist in Slidell, who recentmeets quarterly and reviews the performance of ly was named pastor of Most Holy Trinity parish the investment managers to insure that the in Covington, is very happy that his parish Rev. Rodney Bourg funds are meeting or exceeding expectations. decided to start an endowment fund. To assist parishes and schools in establishing "The endowment was established to begin endowments, members of the Catholic Foundation Board saving for our permanent church which was going to be and staff routinely conduct will and estate planning seminecessary with the large increase of population to the nars, present services of the Catholic Foundation to parish Northshore. I have been satisfied with the performance of and finance councils and/or school boards, handle stock the endowment so far." He also offers some words to the transactions and sale of real estate. The Catholic parishioners about the endowment fund, "I encourage our Foundation offers several ways to establish an Endowment parishioners to see that we were trying to make the best Fund including bequest in a will, a memorial to honor a use of the funds for the best return." family member, priest or influential school leader, donation Also having created an endowment, Jane Ann Frosch, of real estate in which the proceeds are deposited in a President of Archbishop Chapelle High School started an parish or school fund, and individual donation of cash or endowment for scholarship and tuition assistance and for stocks. future financial stability. For further information about starting an endowment "The establishment of an endowment for our school is fund, please contact Bob Menard, Director of Planned providing some measure of financial stability. It allows Giving, 504-596-3043, [email protected], or constituents to make small donations that when pooled Peter Quirk, Executive Director, 504-596-3063. with other small donations have a huge impact on our stu-

The Foundation is happy to welcome Allison Russell as the new public relations coordinator. Allison is a graduate of Academy of the Sacred Heart, has a Bachelor of Arts from Tulane University, and Masters of Science in Public Relations from University of Southern Mississippi.


Claiborne W. Perrilliat President John J. Weiler Vice President

Most Reverend Alfred C. Hughes Chairman of the Board


7887 Walmsley Avenue New Orleans, LA 70125-3496

The Catholic Foundation

Brian E. Adorno Sr. Anthony Barczykowski, D.C. Reverend Rodney P. Bourg Emmett B. Chapital, Jr., M.D. Mason G. Couvillon John J. Devlin John "Jack" L. Donahue Brandt J. Dufrene John L. Eckholdt James C. Exnicios Joseph S. Exnicios James C. Farrelly Frank A. France Joan E. Gaulene Patricia T. Hotard Steven J. Hubbell James R. Kelly Norman R. Kerth Thomas M. Kitchen Reverend Philip G. Landry Pierre F. Lapeyre James E. LaPorte David J. Lukinovich Larry L. McNamara Most Reverend Roger P. Morin, V.G. Brian W. North Larry D. Oney Leon K. Poché, Jr. Leon J. Raymond, III Sharon Ryan Rodi*

John "Jack" Dardis Secretary Michael E. Nolan Treasurer

STAFF Peter R. Quirk* Robert L. Menard Madelyn O'Brien Allison T. Russell EMERITUS MEMBERS Rodney J. Abele, Jr.* Lawrence J. Baldwin John D'Arcy Becker* Rev. Msgr. Francis G. Boeshans William F. Finegan* T. Hartley Kingsmill* Betty V. Lauricella* Paul A. Nalty* Michael O. Read* Jerome J. Reso, Jr.* Leon J. Reymond, Jr.* Albert J. Wetzel* John A. Rouchell M. Gordon Stevens III Mark C. Surprenant Lloyd A. Tate* Sr. Suellen T. Tennyson, M.S.C. Mary Ann Valentino Earl L. Weiser Dr. Everett J. Williams Sally B. Wolfe Charles E. Young

*Past President


Non Profit Orgn. U.S. Postage PAID New Orleans, LA Permit No. 324



riginally from Jackson, Mississippi, Caroline Finegan wants to actively support local businesses in New Orleans, starting with the church. With her husband of 14 years, Doug, they have two children, a son at Stuart Hall and a daughter at McGehee's. The Finegans feel that giving back to the community is not only recommended, it is an obligation. "We wouldn't be here if we didn't. We're acting for the local Catholic Church." The Finegan's also felt that giving back to the church was a way of thanking what the church did and is doing for the city. "The Caroline and Doug Finegan church did so much for me," started their Donor Advised Family Fund in 2004.They Doug said, "I want to see my give to their children's schools, children continue to thrive." Local businesses are Catholic Charities and their important to The Finegans. church.

Local Love



Caroline and Doug Finegan Give Back with a Donor Advised Family Fund

When the Finegans decided to start a Donor Advised Family Fund, they went with the local Catholic Foundation to benefit the New Orleans Catholic Church. "The local aspect is very important," Caroline reiterated. The Finegans found they were already donating money to their children's schools and decided to start being smart about how they give, and started a Donor Advised Family Fund at The Catholic Foundation. "If you're regularly making donations, it's the smarter way to give." Doug is happy about how easy having the fund at The Catholic Foundation is. "It is very easy. Filling out the forms is as easy as writing a check. They respond faster, offer personal service, and are helpful for tax return purposes." Doug continued to explain the ease of the fund, "I call Bob. The donations are timed with tax deductions. They maintain a history of where money has been given and they know all the ins and outs. It's a smart way to give." Doug and Caroline started their Donor Advised Family Fund in 2004 . They give funds to their children's schools, Catholic Charities and their church.

The Catholic Foundation is happy to share the following disbursements in 2006:

Young People Pro-Life

2006 Numbers


(elementary, secondary & college education, scholarships, Scouting, Summer Witness, troubled youth)

$1,814,229 $442,674

Families Elderly Parish Support Evangelization Vocations Missions Katrina Medical Research

(community centers, food banks & food programs, homelessness) (health care, anti-poverty, senior citizen centers, nursing homes)

$419,631 $271,000


$165,474 $107,750 $176,432 $38,500 $34,820

Will Seminars can be an excellent way to make sure parishioners, alumni and friends are making their final wishes known before they pass away. It is also an excellent way for parishioners to learn how they can keep giving to the church after they die. Every person needs a will to ensure that their final wishes will be granted. The Catholic Foundation offers Will Seminars, as comprehensive Catholic end of life planning seminars, to parishes so that the parishioners will know about wills and final wishes. Recently, St. Edward the Confessor church in Metairie offered a will seminar to their parishioners. About 90 people went to St. Edward to hear Brian Adorno discuss wills, charitable gifting and estate planning. The discussion's main topic covered was the necessity of a will. Also covered were topics such as: probate laws, a properly written will, life insurance, living wills, charitable bequests and property inheritance, among others. Afterwards, many of the attendees asked for additional information about will planning and writing, where they can get the additional help and planned giving. Overall, the parish was excited to host the seminar. The seminar had a phenomenal turnout and extremely informative to the people," said Fr. Philip Landry, pastor of St. Edward the Confessor. "The parishioners were

Will and Estate Planning Seminars

extremely willing to consider the Church as well as the parish in their wills. It was a very successful event for the parish." Brian Adorno speaks at St. Edward the "The purConfessor about the importance of having a pose of will will prepared. seminars is to help people with estate planning," said Peter Quirk, the Executive Director of the Catholic Foundation. "It is to provide information and education about wills." As a service offered by the Catholic Foundation, Will Seminars are a way to get the word out the Catholic Community of how to protect their property after their death. Will Seminars are easy, free, and an excellent way to reach the Catholic Community about their rights and the proper ways to write a will. By reaching the parishioners, they will be more informed and their estates protected when God calls them home.






The candidate should be a Catholic layperson(s) who possess high moral character and exemplary values, and who has rendered unselfish volunteer service to the institutions and programs of the Archdiocese of New Orleans. The award will be given at The Catholic Foundation's Annual Dinner on October 18, 2007. Nomination forms may be found on our website ( or by calling Allison at (504) 310-6981.


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