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Music for the Revised Roman Missal

to be available in commonly used English hymnals, periodical missals and supplements (All will contain the ICEL English chants and the Cantus Missae Latin chants.)

OCP (Today's Missal and Breaking Bread, Advent, 2011) - 3 revised Mass settings ­ Creation, Heritage, and Mass of Glory - 4 new Mass settings ­ Christ the Savior, Resurrection, Renewal, St. Paul -OCP also offers Revised Order of Mass Booklet (free to those parishes that have purchased an OCP hymnal during the last five years) with 3 additional Mass settings: Celtic (revised), Immigrants (revised bilingual), and St. Cecilia (new bilingual), but not the Mass of Creation. or Latin chants -Several other new and revised settings are also offered, but annual reprint license would need to be purchased to provide music for the congregation. (No "Mass cards)

WLP (We Celebrate, Seasonal Missalette, Word and Song, Advent, 2011) - 4 revised Mass settings ­ Redemption, People's, Paul VI, and Praise and Thanksgiving - 1 new Mass setting - Mass for Our Lady - Gloria (chant style)- 1 new (Gloria Simplex) and 1 revised (Gloria for Christmastime) (Word and Song will also contain a new setting by Bolduc and the revised Mass of Creation.) - WLP also offers an Order of Mass Booklet with the revised Mass of Redemption. -Several other new and revised settings are also offered, including Mass cards for the congregation which may be purchased or obtained free of charge for subscribers to WLP periodical worship aids.

GIA ­ New editions of Worship, Gather, and Lead Me Guide Me will be available in 2011. For example, Gather, Third Edition will contain (tentatively): -9 new complete Mass settings including Joy and Peace, New World, Storrington, Black Mountain, Age to Age, Glendalough, Pacem, Unity, and One Holy Faith (bi-lingual) -6 revised settings of the Gloria including Creation, Light, Jubilation, Holy Name of Jesus, and settings by Lee and Andrews. -9 revised settings of the Eucharistic Prayer Acclamations including Creation, Plenty, Emmanuel, Light, German, Land of Rest, Community, Jubilation, and Angels and Saints. Several other new and revised settings are also offered, including Mass cards for the congregation which may be purchased. - GIA also offers a Revised Order of Mass Supplement (free to those parishes that have purchased a GIA hymnal during the past seven years. This will contain only revised settings (tentative list): -10 revised complete Mass settings including Creation, Light, Community, Remembrance, Jubilation, Emmanuel, German, Land of Rest, Angels and Saints, and Life of the World (bi-lingual) -3 revised settings of the Gloria by Andrews, Lee, and Chepponis

Liturgical Press ­ -Offering Lift Up Your Hearts, a Mass supplement containing 7 new Mass settings by Le Blanc, Strassburger, Krubsack, Hunstiger, Vogt, Ruff, and the Collegeville Composers Group. -Information not yet available on the settings to be available in Celebrating the Eucharist or Sacred Song

This information is accurate as of March, 2011. For more current information, contact the publishers directly.


Responses from 50 parishes in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis Settings listed are known by at least 10% of responding parishes An asterisk indicates that revised versions are or will be available. Revised settings in bold are recommended.


GIA 86% ­ Mass of Creation* 50% ­ Mass of Light* 26% ­ Mass of Remembrance* 12% ­ Gloria of the Bells 10% - Congregational Mass (Lee)* (chant) (10 others listed) OCP 12% - Glory to God (John Foley) 10% - Mass of a Joyful Heart* 10% - Heritage Mass* 10% - Anderson 10% - Mass of God's Promise* (10 others listed) WLP 10% - Mass of Praise and Thanksgiving (Joncas)* (5 others listed)


GIA 88% ­ Mass of Creation* 42% ­ Mass of Remembrance* 38% ­ Mass of Light* 12% - Community Mass* (14 others listed) OCP 60% ­ St. Louis Jesuits 16% - Mass of Glory* 14% - Mass of God's Promise* 14% - Heritage Mass* 12% - Celtic Mass* 10% - Mass of a Joyful Heart* 10% - Mass of Hope (5 others listed) WLP 44% ­ Sanctus from People's Mass (Vermulst)* / Danish Memorial and Amen 14% - Mass of Praise and Thanksgiving* (4 others listed)


Music for the Revised Roman Missal by OCP, WLP, and GIA

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