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Thursday, August 8,1991

Victim's mother says justice

By Rosalie Gross "Justice is so lopsided," said Rose DeMarzo, mother of murdered Michelle DeMarzo, whose killer, Neil Costanzo, will be paroled in a month, "They send a message that you can get away with murder." Costanzo, 31, will be released from prison Sept 10 after two unsuccessful parole hearings in the last five years. He had been sentenced to a 27- to 35-year term after pleading guilty Oct 11,1978 to murdering his former girlfriend June 20, 1978, just hours after Michelle, 18, attended the annual yearbook signing party at Cranford High School. PoliceXapt: Harry Wilde who had commanded the-investigation,said the murder in which DeMarzo's body was found mutilated at the Conservation Center with a 4 V^-foot tree limb and a slat from a picket fence, was "probably the most violent tragedy that ever occurred here." Wilde, the county prosecutor's office and the DeMarzo family, are objecting tothedecision to release Costanzo by the nine-member state, parole board. The former township resident w,ill reside with his brother in Stantoh, a rural community in Hunterdon County; Residents there, including a former^eranford;resident, who jnoved the£e 14 months ago; have started a petition drive objecting to his placement in that community. Mrs. DeMarzo, who had not been notified by officials about the parole board's action, said she learned of last week's decision when a friend read ifr4h newspapers Saturday, She said prosecutors had told her


"someday he'll come out," but she still found news accounts of his release "a big surprise." She had written a letter to the parole board last, month along with lengthy letters from her daughters, Patricia Messinger in Texas and Denise Rosetti in Cranford. "No one knows what goes on in the parole board,".she said. "It's a secret cult..The victims should have more of a say. Why couldn't I appear. He has all the privileges..The parole board doesn't know who I am." She added, "How could they let him walk the streets after such a brutal thing." MrsJ)eMar2o^aidJherJiusbandtJBatrk,j68,±as_beenJn_ailLngJieaJthI. We're the primarily attributable to the murder and its aftermath,--"Wp'wv-rtio victims forever,"-she said. "We've had it rough. I don't want anyone to have the life we've had." Douglas Chiesa, deputy executive director of the parole board, said Monday that .Costanzo.had.met. the "sfetuatoty_ criteria" for-biing released. These include "the substanial unlikelihood of criminal activity" and that he had "satisfied the punitive aspects of his sentence." Chiesa said, the board "has to be satisfied that he met those criteria." He said information about Costanzo's counseling and otherprison programs are confidential. ' v Costanzo had been denied parole initially in 1986, after Mr. DeMarzo collected more than 12,000 signatures on a petition, and again last . (Please turn to Page A-5)

Guertin appointed first public safety director

By Cheryl Moulton "We have a lot of work ahead of Guertin, 52, following his appointment Tuesday as the township's first public safety director. The Township Committe vote, launching the consolidation of police and fire departments under one Jeader, - was - 4rO.... Committeeman Dan Aschenbach, who had opposed the consolidation, was absent due to vacation. Capt Harry Wilde, 50, was affirmed as Guertin's successor,' with formal vote due Aug. 27. Although" Guertin assumes his new duties immediately, he will continue also as police chief until Sept 1 when his retirement from that'post is effective. Guertin will receive a $49,000 annual pension after 30 years- service as a police officer, in addition to receiving an as yet unspecified salary, between $70,000 and $72,000 pel" year, as public safety director. Governing body members went into closed session Tuesday night to iron out details of Guertin's salary but have "not come to decision as of yet" As chief Guertin made $65,000 per year. ' . Wilde's salary, who earns $56,717 as captain, will be less than $65,000 since the chiefs adminstfative duties will be lessened under the new concept, actor the township, which later was changed after the police and fire lent Association. He arid his wife, Diane, have one daughter, Jodi. Wilde, born in Kenilworth, has been a residenTof"CranfordT6T30 years and a member of the police department for 27 years. He holds a bachelor's degree in public safe-, ty administration from William Paterson College and an associ: ate's degree in criminal justice from Union County College where he was a adjunct professor in the subject from 1973 to 1982. A police captain since 1982, Wilde has been lauded as a police officer and for service to the community. 1990 cecipient of the Martin Luther King Award for significant contribution to the advancement of civil human rights, Wilde IQG lod-community olYo drug awareness through the town's Common^He is also a member of the board of governors of UCC, vide president of the Police Athletic League, a member of Cranford Booster Club and past director of Cranford Jaycees. His wife, Joan, is an English teacher at Cranford High School. Sons Russell and Stephen are both Cranford police officers.

Robert Guertin Harry Wilde chief positions were left in place wouiaTesuff in savings of $225,000 Cost savings estimates <iic based and has taken public administraon attrition, considering those eli- tion courses at Kean College plus gible to retire. Force has indi- courses at Rutgers and Northcated major savings would take western universities and at the place in the administrative area. county and state police acadThe cost of the new police com- emies. He served in the Army Naputer system and installation of tional Guard and has remained the state-mandated 911 system active in the Policemen's Benevocould cancel those savings*, Guertin joined the department in 1961, serving in the patrol and Photo by Daryl Stone traffic .divisions prior to becoming a sergeant assigned first to traffic COLD FEET? Christine Campbell, 3 Vz, changes her mind on and then operations and planning diving board at Orange Avenue Pool but swimmers' aide Tara in the administrative division. He Klebaur, 12, is there to help. became chief of police in 1979, Kathy Gordon of Basking Ridge, succeeding Chief Matthew Haney. a licensed psychotherapist and A lifelong resident of Cranford, high school guidance counselor, is he is a graduate of Cranford High the new student assistance counSchool and Union County College selor at Cranford High School. cording to Mayor Ed Force. She has been hired to replace AnThe appointment came after al- gelo Pierri and has been on the most a year of exploration into job several weeks. the public safety department conShe also will provide counseling cept Initial reaction to consolida- for township and school board Local government officials By Cheryl Moulton the park. The existing Hanson or- tion was less than encouraging employees. must file financial disclosure The Township Committee has chards and gardens will be pre- among the rank and file who Gordon, who has been a guidstatements with the municipalgiven the go-ahead for a "bare served, including a rare tree in feared loss of the* chiefs' positions ance counselor at Sparta High i t y by Aug. 19. Page. A-5 bones" plan' to renovate Hanson the rear of the park. " ~ which subsequently were rePark on Springfield Avenue into a Parking was adjusted to accom-- tained. Many police and firemen she is "very enthusiastic" about passive retreat after several false modate those utilizing Hanson still are not comfortable with the her position here. "The-timing is starts'failed to meet approval. The house or the park itself, with a perfect," she said of her recent project will be financed by state total of eight spaces, three located changes associated with a public appointment by the Township Cranford eighth graders' resafety department, but have deGreen Acres funding at 2-percent on the side of the building near sults on the state's new "early cided to "go along" with the con- Committee. "It's so right for me." interest The state allocated the condominiums. warning" High School Proficept despite their apprehensions, The new counselor said one of $258,000 to Cranford for Hans'on A 4-1 informal vote was in favor ciency Test are on Page A-3. Force said he hoped to have the her first plans is to start a support Park at the reduced interest rate, of going forward with a field tohowever all the funds may not be pography, soil erosion tests, sedi- public safety department in place group fqrparents. She has operated a private!psyneeded to complete the project"-~-~ mentation tests and preliminary by September, but did not indicate when the anticipated chotherapy practice since 1986, The saga of the Hanson house permits. Raupp said the proposed $163,000 in cost savings would be specializing in the treatment of A resident who started carvand adjacent parkland made park "probably" would start in the realized. In early spring a special families and adolescents. She also ing wildfowl as a hobby only headway several weeks ago when fall following public hearing and two years ago has won a thirdhas given community presentathe Township Committee heard a final vote at the Township Com- committee, which included Force tions on topics such as parenting place award in recent world and Guertin among others, deterpresentation from Gordon Raupp mittee's Aug. 27 meeting at 8 p.m. competition...Several residents mined a public safety department and substanceabuse; of Kinsey Associates. While have. graduated from Rutgers Raupp has presented several and Kean. Page A-8. plans for use of the park and grounds of the Hanson house, this plan sparked the interest of the governing body because costs . Music will waft downtown four evenings thanks years locally, and at the Jersey Shore. "Mr. AbraAzure Assembly of Order of could be kept down. to Cranford Downtown Management Corp. A ham" is the band director at Manasquan High Rainbow for Girls will sponsor Although initially many more weekly summer concert series will begin tomor- School and a fine musician. Both are former winits final car wash for the sumners of the Kean College Jaia Competition. elaborate features were incorporow at 5:30 p.m. at the new Eastman Plaza. mer Saturday from 9 a.m. to. I rated into proposed plans for the Slingerland, originally from Cranford; studied First to appear will be the Hat Trick Jazz Band, p.m. in the parking lot of the park, the cost of such an endeavor with leader Mike Bell on guitar, Alan Abraham on with Fred Amend and Charlie Leeds. "As a freeMasonic Temple, South Avwas not feasible due to fiscal redrums, Roger Parent on bass and Frank Slinger- lance musician, I play all styles, but jazz is my enue and Thomas Street N straints. However, elders did . land''on tenor sax. The band will feature songs primary love," he said. agree "it was. tinie to get the All concerts are free. Residents, commuters and from the be-bop, big band and cool jazz eras. project off' the ground sending Hat Trick has been performing throughout New passers-by are invited to bring lawn chairs to 'Raupp back to the drawing board Eastman Street, which will be closed to through Jersey for seven years, mainly in nightclubs and Classified C-l to C-12 to come up with the most he traffic. Additional seating will be available in for special affairs. Editorials A-4 could for the least dollars. When -- Bell instructed many on guitar at the Musical Eastman Plaza. Entertainment A-10 to A-13 Raupp returned most of the Refreshments will be sold at the concerts. Italian Discount Center, Garwood. He studied jazz at Garwood A-8J "niceties" had been eliminated Berklee ih Boston and under the direction of the ices from Sweet Dreams Cafe; iced teas and coffee Kenilworth .A-6 from the previous plan. late Harry Leahy. Throughout his musical career, from Ahrre's Coflee RoaStery; and cold soda from Letters A-4 Pathways · of gravel will wind Bell has participated in numerous jazz ensembles, the Chamber of Commerce will be available, Obituaries A-7 Rain date fcr Hat Trick is next Thursday. Cranthroughout the park, but there including Bayonne Bell's Be-bop Band. Public notices A-7, A-8 will be no lighting. The addition Parent of Garwood is a free-lance musician. ford's own Del Capris will play Aug. 16, the Fun-. Religion news A-7 of picnic tables along the river While not playing club dates, he gives private in- damentals Aug. 23 and Rahway Valley Barbershop . Social news A-9 and a dock to, accommodate castruction. Abraham has played percussion for 12 Quartet Sept 5. Sports A-14 noes will encourage family use of

Kathy Gordon on the job as CHS student counselor

In brief ·,,.

\ Elders give go-ahead on 1 Hanson Pairk renovation

A revelation

Early warning

Gar wood

Kathy Gordon Gordon received a bachelor's degree in special education and general elementary education in 1967 from Jersey City State College. Sh£ earned a master's degree" tn Rehabilitation counseling in 1978 from Seton Hall University and completed another postgraduate degree there in 1984 as an educational specialist She holds state education department certification as a principal/supervisor, learning disabilities/teacher consultant, in student personnel services, and in special education. She has worked as a special education teacher in Newark and East Orange, as an instructor and counselor for emotionally disturbed adolescents in the Morris school district, as a family and marriage therapist at North Essex Development and Action Council, as a psychotherapist at Raritan Bay Mental Health Center, and as a counselor at Kcssler Institute for Rehabilitation. Gordon will earn an annual salary of $45,000, to be paid equally by the township and school board.

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Summer concert series at Plaza

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